1. Tim Liao

    Tim Liao5 ngày trước

    Adaptive helm should counter the rammus thornmail?

  2. Roman Nasuti

    Roman NasutiNgày trước

    Tim Liao yeah, although rammus’s W is still makes him a hard counter to new garen. Full armor with W makes garen kill himself with the spin

  3. Coughy

    Coughy9 ngày trước

    also you don't really ward a lot

  4. Coughy

    Coughy9 ngày trước

    wtf is that hud

  5. duffy7993

    duffy79939 ngày trước

    Big brain deaths dance

  6. Avenus112

    Avenus1129 ngày trước

    Interesting. Foggy is happy even when he loses.

  7. portugeskiller

    portugeskiller11 ngày trước

    so a litle bit of damage with a little bit of ad got it in my notepad

  8. Шиззоид

    Шиззоид11 ngày trước

    When i see this in life???

  9. Regular Person

    Regular Person13 ngày trước

    I know I'm late. But don't forget that guinsoo also double proc rammus w and thornmail. A wits end could have countered most of the on hit damage with healing

  10. Regular Person

    Regular Person13 ngày trước

    33:05 1.3k true damage on garen ult...

  11. ImmaFurry lol

    ImmaFurry lol15 ngày trước

    Bork and rage blade

  12. Wilja Gerhardt

    Wilja Gerhardt16 ngày trước


  13. Claude Ho

    Claude Ho17 ngày trước

    Would hail of blades be better? No need to wait for as

  14. poisonpeach1221

    poisonpeach122117 ngày trước

    Good video, but wayyyyyyy to many ads. There was literally 10 ads in this video... I can understand adding some ads but 10 ruined the video for me.

  15. James

    James9 ngày trước

    I didn't have a single ad, you must have watched a lot of YT right before this vid.

  16. GamerHelpU

    GamerHelpU18 ngày trước

    Imagine this new garen with clepto...lmao

  17. chaosngelx

    chaosngelx18 ngày trước

    The winner of this match wasn't the other team, but foggedftw2's hubris....

  18. PMA only

    PMA only19 ngày trước

    Holy shit he put 10 ads on a video

  19. David Albarracin

    David Albarracin20 ngày trước

    ult was always true dmg no?

  20. Trent Bush

    Trent Bush19 ngày trước

    no it did magic damage unless you were targeting the villain

  21. JayJay Golden

    JayJay Golden20 ngày trước

    Mightve won the first trade if you let lethal start before doi g e

  22. Edozy

    Edozy20 ngày trước

    He is so cringe

  23. Ergenekon Güney

    Ergenekon Güney20 ngày trước

    Too much advertisements

  24. Sith Shinobi

    Sith Shinobi20 ngày trước

    Tryndamere meet TrynDEMACIA!

  25. Garrett Stewart

    Garrett Stewart21 ngày trước

    Holy ads batman

  26. Jacob Nguyen

    Jacob Nguyen21 ngày trước

    It's just like the cinematic

  27. Mark Smith

    Mark Smith22 ngày trước

    Still not as OP as pyke

  28. Paw Baller

    Paw Baller22 ngày trước

    With conquerror its better, like rage blade effect on E. 1,5 seg and full

  29. Mihai Eminem

    Mihai Eminem22 ngày trước

    This shit doesn't work

  30. HellHuckerHenry

    HellHuckerHenry22 ngày trước

    stop saying hes broken this is exactly the change he needed

  31. Omar Brey

    Omar Brey22 ngày trước

    I can't wait to see urf garen

  32. Cottidae

    Cottidae22 ngày trước

    I'm surprised that you did this much damage with a shit build. The theme was a Tryndamere build though, so it's kind of what you'd expect.

  33. PL

    PL22 ngày trước

    10 ads? Wtf

  34. GhosT RyPa

    GhosT RyPa22 ngày trước

    Garen plus yuumi . . Ez win

  35. Tasman F

    Tasman F22 ngày trước

    does e proc the 2 kelpto procs? or does the spin not count as an auto attack?

  36. gremmklaw

    gremmklaw23 ngày trước

    LMAO, At 35:21, fizz gets knocked up, then you use Q and leap into the air to auto him before he hits the ground, so perfect, haha

  37. federico greco

    federico greco23 ngày trước

    it's an interesting test to know what does work on the new garen e what doesn't, this build doesn't. with hydra botrk guinso frozen mallet death man u would win ezy

  38. Im a moron

    Im a moron23 ngày trước

    A million attack speed garen tries to spin on rammus, except he kills himself because each spin applies on hit

  39. Daniel Agostinho

    Daniel Agostinho23 ngày trước

    theey wont put this ingame there is no way, this is wayi too strong

  40. mxfriend 95

    mxfriend 9523 ngày trước

    5:53 q r and u would kill him

  41. General Gai

    General Gai23 ngày trước

    Rito just reverted the changes on pbe!!!!

  42. Twisted Umbrella

    Twisted Umbrella23 ngày trước

    The Garen W with Fizz ult made me think he got ulted by Kayle

  43. Magnus

    Magnus23 ngày trước

    So Wit's End would basically make you unkillable?

  44. C H I N S U

    C H I N S U24 ngày trước

    how to custom hud like him??? can you guys show me?? thx

  45. Kyle Rego

    Kyle Rego23 ngày trước


  46. magmaslug

    magmaslug24 ngày trước

    It's the wrong ability picture in the thumbnail -.-

  47. Martin Fišer

    Martin Fišer24 ngày trước

    another rework... this game is one big rework and change. I dont remember season without changes... first years i was thinking: ok they need to balance, but now i know they do it just to make players mad... for example i was rly enjoying old taric...now he is gone and the new one sux (for me)

  48. Max Jaenicke

    Max Jaenicke24 ngày trước

    5:55 wtf why Runaway With q q r He isndown. Your q still silence or?

  49. Max Jaenicke

    Max Jaenicke21 ngày trước

    @Ethan Arndt yea Like i Said you are right He can r during silence and surpression i found it by my selfe. And i said it

  50. Ethan Arndt

    Ethan Arndt21 ngày trước

    @Max Jaenicke 1. I am a Garen main and know for a FACT tryn can ult during Silence. 2. I am 99% sure he can ult during Suppression's as well, and ALL other CC. 3. Tryn counters Garen due to this. As Garen posses little threat to a Tryn. 4. Frogged KNOWS this, that is why HE DID NOT Q > R. lol. Edit: YES he can ult during suppression, 10 second search and you can find that info your self. Tryn can Ult during ALL CC. If you don't believe, get a buddy and go test it.

  51. Max Jaenicke

    Max Jaenicke21 ngày trước

    OK you are right. He can r during silence and surpression and every other CC. I know that He can r during stuns Nock UPS and backs but i have thought that silence and surpression are different. I mean the sence of silence ist that you cant use abilitys During it. So why the hell ist tryn the only Guy WHO compleetly ignore that. Fuck Riot. Thats garbage and nonesence. 0 counterplay. I will never Pick Cho in to trynXD i thought its a counter because of w but okay... Then i think i Mist Play more nasus Jax malphite and rammus topXD

  52. Ethan Arndt

    Ethan Arndt21 ngày trước

    Garen Q does silence, but Tryn can Ult through any form of Crowd Control.

  53. Trading idea

    Trading idea24 ngày trước

    Wanna get independant and play Lol every days? iqoption.com/lp/get-started/en/?aff=130529

  54. marian neagu

    marian neagu24 ngày trước

    bets thing riot made,garen should be a brawler from the begining:)

  55. Akali Main

    Akali Main24 ngày trước

    10 ads on this video

  56. Mediocre Male Gender

    Mediocre Male Gender24 ngày trước

    Garen: was useless for 9 seasons Garen gets buffed: OmG wHy So BuStEd???11??1M?? Jesus, just let Garen be good for once in his lifetime

  57. Petar Djordjev

    Petar Djordjev23 ngày trước

    This is so true lol

  58. Arda Anıl Ergin

    Arda Anıl Ergin24 ngày trước

    25:07 Rammus vs Garen Biggest counter in League of Legends history, like no joke xD

  59. Csaszarcsaba1

    Csaszarcsaba123 ngày trước

    nah, he just didnt buy armorpen

  60. ElMENdeIchiya

    ElMENdeIchiya24 ngày trước

    Going crit against a Rammus for the video instead of going BC+Adaptive to win the game Kappa

  61. LvL4MGTOW

    LvL4MGTOW24 ngày trước

    Now Garen's god king skin actually makes sense.

  62. LvL4MGTOW

    LvL4MGTOW24 ngày trước

    Fogged vs Neace will forever be one of the greatest videos. xD

  63. Francis-Jay Cabato

    Francis-Jay Cabato25 ngày trước

    Can you try a build with a bunch of Life Steal? Like BORK, BT, Rageblade, DD, Ravenous

  64. Obi-Juan Kenobi

    Obi-Juan Kenobi25 ngày trước

    Also guys remember, he built no defensive items here, these are all AD items to boost E damage. He can get easily kited by mages and struck down super fast but the other team sucks

  65. Chris Napolitano

    Chris Napolitano25 ngày trước

    Spear of shojin would break everything

  66. Obi-Juan Kenobi

    Obi-Juan Kenobi25 ngày trước

    I love how everyone complains about tanks being too powerful, then Riot makes a character good against tanks and everyone freaks out and calls op lol. Plus you can still CC garen to hell, kite him with mages and adcs like jinx and jhin, then, or just stun lock him with irelia and pantheon. Panth will just block all the E damage while the entire team focuses him then he dies, especially since they nerfed W.

  67. A Rob

    A Rob25 ngày trước

    I’m dumb. Just got in a game forgetting this was on pbe right now.

  68. Eddy B.

    Eddy B.25 ngày trước

    Honestly just play Garen ADC with conqueror tiamat BORK and now down literally everything

  69. Jay Martin

    Jay Martin25 ngày trước

    Garen old r was true damage

  70. Jay Martin

    Jay Martin25 ngày trước

    @Dramorian I'm saying his old r before the juggernaut rework his r did true damage

  71. Dramorian

    Dramorian25 ngày trước

    E and R deal true damage to villain only.

  72. Lucas Bortoluzzi

    Lucas Bortoluzzi25 ngày trước

    now imagine you had a proper build with less attack speed and more mr/ sustain concidering that you destroy 1/3 of his health with r i think you should be able to 1v1 rammus just because it's overtuned