Honest Trailers - Black Panther


  1. Screen Junkies

    Screen Junkies9 tháng trước

    Which tribe from Wakanda is your favorite? The Jabari, Border Tribe, Golden Tribe, River Tribe, Mining Tribe, or Merchant Tribe? One: Speak up and join the conversation- we encourage respectful debate. Two: Respect your community- racism, misogyny, homophobia and hate speech aren’t tolerated. Three: “Be nice.” - Dalton from Roadhouse

  2. Joy Okwuonu

    Joy Okwuonu18 ngày trước


  3. Khael Hook

    Khael Hook27 ngày trước

    Jabari are the best

  4. Andrew Martin

    Andrew MartinTháng trước

    Bilbo Watson

  5. Royal Diva

    Royal DivaTháng trước

    Jabari for me

  6. Yasmijn 1500

    Yasmijn 15002 tháng trước


  7. Lorcan Atkinson

    Lorcan AtkinsonNgày trước

    Only good thing about the movie was Andy Serkis

  8. Brian Eden

    Brian Eden2 ngày trước

    Do aquaman please

  9. Veronica Erickson

    Veronica Erickson2 ngày trước

    *Bilbo Watson* omfg

  10. Justin LaBoy

    Justin LaBoy2 ngày trước

    do Hereditary

  11. kimy st

    kimy st3 ngày trước

    Toto's reference hahahahaha

  12. colonel custard

    colonel custard3 ngày trước

    It's a crap film

  13. nobody

    nobody3 ngày trước

    Got out, that’s good

  14. Wesley Manalac

    Wesley Manalac4 ngày trước

    Do Aquaman... please?!

  15. Norman Tautuaa

    Norman Tautuaa4 ngày trước

    The “Got Out”line 😂

  16. Terebi Chan

    Terebi Chan5 ngày trước

    i was kinda eeeeh about the video but then you blessed the trains down in africa

  17. Jebedo Just Jepedo

    Jebedo Just Jepedo5 ngày trước

    The first black superhero? What happened to Shaq’s steel

  18. James Hubacher

    James Hubacher5 ngày trước

    Pretty interesting. If you ever do an honest trailer for Sausage Party you should definitely throw in the words "Because apparently there weren't enough movies and stuff where people looked like monsters already." I do enjoy these honest trailers quite a lot.

  19. Quintus468

    Quintus4685 ngày trước

    how is ross's heart in the right place. steve said "i need a lawyer for my innocent, mentally ill, ex-POW bf" and ross laughed in his face. how come after being a villain in the previous movie, he was spontaneously...not? and never had to answer for being evil?? what was that?

  20. Gourav Kumar

    Gourav Kumar5 ngày trước

    Was "there's Wallace" a reference from The Wire?

  21. Lynette P

    Lynette P7 ngày trước

    Lupita 👏👏Lupita👏👏

  22. Minna Wagner

    Minna Wagner8 ngày trước

    do endgame

  23. James Auchinleck, The Alchemist

    James Auchinleck, The Alchemist8 ngày trước

    I disliked this movie

  24. Jonathan Diaz

    Jonathan Diaz8 ngày trước

    Oh there's Wallace LMAO

  25. Optimus Prime

    Optimus Prime8 ngày trước

    The worst mcu movie

  26. CaNBlooM

    CaNBlooM9 ngày trước

    this movie sucks

  27. ishika pradhan

    ishika pradhan9 ngày trước

    "Got Out" 😂😂😂

  28. James Smith

    James Smith9 ngày trước

    Woke panther

  29. Gerard Haran

    Gerard Haran9 ngày trước

    The major takeaways from Captain America, Black Panther and Julien Edelman are that you’re not taking enough steroids.

  30. ALFRED

    ALFRED10 ngày trước

    what "quip" mean?

  31. Mhao Yeager

    Mhao Yeager10 ngày trước

    Do The Lion King "fake" Live action

  32. MashattyyGaming

    MashattyyGaming10 ngày trước

    Black panther was overrated I don't like it

  33. grimrabbi

    grimrabbi11 ngày trước

    even honest trailers doesnt have the balls to say how terrible this movie was

  34. Deborah Kogan

    Deborah Kogan12 ngày trước

    So good!

  35. Me Justme

    Me Justme12 ngày trước

    Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.”

  36. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader13 ngày trước

    'The Arsenio Hall Show'. WOOF, WOOF, WOOF, WOOF, WOOF.

  37. Ana Antonio

    Ana Antonio13 ngày trước

    Love it.

  38. japhet jake cabural

    japhet jake cabural13 ngày trước

    Pls do starship troopers😊😊

  39. StuUngar

    StuUngar14 ngày trước

    Well at least South Park admitted this movie was overrated

  40. Hannah T

    Hannah T15 ngày trước

    Man I love this

  41. Michael Newton

    Michael Newton15 ngày trước

    You forgot to mention the extremely racist overtones.

  42. Slemke 98

    Slemke 9816 ngày trước

    Such an overrated film.

  43. I Identify as a Dragon

    I Identify as a Dragon16 ngày trước

    Slemke 98 Your welcome ;)

  44. Slemke 98

    Slemke 9816 ngày trước

    +I Identify as a Dragon Thanks for that totally pointless comment.

  45. I Identify as a Dragon

    I Identify as a Dragon16 ngày trước

    Slemke 98 Sure kid

  46. HESHAM .m

    HESHAM .m16 ngày trước

    I will never do drugs except if it was from marvel than I will take it without hesitation 😎

  47. Rachel Gibbs

    Rachel Gibbs17 ngày trước

    say "nookums"


    THE OBSERVER18 ngày trước

    This movie was TERRIBLE the acting was crap and it was pretty damn racist i dont see how people enjoyed it.

  49. I Identify as a Dragon

    I Identify as a Dragon16 ngày trước

    THE OBSERVER Sure kid

  50. karthik vv

    karthik vv18 ngày trước

    It was above average

  51. Adah Lis

    Adah Lis18 ngày trước

    "Got out" got me dead!

  52. Niraj Juvale

    Niraj Juvale18 ngày trước

    Please say "WTF"

  53. Jacob Longworth

    Jacob Longworth18 ngày trước

    All hail the great ape movie

  54. coquito_ godess

    coquito_ godess19 ngày trước

    mmm he is ribbed for ma pleasure....daddy....

  55. Stephen Lode

    Stephen Lode19 ngày trước

    What is love? Baby don’t hurt me...

  56. stephen jolly

    stephen jolly19 ngày trước

    See Disney we know you can make black characters interesting likable and full of personality so what the hell happend with Finn

  57. Blitznstitch2

    Blitznstitch220 ngày trước

    Please say "my voice is all about the bass, about the bass, no treble"

  58. Armando Erazo Moncada

    Armando Erazo Moncada20 ngày trước

    This trailer is even funnier now that the movie got a best picture acaedemy award nomination.

  59. Joshua Velez

    Joshua Velez21 ngày trước

    A lot of superheroes won't quit

  60. Just A Person

    Just A Person21 ngày trước

    This movie is so overrated..

  61. Monster Mousse

    Monster Mousse22 ngày trước

    Black Panther was so overrated.

  62. aqua_disfrutar

    aqua_disfrutar23 ngày trước

    Lol Oscar best movie nominated. All hail Oscar

  63. Jesse Nathan

    Jesse Nathan23 ngày trước

    Here because it was nominated for 8 Oscars, including Best Picture

  64. Joe Elliott

    Joe Elliott24 ngày trước

    Today is a bad day for comic book black panther is nominated for best picture we could have Spider-Man 2, the dark knight, superman (1978), avengers but know we had broading best picture BEST ****** PICTURE nominations and it might win (BP fans I never said it’ Is bad it is broading witch is worst than a bad film

  65. Benjamin Abramowitz

    Benjamin Abramowitz24 ngày trước

    I think you mean Academy Award nominee Black Panther.

  66. Benjamin Abramowitz

    Benjamin Abramowitz24 ngày trước

    Please say “And the Oscar goes to...Black Panther!”

  67. zygas25

    zygas2524 ngày trước

    Intrestingly trevor noah is in this film as well.

  68. Russel Lawrence

    Russel Lawrence25 ngày trước

    "Oh there's Wallace!" I bet a lot of people didn't get that. "The Wire"

  69. Billy Grey

    Billy Grey25 ngày trước

    I don't know, the T'Challa character seemed really bland to me.

  70. Maggie Hydeck

    Maggie Hydeck25 ngày trước

    How dare you, this movie is amazing!

  71. Derrick Samuels

    Derrick Samuels27 ngày trước

    Hahaaa "Got Out"

  72. Amore C-P

    Amore C-P28 ngày trước

    Blade was the first my honest trailer friend

  73. Pranav Sreeram

    Pranav Sreeram28 ngày trước

    Kitten steps? Do you know how much Bay Area real estate costs? They probably spent all their money buying those buildings.

  74. Lucas Pospeshil

    Lucas Pospeshil28 ngày trước

    So, you HATE Fallen Kingdom, but LOVE this super lame movie that I hated. You are my polar opposite.

  75. I Identify as a Dragon

    I Identify as a Dragon16 ngày trước

    Lucas Pospeshil Fallen Kingdom sucked Most people agree with that

  76. A smile on my face but a Demon inside

    A smile on my face but a Demon insideTháng trước

    it just amazes me that people flock to watch these stupid ass movies! Hollywood is putting very little effort into making these turds and yet people will throw their money at it over and over again. just amazing

  77. Risto J

    Risto JTháng trước

    If Wakanda is so rich, why are there so many hungry people In Africa, F off.

  78. I Identify as a Dragon

    I Identify as a Dragon16 ngày trước

    Risto J I don’t know why you are so mad at movie logic when you didn’t even watch it It’s like me getting mad at why the Avengers destroyed a city because I didn’t watch the scene where aliens were destroying the place already

  79. Reagan Colt

    Reagan ColtTháng trước


  80. Trevor Parsons

    Trevor ParsonsTháng trước

    Please say: I know what it's like to lose.

  81. Kimberly Klaus

    Kimberly KlausTháng trước

    Can someone explain "Oh, There's Wallace!" for Michael B Jordan's character?

  82. Stormy Kopa

    Stormy KopaTháng trước

    I'm sorry but how is Hela one of the "six quality villains"? She embodied all the weakest traits of the typical MCU villain: not funny, not memorable, and way too willing to murder a ton of people to be telling the truth about her actual goals.

  83. Kai .Isensee

    Kai .IsenseeTháng trước

    The guardians scene killed me

  84. Pierce Arrow

    Pierce ArrowTháng trước

    nobody remembers Blade...

  85. I Identify as a Dragon

    I Identify as a Dragon16 ngày trước

    Pierce Arrow The BP haters certainly do. Which is hilarious cause they never bring it up until now At least they aren’t as bad as the people that bring up Catwoman

  86. Jewell Chiara

    Jewell ChiaraTháng trước

    Before I watch Black Panther, I have to watch this.

  87. wasted story

    wasted storyTháng trước

    crimson peak!!!

  88. sachinsurya007

    sachinsurya007Tháng trước

    I can't believe they didn't point out that it is a rip off of lion King

  89. I Identify as a Dragon

    I Identify as a Dragon16 ngày trước

    sachinsurya007 Technically Lion King is a rip-off of Hamlet

  90. Genie #GlassLamp

    Genie #GlassLampTháng trước

    Aquaman could learn a thing or two.

  91. Bren McClure

    Bren McClureTháng trước

    Tried ross lmao

  92. Abdel Karim Raafat

    Abdel Karim RaafatTháng trước

    Say I dont feel so good

  93. Morgan Boutwell

    Morgan BoutwellTháng trước

    Buster bluth!

  94. Happy Bear

    Happy BearTháng trước

    The most racist film ever.

  95. I Identify as a Dragon

    I Identify as a Dragon16 ngày trước

    Happy Bear Yeah Birth of a Nation was pretty awful but what does that have to do with anything?

  96. Danielle Kohl

    Danielle KohlTháng trước

    Black panther honestly was awful

  97. Antony John

    Antony JohnTháng trước

    Do torque it's damn funny.😂

  98. Donald Bagwell

    Donald BagwellTháng trước

    Please say When iron man has a dream of who he wants to be, he dreams of being me

  99. NcBaLL3r

    NcBaLL3rTháng trước

    This was quality !

  100. Nictric

    NictricTháng trước

    The Buster Bluth joke is what got me

  101. Jorge Luis Palenque

    Jorge Luis PalenqueTháng trước

    Please say: Wubba lubba dub dub!

  102. Ryan Alexander Bloom

    Ryan Alexander BloomTháng trước

    This was the best marvel movie so far. It also has terrible cgi because apparently hiring 700 Asians at 15 different production companies to code your imaginary spaceships is easier than hiring 20 model makers to practical effect them. Thanks 21st Century.

  103. Jennifer Vargas

    Jennifer VargasTháng trước


  104. Prashun 'PC' Chakraborty

    Prashun 'PC' ChakrabortyTháng trước

    Average overhyped film. Captain America series of films are far better, so is Ragnarok and a handful of others.

  105. I Identify as a Dragon

    I Identify as a Dragon16 ngày trước

    Prashun 'PC' Chakraborty Yeah. And many people say Capt America is an overrated superhero and the IronMaan movies are way better At this point “overrated” lost its meaning cause now it’s just thrown around

  106. Dante Thomas

    Dante ThomasTháng trước

    "Got out" killed me

  107. Vinay Kumar Dubey

    Vinay Kumar DubeyTháng trước

    Black panther is the most overrated crap of the century, miles ahead of the so so, decent Dark Knight

  108. Captain Smoke

    Captain SmokeTháng trước

    Great story? You're kidding right?

  109. Devon

    DevonTháng trước

    I should major in weaponized memes like Shuri.

  110. lelavender

    lelavenderTháng trước

    I just didn’t like the movie. It was not as good as the hype. If you replaced all the black characters with white, kept the same script, it would have bombed.

  111. I Identify as a Dragon

    I Identify as a Dragon16 ngày trước

    lelavender Thor Ragnorok

  112. nathan

    nathanTháng trước

    "GOT OUT"😂😂😂😂💀

  113. The PhilosoNerd

    The PhilosoNerdTháng trước

    This movie is really good, but to say it deserves an Oscar for anything other than MAYBE costume design is absolutely absurd.

  114. The PhilosoNerd

    The PhilosoNerdTháng trước

    Or maybe best original music score.

  115. Lie Apollos Sibiya

    Lie Apollos SibiyaTháng trước

    Do lucy

  116. Jonathan D'Haiti

    Jonathan D'HaitiTháng trước

    Divinity Original Sin 2 HONEST TRAILER!!!

  117. Tony Paul

    Tony PaulTháng trước

    People who don’t like the movie don’t understand or relate to the things that make it so popular