How Big Hit staff and BTS love each other


  1. L. Avila

    L. Avila30 phút trước

    I love the staff and bts relationship cuz they allliterally grew throughout those 5 years together some of their relationship isnt based off a contract but on loyalty respect and love...They arent staff- They are family theyre armys with us

  2. Maddie Fox

    Maddie FoxGiờ trước

    listen here armys, dont expect they are gonna date an army! Dont u even think about it! Let those boys have some space!!!! Let them live there lived yolo! (you only live once thats the meaning of go go for those who dont know) ok, they are young people! They can do all the right things, one day it would come this day when they will get married. they are gonna start loosing fans and many others!! armys we should be happy for them, we are staning them bcs of their great,lovely, fun,lively personalities, we are staning them for who they are, and for their talents aswell and the most important... we are staning them because of their comfort that they bring it to us, by music(memes aswell🤣👍🏻) Armys lets let them have a life, full of joy and happiness because they deserve too. they are working so hard! each member of them.If they will have future girlfriends, lets support them both and take care of them both, in our werid ways🤣(like going fansigns, and trying to comfort them, leaving them chill for a while and take care of them) And sasaengs... i dont know... But armys, what im trying to say, we should suport them no matter what. Here is a promise thats all armys should make, Never let bts disband. p.s sorry about my english... i 💜 u if u read this till here thank you so much! Have a good day💜❤️💜❤️

  3. m m

    m m3 giờ trước


  4. Purple Wow

    Purple Wow4 giờ trước

    After studying and getting degrees. Mom:- so... u still want that? Me:- *YES. YES. I STILL WANT TO WIPE THEIR SWEAT AND FAN THEM PLEASE.*

  5. U

    U7 giờ trước

    I love this family so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. 길수연

    길수연8 giờ trước

    썸넬보고깜짝놀란 1인 이거 합성 내려주세여 이거 만약에 BTS가 보면 얼마나 기분 나쁘겠어여 아미로서 화가다 나네여 이런일로 신고가 되나여?아님 안되나여? 된다면 생각한번 해보고 신고하거나 말고 안되면은 걍안할게여 어떻게 할까여?? 한국인이 댓좀ㅜ 제발ㅜㅜ

  7. izumi mei

    izumi mei8 giờ trước

    I feel like BTS wouldn't get this far without all the support from bighit. They're truly one big beautiful family! 💜

  8. Namjin Memes

    Namjin Memes12 giờ trước

    Glad to see they're getting the love they deserve. God bless the staff. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💕💕💕💕💖💖💖💖💖💜💜💜💜

  9. 섹시한깍두기

    섹시한깍두기13 giờ trước

    중간에 왜울고 지랄이야ㅠㅠ 이러넼ㅋㅋ

  10. purple wanders

    purple wanders15 giờ trước

    I should have loved their staffs long time ago. i love bighit 😍

  11. kamola LIGMA

    kamola LIGMA16 giờ trước

    mom: What is your dream work? me: bts stuff mom: me:

  12. Jewel Anne

    Jewel Anne18 giờ trước

    2:00 💖 i'll never forget this one

  13. Prince Zane

    Prince Zane18 giờ trước

    I still remmeber them saying about they almost got disbanded in 2018 :(((

  14. Larissa Ramos

    Larissa Ramos19 giờ trước

    😳amasso BTS 2kw

  15. peggygin

    peggygin19 giờ trước

    Team work makes the dream work

  16. love myself

    love myself20 giờ trước

    Can i be one of the Big hit stuff . Plss

  17. Jikook Hope

    Jikook Hope20 giờ trước

    okay signing up for that job.

  18. ChaniaKim Edits

    ChaniaKim Edits21 giờ trước

    BigHit, Big Happy Family💜

  19. homraj paudel

    homraj paudel21 giờ trước

    The thumbnail made me *SHOOK*

  20. marissa baker

    marissa baker21 giờ trước

    Can anyone link me the video where they are interviewing the staff about the members and they are turned around? It says bangtan subs in the corner but I can’t find it on her channel! Thank you!

  21. Kylie Lyrics

    Kylie Lyrics21 giờ trước

    Yahh dont be jealous bcs staff is there just stylist and they take care of our bangtan soo dont be jealous armyss

  22. Syeda Mahwish Nishat

    Syeda Mahwish Nishat21 giờ trước

    I love when my hyungs hang around with girls or are close to girls. Atleast they are receiving love and affection.

  23. Mariela Fernandez

    Mariela Fernandez21 giờ trước

    Los amo BTS. 😙😙😙😙😙😙😙❤Te amo Jimin❤

  24. 지냥

    지냥22 giờ trước

    합성 하지 맙시다. 진짜.

  25. bts lover Army

    bts lover Army22 giờ trước

    5:09 aww jimin was cute ❤️and the most cutest moment was when a lady staff was councelling jimin ❤️it was so sweet 💕it made my day 💕💖

  26. Icronixi

    Icronixi22 giờ trước

    I’m crying.....

  27. 녤ღ 됴

    녤ღ 됴22 giờ trước

    썸낼 바꿔 주세요 ;;

  28. Q.련밄

    Q.련밄22 giờ trước

    메이크업은 붙어 있을수도 있는데...

  29. 별하_

    별하_22 giờ trước

    아니 그리고 스타일리스트나 메니저 팬은 못해요 님아;

  30. 별하_

    별하_22 giờ trước

    웃으라고 하는건진 모르겠는데 ㅅㅂ..썸네일 저따구로하면 아미들 기분은 어떨것같냐고이영상 좀 내려주세요;;

  31. Aaliyah Pascual

    Aaliyah Pascual22 giờ trước

    Im gonna apply for bighit staff now...

  32. Jhoanna Linga

    Jhoanna Linga22 giờ trước

    Imma kill them😂😂😂

  33. Pham Thanh

    Pham Thanh22 giờ trước

    cái đoạn anh quản lý đứng chỉ cho ở s đầu là ở đâu đây nhỉ? sao để xem được cái đấy, xin it thông tin về đoạn đó đi ạ?

  34. Siddanara Simhaiah

    Siddanara Simhaiah23 giờ trước

    the workers re sososososososoososso lucky

  35. Jeon Shana

    Jeon Shana23 giờ trước

    6:59 What is "NG"?

  36. Jeon Shana

    Jeon Shana23 giờ trước

    3:42 Awwww

  37. Siasian Jb

    Siasian Jb23 giờ trước

    I cry when they cry and happy when they're happy💜 Love u BTS forever💜❤❤

  38. 오디니

    오디니23 giờ trước

    썸넬 합성...😡

  39. S Jane

    S JaneNgày trước

    why is everyone sad about the fact that bighit will have another boy group it's not like BTS is cancel 😂😂😂wtf?

  40. 하늘공주

    하늘공주Ngày trước

    사이 좋은거 지짜 보기 좋다 근뎅 썸네일 합성이에여 합성 볼때마다 짜중나고 믿는사람운 답답한이기분. . .

  41. BTS Jin's one and only

    BTS Jin's one and onlyNgày trước

    I have to be hired to be one of their staff

  42. Ngoc My Nguyen

    Ngoc My NguyenNgày trước

    That moment when a staff cried for BTS's first Daesang... That's why i think BTS's staff should get the same credit. Behind 7 boys are men and women, who are willing to have their back anytime, anywhere, share happy memories and pull through ups and downs. I know there might be some who are strict, or mean, but to those who are so dedicated to BTS, they should be proud of themselves for all the things they achieved... Because they're incredible human beings.

  43. Catalina Ester

    Catalina EsterNgày trước

    cried when they won their second daesang btw

  44. A multifandom bish who purple u

    A multifandom bish who purple uNgày trước


  45. shooga west

    shooga westNgày trước

    *team work make a dream work* they also our team

  46. Cielo Obaya

    Cielo ObayaNgày trước


  47. No0 •

    No0 •19 giờ trước

    Cielo Obaya No what?

  48. can'tstop twerkeling

    can'tstop twerkelingNgày trước

    Lmao the first picture on the thumbnail dispatch is trying too hard.

  49. jimin parkchimchim

    jimin parkchimchimNgày trước

    Iwant to apply the position for their make up artist how to be??? My gosh

  50. Ma No

    Ma NoNgày trước

    Maybe someone know full video of 0.30 ? Where Suga and JHope late. 💎😂😂💕

  51. World Wide Handsome Cute

    World Wide Handsome CuteNgày trước


  52. Brenda Cervantess!!

    Brenda Cervantess!!Ngày trước

    Jin at 2:21 I love his reaction if it was me I would have done the same thing. 💜💜

  53. Z U

    Z UNgày trước

    Bts: exists Me: 1:15

  54. Julya silva

    Julya silvaNgày trước


  55. 동규이

    동규이Ngày trước

    0:48 태형목소리 아냐? 왜 울고 지랄이야 ㅜㅠ

  56. Rashmi R

    Rashmi RNgày trước

    The moment I saw the thumbnail and saw a girl in RM’s arm I was like ‘who the damn hell is she and why is she there?!!’

  57. Rashmi R

    Rashmi RNgày trước

    The moment I saw the thumbnail and saw a girl in RM’s arm I was like ‘who the damn hell is she and why is she there?!!’ Then I read the title and I went ‘ohhhhh that’s why...’ :/

  58. Andressa vieira

    Andressa vieiraNgày trước

    Melhor vídeo kkkkkkkk

  59. teenpm838

    teenpm838Ngày trước

    OMG jimin at 5.10 urghhhh this little fish ball is taking my life away

  60. Mary Right

    Mary RightNgày trước

    Thank your guys for taking care of BTS🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🖤🖤🖤🖤

  61. Liliana Vkook

    Liliana VkookNgày trước

    #BTSnoseva :'(

  62. rapmon&Yoongi bts

    rapmon&Yoongi btsNgày trước

    0:50 ???

  63. Yani and Janny

    Yani and JannyNgày trước

    Tf why y'all jelous LMAO But omd I love how hyungs and noonas really work hard and support them there just like a big family lol😍😍😍😍😍

  64. Prasanna Thummalacheruvu

    Prasanna ThummalacheruvuNgày trước

    at 8:08 kim cute...hahaha

  65. Iran BTS

    Iran BTSNgày trước

    That' why I stan BIG HIT :))💜🌌

  66. JiminYou GotNoJamzzz

    JiminYou GotNoJamzzzNgày trước

    *just imagine if these boys had girlfriends, omg awhh- I'd die from jealousy if anyone were to touch my jiminie tho* 😂💜💜

  67. orbitjihyos

    orbitjihyosGiờ trước

    JiminYou GotNoJamzzz you not wanting anyone to date or even TOUCH jimin is not only immature but childish as well

  68. JiminYou GotNoJamzzz

    JiminYou GotNoJamzzzGiờ trước

    orbitjihyos how is that immature ? Sis bye .

  69. orbitjihyos

    orbitjihyos2 giờ trước

    JiminYou GotNoJamzzz you’re immature grow up

  70. jjk srh

    jjk srhNgày trước

    I know bighit staffs really care for our babies but can you change the thumbnail? it’s photoshopped

  71. jjk srh

    jjk srhNgày trước

    ArtandColorsx idk like all the korean comments here are saying that it’s photoshopped and not real so - okay

  72. ArtandColorsx

    ArtandColorsxNgày trước

    jjk srh nope, it's him and the staff lol

  73. jjk srh

    jjk srhNgày trước

    the picture on the right is..

  74. ArtandColorsx

    ArtandColorsxNgày trước

    it's not lol

  75. 시연 SIYEON

    시연 SIYEONNgày trước

    Y’all crying over TXT, saying they’ll ‘replace BTS’. But guess what. There hasn’t been an announcement saying BTS will disband. With Yoongi and Jin going into the army soon, who will bring the money to BigHit?

  76. Huệ Phan

    Huệ PhanNgày trước

    Nhìn cái hình mà lòng đau như cắt😥

  77. りんご りんご

    りんご りんごNgày trước


  78. Just a girl With no dream

    Just a girl With no dreamNgày trước

    The miment you realise it will soon not only be BTS when the Bighit logo shows up at the beginning of a music video

  79. Is da Seki vibes

    Is da Seki vibesNgày trước

    I’m not even jealous! I love their bond🥰

  80. Aryn Min

    Aryn MinNgày trước

    How do you call them staff? They are family.

  81. Raisa Rahman

    Raisa RahmanNgày trước

    Where can I watch the full video of this 8:55 ?

  82. 아미 아미

    아미 아미Ngày trước

    왜 울고 지랄이야 ㅠㅠㅠ 이거 태형이 아니겠죠?,... 썸네일 바꿔라 제작자야 방탄 평생을 같이 지낸 친구들인데 사귀겠냐

  83. Joelly Nguyen

    Joelly NguyenNgày trước

    12:23 me when i die in fortnite

  84. 소은

    소은Ngày trước

    오구오구 우리 애기들 모두 넘나 사랑스러워

  85. 방탄보라해

    방탄보라해Ngày trước

    썸네일 오른쪽거 합성 티나요 ㅋ 썸넬로 유인하지 마세요 .

  86. 새치머리앤

    새치머리앤Ngày trước

    썸네일에 합성사진...;; What the... The picture in the thumbnail is a composite picture 😠😡🤬

  87. Tae-Hyung

    Tae-HyungNgày trước

    When jimin cried because he thought he messed up 😣😭💔

  88. Tuan Apple TV

    Tuan Apple TVNgày trước

    Jung kook

  89. Itz Kirsten Playz PH

    Itz Kirsten Playz PHNgày trước

    Ill work in bighit lol

  90. Pink LuVeR

    Pink LuVeRNgày trước


  91. BTS e as ARMYS fofas

    BTS e as ARMYS fofas2 ngày trước

    I loved BTS

  92. MoshI MoshI

    MoshI MoshI2 ngày trước

    Lmao why do people think that others will forgot *BTS* just because there is a new band? *BTS* are *BTS* and *TXT* are *TXT* 😆

  93. Fatima Garay

    Fatima Garay2 ngày trước

    Como se llama el programa del minuto 7:30 ?

  94. Kim Taehyung 777

    Kim Taehyung 7772 ngày trước

    Do I have to speak korean to be a staff member 😂😂 save meh😅

  95. Amira Araujo

    Amira Araujo2 ngày trước

    Es lindo SUGA

  96. A Jimin Stan

    A Jimin Stan2 ngày trước

    So jimin is picky eh..?

  97. cherryvanillas

    cherryvanillas2 ngày trước

    😭One big happy family... with an oncoming boyband. But I will forever love BTS! 💜💜💜

  98. BTS lover

    BTS lover2 ngày trước


  99. Ride the Wave

    Ride the Wave2 ngày trước

    This is great. It's easy to forget what a huge team effort BTS has behind them. Thanks to everyone for giving us this great entertainment.

  100. 좀비고 실매 1

    좀비고 실매 12 ngày trước

    짜증나내 신고 ㄱㄱ


    JENNPIE SALADASS2 ngày trước


  102. Tuan Apple TV

    Tuan Apple TV2 ngày trước


  103. Anupriya Sekar

    Anupriya Sekar2 ngày trước

    Could you please help? Where is the clip 7:30 from?

  104. Multifandom trash so dont mess w/ meh

    Multifandom trash so dont mess w/ meh2 ngày trước

    BIGHIT IS A FAMILY AND U CANT CHANGE THAT (stanning the new group alrdy guys 😂)

  105. Jeon Jungkook

    Jeon Jungkook2 ngày trước


  106. 권나운

    권나운2 ngày trước

    진 공항영상 홈마분이 찍으신 건데 왜 직원들;;; 안그래도 요즘 사생 난린데...

  107. jimin chimchim

    jimin chimchim2 ngày trước

    Why am i jealous!? Damn what wrong whit me. Is so cute tho

  108. [BTS] 당니YOUTUBE_05

    [BTS] 당니YOUTUBE_052 ngày trước

    남준이 썸넬 아미로써 기분이 나쁘네요.. 썸넬 좀 바꿔주셨음 해요ㅠ

  109. CHIM CHIM Gold

    CHIM CHIM Gold2 ngày trước


  110. 치미부인

    치미부인2 ngày trước

    저기요 뭘좀 알고 말해줄래요 ? 빅히트 연애금지구여 화장해주시는 분들 코디 등등 다 계약에 이성적 관심을 가지면 안된다고 했을것 아닙니까