How Music Was Made On Super Nintendo


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    Segue is still a really weird word.

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    "Super Mario World" *plays music from smb1 in smas*

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    david wise is amazing

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    Armored armadillo from Megaman X

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    You should have included a small sample of the best snes tunes. Killer instinct, FF's, Megaman X series, etc.

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    Whoa DK have the best soundtrack

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    at 1:19 you lied. mp3s are 1meg per minute at 128/44.1

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    I'm just wondering, who bothers to downvote this sort of video? Did it somehow not meet expectations?

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    Ty I learned something new today.

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    song at :18 seconds ?

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    Please forgive my ignorance but couldn’t 8 tracks in effect be ‘bounced’ on the chip, in some way, to free up a bit more room?

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    The title should be renamed to Donkey Kong water music

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    Awesome video!!

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    0:17 *yes this is mario world.*

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    It was made on mario paint, duh

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    Pilotwings had a trippy soundrack also, that sounded like award winning compositions from MarioPaint.

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    The music was pretty amazing back then

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    Back before Sony and Nintendo were on good terms with each other

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    Sony chips lol

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    Now to find out how Uematsu fit that entire orchestra in that little chip.

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    4:32 T H I S


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    So how the Fucking Fuck did Nobou Uematsu make music for FF6 (snes FF3) jeezuzs man poor musicians.

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    0:16 Says Mario World *Is actually Super Mario Bros. from All Stars*

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    The soundtrack for donkey Kong country is my favorite

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    that was awesome!

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    I thought I got several text messages. Shell Kick Sound.

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    Aquatic Ambiance is by far the best video game music piece ever created. But the best use of the SNES soundchip has to go to the "Beach" music from Plok! by the Follin brothers.

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    Good examples of dave wise legendary...

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    Man aquatic ambience the good old days

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    *amazing! Thx for sharing this was very insightful and interesting!*

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    >*tilte* super castlevania IV >*blur background* castlevania dracula X

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    Wow, I usually like your videos, but how poorly assembled and wrong a lot of the info is in this, and with no official comment or fix, is realy making me rethink the authenticity your other video essays. Other people went more in depth with errors, but many things are oversimplified at best, and wrong at worst.

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    What a beautiful video. Thanks for doing this!

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    Nearly 30 years later the snes sound chip is still pure magic

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    The fisrst music is sm - all stars not smw

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    There was about 30 seconds of actual information in there and 5 minutes of fluff.

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    Trash video truthfully.

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    Wu05 - The Beholder

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    Mubi is gone, Funimation is gone, tested is gone, nerdist is gone, drama fever is gone, geek and sundry is gone... oof VRV

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    Lets just talk about how David Wise is a legend.

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    Awesome video!!!!!

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    For the Next Video, You Should take a look at the Sega genesis Sound Capability's!

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    Like how you used some of the best game music ever put out by the SNES from DKC! Loved that game for the music alone

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    Super Castlevania 4, but the video playing in the background is Castlevania Dracula X

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    0:16 that not Super Mario World music. It is Super Mario Sunshine music.

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    Buttlerr It’s from the Super Mario Allstate actually

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    The size issue is what made donkey Kong country such a masterpiece. When it came out, my brothers and I were blown away by the music.

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    gotta love korg

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    3:40 nifty, you can do this stuff with renoise

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    A spiritual successor to this would be the internal soundchip of PS1.

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    Well i guess devs were super creative back in the 90's because super nintendo games had many great soundtracks as well as the original nes, impressive indeed

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    How are you going to bring up snes music without mentioning megaman x ?🤔

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    just realized this is the video that introduced me to mama said knock you out lol. i love this video.

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    *not super mario world*

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    This is video is honestly pretty badly informed and incorrect about a few things, not one of your best. :/

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    @Philipe A look at the comments, they explain everything (cant be bothered typing in everything :P)

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    Which informations are incorrect?

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    Watched this close to 10 times. Glad it reached 1m. Despite the feedback below think it gave alot of people who know sweet fuck all about how it was done a great perspective. My fave Nerdwriter video by far!

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    Amazing video great work!!

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    This was... bad.

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    This might be just a coincidence but: I have been thinking about how this was done for about a week now, but this came up in my recommendations (out of like 2 million (at least) videos.) AND THEN the comments told me this video was maddeningly inspecific (commenter Sinny said that this video was like "How Music Was Made On Super Nintendo? Uhh so there are sound chips... and wave modulation... some tracker thing... let's just appreciate Aquatic Ambience again okay?") Did VIreporter purposely put this in my recommendations to infuriate me? And have they been tracking my mind? (This happened when i was thinking about Pixel Gun 3D and a day later i got a pixel gun video (but not maddeningly inspecific))

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    I believe there were different models of the SNES motherboard, that each had a different way the sound chip was placed.

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    This video wasn't really that informative. You're on the right track with the format, but you need to check your facts and include more in depth information instead of just saying a few vague things without actually explaining anything. Look at Retro Game Mechanics Explained for some ideas, if you want. And please don't cut content because people are too lazy to watch a video more than 5 minutes long that contains technical information. Unless that's what you're going for, and that's fine if it is. It's your channel after all. I'm not trying to tell you how to run your channel, so you can ignore this if you want. But the comments seem to indicate I'm not alone in thinking this. I see a lot of potential here. Best of luck, mate. Cheers.

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    "64 KB had to hold all the music and the sound effects for the entire game" No sure this is right. Main game code (running on the 65C816) can load audio data on demand to the SPC700. So more than 64 KB of audio data can be stored on the cartridge.

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    Cinder from killer instinct intensifies

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    Haven't seen earthbound in your entire life?

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    Kinda personal but Wise's music has inspired me soo much that i want to name my first kid Wise.

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    David Wise is that guy! Koji Kondo, Nobuo Uematsu, Michiru Yamane, Hideki Naganuma, Soichi Terada... There are too many too name that are considered the GOAT! Awesome video fam, much love and appreciation. #Respect

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    The Mario soundtrack you showed at the beginning isn't from Super Mario World... It's from the SNES port of Super Mario Bros.

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    Greetings you fabulous Earthlings and Happy Friday! 👋👽

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    A video about SNES music and no examples from Earthbound? For shame!

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    > Super Mario All-Stars SM1 Overworld > “Super Mario World” You are disqualified forever to speak of Super Mario

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    I actually didn’t realize that some of these songs were from the snes

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    It is a very inspirational video. Thx!

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    Wow! Lots of dedication towards making music like Donkey Kong Country and all other games on the SNES! Thanks for the vid :)

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    This channel seems to be for people looking for superficial prepackaged answers for things they can regurgitate to their shallow friends for attention. And your florid language is all the more reason to distrust what you say. Little substance behind it all.

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    I fucking love Donkey Kong and David Wise!!!

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    You can still buy songs on iTunes?

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    David Wise music give me chills, thats how you know it´s good!!!

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    0:14 oh god, sony in nintendo stuff! Am getting the Nintendo play station vibes here

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    "hexadecimal Code" xD

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    Amazing!! David Wise is A guy I take my hat off to. Great video dude... didn't realise how much effort went into the music production of A game that holds fantastic childhood memories for me and millions of people.

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    Vaporwave King

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    Trackers > Sequencers. btw good misinformation you have

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    It's awesome how this held up with the Genesis even though it's lemitations were very small.

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    Enchanted Wood is usually my go to song whenever I'm stressed the fuck out. David Wise is a king

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    The tracker wasn't a piece of software or tool, it was simply a predifined space in memory where you basically had to write assembly code that dictated which samples will play at what pitch, duration, speed etc. and also their allocation in channel and time stamp among other things. It was part of the hardwired microcode of the system, which was pretty much just down-to-the-metal assembly.

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    Damn I'm glad I watched this. I don't play video games much any more but I keep a playlist of David Wise's music to listen to when I work, including tracks from DKC1 and 2. More than anything, I consider DKCs tracks to be masterpieces in their own right.

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    David Wise........ is wise

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    This is fake news,Super Nintendo music was made using magic

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    those snowstorms in between songs is extremely distracting.

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    Cool video.

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    I can appreciate ALL the hard work and editing and work they put into the SNES video game music

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    I know this is a few months old, but. I love people liek you. Thanks for expanding my knowledge on things I was always interested in, but never knew about.

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    In that case, forget everything this video said.

  100. Timothy Isenhart

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    Actually the SNES had more RAM dedicated for sound. The Genesis/Mega Drive had a total system RAM of 72KB that was shared by every component. The SNES had a total of 256 KB of RAM, 128KB of System RAM, 64 KB of Graphics RAM and 64KB of Sound RAM.

  101. Clarissa McPigeon

    Clarissa McPigeon2 tháng trước

    It's incorrect to say that SNES games had to fit the entire audio into 64Kb. That's just the audio RAM on the console itself - you could store extra soundbanks on the cartridge and swap them in and out. The audio subsystem also supported a number of other effects such as echo etc.

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    LEt me sumarize:

  104. SkyCharger001

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    AFAIK the 64K ram limitation was for what the audio-system could directly access, some games used dynamic loading to not be hampered by it. (instead of having all samples in RAM, only the used-in-this-level samples were loaded into RAM)

  105. Ryan Freer

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    They mentioned that David Wise took inspiration from the Korg Wavestation. This might be true, but the Wavestation wasn’t the first wavetable synthesizer by a long shot; and it’s likely that Wise knew it. The PPG synthesizers were using this exact tech-moving through single cycle waveforms in succession-all the way back in the late 70’s, starting with the Wave Computer. Then later in the 80’s came the PPG Wave, the Waveterm and Realizer. These were all high-end and expensive instruments however. Other companies also built wavetable synths through the later 80’s, like Waldorf from one of PPG’s cofounders, Ensoniq and Sequential Circuits. All more within the financial reach of most musicians. Still, the 90’s Korg Wavestation was probably among the most affordable and commercially available.

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    That's not Super Mario World music! That's not Super Castlevania IV music! Aaaack!!!