How Music Was Made On Super Nintendo


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    very informative

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    Childish Gambino Sampled Aquatic Ambiance.

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    not that its not a rad track but like i dont think aquatic ambience is the best example to use, it doesn't really use the affordances inherent to the medium the innovation is how he managed to hack it into the system but i thinks its more interesting when composers use the limitations as a kind of aesthetic of its own

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    It's a shame people have forgotten about how sound trackers are way better at compressing sound without sacrificing quality. This method of composition was widely used in video games until last decade, a good example I can think of is Bejeweled 2. The whole soundtrack of the game is contained within a single file.

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    i absolutly love this video. The way the words fade in, the timing of the voice over. the information its just awesome! if youre going to talk about SNES MUSIC what better way to explain than the best music on the platorm??? DK COUNTRY SERIES of course!

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    this video was in my recommended for a while, so i caved and decided to watch it not a very good first impression for this channel ngl

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    It's depressing how much smarter than me people are

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    David wise is a godly composer

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    Excellent Excellent video. Thanks.

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    So much nostalgia

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    This stuff interests me so much ❤

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    Man people back in the day were super dedicated and resourceful--I love it. Very appreciative of their hard work =).

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    Oh my God! this is the best Nerdwriter video.

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    The snes had the best sound chip back when

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    A lot of my childhood in this video, including that Mark Rosewater quote. Also, as others have already pointed out, you're either misrepresenting the SNES or didn't do enough research to say that all the music and sound had to fit inside 64 KB of RAM. That's just not what RAM does.

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    Limitation breeding creativity was the force behind the genius of Vine. 7 seconds to fit as much of a story on video as possible. Think of the amount of different types of vines and their impact... all because a limit was placed.

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    thanks to sony for snes sound chip

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    Street Fighter music is where it’s at

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    4:23 It's Stickerbush Symphony. Not Stickerbrush. Unfortunately it's a painfully common mistake. Everyone gets it wrong.

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    Man I have now more appreciation for the Aquatic Ambiance!!

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    I Wonder how they managed RoboCop 3's theme on NES...

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    It’s insanely impressive how *good* a lot of the music on SNES games was, even when they were so limited by that system’s capabilities.

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    I make video game music!! I use wave and midi! My dream was always to make music for video games. I have all my VGM on my page.

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    The SNES and the Amiga had really similar sound system.

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    Brilliant video, very well edited aswell. Subscribed.

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    I hope in the future that you will make a video how Nintendo 64 graphic works as well as the sound and the general function of those games as there are differences between pixels and polygons (not only just the looks).

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    David Wise was already a respected composer but now sir you just made him a freaking legend. The guy was crazy

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    Donkey Kong country soundtrack is amazing. How did they make Yoshi's Island music though?

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    Lol it feels like they put more effort in the music than in the actual game xD

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    Art from adversity.

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    64k is not even enough for a decent mod file, i expect there was some bank switching involved to load several sets

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    I always was interested in this topic, thx!

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    Genesis better///

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    All you had to say was David Wise and I would have understood perfectly.

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    Respect to the old game developers. Current game developers can't/won't bother optimizing their game and will just eat any resources thrown at them.

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    Aquatic ambience is my wakeup alarm music

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    The keyword here is DEDICATION folks

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    Goosebumps because this music. Even those limitations you feel the the power of creativity The most memorable gaming OSTs were composed based on those systems.

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    Loved the editing of this video.

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    2:20 oh that's blank banshee

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    Super video. I did not know this about the SNES. Only 64K. I can relate to this knowing about the commodore 64. I program in that so know how the hardware works. But I did not know this about the SNES. I only know if made good music. Watched this video the other day and the old Aquatic Ambiance song was in my head. Looked on my Logitech Media Server and found the CD I ripped years ago. DK Jamz the number 8 song.

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    Thank you for reminding me of the great video game composer, Nobuo Uematsu. He has composed music for every Final Fantasy game (including XV) and was currently working on the score for FFVII Remake. Unfortunately, a Google search revealed that he is experiencing health problems and will be taking the rest of the year off. I will be sending my best wishes to him and his family.

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    Best game musics ever!

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    who's the 579 asshole who put thumb down you pice of trash probably shitty kids dumb ass "millenium" generation they call it yeah pice of trash generation!

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    i love aquatic ambience since i was a kid this guy is a fucking genius!!

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    The snes sound was awful only really annoying hy pich sounds no bass at all ...

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    Donkey Kong Country... easily the best video game music ever!

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    David Wise is a genius. Amazing soundtrack

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    I thought the best song from Donkey Kong Country 2 was the credits music

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    secret of mana

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    That DK Country sound track, so slippery. Awesome.

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    All your videos are brilliant epiphanies for millions! Thank you! You are wonderful!

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    I didn't understand. They would play on that Korg and then see a source code and input it into the game chip?

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    , the súper Nintendo was not a límited at all in the sound department. The sega genesis was!!! Because IT could not sample sounds by itself. Programmers had to built sound engines to sample voice to 11khz. So musicians pretty much had beeps and boops to work on or built a sound engine that ran in the 68000 to créate the waveform and then pass it up to the sound chip. The Benefit it this is more clear sound and you dont have the shitty has muffled sound like the súper Nintendo had. But, that part pretty much relies on the musician. I think it would have been more more interesting how the game boy advance worked in the sound department becuase oh god, that shit sucks soooooooooooooooooo much in that regard

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    Amazing Stuff right here!!! 👌👌

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    > Super Mario 1 theme from All-Stars > “Super Mario World” gg downvoted

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    When you mentioned castlevania 4 in the beginning you showed footage of a different castlevania >:(

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    Your visual effects and Aesthetic piss me off, but the content is nice.

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    Lol if you read those chips correctly, you may now thank Sony for making all of this possible.

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    David Wise is a legend.

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    The part where it says SC4 is Dracula X instead, but I'm pretty sure the music is wrong too!

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    Spazer40Ngày trước Plok has a good ost

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    Yo this was cool. This is really beautiful mini documentary on video game music

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    The Stickerbrush Symphony inspired me as a kid to learn to play the piano. I remember loading DK2 and going to that level just to listen to the music while I was doing something else. powerful stuff

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    So basically what I got from this video is that every great SNES soundtrack is something utterly impossible that nonetheless exists. Magic.

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    dkc,dck2 killer instinct zelda link to the past , skyblazer , dracula bram stoker alien3 super metroid super castlevania 4 contra 3 top gear 1 super street fighter super bomber man super turrican , chrono trigger the music was amazing

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    I lived through those games in the 90s love it and nostalgic

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    Fantastic video!

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    but.... how much music was made for the super nintendo?

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    Wow, how brilliant they/he made it! Thanks for reminding me of the great aquatic soundtrack of DK!!

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    Fucking amazing

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    Super Mario world *music from mario all stars*

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    Disgusted Dedede true

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    Woah I had no idea. So awesome how creative David got

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    I know VRV, it's a services I can't use.


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    Donkey Kong did has some amazing music, some of the best

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    500 mega hyper stupid people dislike this awesome video lmao

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    Was hoping for a bit more examples than just David Wise. Pretty much anything in Chrono Trigger would have been nice.

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    0:20 >Dracula X music plays >Says Music is from Castlevania IV u wot m8

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    B is byte but b is bit. So kb is kilobit where MB is megabyte. Thus, the SNES has 16 kilobits of sound processing.

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    Dkc 2 ost invincible

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    1:06 so this is why emulators sounds better hmmmmm now it makes sense

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    David Wise was wise :3

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    StickerBUSH Symphony. Best SNES track after Big Blue from F-zero.

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    this video explain that program better than the instruction video great info man!!!

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    0:17 that’s not super mario world

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    You compare a modern mp3 at 6mb, but this is actually a compressed waveform. In reality it is around 40mb uncompressed, for a 3.5 minute song.

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    Not at all that accurate information in this video.

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    Me iba a suscribir a este canal porque vi que tenía contenido interesante y tienen subtítulos en español, pero al parecer solo era en este video :( Aún así, excelente tema. DKC, de los mejores soundtracks de la historia.

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    obviously snes music was all made in mario paint dumbass

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    You make me cry :( the music of DK is the best of SNES in my opinion :)

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    What’s the ambient music at the end of the presentation?

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    Korg Wavestation EX, one of my favorite keyboards, I still use it in my music till this day, it has that Video Games feeling in it, and I am a huge gamer !

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    I think the Donkey Kong soundtrack is one of the best original soundtracks from any game, ever. I didn't realize the hero David Wise went through so much effort to successfully do it though. I wish I could find him and thank him because I just took it for granted, thought whoever made the soundtrack was another genius from RARE with superb attention to detail particularly when it came to sound and sound effects. I feel bad for younger kids cause they'll never get to know RARE like we did growing up. Unfortunately RARE is another casualty of Microsoft's takeover of gaming.

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    look up the illusion of Gaia. Best soundtrack on snes ever

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    That water stage from Donkey Kong has truly always been amazing ... its also like the dire docks from the Mario 64 - So many memories! :( - jeez im getting old