How The Sound Effects In 'A Quiet Place' Were Made | Movies Insider


  1. Kim Lee

    Kim Lee2 giờ trước

    the lowkey people that made the movie even greater! Respect to you guys!!!! 💯

  2. RoadKillzine

    RoadKillzine21 giờ trước

    *Just 17million Dollars* Wasn't the Blaire Witch project filmed on a handy-cam? It's biggest was about 60k!! 17 million said as if it's a low budget is embarrassing

  3. GoLf BoY JoN

    GoLf BoY JoN22 giờ trước

    Bro in phineas and ferb the balloon could make all sound effects

  4. JakyllinaTheCat

    JakyllinaTheCatNgày trước

    Lol he tazed some grapes... those were some baaad grapes 🤣

  5. PlasmaKr

    PlasmaKr2 ngày trước

    How'd you know that grapes being electrocuted with a stun gun would make that sound? "Trial and error" - Joseph Joestar

  6. TheActor93

    TheActor932 ngày trước

    I’ve yet to see this movie but as an Audio Production Major in college it satisfies me so many ways. As many of my professors say Humans take the science of sound and sound itself for granted so much that we really don’t get to sit back and marvel at it; or get to process what it’s like without it.

  7. GenericName007

    GenericName0072 ngày trước

    So in the budget how do they know how much was really for sound work and how much this guy just took home and put in the ‘frig?

  8. Andrea Poirier

    Andrea Poirier2 ngày trước

    Great movie

  9. Wolfiegamer360

    Wolfiegamer3603 ngày trước

    Mom found the poop sock

  10. GO AWAY

    GO AWAY3 ngày trước

    The dude is just trying to make dinner... c'mon get your microphone and camera out of his face 😂😂😂

  11. Jalopy Watermelon

    Jalopy Watermelon3 ngày trước

    It's so ironic how they show scary parts of the movie, but then have relaxing music when there showing you how they made the sounds


    MAC THE SLOVAC3 ngày trước

    I sure hope you're going to eat that crap

  13. Quad Threads

    Quad Threads3 ngày trước

    Buys tons of groceries Mom asks:"why you need all these groceries for?" Me:special purpose of course

  14. i am PK

    i am PK3 ngày trước

    i am sorry but i really don't like this movie , i was bored.

  15. Laszlo Adany

    Laszlo Adany3 ngày trước

    That move was a big yaaaawn....👎

  16. heeyeolie

    heeyeolie3 ngày trước

    I couldn't hear anything?

  17. kaylaglazz

    kaylaglazz3 ngày trước

    I never want to hear you say "JUST" in front of millions of dollars

  18. kaylaglazz

    kaylaglazz3 ngày trước

    You went to school your whole life. This neega crunches shit for bank

  19. rockyroad

    rockyroad4 ngày trước

    person in the quiet place: breathes the monster: *fruit salad yummy yummy*

  20. shawneequa norman

    shawneequa norman4 ngày trước

    Best asmr ever !!!

  21. C1utch lol

    C1utch lol4 ngày trước

    How would they have had a baby and got her pregnant if they need to be quiet or die 🧐

  22. TheOriginalCheating FagootNEW

    TheOriginalCheating FagootNEW4 ngày trước

    the movie itself was ok.. nothing special & could have been made a little more creepier & and less boring... but was alright to watch

  23. ToowoombaPasta투움바파스타

    ToowoombaPasta투움바파스타4 ngày trước

    Full of creativity

  24. Kdrama

    Kdrama5 ngày trước

    Damn I didn't realize the director was also the main character of the film. That's crazy

  25. Your random fox on the interwebs 12345

    Your random fox on the interwebs 123455 ngày trước

    Well.... I was scared of.... Food Hmmm

  26. D. Bilbraut

    D. Bilbraut5 ngày trước

    Modern warfare foot step sound in the making.

  27. Thezwolf

    Thezwolf5 ngày trước

    Vegan movies coming next

  28. imikimi2009

    imikimi20095 ngày trước

    Remarkable! I wasn't expecting a lot when I heard the title at first. But then, the intro scene I got hooked immediately and just felt it is going to be a great movie and it is!

  29. mlee6050

    mlee60505 ngày trước

    17 million? I thought be less as mostly quiet so not really need to do many retakes on recording

  30. Arinze Uzoma

    Arinze Uzoma6 ngày trước

    Who ever knew vegetables can sound scary.

  31. Miriam Israel

    Miriam Israel6 ngày trước

    17 mil is budget?

  32. Finnmanstaco 21

    Finnmanstaco 216 ngày trước

    *"oh the irony"*

  33. WYS Gold Bullet

    WYS Gold Bullet6 ngày trước

    Lets be real this movie was shit......

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    Getting 1000k subscribers With out vids6 ngày trước

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  35. don_may

    don_may6 ngày trước

    *c r u n c h*

  36. The Kanał :D

    The Kanał :D6 ngày trước

    3:50 "for the sound of a baby crying, he actually recorded his nephew crying". I wanna know more about how he got to record his nephew crying.

  37. Kishu Nathani

    Kishu Nathani6 ngày trước

    How ironic "sound effects" in "A quiet place".

  38. saleh zeineddine

    saleh zeineddine6 ngày trước

    Guess now we know why they did surgery on a grape

  39. Bryan Welch

    Bryan Welch6 ngày trước

    A budget of only 17 million dollars. Hahahaha.

  40. Christian Javier

    Christian Javier6 ngày trước

    I love this movie!