Hunting for Dinosaur Tracks!


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    What driving drunk looks like

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    You are crazy

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    Can you please make more videos like this one

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    How come the foot prints still exist even after million years?

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    Sure coyote "barely" lol

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    Maybe you like dinosours when ur a child

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    your not good in that

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    : l why he go so fasttttt ... and flipped

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    These are emu or ostrich tracks. Definitely not over 400 years old.

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    coyote gets in a car crash in the desert, me: you good dude

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    I call the Di-loaf-o'- bread-asaurus xD

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    I love dinos 😍

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    Feedback when you go back

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    I love dinosaurs

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    1:57 Hey, hey, hey, don’t play with Spider-Man like that!

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    do you think that pup pup would like this place

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    Your damn brave man

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    He drives like I drive an atk in fortnite

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    Never let coyote drives car again how did he get stuck

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    I'm singing the Jurassic Park song right now

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    Tbh I thought dinosaurs was dead million years ago

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    More video of cactos pleaseee

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    yo7r so bold I thoughtvyou have a hair

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    You most likely would find a raptor because Raptors live in deserts.

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    Ce no no no no teroc

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    Hi Brave Wilderness🤠🤠👍👍🤘👍

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    1:40 *Welcome To jurassic Park*

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    0:45 gta 5

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    That reminds me of Morocco 😂😂

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    I didn't know that you could still find dinosaur tracks on land. Love your chanel so much!!.. Well I've learned something today.

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    If there’s dinosaur tracks there that means... THERE MIGHT BE FOSSILS! 😮😮😮

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    Omg thats so cooooollllll

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    AWESOME 👏 😎

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    Ummm when you let coyote drive... ummm... bad luck

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    Dont mind my scepticism but wouldnt such old tracks be long gone?

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    Utah In recent years is getting much more attention and I’m afraid that is going to turn out places like California or Texas. We been getting lots of people here and well that means increase prices, huge economics, liberals etc...

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    7:40 where can I go to do that? Is very fun!

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    You ok!?😂😂😂😂

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    *"aaaaaand"* *"he flipped it...."*

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    It's amazing how these tracks are still visible after 120 million years, you'd think a dust storm or something would wipe away the tracks by now.

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    Are Those True Or Are They Real Because I Thought The Rain Would Clear It Up And Smear It....I Still Believe You Coyote Petterson

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    i thought dilophosaurus is smaller than a human

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    YOU FLIP THE FLIPING CAR WHY 1 like=1pray for car 🚗

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    5:02 voice crack

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    “This is going to be awesome” “Ahhhhhhhhh” *Crashes*

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    Rule no 1. Let coyote drive very very often

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    Cioty you slipd and drifted

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    No more letting coyote drive

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    Hi can you please show me your Pe

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    I live 30 minutes from there

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    dilophasauras's are my favorite dinosaurs!

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    I once saw a T-rex track it was soooooo big

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    No dinosour see

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    if dinosaurs are 120 million years ago then why is it the year 2018 that means it only been 2000 years

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    Carl and Jinger live in Utah, and found the same Dino tracks

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    You found the tracks now you have to find the real thing! Don don don!

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    You just fall in your ride

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    suprisingly there are still some dino tracks visible

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    5:54 who else blinked here

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    The first tract that you found on your own was probably a celopysis

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    lol, welcome to Utah.

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    well both these dinos live in forests so that place was a forest and a dilo is small it would be awsome if you could try dilo venom XD

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    Kids never hop in the backseat with might die...

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    Z I j hcgsSw.

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    I've seen in comments that coyote is most of mention

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    If you find a Trex track spinosuars track and gignatosuars track I well give you 1000 dollars


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    He's stuck... He's stuck again... And he flipped it..

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    0:45 wasted

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    I love dinosaurs more than

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    Those tracks you found yourselves were allosaurus

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    wait is it have to be erase because the meteor hit the earth?

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    Wow I want to go and see dinsours

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    Big fan of your videos and I bet those bullet ant and yellow jacket stings hurt

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    “What is it? 100 degrease out here?” He says in Utah “Ahh what is it 100? Hey it’s cooler than yesterday!” -people in Houston