Hunting for Dinosaur Tracks!


  1. Phon Thav

    Phon Thav4 ngày trước

    Did you know a saltwater crocodile is a dinosaur?

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    Yeah heah

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    Coyote peterson gets chased by lions. Arrives back torn apart. Mark: I don't if I got the whole thing but that was gnarly.

  4. Danielle Valladares

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    That is not not real


    LATHA JAYARAJ7 ngày trước

    Will it take days to find a fossil


    LATHA JAYARAJ7 ngày trước

    I hope you find one of my favourite dinosaur. Utahraptor

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    Did he flip that coyote again

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    2019 ?

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    Wait some dinos are still alive but how?

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    “I don’t know how that thing flipped, I was barely even turning!” No, you were drifting 😂

  13. ChanzKy Gaming

    ChanzKy Gaming14 ngày trước

    Why is there dino tracks,but the dinosaurs are extinct million years ago and their tracks are still in there? Many places are not discovered yet maybe dinos and many strange creatures are still existed...

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  15. Dylan Velazquez

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    You now the dansors dont liv eny mor.

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    i like this video bacase

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    8:17 screw physics

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    I aspire to be as adventurous and courageous as you.

  20. emperor zed

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    I wonder why those dino tracks is still there? after freakin 68 million years!!!!!! But those heavy truck wheels track will gone after a day or even hours especially if it rains

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    This channel is so cool 😎

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    Dig ,find the dinosaur bones.

  23. Destiny Lab

    Destiny Lab23 ngày trước

    SOoo you are saying that sandstone has not eroded these tracks for 120 million years? That takes quite a bit of faith in the religion of evolution. Does it not make more sense that we got our timing off? Perhaps dinosaurs were around just a few thousand years ago? With soft tissue and DNA surviving that seems to be the only thing that makes logical scientific sense. seems like blasphemy to even question evolution. Why?

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    *Flips the whole Razr* "I barely even turned it" 😂😂😂

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    But birds are dinosaurs

  27. Lauryn's Channel

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    I thought that all dinosaurs were gone

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    Oooffff that cliff jump tho!!!

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    Ouch that had to hurt 🤕


    VERENNDHATháng trước

    Z0e Bill Collins coyote please get your subscribers to send you more, I love the video when you got bited by a bullet ant sting0


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    I love your vids soooooooo notch

  33. Corizon YT

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    How did the dinosaurs make those tracks?

  34. NoldorinPrince

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    Check out eastern Utah in Dinosaur National Monument

  35. Miss Madz

    Miss MadzTháng trước

    welp im bying the coyote are you ok shrirt i toatlly "flipped" out heh

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    The best thing about Utah... is living here!

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    You're BOLD

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    Now i know your bals

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    Did you know that God destroyed the dinosaurs and the Nephilim and left there bones because it wasn't of his creation.

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    Hi I'm new to this but I have a great feeling

  41. jakeworld

    jakeworldTháng trước

    can anyone explain how there are dinosaur tracks? it just seems impossible, considering how the earth changes over and over again. how is it possible for them to be present. seems like millions of years of erosion would remove all traces of them.

  42. Small Dogo

    Small DogoTháng trước

    I saw the opening clips and started panicking, but at the end of the day thank god that Coyote is ok! 😊 Keep up the great work guys! 💟💟

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    You flipped it because it was a bit down the hill :)

  45. theng m.

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    would be cool if you saw indoraptor tracks but too bad there not REAL dinos

  46. the fnaf pvz dino

    the fnaf pvz dinoTháng trước

    Dilophasaurus was about 23 ft long and 6 ft tall

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    Who lets saw the beginning

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    Cayote plays too much Halo

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    Imagine its raining there and the tracks are gone :

  50. mizdrmcdooglesRBLX

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    is the crater of the asteroid that took them out still on earth? i always thought it would be cool to see it. edit: i thought earths climate and weather would cover the footprints to they are not visible but i guess the desert doesn't get much rain anyways.

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    what i want to get now

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    Utah Raptor!

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    hi im Elizabeth Lindsey and im a HUGE fan!!! :PPPPP(( i love u in a friend way)):DD

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    How tf are there still tracks tho?

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    Me too a love dinasoures

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    I love dinosaurs to

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    It's like I can almost fell like I'm a dinosaur

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    It was at this moment that he made to knew he f***** up 0:45

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    Dinosaur tracks amazing!!!!!!

  61. Untamable Gaming

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    My favorite Dinosaurs are Allosaurus,Triceratops,Pentaceratops,Chausmaceratops,Protoceratops,Velociraptor, Argentinosaurus etc.

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    s u c c

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    How did you flip that

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    I see coyote in to the what's in the box and Collins key

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    OOF the car thing fell 😆

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    Dinosaurs died so unrealistic

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    Ya me to i love Coyotes

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    Why is the dinosaur tracks still there from 65Millom years?

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    1like =1 prayer to make sure he is ok

  70. Sssniper Wolf

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    Does anybody else kinda wish that humans could just go extinct and all the majestic and amazing creatures that were here before us could all come back...? XD

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    I have actually seen 3 of the Jurassic movies!

  72. Manus Bosman

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    I think this would be the Triassic time period for dinosaurs

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    Polaris mileage is crap

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    The voice crack at 5:00 tho

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    It was on a hill

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    It's crazy to think that we might be walking in dinosaur tracks everywhere we go. We might be walking in prehistoric history

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    Ow it’s fossilized

  79. Sarah Bailey

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    How can there be tracks it’s been millions of years

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    Coyote i love dinosaurs too! And i also know 4 dinos. ANd i also want to be a paleontologist when i grow up and u are an i spiration.

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    How do you guys found dinosaur tracks????????😮😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯


    ASFLASHYTV FIRE2 tháng trước

    Why are Dilophosaurus small in dinosaur movies when they are big?

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    i wanna see more fossil related content please

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    Utah is a cool place if your up north it's cold in winter but summer it is hooooootttttttt southern utah 60 degrees in middle winter but 117 degrees mid summer I know this because I live in utah

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    I wish ded a fauwnd daynow trijx😯

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    But how could you see them if a astroid hit earth

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    coming from Utah I can always says that Utah is outstanding

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    Why do you like dinosaurs?

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    I have seen a Dino foot print biter it was like half the size of my body

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    Does that mean dinosaurs really exist?

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