Hunting for Dinosaur Tracks!


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    For every like this comment gets I will add a 🦕

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    I love these videos

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    I like dinosaurs I believe they are some still alive. Well maybe, that’s just what I think

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    When his cart tilted to the side😂lol

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    I new it was him coyote be careful

  6. Laquarius Laqua

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    I bet that was coyote Peterson that flipped the 4 willer over let's see am I right

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    I wish mark said,” uh I think the tracks are this way”

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    Lol you shouldn’t have let a coyote drive

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    Im still crying that dino's are extinct😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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    I swear we need Jurassic park but instead of normal metal you need the strongest materials on earth 🌏

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    So the dinosaurs somehow walked into like a mud place and then the footprints somehow became strong and the whole place became into mountain?

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    Dinosaurs are d dead😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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    I love Dino's to.

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    💯 💯 💯 💯 the weel wasint working

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    Whoa! Then million 's of years ago. The dinosaurs got dead because an asteroid called chicklubix 65 mya

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    On your next video can you find a green anaconda

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    But mark found those 1 month ago it tells you in the ice land video onliy feachering mark

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    * feathering *

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    Hi I am going home is your address tomorrow night or Thursday or Friday or Sunday or tomorrow at lunch

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    Can you find dinosaur bones

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    Look for a Hyena

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    i think delophosaurus is a ansester of the frilled lizard and they did have frills

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    Cuz I was there in a bus tour and I saw LOtS of dinosaur tracks

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    Are u near Colorado?

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    That is awesome

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    wow i can't belive it still ther from millons of years ago

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    you are doing some real danger stuff getting stung on purpose getting bit by an American alligator on purpose and that is just so dangerous why do you do that stuff that all that dangerous stuff wow.

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    please go to Ireland

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    I Love dinosaurs to

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    Why don't u feature in the Jurassic World next franchise.... As a paleontologist... Would be great :)

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    Make a video we're you find a dinosor skull

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    That is so cool!😎😎😎😎

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    cant even kill a small midget dinosour

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    i love dinos too even now ima girl

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    So cool

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    I am a big fan of 🦕🦖DINOSAURS

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    Look for bones of dinosaur

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    Morrocco might hold spinosaurus tracks!!!!!!!!

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    Now we can build a dinosaur



    i mean flipin and twirlin its soooo funny hahahahaha



    its super funny when coyote fliped and fall over hahahahhahaahhahahahahahahaahhahaha its soooooo funny it makes me laugh so hard hahah huhuh hahahahhahahahaha i cant stop laughing hahahahahahhahahahahhaahahaahahaahahahahhah

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    Cyotey your so crazy to get stuck and ....LOL

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    But the movies where really good

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    Not to brag

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    I’ve seen Jurassic park to Jurassic world fallen kingdom

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    The indoraptor toy the mega tyransauras Rex and the carntarus are incredible toys

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    That's you're fault that you fell down

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    Just now watching this in late 2018. But no ones commented about the big spelling error in the editing at 7:33??? 😂

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    me too.

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    I see a giant track cayote pass

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    You should try finding dinosaur fossils

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    Follow their tracks to find their fossils

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    2:24 thats a gaungraptor

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    The earth is only about 10,000 years old

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    Are we going to see a dinouasur

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    0:26 That Reminds Me Of The ATK From Fortnite Season 5! Like if you agree!

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    lol Cyote I feel bad you flipped I did that on my four wheeler XD have fun

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    Those tracks can’t be there for 65 million years there 💀💀 in a year they can vanish or even in a week ! come on coyote

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    All holes on ground are tracks

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    What driving drunk looks like

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    You are crazy

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    Can you please make more videos like this one

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    How come the foot prints still exist even after million years?

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    Sure coyote "barely" lol

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    Maybe you like dinosours when ur a child

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    your not good in that

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    : l why he go so fasttttt ... and flipped

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    These are emu or ostrich tracks. Definitely not over 400 years old.

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    coyote gets in a car crash in the desert, me: you good dude

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    I call the Di-loaf-o'- bread-asaurus xD

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    I love dinos 😍

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    Feedback when you go back

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    I love dinosaurs

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    1:57 Hey, hey, hey, don’t play with Spider-Man like that!

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    do you think that pup pup would like this place

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    Your damn brave man

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    He drives like I drive an atk in fortnite

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    Never let coyote drives car again how did he get stuck

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    I'm singing the Jurassic Park song right now

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    Tbh I thought dinosaurs was dead million years ago

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    More video of cactos pleaseee

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    yo7r so bold I thoughtvyou have a hair

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    You most likely would find a raptor because Raptors live in deserts.

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    Ce no no no no teroc