I Became A Father At 16. I Was So Naive!




    Thank you for listening to this story. By the way, did you notice that this Teddy bear appeared several times? Can you count how many? Write the answer in the comments

  2. DMG Mana

    DMG Mana18 ngày trước

    5 also happy for you becoming a father don't let it become anything like the biological dad and you'll be fine

  3. pastel_ wolf

    pastel_ wolf28 ngày trước

    5 times

  4. {AA} Thelord

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  5. Pixel_Marshadow614

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    5 times

  6. Emily Prado

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    DILLY HAS DA GUNS4 phút trước

    I died at 60000000 and kept it a secret ACTUALLY HAPPENED

  8. Cry Baby

    Cry Baby18 phút trước

    My Uncle had his first kid at 13

  9. Hardscopingpro Lol

    Hardscopingpro Lol40 phút trước

    🎉Congrats on the new baby good luck to u your gf and your baby🎉

  10. Night Wing 16

    Night Wing 16Giờ trước

    I would have got kick out the house

  11. Diane Haddad

    Diane HaddadGiờ trước


  12. Duke's Channel

    Duke's Channel2 giờ trước

    😀 🥋 👖 🧦 the mike

  13. Chuka Okerafor

    Chuka Okerafor2 giờ trước

    Why’s he keeping another mans kid tf

  14. Isnadine Jeanphilippe

    Isnadine Jeanphilippe2 giờ trước

    ...this is Stupid😂😂😂😂

  15. Jesse Ford

    Jesse Ford2 giờ trước


  16. The ØGs

    The ØGs2 giờ trước

    why is she slapping the baby

  17. cup of cute

    cup of cute3 giờ trước

    this just sounds like the 1st season of glee

  18. Rockstarladies24

    Rockstarladies244 giờ trước

    My mom was a mom at 14

  19. Ivan McRae Woodruff

    Ivan McRae Woodruff5 giờ trước

    Lol. He so hype to be a father. *sigh* guess he has to learn life the hard way

  20. Ivan McRae Woodruff

    Ivan McRae Woodruff5 giờ trước

    No one in their right mind would be happy to have a child at 16. This idiot was really gonna take care of a kid that *obviously* with wasn't his

  21. Savannah English

    Savannah English5 giờ trước

    Baby will grow up to look like this 👦🏻 👕 👖

  22. Georgie Hudson

    Georgie Hudson6 giờ trước

    Four teddy bears

  23. X H

    X H7 giờ trước

    Man, he should've left her ass. And this is coming from a woman.

  24. Random Gamrs #live Pedersen

    Random Gamrs #live Pedersen7 giờ trước

    U can have S** when u are 15 and older so this is normal

  25. Kaycee Morgan

    Kaycee Morgan8 giờ trước

    👱🏻‍♂️. 👩🏻 👕. 👚. 👖. 👖

  26. J_ Playz

    J_ Playz8 giờ trước

    You are not the FATHER

  27. H O N E Y B E E

    H O N E Y B E E9 giờ trước

    I am really sorry for this... but... Actually Happened.... but the baby’s look sooo ugly... I’m sorry. I had to say it, before someone else does.

  28. pikku Mafiosot69

    pikku Mafiosot699 giờ trước

    The teddybear showed up 4 times

  29. Barbie doll and reborns lover

    Barbie doll and reborns lover10 giờ trước

    He is dressed like the earth

  30. Ajay Philip

    Ajay Philip10 giờ trước

    2 times

  31. Team_poised Yt

    Team_poised Yt10 giờ trước

    3 times

  32. Ahmed Yousuf

    Ahmed Yousuf10 giờ trước

    Imagine you get used like that and still accepting her AND the baby? , I wonder what his parents will do when they know its not his child in the first place.

  33. Zegmaar semc

    Zegmaar semc12 giờ trước

    Or u could do abortion make another and like dont tell anyone

  34. Zegmaar semc

    Zegmaar semc12 giờ trước

    Am i the only one that tought that other Guy whas the fathet from the beginning

  35. MeeChan Yo

    MeeChan Yo15 giờ trước

    Dude you were a rebound

  36. T JOKES

    T JOKES15 giờ trước

    Mike is Mr steal your girl Plus steal your baby

  37. Alyssa Geurts

    Alyssa Geurts15 giờ trước

    I'm so distracted by the fact that she fucked both guys in a couple of weeks

  38. Jethro TV. Matey

    Jethro TV. Matey15 giờ trước

    the bear tapered. 4

  39. BIG Hutter

    BIG Hutter17 giờ trước

    I bet the baby name is Mike

  40. Savannah Henriquez

    Savannah Henriquez18 giờ trước

    the thumbnail is Hilarious

  41. Jerry Universe

    Jerry Universe19 giờ trước

    did the lion tell you that?

  42. GamingEvolution 626

    GamingEvolution 62621 giờ trước

    Who else thinks this guy sounds like geramy from finius and ferb

  43. misfit danzig

    misfit danzig23 giờ trước

    You tell girls that guy is no good , your just another Taylor swift song waiting to happen!

  44. Aisha Gurbanova

    Aisha Gurbanova23 giờ trước

    After many years the same child finds this video and...I SAW A VIDEO THAT CHANGED MY LIFE


    ZAKSZAZSONgày trước

    In Hungary you can work at metal workshop. Pay: 35 000 huf/week=115$

  46. AppropriateName

    AppropriateNameNgày trước

    Whey didn’t they ducking rush her right away instead of going to others

  47. Landon Buttrum

    Landon ButtrumNgày trước

    You raise that kid to the best of your ability!

  48. M&M's

    M&M'sNgày trước

    O my god I need a lucas in my life

  49. gregs youtube

    gregs youtubeNgày trước

    It's Mike baby

  50. Raouf

    RaoufNgày trước


  51. girl bye

    girl byeNgày trước

    him: *is 16* also him: *looks like an 9 year old*

  52. NashThyStampede !

    NashThyStampede !Ngày trước

    What a simp.

  53. Tarantula Teen

    Tarantula TeenNgày trước

    5:49 Jasmine: I’m pregnant Mike: Ok Bye Me: Mike is an asshole for getting her pregnant

  54. james thomson

    james thomsonNgày trước

    This guy is an idiot seriously!!

  55. Amelie Leaford

    Amelie LeafordNgày trước


  56. Owen

    OwenNgày trước

    Woah that's so believable

  57. Sageeles _

    Sageeles _Ngày trước

    FrEaKiNg MiKe fRoM DrAmA ClaSs! 😂

  58. Dead DingAling

    Dead DingAlingNgày trước


  59. Heccbro

    HeccbroNgày trước


  60. Yvonne patrick

    Yvonne patrickNgày trước

    "She doesn't want to ruin our friendship, and those crap girls always say" Me:I love you and those crap boys always say

  61. cooltuber1756

    cooltuber1756Ngày trước

    i feel like they ripped the art style from big mouth which ripped the art style from goanimate which ripped the art style from family guy (you feel me?)

  62. K1LL3R Llamma

    K1LL3R LlammaNgày trước

    sub to me please actually happend

  63. K1LL3R Llamma

    K1LL3R LlammaNgày trước


  64. Kermit SippinTea

    Kermit SippinTeaNgày trước

    I call that a sucker move. If he stays with thotiana he'll never raise any biological kids, just some randoms dudes.

  65. KolaPro

    KolaProNgày trước

    damn this dude is younger than me,and he had to go through all of this,I felt so sorry for him and i'm very glad that everything ended up fine at the end

  66. KolaPro

    KolaProGiờ trước

    @king assasin if he's happy than of course it's a good ending

  67. king assasin

    king assasin2 giờ trước

    KolaPro you call that fine? It’s probably the worst thing that could’ve happened

  68. Andrew Hewson

    Andrew HewsonNgày trước

    He’ll be a great father

  69. devilmaycry7760

    devilmaycry7760Ngày trước

    Nope, I’ll be a father at 30.

  70. славянский Евразия

    славянский Евразия16 giờ trước


  71. Cringe Dictator

    Cringe DictatorNgày trước

    How the heck did he think he was the biological dad?

  72. Audrey Mamedu

    Audrey MameduNgày trước

    I'm actually quite impressed by the guys parental support, instinct, support and all round love. These kind of guys are very hard to find these days so the girl is very lucky

  73. Phone Min Thant Patrick

    Phone Min Thant PatrickNgày trước


  74. Enes Bartur

    Enes BarturNgày trước

    I would’ve threw that hoe out my house

  75. Gaby Bondo

    Gaby BondoNgày trước

    It had been showing up about 6 times😞😞😞😞

  76. ArKone1 Music

    ArKone1 MusicNgày trước

    Sht, i used to be.

  77. Eylül Erdem

    Eylül ErdemNgày trước

    Well ... Did he told his parents that he isn't the baby's real dad ?

  78. Captain Dark

    Captain DarkNgày trước

    You should have just dump jasmine trust me

  79. //itzjuliawish// ****

    //itzjuliawish// ****Ngày trước

    He was so smal- Me:is that oven smol dude? That baby has big head

  80. Sofia Ysabel Murillo

    Sofia Ysabel MurilloNgày trước

    Yea *MiKe FrOm FrEaKiNg DrAmA cLaSs*

  81. Mike T

    Mike TNgày trước

    We all know a Mike. FREAKIN Mike

  82. SkullAble _

    SkullAble _Ngày trước

    now we know that mcdonald hiring underaged boy...auto-boycott

  83. AliRESET Andi

    AliRESET AndiNgày trước

    Lol you idiot you can hire someone at 16

  84. Hakman Tim

    Hakman TimNgày trước

    Imagine the son watching this video in like and years and then going “WAIT A MINUTE”

  85. D Bae

    D BaeNgày trước

    Who else think that baby looks weird 😂😂

  86. Sophia Ouaamar

    Sophia OuaamarNgày trước

    ''fREeaKing MIkE from dRaMa ClaSs''

  87. eirene berina

    eirene berinaNgày trước

    4 times

  88. Jefferson Mason

    Jefferson MasonNgày trước

    I can kind of commend what this boy did. But I feel like this will become an issue later on their lives, especially if the couple falls on hard times. For those of you making fun of him and not saying he’s a “real dad” need to grow up. There are tons of adoptive/ foster parents who love their kids as if they were their own biological children

  89. Darinka Huerta

    Darinka HuertaNgày trước

    8:20 that baby is big af :v

  90. eclipes_ nature

    eclipes_ natureNgày trước