I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months


  1. brazil

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    haha grape

  2. Over 9 thousand!!!!! Poop

    Over 9 thousand!!!!! PoopNgày trước

    brazil how to gets subscribers say grapes

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    When you relize your comment has over 23 k likes 😂

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    anna robertsGiờ trước

    i just got braces and this makes me feel better about myself

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  9. Babs Commercial

    Babs CommercialGiờ trước

    Audio's bit quiet, even at full volume :((

  10. Jordan Helden

    Jordan HeldenGiờ trước

    Curiosity almost got the brother eaten

  11. LemonKatze

    LemonKatzeGiờ trước

    Me: swallows my food without chewing anyways

  12. onatrackpad mom

    onatrackpad momGiờ trước

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Happy bday!!!

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    This makes me so happy, I'm so happy for you!!

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  16. Miggy Caguioa

    Miggy CaguioaGiờ trước

    9:42 it’s like face reaveal

  17. Constance Neverseen

    Constance NeverseenGiờ trước

    Dont forget to like that smash button guys. ❤️

  18. EddTheBob !

    EddTheBob !2 giờ trước

    Plastic tin full of soup.. ok

  19. Abby Studio

    Abby Studio2 giờ trước

    At 1:36 That’s me and my friend fighting about cussing XD

  20. Ryan Dill

    Ryan Dill2 giờ trước

    You could have watched food wars its a realy good anime

  21. Bri'ana Armbrister

    Bri'ana Armbrister2 giờ trước

    Me: I want food .SOMETHINGELSEYT: wHeRe Is My ChOclAtE MiLk

  22. fsoon yoog

    fsoon yoog2 giờ trước

    Adam was...THE GRAP!!!!

  23. little big dog

    little big dog2 giờ trước

    I dont like tomatoes

  24. Jade Dove

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  25. Wendy Dean

    Wendy Dean2 giờ trước

    “And ahh... don’t forget to like that smash button”😂😂😂

  26. Wifi-Ish-A-Weirdo :p

    Wifi-Ish-A-Weirdo :p2 giờ trước

    Ish okay I have a HUGE OVERBITE......I kinda look like a bunny Q^Q

  27. CentreMax Gaming

    CentreMax Gaming2 giờ trước

    Happy birthday my guy

  28. Jayveasna Soun

    Jayveasna Soun2 giờ trước

    U look like my uncle More man then boy Boi.

  29. Jake TheShadowKeeper

    Jake TheShadowKeeper2 giờ trước

    I WILL FRICKING EAT YOU NATE like if you though that was ur favourite part

  30. Dark Cyclops

    Dark Cyclops2 giờ trước

    He said like that smash button

  31. Jane Quitano

    Jane Quitano2 giờ trước

    i have a under bite...

  32. Dank Master

    Dank Master2 giờ trước

    Adam looks like Stark

  33. Galactic Prowler

    Galactic Prowler2 giờ trước

    Man that must have sucked.. List of things that mean the same thing: No Chocolate Milk = Depression School = HELL Video Games = Life -Hotel = Trivago- Bananas = Child Adam fuel Bagel Man card = Best thing in existence Adam = _Good Boi_ Billy = Satan in child form Tomato Soup = Holy -Water- Soup

  34. MoMoKookieDoodles

    MoMoKookieDoodles2 giờ trước

    "like that smash button" Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHondwowknwondocwmdocmkasndlknalnfldvnlkweovnqokneflkvnaondev Dead

  35. Spring Security Puppet

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  36. Kira Honda

    Kira Honda2 giờ trước

    I like how you draw your avatar as a cute demon haha :3

  37. Study YouTube

    Study YouTube2 giờ trước

    I watched it again cuz I was just bored n I guess i found some thing ....hmmmm Adam's Brother's shirt 🤔 OMG he's an actual VIreporterr WITH. A. FUCKIN. PAPER. BaG oN!!!

  38. Fatima Kaleela

    Fatima Kaleela2 giờ trước

    Happy bday

  39. Bianca :p

    Bianca :p2 giờ trước

    “StOp” * aggressive chew*

  40. kevin Gallardo

    kevin Gallardo2 giờ trước

    Real talk. What do you do if you have to vomit with your jaw shut?

  41. Mr.pig9311

    Mr.pig93112 giờ trước

    Adam was...THE GRAP!!!!

  42. Lin UwU

    Lin UwU2 giờ trước

    2:54 I cant stop laughing 😂

  43. ITSM3 Ü

    ITSM3 Ü2 giờ trước

    Happy birthday Adam 🎂 22

  44. Artistc Gene

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  45. Nedned09

    Nedned093 giờ trước

    U grape

  46. karen loves her essential oils

    karen loves her essential oils3 giờ trước

    "Like that smash button" Are you still on that medication?

  47. αρqєχ

    αρqєχ3 giờ trước

    *Grape ;)*

  48. J King

    J King3 giờ trước

    12:24 “don’t forget to like that smash button” XD

  49. frances_jagiya

    frances_jagiya3 giờ trước

    you lost sum weight adem

  50. Auni animator

    Auni animator3 giờ trước

    Adam i love your video Oh so love stupid stuff.. like u try to eat u brother that really damn funny I like to see more stupid stuff 👌👌

  51. iz maria

    iz maria3 giờ trước

    The audio is low as hell

  52. A Day In The Life Of Me

    A Day In The Life Of Me3 giờ trước

    How come he changed his art?

  53. Natalie Valdovinos

    Natalie Valdovinos3 giờ trước

    Adam: I got my mouth wired shut Me: now that is what I call tough Adam: 😢

  54. Birganid Tea

    Birganid Tea3 giờ trước

    This always happens to me but i havent told anyone cuz i just try to ignore it AND NOW IM SCARED FOR DEAR LIFE

  55. colorful corps

    colorful corps3 giờ trước

    yawning always fucked my jaw and it sucks ass and hurts so fucking much

  56. Nerdy panda 1423

    Nerdy panda 14233 giờ trước

    That smile.... That smile... I... Need that smile in my life...

  57. 3 giờ trước

    Brother: I’m gonna try a bit of that soup- Adam: I WILL FLIPPING EAT YOU My absolutely favorite part of the video, it made me laugh.

  58. Z Cosplay

    Z Cosplay3 giờ trước

    if he ever opens a PO box, I will send him a cooler felled with chocolate milk.

  59. Eliseo Bayona

    Eliseo Bayona3 giờ trước

    pause and press 4:01

  60. Lauryn Howell

    Lauryn Howell3 giờ trước

    My jaw pops and sometimes locks up. It hurts to yawn and I guess when I eat it pops alot.. mostly the right side.. I hope I don't need surgery

  61. Lyladestructs

    Lyladestructs3 giờ trước

    Its your birthday

  62. X-Ray722

    X-Ray7223 giờ trước

    Happy birthday for the fourth time first on Instagram second on snapchat third on Twitter and fourth now hope you see one of em love you dude keep it up

  63. LucyPaw Gamer Girl wolfpaw

    LucyPaw Gamer Girl wolfpaw3 giờ trước

    don't worry I almost been threw the same thing, but instead I FUCKING BUSTED MY CHIN OPEN TO THE BONE!!!! it hurt like hell T^T..... don't bike ride over ramps when you are not a fucking pro...... it hurt like fucking hell and I was in the hospital for a while, and I couldn't eat, just fucking drink, I rather die then have surgery

  64. MelodyMan

    MelodyMan3 giờ trước

    Is it just me or is some animations of SEYT and Domics very quiet? I have this at max and I can NOW hear it... or I just have really bad hearing

  65. wow c

    wow c3 giờ trước

    Its asmr

  66. Nightcore Mino

    Nightcore Mino3 giờ trước

    Rest In Peace Grape

  67. 13thMaiden

    13thMaiden3 giờ trước

    When my wisdom teeth had to be taken out (cause they were dumb and tried to grow sideways in my freaking jaw), and for a month I had to stay on a liquid diet, and they were gonna stick me with those damn boost drinks, but my Granny said 'hell no.'. She made me soups. All the amazing soups. Butternut squash was my favorite, very gently warmed, like lukewarm. Tomato soup. Broths. Mushroom soup....Granny refused to let me suffer 😂

  68. Alexia's

    Alexia's3 giờ trước

    Happy Birthday!

  69. Josiah Rup

    Josiah Rup3 giờ trước

    Happy B day Adam

  70. Rachie D

    Rachie D3 giờ trước

    12:25 "Don't forget to like that smash button" lol. Think he ment smash that like button

  71. Robirt

    Robirt3 giờ trước

    No-one: Adam: Censors Demonetization: NANI?!

  72. HerobrineHunterPlayz

    HerobrineHunterPlayz3 giờ trước

    12:25 "Dont forget to like that smash button"

  73. Selene Valdez

    Selene Valdez3 giờ trước

    Glad your ok Adam and btw you my faves ight well then bai and continue being the best 😂❤️

  74. 3 giờ trước

    8:59 yes 😂 my house has shitty food so I watch other people eat GOOD food

  75. Lah Libra

    Lah Libra3 giờ trước

    *Is no one gonna talk about the fact he looks and acts like markiplier*

  76. Planet Wild

    Planet Wild3 giờ trước

    Are you and James best friends or smth

  77. 3 giờ trước

    Happy Birthday 🎁

  78. Paola Chavez

    Paola Chavez3 giờ trước

    Doctors told me I needed jaw surgery since I was 12 yrs old. Im in my mid twenties and I still refuse to get it.

  79. That One

    That One3 giờ trước

    What no smoothies? Those are great Also how did you brush your teeth?

  80. Jonahbaba Scuito

    Jonahbaba Scuito3 giờ trước

    What was the thing you had? Cuz one of my friends has had the same problem with jaw pain for almost all his life and I would like to send him this video >~

  81. Shania Hudson

    Shania Hudson3 giờ trước

    I know it’s really early and I hope you read this comment but, HAPPY BIRTHDAY❤️,thank you so much for making my days better because of your vids and jokes, hope this birthday is the best one yet🥳💕

  82. Billie Jean

    Billie Jean4 giờ trước

    Demonetization part had me dead 😂

  83. TheInvisible Virus

    TheInvisible Virus4 giờ trước

    Did anyone else see the little message when the doctor was thinking

  84. Sonic Jr.

    Sonic Jr.4 giờ trước

    Adam = thanos grape confermed (Jk)

  85. seolarco

    seolarco4 giờ trước

    This video reminded me of when my mom had such a bad car accident that her jaw was literally hanging on by a thread so she had to get it wired shut for like 6 months. She can't drink things properly or else it'll spill so she uses a straw

  86. Luphina What?

    Luphina What?4 giờ trước

    like that smash button?

  87. purply fast

    purply fast4 giờ trước

    You almost look Like iron man

  88. Friendly Milkballs

    Friendly Milkballs4 giờ trước

    So no one's gonna point out the weenie hut junior SpongeBob reference?

  89. Patience_soul

    Patience_soul4 giờ trước

    *tries to eat soup* "I will eat you!" um... I can just... the door? over there?.... yeah, ok bye *leaves before is eaten alive

  90. Eduardo Hernandez

    Eduardo Hernandez4 giờ trước

    OMG Adam i am a gurl and i think i just discovered my seceret crush on u I LUV YOU!!!😘😍

  91. Commander Stupid

    Commander Stupid4 giờ trước

    Boi if you had your jaw wired shut how tf were you supposed to fuggin *e* *a* *t* *?*

  92. Nimthiriel

    Nimthiriel4 giờ trước

    harry potter with facial hair...

  93. tempotic

    tempotic4 giờ trước

    My first time seeing adams face Not to be wierd but I really like it

  94. 4rie1

    4rie14 giờ trước

    My new smile starring *God's Cylinder*

  95. NicolasLikesFood

    NicolasLikesFood4 giờ trước

    2:19 uhhh

  96. Leafpool & Crowfeather

    Leafpool & Crowfeather4 giờ trước

    My mom told me I’m going to have to break my jaw to get my jaw a fixed for my stupid censor underbite that doesn’t do anything to me but it’s terrible for some reason also there’s this weird pain in my right gum I don’t know if I am going to have to get that work done either ( A lot of mouth surgery)

  97. Greenlee Curtis

    Greenlee Curtis4 giờ trước

    I just found your channel and you have brought me great amusement.

  98. 4rie1

    4rie14 giờ trước

    4:01 I spent ten minutes trying to pause it to read what it said and all I got was Butt Lolz

  99. Rainbow Doodles

    Rainbow Doodles4 giờ trước

    Adams mind: ``FOOD I WILL EAT ANYTHING RN!!!!!!!!!1111111!!! Adam a few minutes later..: `` I Fricking hate tomato soup.``

  100. Colombia Ball

    Colombia Ball4 giờ trước

    I mean who doesn’t love food it’s something that keeps you alive

  101. Naomisaucedo Saucedo

    Naomisaucedo Saucedo4 giờ trước

    I like how he describes the tomatoe soup so specifically 😂😂😂

  102. X-X Nub maker X-X

    X-X Nub maker X-X5 giờ trước

    U know what i just realized..... U don't have pants on...

  103. 5 giờ trước

    Im already thanos how about thanos im already thanos

  104. Pablo Ignacio Comments

    Pablo Ignacio Comments5 giờ trước

    Dude, in my country, it's your birthday so enjoy your day

  105. salavator animatoins

    salavator animatoins5 giờ trước

    how does this have 4 mil views in less than a week