I Lived in a Van with my Sisters for a Week


  1. CloeCouture

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    whos excited for the Feldman Sisters Road Trip?!?!?

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    Hi I love your videos💜

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  7. Sarrinahs Playhouse

    Sarrinahs Playhouse12 giờ trước

    Is it yours the Rv or are you renting it


    MAR BEARNgày trước


  9. Kailyn Nunez

    Kailyn NunezNgày trước

    This whole video is just her trying to convince her sister to go :,D


    GHOST FACENgày trước

    Whos excited for the felman Sisters Road Trip?!?!?


    GHOST FACENgày trước

    Mere me to stay home and you don't say can I wear is say is kind of boring when the sage boring know or do nothing and one media's current just wanna steal this leave her at home and pray kher like you're governor in a pool and go volmer youtube until I don't have a VIreporter call Go follow am I to talk London agent go follow am I think time lag in Asia London Asia is my tick to tock

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  13. A very annoying Hedgehog

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    Who else is sad that this travel tour stopped :(

  14. Lalrampari Varte

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    😆😆 she look like my best friend as my sister 🤣🤣

  15. Kawaii Girls

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    You need a VIreporter account to subscribe it’s not free

  16. Rajasree Mb

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    Mia: i found my location Me: yhea me too the bed to sleep and kitchen to eat

  17. frances schumacher

    frances schumacher3 ngày trước

    Great job cloe

  18. Layla Tacocat

    Layla Tacocat3 ngày trước

    ok I know everyone knows it but nobody points it out- so ima just say is- cloe's sence of style is goals.

  19. Layla Tacocat

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    met-er-anian. meta-ter-apians. MeTa-LiBrArIaN. METATERANIAN!

  20. michael davis

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    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Annalee Armoogam

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    It's sad that she stopped youtube😢😢

  22. Hannah Moore

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    Who’s here after Chloe quit VIreporter :(

  23. MoonlightWolf87

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    Hannah Moore I’m still sad 😢

  24. Sequoia Hunter

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    Sequoia is my name

  25. Sarah Michelle Velasco

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    try living in a huge mansion for a week

  26. Eunice Acquaye

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    Your sis doesn't seem to be happy at all

  27. Susan Catterall

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    Chloe and Mia Mia hi, Chloe. Hi. You. Guys. Are. The. Best

  28. Abdikani Khalif

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    You are the best VIreporter 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  29. Hi I’m Faithy

    Hi I’m Faithy5 ngày trước

    Is the tv just green screen! I can see green light reflecting on you

  30. Mari Hans

    Mari Hans5 ngày trước

    mia looks likes she hated that trip give a like who agrees with me

  31. Acariel nelson

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  32. Brent Newkirk

    Brent Newkirk6 ngày trước

    No one...the santa flamingo towel🐙

  33. Brent Newkirk

    Brent Newkirk6 ngày trước

    No one.. lotteraylly no one..Mia I wish we had a fondue machine I can imagine cheese😂

  34. Katie Fanning

    Katie Fanning6 ngày trước

    I’m so excited for you Chloe and Sage and Mia

  35. Natalie Garcia

    Natalie Garcia7 ngày trước

    Is mia pregnant?

  36. Isabelle Piacentini

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    I love how Mia is always sitting criss cross 🥰 I love you guys sooooo much!

  37. KatyPlayz Gaming

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    I see u used greenscreen...

  38. 03nel03ray

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    You guys started traveling on my birthday! My name is Ellie Ray and my birthday is August 12!!!

  39. Shawn's

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    U are pretty and I am a girl l am just lending it and my name is Sanaa

  40. Bria Walker

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    #vanlife love u guys

  41. diane marmol

    diane marmol10 ngày trước

    to tell you the truth i wish i had a van like that to live but i am only 10 years old so

  42. Bee Travel

    Bee Travel10 ngày trước

    Did you buy it to keep or rent it

  43. Floria Rains

    Floria Rains11 ngày trước

    Imagine driving and someone is on the bed above and the bed falls in the driver

  44. Judith Ayako

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  46. عاشقة الأنمي

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    l love you

  47. Jen eliz agustin

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    its read me-di e ne yan

  48. Victoria Ostrand

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    Maybe you can go to great wolf Lodge

  49. LovePuppies_0512

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    Cloe omg, your being so rude to Mia

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    18:37 Mia plonks the popcorn randomly some where

  51. pls don’t subscribe to Me

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    Does Mia have a father?

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    I love the RV it is beautiful

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  57. lauren san

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    “What world are you I living in!?” Me:umm it looks like she is living in food world...

  58. Random Cecilia :/

    Random Cecilia :/18 ngày trước

    I mean Mia is moody she is pregnant 😂 good video tho!❤️❤️

  59. Frisk Dreemur

    Frisk Dreemur18 ngày trước

    I feel like dis fake when convincing her cause wouldn’t she see the cam? And the spatula was showing it to

  60. aemiell clarize

    aemiell clarize18 ngày trước

    i thought the dog one is a teddy bear

  61. Candice Du

    Candice Du18 ngày trước

    I like it!!!

  62. Jennifer Cardenas

    Jennifer Cardenas18 ngày trước

    Y’all are yelling at Mia while pregnant you should be pregnant

  63. Lynn Ravelas

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  64. americ sibucao vlog

    americ sibucao vlog19 ngày trước

    Saige looks the jillian

  65. Nam Phan

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    You’re lucky I wish I was in a van to