I'm Switching To The Samsung Galaxy S9


  1. Unbox Therapy

    Unbox Therapy11 tháng trước

    If you could switch to any other smartphone right now, which would you switch to?

  2. Woozy

    Woozy5 ngày trước


  3. Abdullah Javed

    Abdullah JavedTháng trước

    Nokia 1 😂

  4. Carbed And Ready To Stalk

    Carbed And Ready To Stalk2 tháng trước

    Galaxy S7 Active (The Phone I currently own lol)

  5. ChrisDaSavage

    ChrisDaSavage2 tháng trước

    Iphone xs

  6. Rafaela Cunha

    Rafaela Cunha2 tháng trước

    I had my iphone 6 plus for 3 years and now I switched to galaxy s9+ (iphone is shit now)

  7. Connor Lawrenson

    Connor Lawrenson2 ngày trước

    Need a new phone im stuck with a motorola e5 play, its accient and so slow

  8. TheFreePantheist

    TheFreePantheist2 ngày trước

    I find it ironic Samsung makes the best oled screens in the smartphone buisness, but they refuse to make oled TVs

  9. Maxwell Boehm

    Maxwell Boehm5 ngày trước

    Can we even get that titanium color in the US?

  10. Joshua Builds

    Joshua Builds9 ngày trước

    Those akgs are garbage compared to mild SkullCandys or especially HyperX/Kingston products

  11. Michael jf

    Michael jf10 ngày trước

    Why do pop-up advertising only show up on Samsung phones for some reason I can't shut that off and it's frustrating makes me want to go back to iPhone

  12. Hui ting Wu

    Hui ting Wu13 ngày trước

    how do u turn on password for wen turning off your fone? I use to can turn my fone off and it ask me for my password but now it just turns off without asking me......Just in case my fone gets stolen the thief can't turn my fone off

  13. Jupp Soetebier

    Jupp Soetebier14 ngày trước

    Man, you really drank the Chinese Kool-Aid last year.

  14. Jen Bass

    Jen Bass17 ngày trước

    @unboxtheraph can u please tell me if it will hurt my phone if I listen to the radio/youtube/text while charging it? Please help me!

  15. Tanner Bentivegna

    Tanner Bentivegna27 ngày trước

    Samsung is better

  16. Yuri_blox

    Yuri_blox27 ngày trước

    I feel stupid I’m watching on my friend’s iPad

  17. think thingsthru

    think thingsthru27 ngày trước

    Idk why this guy looks like the product of Joey and Chandler fusing together.

  18. İsmail Aliyazıcıoğlu

    İsmail Aliyazıcıoğlu28 ngày trước

    Its s9+ not s9

  19. First Timer

    First Timer28 ngày trước

    pls make a review of samsung A7 2018.. thanks

  20. Please Die

    Please Die29 ngày trước

    At least they can count.

  21. Gyeong Games TV

    Gyeong Games TV29 ngày trước

    I like this phone.

  22. 1965Vintage

    1965VintageTháng trước

    Damn, millennials are annoying!

  23. doge

    dogeTháng trước

    Where is the sansung team

  24. Ray

    Ray23 ngày trước

    right here bruv

  25. Humans Are a Virus

    Humans Are a Virus25 ngày trước

    Will order it now tbh

  26. MasterGaming421

    MasterGaming421Tháng trước

    this was released on my birthday

  27. Aryan Chanthurutil

    Aryan ChanthurutilTháng trước

    'Innovation' Apple: You stole my word

  28. -potatoismyname -

    -potatoismyname -5 ngày trước


  29. Wolf3fd

    Wolf3fdTháng trước

    I got 260€ for my lg g6.... Still works perfectly

  30. Lee Parker

    Lee ParkerTháng trước

    I always went for the iPhone anyway I was due my update so I go into my local 3 shop to get either the iPhone 8 or the x so I decide on the 8 just about to sign up for another 2 years when one of 3 assistants said there is a brilliant deal on the Samsung Galaxy s9 as soon as my wife heard deal she wanted to now more £100 pounds cash back no upfront costs 50gb so reluctantly I went with the s9 and I have to say I'm glad I did what a beautiful phone so much different than the apple phones but equally impressive lovely to hold looks great now I want the s10

  31. mystical phoenix

    mystical phoenixTháng trước

    been using this for almost a year.. and im still satisfied.

  32. world best cars

    world best carsTháng trước

    apple is shit

  33. huawei

    huaweiTháng trước

    I like Huawei the camera is op

  34. Garcia

    GarciaTháng trước

    Im switching to the Nokia 6300

  35. Nick Fleming

    Nick FlemingTháng trước

    But how cool is the curved screen though. Cynics say its pointless, it distorts the image, etc etc. But I have ZERO image distortion, and it looks sick, its hard to describe, it just seems like magic

  36. Cloudy Boy

    Cloudy BoyTháng trước

    title says: switching to S9 thumbnail: Showing S9+ 👌

  37. GHOULii

    GHOULiiTháng trước

    iPhone is only popular because they have a nicer aesthetic , "style over substance"

  38. Zachariah WAYMAN

    Zachariah WAYMANTháng trước

    I have iPhone but I really want a Samsung s9 plus for my birthday of Christmas

  39. Tylish Noodles

    Tylish NoodlesTháng trước

    Tbh there's so many options in Android phones. Where as IOS, yeah, iPhone X

  40. Tylish Noodles

    Tylish NoodlesTháng trước

    Loved the intro 😂

  41. Aiden Reitz

    Aiden ReitzTháng trước

    I switched to samsung from a iphone 8

  42. German Quiñonez

    German QuiñonezTháng trước

    Watching from my s9+ and luv it

  43. Van Net

    Van NetTháng trước

    Samsung is the best for me

  44. NoCoolNameJim

    NoCoolNameJimTháng trước

    I think I might switch to Samsung. I can get a s9 for 5$ a month with my carrier and it’s a lot less expensive with 30$ a month with my iPhone. And it just seems a lot better.

  45. wolf killer

    wolf killerTháng trước

    your videos is nice but i thing you are a Samsung enemy

  46. Adam Bomb

    Adam BombTháng trước

    I just got the Samsung Galaxy s9 and the s9 plus models

  47. my Xbox one

    my Xbox oneTháng trước

    Iphone xs max

  48. FirstName LastName

    FirstName LastNameTháng trước

    we have a *H E A D P H O N E* _J A C K_

  49. Anthony Payne

    Anthony PayneTháng trước

    Can u stop sounding like a straight BITCH 🤢!

  50. Martin

    MartinTháng trước

    *I can't record in 4k after one ui???!!*

  51. The D35[ALT] Man

    The D35[ALT] ManTháng trước

    iPhone SE

  52. Joe Costigan

    Joe CostiganTháng trước

    If I'm honest dude your annoying, sorry.

  53. L

    LTháng trước

    Im sorry the google pixel is the best android. Samsung is a runner up.. Put yo sim back lol..

  54. TAJIK TV

    TAJIK TVTháng trước

    s9 plus супер клась

  55. Joyce Jose

    Joyce JoseTháng trước

    Wat wud be like a big difference btwn s9 n s9+?? Looking for a compact thing

  56. abhi kumar

    abhi kumar16 giờ trước

    Not much difference. S9+ has a bigger battery, has 2 cameras and more ram. Currently on the s9, its an amazing device. Plus its smaller.

  57. Eyez On Me

    Eyez On MeTháng trước

    Fucking GARBAGE! Didn't say a fucking thing worth my time! Bitch!

  58. Sgt. Shrek

    Sgt. ShrekTháng trước

    This video was a well made 2-way street porn flick. Porn for the fan base getting a watered down update on a great phone; porn for the creator sharing his sponsors. Thanks

  59. David Cosloff

    David CosloffTháng trước

    I am definitely switching to the S9+ after the s10 models come out to get the deal with the T Mobile ONE plan. I love the S9+. I recommend it to all Android fans.

  60. SuperKiko112

    SuperKiko112Tháng trước

    Got my s9 today for 350 dollar new sealed in box plus a mew uag case. Ebay sometimes has good deals

  61. Kusi Dwaase

    Kusi DwaaseTháng trước


  62. Jacob Peterson

    Jacob PetersonTháng trước

    You should look into Mous cases, slim phone case has a leather option, and people drop these things out of helicopters onto cement pads, and not a scratch

  63. JAN JAN

    JAN JANTháng trước

    Damn I'm still using my galaxy. S5 sad😂

  64. handrick hong

    handrick hongTháng trước

    Hey Guys I finanally got it in my hand!

  65. EzECr1s 3O5

    EzECr1s 3O5Tháng trước

    My Galaxy s9 is the best phone I've ever had. Absolutely better than any trash made by Apple

  66. Ahmed Ali

    Ahmed AliTháng trước

    If you are looking to buy a Samsung S9 from Samsung website, i have a discount offer. Reply if you are interested.

  67. Ronish Raj Shrestha

    Ronish Raj ShresthaTháng trước

    its s9 +


    ALIBSAR M. SAMPORNA JR.Tháng trước

    Give me your another phone😅😅😅

  69. Daniella

    DaniellaTháng trước

    50% rambling

  70. Angry Face Reaction

    Angry Face ReactionTháng trước

    What was the point of this review if it's not even a decent review.

  71. Taki bon bon

    Taki bon bonTháng trước

    S9 9 months ago.

  72. Fahim Muguluma

    Fahim MugulumaTháng trước

    new glasses hu hu hu hu

  73. Ionescu Stefan

    Ionescu StefanTháng trước

    Ugly smartphone !

  74. o_Mild

    o_MildTháng trước

    im switching to your mom

  75. Danny Phantom

    Danny PhantomTháng trước

    Probably because he wants the fortnite skin

  76. KingCalamity

    KingCalamityTháng trước

    How good is the camera

  77. Not Sure

    Not SureTháng trước

    My headphones aren’t functioning properly after one month. I was disappointed, really enjoyed the quality up until then...

  78. Anthony Tromp

    Anthony TrompTháng trước

    Notch city 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  79. دکتۆر ئەندرۆید Doctor Android

    دکتۆر ئەندرۆید Doctor AndroidTháng trước

    So beautiful with Samsung

  80. you tube

    you tubeTháng trước

    Am I only one who's watching on my s9+

  81. Mahdi Alobaidy

    Mahdi AlobaidyTháng trước

    Me too

  82. atedra elliton

    atedra ellitonTháng trước

    I love my S9 lol

  83. Theo Sullivan

    Theo SullivanTháng trước

    iPhone for life bro Lol jk Samsung is the best

  84. Jason M

    Jason MTháng trước

    These videos keep on Tricking me. I want s9 not s9+

  85. sherin raj

    sherin rajTháng trước

    Is curved edge is a headache ?

  86. lopez lopez

    lopez lopezTháng trước

    I hate that when I send or receive videos through text they are always super blurry smh I miss my iphone

  87. Heavy Hitters

    Heavy HittersTháng trước

    Yea but the headphones are meh at best for the price in my opinion

  88. Mr. Sal

    Mr. SalTháng trước

    NeW gLaSSeS

  89. Marc Guillemette

    Marc GuillemetteTháng trước

    WHY are you not on national television! You are pure entertainment and your lack of bias makes you an essential go-to guy for shoppers. CBC, NBC, AMAZON .... They need you now.

  90. QaaimsdaBoss 110

    QaaimsdaBoss 110Tháng trước

    Y do u look sad when u said u were changing phone in the thumbnail

  91. Bmbgbankroll _

    Bmbgbankroll _Tháng trước

    Old school runescape is great

  92. Stefan Kovacs

    Stefan KovacsTháng trước

    Moto G6

  93. SunKissed Melanin

    SunKissed MelaninTháng trước

    If Android and Ios collab 😵😵 *I'd be shook*

  94. CJ Walters

    CJ WaltersTháng trước

    Can you buy a phone on contract anymore?

  95. Daniel V.

    Daniel V.Tháng trước

    you're unbelievably annoying

  96. DauntingKitty

    DauntingKittyTháng trước

    I do not recommend this phone. It isn't bad it works completely fine it's just that the differences between the S9 and S8 are so miniscule that buying the S9 is pointless.

  97. Chad

    ChadTháng trước

    Im going to switch to Android

  98. kaczan3

    kaczan3Tháng trước

    Sorry what is this music? Link or artist name?

  99. Violet Sickness

    Violet SicknessTháng trước

    Please make your own leather case! I will buy it!

  100. Jack Marchant

    Jack Marchant2 tháng trước

    Can som1 put a link for that charger so i can get one thx

  101. tomcronininc

    tomcronininc2 tháng trước

    So I can buy an unlocked s9+ straight from Samsung and just pop in my SIM card from VZW and be in business?

  102. Wily Chandra Diputra

    Wily Chandra Diputra2 tháng trước

    I don't like this video but i watch this till the end

  103. X1SoccerGamer

    X1SoccerGamer2 tháng trước

    Samsung boiiiii

  104. Adith21

    Adith212 tháng trước

    Why does he always look so dissapoonted when he switches?



    It protecc _it attack_ But most importantly: *it has headphone jack*

  106. Xainab A.

    Xainab A.21 ngày trước

    Omg that’s epic

  107. Humans Are a Virus

    Humans Are a Virus24 ngày trước




    +Humans Are a Virus *MoMo*

  109. Humans Are a Virus

    Humans Are a Virus25 ngày trước


  110. Sasquatch truth , BDRP North Texas Field Researcher

    Sasquatch truth , BDRP North Texas Field Researcher2 tháng trước

    Well done, it might be nice to have a link. Great job , some things I didn’t know. iOS SUCKS

  111. DachiiXO

    DachiiXO2 tháng trước

    Best choice you've made in your career so far

  112. Film

    Film2 tháng trước

    Oh yeah yeah

  113. scavenger117

    scavenger1172 tháng trước

    I have never heard an apple user say android. At school everyone has an iphone. I have a galaxy s7. And even other kids who have android not a Samsung device they call it samsung. EWW YOU HAVE A SAMSUNG.

  114. naresh kumar

    naresh kumar2 tháng trước

    You have also the variable aperture This is insane for a smartphone Bit of gimmik ahhh possibly lol😂😂😂😂