I Turned Our House into the Taco Bell Hotel


  1. Annie K

    Annie K15 phút trước

    Fun video, Garret is so funny!!

  2. Michele Cecil

    Michele Cecil19 phút trước

    Who else is here binge watching Shane and Jefree waiting on episode 4 to come out? 10/16/19

  3. Itz G

    Itz GGiờ trước

    I think I have a crush on Andrew

  4. Bri Taylor

    Bri TaylorGiờ trước

    why is Andrew my literal soulmate

  5. Samantha Alaniz

    Samantha Alaniz3 giờ trước

    I just love how much Ryland efforts for his videos😩😍

  6. Jessica L

    Jessica L4 giờ trước

    Trying to find the vlog where andrew does a basketball shot from their bedroom. Anyone remembers?

  7. Jerica Jones

    Jerica Jones7 giờ trước


  8. Priscilla Chey

    Priscilla Chey8 giờ trước

    Where's drew??

  9. Rachel Pierce

    Rachel Pierce12 giờ trước

    Andrew and Drew need to date

  10. cardboardclub

    cardboardclub15 giờ trước

    Lol why does the girl doing the DJ to nobody seem like something I'll see in the sims 😂

  11. Charlie Westfort

    Charlie Westfort17 giờ trước

    I find it sad I know how those streamers taste.. lol

  12. Nicholas Deutsch

    Nicholas Deutsch23 giờ trước

    Ryland, where did you buy those sunglasses @4:00??

  13. Erin Cates

    Erin CatesNgày trước

    Shane is a whole ass mood throughout this video 😂😂😂😂

  14. D E

    D ENgày trước

    Nobody: Morgan: I don’t under really stand 😂😂

  15. amy shelton

    amy sheltonNgày trước

    I have definitely tasted crepe paper ribbon as well Morgan!! You are NOT alone 😂

  16. Skye Allen

    Skye AllenNgày trước

    Aw! I missed Garrett 🥰 I worry about him when I don't see him for a bit.

  17. Amber Tyhurst

    Amber TyhurstNgày trước

    Best video ever 😂🥙🌮🌯

  18. shinymagicalcows

    shinymagicalcowsNgày trước

    Drew is a fucking goddess!!!!

  19. Sami Vale

    Sami ValeNgày trước

    24:13 Awww Andrew finally found a girlfriend.

  20. Sara Linden

    Sara Linden2 ngày trước

    Andrew is so handsome.

  21. Keira Browne

    Keira Browne2 ngày trước

    24:11 in parties I am always that one person, too insecure and awkward to dance or talk to ppl I don’t know.. Andrew=me

  22. Screw the Universe

    Screw the Universe2 ngày trước

    I want to throw a party like this. 🤣

  23. Courtney L

    Courtney L2 ngày trước

    I would NOT KNOW HOW TO ACT if I had Drew's body

  24. aimi shahirah

    aimi shahirah2 ngày trước

    What is the title of the songs used in this video?

  25. deandra meister

    deandra meister2 ngày trước

    Ryland Dawson please.

  26. Isabella hopkins

    Isabella hopkins2 ngày trước

    I would rather go to that party that the real one no joke there’s just a really fun vibe

  27. Edwin Andrade

    Edwin Andrade2 ngày trước

    i want andrew to show skin more often tbh

  28. Katie Carlson

    Katie Carlson2 ngày trước

    Never tasted party streamers before

  29. Megan Rebelle

    Megan Rebelle2 ngày trước

    Take a shot whenever he says taco bell

  30. Jayda Barber

    Jayda Barber2 ngày trước

    Ok Ryland I love u your amazing but when you do videos like this can you show more of everyone being nerds rather then setting it up?? Your the best though

  31. Daddy's Little Princess 666

    Daddy's Little Princess 6662 ngày trước

    I used 2 taste them as well lol

  32. Natt covagui

    Natt covagui2 ngày trước

    I literally couldn’t stop laughing

  33. Paola Anduray

    Paola Anduray2 ngày trước

    I loved it.

  34. EllaPlaysCello

    EllaPlaysCello3 ngày trước

    Andrew in the corner with the mermaid puppet is me at every party ever omg

  35. Elizabeth Cano-Dimacuha

    Elizabeth Cano-Dimacuha3 ngày trước

    Shanes face 25:56

  36. Chasity Turner

    Chasity Turner3 ngày trước

    I don't like the new couple they act totally different then the rest of the group

  37. Esha Azhar

    Esha Azhar3 ngày trước

    When Ryland searched Taco bell on twitter and the first 2 searches were Tannie and Taehyung 😂

  38. Lady YoYo

    Lady YoYo3 ngày trước

    Ryland...I love the melanian in your video!!! 💯❤️

  39. Cedric Heidler

    Cedric Heidler3 ngày trước

    While this all frickin fantastic, and looks like a blast. U do realize that Taco Bell doesnt have Coke right? Like I feel like Baja Blast Mountain Dew would have been more appropriate in the mini bars.

  40. Joanna Hischke

    Joanna Hischke3 ngày trước

    I was cry-laughing the majority of the time. So good. lol 😂

  41. Lina Nguyen

    Lina Nguyen3 ngày trước

    Taco Bell hotel would never invite me I’m vegan

  42. Lina Nguyen

    Lina Nguyen3 ngày trước


  43. Daniel iS HuMaN

    Daniel iS HuMaN3 ngày trước


  44. odeon

    odeon3 ngày trước

    Finally Gerett

  45. It’s Miffy

    It’s Miffy3 ngày trước

    This is so sweet

  46. Ruby Ryan

    Ruby Ryan3 ngày trước

    Dude when garret walked in I literally though he was Jake paul! 😂😂

  47. Kenzie Welch

    Kenzie Welch3 ngày trước

    I got Taco Bell right after this lol thanks, Ryland

  48. Natasha Baker

    Natasha Baker3 ngày trước

    Anyone else notice that they still hang out with Garrett sometimes but who was they long haired guy that they used to hang out with? I never see him in videos anymore!

  49. Aneliz H.

    Aneliz H.2 ngày trước

    Drew? I think they still hang with him off camera but Drew went through some depression and he stepped away from VIreporter for a while

  50. videogirl9987

    videogirl99874 ngày trước

    Is everyone so self-conscious that they don't want to jump into the pool?

  51. Ayesha Sreedhar

    Ayesha Sreedhar4 ngày trước

    3 friends. Morgan, Shane. WAIT. PLEASE TELL ME GARET IS HERE

  52. OnlyNeverMind

    OnlyNeverMind4 ngày trước

    People give Ryland a lot of sh*t from time to time but you have to agree that the guy works hard on his content and doesn't just sit infront of a camera. He literally goes out of his way. This is my second time watching this and I suddenly felt the need to say it lol

  53. bby m

    bby m4 ngày trước

    Jesus that girls body is soooo nice

  54. bby m

    bby m4 ngày trước

    Morgan’s body is huge lol her ass is gigantic she should be an IG model lol

  55. N BD

    N BD4 ngày trước

    This turned into a very bad porno really quickly

  56. Emily Mata

    Emily Mata4 ngày trước

    I missed the OG squad: Shane, Garrett, Andrew, Morgan, and Ryland😭😘🥰

  57. R Kive

    R Kive2 ngày trước

    And Drew , don't forget our precious Drew . .

  58. Manny Jones

    Manny Jones4 ngày trước

    19:29 I’m not cancelling you guys because I found it quite hilarious... but someone is going to try.

  59. Manny Jones

    Manny Jones4 ngày trước

    Taco Bell is gross but I support Ryland and I support creativity.

  60. Damian Sanchez

    Damian Sanchez4 ngày trước

    Okay, but why does this have better planning than tanacon.

  61. Raquel Passos

    Raquel Passos4 ngày trước

    Dude Drew is sooo hot

  62. shivani makode

    shivani makode4 ngày trước

    You see Garrett , you hit click...

  63. Vivien Martin

    Vivien Martin4 ngày trước

    I bet Taco Bell is regretting not sending Ryland to the hotel