iKON - '뛰어들게(Dive)' M/V


  1. Giang Hương

    Giang HươngNgày trước


  2. C.C Green

    C.C GreenNgày trước

    Is a bop

  3. Beyou Chan

    Beyou ChanNgày trước

    Ikonic and ikon hwaiting !! I said this like many times :) :) love the song, ikon !!!

  4. Elaine Golpeo

    Elaine GolpeoNgày trước

    Thank you ikonics for loving our boys

  5. Elaine Golpeo

    Elaine GolpeoNgày trước

    Thanks God for 12m, wish for more

  6. punch channel

    punch channelNgày trước


  7. Nhi Nguyễn

    Nhi NguyễnNgày trước

    love you so much IKON

  8. m33i _27

    m33i _27Ngày trước

    Go guys 12M -13M - 14M - 15M ....

  9. Funk'princez Albaran

    Funk'princez AlbaranNgày trước

    Dk..whay your so hot😍😍

  10. kitkat_par

    kitkat_parNgày trước

    Everyone saying DK owns this ErA but I can’t take my eyes off of Jay ✌🏻👀😨🥵😍🥰😘

  11. Why Stone

    Why StoneNgày trước

    this songs sounds similar to MAMAMOOS Piano Man 😅 no wonder it sounds familiar

  12. JTM

    JTMNgày trước

    @Why Stone I don't hear a similarity 🤔

  13. Why Stone

    Why StoneNgày trước

    JTM not really the whole song just the Intro part and some of the chorus part try to listen to MAMAMOOS Piano Man

  14. JTM

    JTMNgày trước

    Lol how? 😂😂

  15. •Honey Jimin•

    •Honey Jimin•Ngày trước


  16. Hoài Phương

    Hoài PhươngNgày trước

    Rất thích những nhóm nam của kpop hầu như nhóm nào cũng ưng hết.

  17. Phay Legam

    Phay LegamNgày trước

    12M views... 02.18.2020....stream daily 💖 #DIVE... proud #iKONIC 🔥❤️

  18. Liki DIyum716

    Liki DIyum716Ngày trước

    B.i i miss u

  19. Sweetzel Marie Inoc

    Sweetzel Marie InocNgày trước

    Ily all


    YVONNE CHANGNgày trước

    iKON Fighting !!

  21. Min YoonGi

    Min YoonGiNgày trước

    Claro claro estuve bajando mirando mi tele por favor que tú me mandaste un mensaje discúlpame por demorarme mucho yo te dije a las 10 conversaremos a las 10 por favor minuto un día por favor te lo suplico que estás haciendo dímelo por favor quiero que me dices que estás haciendo con ellos por favor te lo suplico yo pues está extrañando cuando van a venir aquí cuando venga yo te conoceré no me dices tu nombre yo me llamo María

  22. Olivia Santoyo

    Olivia SantoyoNgày trước

    Bring back B.I PLESSS

  23. Procrastinator

    ProcrastinatorNgày trước

    His contract was terminated...

  24. Aay Kallaya

    Aay KallayaNgày trước


  25. Angelia Dewi

    Angelia DewiNgày trước


  26. Anamina Jillian Peralta

    Anamina Jillian PeraltaNgày trước

    I wish I could see them in personal in the future ...see you soon iKON💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  27. Anamina Jillian Peralta

    Anamina Jillian PeraltaNgày trước

    I love it so much

  28. Laurentz_ En

    Laurentz_ EnNgày trước


  29. Anamina Jillian Peralta

    Anamina Jillian PeraltaNgày trước

    Its rate a billion times to me

  30. Anamina Jillian Peralta

    Anamina Jillian PeraltaNgày trước

    I listen to it many times....its so very good and beautiful😍

  31. With ikonic With ikonic

    With ikonic With ikonicNgày trước


  32. ლLightanლ

    ლLightanლNgày trước

    iKon Nunca decepciona 。◕‿◕。

  33. Dini Nurfitri

    Dini NurfitriNgày trước


  34. dinda aimee

    dinda aimeeNgày trước

    We really miss you hanbin

  35. ms gw

    ms gwNgày trước

    오늘도 아이콘~♥


    MyTVXQJYJNgày trước

    Listen to this.. and still love it..

  37. Yaya and Tj

    Yaya and TjNgày trước

    Daily reminder for my co-iKONIC keep streaming :-)

  38. Yaya and Tj

    Yaya and TjNgày trước

    @linh ngoc I guess we can make it if will keep on streaming.

  39. linh ngoc

    linh ngocNgày trước

    Yaya and Tj So as to make HanBin proud by 131M views on his birthday

  40. isabelly armyyy

    isabelly armyyyNgày trước

    Nem sou do fandom mais ameii(praticamente estou entrando no fandom)

  41. club jins

    club jinsNgày trước

    I gave up for hope hanbin comeback . Now i only hope hanbinie happy . And i just want to see hanbin maybe him will make a youtube channel and being solois in him account youtube and gave us the daily life of him ... i think that is to be better than comeback to YG . Comaback as ot7 is so great but for bact to YG again this is so LOL ... for us maybe will him back to ikon make us happy . But for hanbin that is so hard and so hurt .

  42. Junmar King Bacud

    Junmar King BacudNgày trước

    Song of the year pls

  43. Antwon Trinh

    Antwon TrinhNgày trước

    Call up TEDDY! #1TYM WTF! #HIPHOP #YG

  44. JTM

    JTMNgày trước


  45. Alifia Zahra

    Alifia ZahraNgày trước

    iKON keep up the spirit, u guys have faced many obstacles since debut, even before. I knw for sure u can always deal with it, thx u for not giving up n continuing ur struggle despite many hatred, but remember always behind it there r still more who LOVE U ALL. Fighting spirit n survived "Children of bees", u guys will surely get success n will become a Legend in the music world.

  46. Nas Abdullah

    Nas AbdullahNgày trước

    DIVE into your heart....

  47. Gabrielle Kim

    Gabrielle KimNgày trước

    Why the views 😔

  48. 王浴月

    王浴月Ngày trước

    IKON AH! Saranghae

  49. c h e r r y c o l a

    c h e r r y c o l aNgày trước

    Menkanta está canción. uwu

  50. Monica Marcial

    Monica MarcialNgày trước

    Yeyyy! We have reached 12M now!! Congratss!! We should keep on doing better.. Can we make this 20M before the end of the month?? Can we?! Can we?! SSURREEE YEAHHH!! fighting IKON! fighting IKONICS!!

  51. linh ngoc

    linh ngocNgày trước

    Monica Marcial we can do it. And 131M views on HanBin's birthday

  52. miftah nurul

    miftah nurulNgày trước

    Thanks for comeback our beloved, iKON.

  53. Achmad Naim

    Achmad NaimNgày trước

    aduh hanbin gk ada dong harusnya yg entertaintmen ngasih kesempatan buat hanbin yang ke 2 setuju gk😭😭😭

  54. With ikonic With ikonic

    With ikonic With ikonicNgày trước


  55. Min YoonGi

    Min YoonGiNgày trước

    Termo de soledad soy germán de soledad como estas amigo me presento un amigo

  56. Shan Sayyy

    Shan SayyyNgày trước

    Omggggg they're so amazing!! But unfortunately, I miss hanbin. 😭

  57. Paul sang

    Paul sangNgày trước

    Wen I saw this song I was surprised dat June was the first one to sing the chorus because of his raspy voice or Jinhwan was a better dancer. Now I know dat dis happened before but most of the time it was Jinhwan who sang the chorus

  58. Rowena Liwag

    Rowena LiwagNgày trước

    junhjoe's voice is so addicting 😍🔥

  59. song's

    song'sNgày trước

    Please vote for ikon on mcountdown, esp for international ikonics out there! this is the least we can do.

  60. Chloe Kim

    Chloe KimNgày trước

    This song is beautiful. IKONICS please support and always love our hard working members, they have done so mush for us and we can do the same by supporting them with our love. ❤️ I hope Hanbin is doing well and is healthy. whatever choice he makes will bring happiness as long as he is healthy and happy. IKONICS LETS GO!! ❤️

  61. Yuhhh

    YuhhhNgày trước

    I haven’t been able to listen to this song or watch the mv until now because I’m still so heartbroken that Hanbin is out of iKON. The fact that he made the song atleast makes me happy because he’s not entirely ”gone”. As soon as I saw Bobby jumping of that cliff I started bawling and Idek why. But when I saw them as only 6 members... when I tell you I cried my fkn eyes out I’m not lying. Hanbin made iKON the way they are today and the fact that YG ent. just threw him away when he instead should have gotten help makes me realise how fucked up this world is. I don’t know if I will ever be able to like iKON as much as I did when they were 7. I just know that I will continue to support them even though my heart aches everytime I see them without Hanbin. He was my bias and one of the biggest reasons as to why I started stanning iKON. It will never be the same without him. But stay strong all of you. I love you 😔💔

  62. Zenyta Nazwa

    Zenyta NazwaNgày trước

    Seneng sekalian sakit hati liatnya pknya terlovlov deh♡♡♡

  63. Mitzi Gpe. Pérez Baltazar

    Mitzi Gpe. Pérez BaltazarNgày trước

    vireporter.net/v/video-pqhciKlfQtc.html por si no han escuchado el ultimo hit de K os bebé please watch this video and please dont angry me :c

  64. nana *

    nana *Ngày trước

    Que hermsoo comeback

  65. nana *

    nana *Ngày trước

    La intro por favor

  66. Gera K

    Gera KNgày trước

    Уже 12 лимонов, давайте до конца месяца 20^^

  67. big chocopie

    big chocopieNgày trước

    I am missing Hanbin so hard

  68. BJ카렌

    BJ카렌Ngày trước

    한국인 댓글이하나도없냐 ㅡㅡ 한국인 좋아요 ㄱㄱ

  69. Milagros Amoruso

    Milagros AmorusoNgày trước

    Ikon no es lo mismo sin B.I