iKON - 'I'M OK' M/V


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    IKon's interview SXSW Q: In your eyes(all of you) what makes you think iKon is a special group? Is it your determination? Is it your ..... reception? What is it that makes you stand out? D.K: For now our unrestricted presence is what sets us apart from others on stage our interactions with our fans and natural appearance also makes us different B.I.: I'm not sure if we are different or the same with others .... but I know our Passion for the Stage ....& sincerity to our fans is REAL & TRUTHFUL 🙆😭

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    iKON - I'M OK 03.18 12:15AM KST: 20,068,261 03.19 12:15AM KST: 20,134,883 Today vi3ws: 66,622

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  4. 김태형

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    When i heard them say "Im used to be alone, I'm ok" I felt that💔💘

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    Im starting to stan iKon so i really dont know them that much right now.I dont recognize their faces and its hard for me to know who is singing and such. But i really want to know them so im watching all of their MV's Im ok is their second MV ive watched and im really amused and i really like the song,the lyrics and the way they act in the MV.Im hoping that you all can help me by suggesting what should i watch next.Thank u and im going to support them in the future

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    for you to know them better watch •WIN (Who Is Next) •M&M (Mix and Match) •iKON TV •iKON Idol School Trip •iKON at Abema and Oogiri Serious Battle •guestings on Weekly Idol •Idol Room •Knowing Brothers •Star Road iKON is a 7 member group KIM HANBIN/B.I leader, rapper, lyricist, choreographer (back then WIN and M&M till i don't know 😊) producer and composer of almost all of iKON's songs except i miss you so bad.gd of bigbang gifted it to them but i've read that the rap are still their's(b.i and bobby) •KIM JINHWAN/JAY vocal, oldest but shortest •KIM JIWON/BOBBY rapper won SMTM3 •SONG YUNHYEONG/SONG but we call him yoyo, vocal, chef song •KOO JUNHOE/JU-NÉ vocal, tallest, loudest •KIM DONGHYUK/DK vocal, sweetest laugh, beautiful falsetto •JUNG CHANWOO/CHAN vocal, second tallest, maknae

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    Watch iKON TV its a very fun iKON's self made reality show you will get to know the members... iKON TV GETS VERY FUNNY IF YOU WATCH TILL THE END

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    So cool your Singh

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    I heard I'm OK before. Ofc since Ikon one of my top groups but I never used the CC. When B.I. was singing I look at CC like same bro same. Then bObBy came and did his thang and I was like R U rEaDiNg mY mInD. bC lIkE SAME VIBES tHeN SONG CAME. aNd I was like this my come to song. This that real feels song. This that have me in tears or have me smilin bc I'm lovin their voices, faces, dance, or just smilin bc I force myself to try n not to relate song. nsJZMZNSM wHy

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    This is my favourite song and mv . I like thiss !!!!

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    should i go or not?

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    I'm ok😚

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    Rindu june

  18. febri june june

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    Sayang june

  19. febri june june

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    Ayang june

  20. febri june june

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    Bebeb june

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    Im not okay, every IKON appears in my mind😷

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    Im not a kpoper anymore im tired of kentertaiment. But one thing is sure i gonna support iKON T13 And all yg music. Why because i love music

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    This song hits the feels right where it hurts the most 😅

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    Subscribe to pewdie pie

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    Lagu yang paling kusuka setelah goodbye road 😍😍😍

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    Sexy Jay forever

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    B. i ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    iKON I love you

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    March 19,2019


    BINNIE BABE22 giờ trước

    I love Hanbin ♥️♥️♥️


    BINNIE BABE22 giờ trước

    I love iKON ♥️♥️♥️

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    ikonics,blinks,ic,blackjacks,vips and other fandoms from YG. Please let's stay unite work together and bring back the real power of YG

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    Thank you ikonic for raising the views of the songs of our group EXO .. We are the EXOL here to help you raise your songs .. We will deliver the song "I'M OK" to 100 million Come On FIGHTING ~

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    Thank you so much!!!!

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    Thank u 😊

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    EXOCON fighting 😍

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    thank you😭😗

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    EXOKON 💙💜

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    All of the IKON's songs are bravo!!!

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    Hari ni i'm ok sgt relatable dengan my feeling. My friend hated me sbb kekasih dia. Cuba pujuk hati u ok, u ok, skali, no i'm not ok. Hanbin, cuba buat lagu psl kawan putus kawan sbb kekasih plak. Mesti best!

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    Tak patut tak patut 😞

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    I'm OK موودد السنه كلها

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    20M!! 😍😍

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    The last time I heard kpop song was around 2013 then stop. Bcause kpop song nowadays its just about music, dance, and performance but not the "meaning" of their song. and now..... I fell touched with a kpop song again. Thank you IKON... NOTE: its just my opinion, if you don't agree, don't hate me please... and, why ist just 20 million views. its such a good song... the meaning is too deep. Edit: 2:00 please tell me his name.. I think I'm falling for him.

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    +uz 20 iKONIC You can start by watching any short iKON guides including a must watch "an unhelpful guide to iKON" by ikonicseven it showed a lot of their actual personality. They are real 24/7. If you like Junhoe / JuNe , you can watch , a guide to iKON June too Enjoy !

  53. uz 20

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    +zen thanks.. whats their fandom name?? I think I'll stan them ..

  54. zen

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    iKON is known for making good music. Unlike most kpop, they make their own music. That guy's name is Koo Junhoe / Junhwe (joon hway) His nick name is JuNe (joo naeh) He's the main vocal of iKON. His Instagram is @ juneeeeeeya (there are 6 'e's) He's tall dark and handsome and funny to boot. He likes fitness nowadays. He likes MMA and poetry. Check out iKON - Just Go live ( add 'English' to find subbed song) iKON - Pengyou (means 'friends') ( all adlibs are by him) iKON at Fantastic Duo. They collabed with a famous rock band .

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    uz 20 june/junhoe main vocalists, check his ig

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    I’m ok I’m ok I’m ok I’m ok....... I’m NOT ok

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    I M oK

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    Why is this only 20 million?! This deserves a lot of views✊😔

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    GD HUN DK MINONgày trước

    20,058,211 20M FINALLY >> LET'S DO IT

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    I know this mv deserves more view,but this is ballad song.even popular group are hard to get lot of view.actually i dont like everyone talk bout this mv deserves more view,iKON are underated,i hate to read those thing.what we have to is support them,voting them,follow them in social media.we have to like this.and important view will come faster if we have strong fanbase

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    Ku tunggu album bru trbaru... saranghae ikonic lovers...

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    lets go for 21M.

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    20M yeah

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    I can't believe people are forgetting this super hit song 😭 Not even watching 😨 I'm OK 😅

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    at last 20M views congrats now let's get 25M

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    yang di mobil siapa bang

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    iKONIC always supporting iKON ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    IKON's songs always so freakin good. They deserve a lot more recognition.

  76. Kai Phantomhive

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    I don't know why this song only get 20m so far.. This is good af.. Don't sleep on ikon.

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    Subcribe to ikon if dislikes ikon fk the hater of junhoe is handsome than exo or bts or bing bang

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    Yunhyeong Oppa😍

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    30m before junhoe bday lets goooo

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    Okay! So that guy named Bobby is my favourite now😍

  83. Thúy Nguyễn

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    this MV make me fall for Hanbin. forever B.I

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    I'm an army but rn maybe I'm also iKONIC lol 😂💜 Seriously I'm officially iKONIC RN 😂💜

  85. Zyra Bwi

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    +iKON-nic kim YUMbin seriously I can't stop listening to that song 😍😂...

  86. iKON-nic kim YUMbin

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    wow, you nailed it "iKONIC"

  87. Zyra Bwi

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    +Tamara Lee awww thank you... I purple you too 💜

  88. Tamara Lee

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    hy army, love you

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    This song gives me their song apology vibes which is my favorite.

  90. nobodycares

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    Ikon are you okay

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    Listened to this bop 24/7 in winter, now in spring too

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  93. Yunhyeong's Hime

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    Start iKON's I'm OK journey to 100M!!!

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    I'm ok too ❤

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  96. Adriana Bautista

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    Go! March 31, 30M iKONIC Fighting💨

  98. Valerie Lucas

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    this song really hits home. the lyrics are so intense ❤️

  99. Preston live streams

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    Must people didn't know who Ikon was in tell fortnite

  100. Cub Choo

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    I think what's cool about our fandom, is that most of us have jobs, and we're like 18 and up. Of course there are iKONICS younger than that but it's a small percentage. I just saw survey results on the age of iKONICS. It said most of us were pretty much grown. I think that's why our fandom isn't super toxic, sure we have some but it mostly the younger fans. We're a mature fandom😊Hope it stays that way honestly

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    +jahd _desu Hahaha! True

  102. jahd _desu

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    +Rei Na that's also the reason why I like this fandom. We always look for receipts.

  103. Rei Na

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    I got so curious yesterday. I just had to go to Twitter and I think I just found that data about our fandom's demographic. Very interesting. Thank you 😊

  104. jahd _desu

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    +Rei Na even in twitter,In polls there are a lot of 20+ ages.

  105. ILostMy Hotdog

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    *If you are new to the fandom, please don't be toxic, we like our fandom calm and chill thank you. Defend iKON using facts not harsh words, or by insulting anyone, having a toxic fandom will make them look bad and we don't want that, please always think about that* 😊

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    18 maret 2019 20M

  107. Nepeta Leijon

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    good song, i dont have time to stan anybody anymore but i sorta wish id found this group back when i could :(

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    I stan talents also visuals ☺👌❤

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  110. n0n- SWAG-

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    Please IKon sponsor me i want Ikonik set in fortnite

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    Fighting iKONIC😊

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    This song deserves better

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    KRiS IN DA HOUSEEENgày trước


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    Ok i cant stop playing this song

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    damn... have I become a K-Pop fans ? maybe...

  117. lilcentlilbarbie lilcent

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    bambang98 😂 but if you are watching iKON TV there is English subtitles just turn it on

  118. bambang98

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    I must study Hangul then...

  119. lilcentlilbarbie lilcent

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    bambang98 😂 welcome watch iKON TV on their channel to get to know them better

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    Finally I'm OK MV got 20M now!! come on let's get more view 💕

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    Finally 20M🙌💞 Good job

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    Heeyy who still knows Love scenario?

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    20M 💢