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Imagine Dragons - Thunder


  1. pan tv

    pan tvGiờ trước




    This comment was buried of millions of 1:00 comments RIP COMMENT

  3. ceana marshall

    ceana marshall2 giờ trước

    1 out of 10 is 1000000

  4. Tony Martinez

    Tony Martinez2 giờ trước

    I really don’t like this band

  5. Desi Sagala

    Desi Sagala3 giờ trước

    who came here because of watching Naeun TROS? 😂

  6. Ayşen Umarlı

    Ayşen Umarlı3 giờ trước

    I love thunder❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Sarawut Wonglee -

    Sarawut Wonglee -3 giờ trước

    Who you think you are

  8. RUNJEX j

    RUNJEX j3 giờ trước


  9. RUNJEX j

    RUNJEX j3 giờ trước


  10. RUNJEX j

    RUNJEX j3 giờ trước

    Я русский

  11. Shafira FA

    Shafira FA3 giờ trước

    So scary😭

  12. Wesley Snipes

    Wesley Snipes3 giờ trước

    +Shafira FA hi my friend im from usa

  13. Shafira FA

    Shafira FA3 giờ trước

    You reply my comment . Hi , i am from indonesia

  14. Wesley Snipes

    Wesley Snipes3 giờ trước

    Yea I can't watch

  15. Elina Umarova

    Elina Umarova3 giờ trước

    Русские вы где? Я что с англичанинами?

  16. 영숙 김

    영숙 김3 giờ trước


  17. NaAdDoming 45

    NaAdDoming 454 giờ trước

    ᐗᐎᖊᔯ ᕃᒽᕒᐐ ᒣ ᐎᐌ ᕓ ᕓ ᐒᐌᓓᐤᣟᕽ

  18. GOOD배틀그라운드

    GOOD배틀그라운드4 giờ trước

    런치마다마다 보고 온사람 손!!!!!♥

  19. Aesthetical Gacha

    Aesthetical Gacha5 giờ trước

    1:12 When you feel something crawling on your leg

  20. Junior Kelser

    Junior Kelser5 giờ trước

    Ok It's Kermit!

  21. Junior Kelser

    Junior Kelser5 giờ trước

    O' Kmart!!!!!!!

  22. Junior Kelser

    Junior Kelser5 giờ trước

    Now thats Bakura, Over here in the Comment Section. Red Dragon! Does the Rainman, Believe in the Hart of the Cards!

  23. Jad Soufi

    Jad Soufi5 giờ trước

    1.1 billion views!

  24. Junior Kelser

    Junior Kelser5 giờ trước

    Oh We have to go to Thundara, The Red Dragon Writes, Sword of omens give me Sight byond Sight!

  25. GBDplay br

    GBDplay br5 giờ trước

    Algem? 2019

  26. Scott Klingensmith

    Scott Klingensmith6 giờ trước

    1 Billion people like this song. When he just says Thunder 40,000 times. lol

  27. Gamkong Gamers

    Gamkong Gamers6 giờ trước

    who else saw the ad of i phone??

  28. Arip Safari

    Arip Safari6 giờ trước


  29. Deivid Alves

    Deivid Alves7 giờ trước

    Cadê os brasileiros ouvindo em 2019 ? ;)

  30. Randy Satriany

    Randy Satriany7 giờ trước

    2:26 I don't think Conor McGregor can sing 😁

  31. Khekiho Katy

    Khekiho Katy7 giờ trước

    1 minute u just tried to kill the squad I'm pubg solo but returns to be squad (getting drunk in pubg) 😂

  32. Antonio Ronaldo

    Antonio Ronaldo7 giờ trước

    0%porn 0%girls 100%talent

  33. Khekiho Katy

    Khekiho Katy7 giờ trước

    How long will people just write about the one minute

  34. Randy Satriany

    Randy Satriany7 giờ trước

    1:05 i really like that 😁

  35. Adorable Horror From Beyond

    Adorable Horror From Beyond7 giờ trước

    2:05 when you and the squad bout to bring that ring to Mordor

  36. Marcia Francisca

    Marcia Francisca7 giờ trước

    Brasil alguém ?

  37. *_Wolfie Playz_*

    *_Wolfie Playz_*8 giờ trước

    2:17 when your parents are going on vacation and your all alone at home. planning on doing a party

  38. Martika Maner

    Martika Maner8 giờ trước


  39. kumar shanu

    kumar shanu8 giờ trước

    1:00 Iron Man to Thanos in Endgame. 🥊🥊

  40. Nicolas Salazar

    Nicolas Salazar9 giờ trước

    No mames el anunció de entel

  41. Strong Johns

    Strong Johns10 giờ trước

    1:00 Your mum when you're trying to teach her how to floss.

  42. Nefarious Cookie

    Nefarious Cookie10 giờ trước

    Hell of a bowel movement that is

  43. Dough Boy

    Dough Boy10 giờ trước

    1:00 when u watched avatar as a kid and think you’re an air bender all of the sudden


    JACE CONREAUX10 giờ trước

    Would you believe me that I road the elevator with Imagine Dragons before they were famous?

  45. AngelaXoxGacha ;-;

    AngelaXoxGacha ;-;11 giờ trước

    1:00 when I try to dance (not saying it’s bad)

  46. Luciana Gomes Pinheiro

    Luciana Gomes Pinheiro11 giờ trước

    Isso sim que é musica

  47. Sohrab Ahmadi

    Sohrab Ahmadi11 giờ trước

    When your about to trip at 1:00 and try to hold balance

  48. UUDL LeJ3n021

    UUDL LeJ3n02111 giờ trước

    kids in school: I will beat you up and kill you in fights (what they think: 0:59) also them: 1:00 (reality)

  49. David Del Valle

    David Del Valle12 giờ trước

    I love this song

  50. InsaneTheReal G

    InsaneTheReal G12 giờ trước

    About 2 years later, ppl are still commenting about 1:00 🤣

  51. Feli Lazaro

    Feli Lazaro12 giờ trước

    I think he said "Thunder"

  52. Some_rando Person

    Some_rando Person12 giờ trước

    1:00 me at school when I’m swarmed by people that I don’t like

  53. Luke Ovsag

    Luke Ovsag12 giờ trước

    %0 boring %0 dumb %50 skills and talent %50 THUNDER!

  54. AidanPlays16 Aidan

    AidanPlays16 Aidan12 giờ trước

    this is mt fav song

  55. snow reflex

    snow reflex13 giờ trước

    How to defend yourself 1. 0:59 proper way 2. 1:00 when your on drugs (✖﹏✖)

  56. snow reflex

    snow reflex13 giờ trước

    1:00 when ur trying to pickaxe someone in fortnite

  57. snow reflex

    snow reflex13 giờ trước

    When it goes like thunder thunder it sounds like Panda panda and fun dip fun dip

  58. Obaloluwa Alagbe

    Obaloluwa Alagbe13 giờ trước

    I love this song it never gets old

  59. Violetubber Ibarra

    Violetubber Ibarra13 giờ trước

    De que se tratara la canción yo creo de que unos extraterrestres yegaron a la tierra y están celebrando

  60. Kaduzin G4m3r5

    Kaduzin G4m3r514 giờ trước

    0% Drogas ou Drogs 0% Álcool 0% Ousadia ou sexo = Imagine Dragons

  61. MegaFoolosophy

    MegaFoolosophy14 giờ trước

    Me: Teacher can i go to the toilet? Teacher: i dont know, can you? Me: 1:00

  62. MegaFoolosophy

    MegaFoolosophy14 giờ trước

    1:00 in 2019

  63. Angel Antonio De la Cruz Castellanos

    Angel Antonio De la Cruz Castellanos14 giờ trước

    Cool song!

  64. c d

    c d14 giờ trước

    1:00 when I see Dan Reynolds b/c yass I'm thirsty asf for him!

  65. Keygan Mosier

    Keygan Mosier14 giờ trước

    All three of those things look like power ranger villains tf

  66. c d

    c d14 giờ trước

    Omg I kinda see it lmao

  67. maxi omg lol

    maxi omg lol14 giờ trước

    Soy el único

  68. Nabeel Tahir

    Nabeel Tahir14 giờ trước

    Why the example of malnutrition are shown in this song thier must be girl

  69. Fe4R Less

    Fe4R Less14 giờ trước

    When you try to dodge bullet 1:00

  70. snow reflex

    snow reflex13 giờ trước

    Fake fearless check his VIreporter!

  71. Towe towe

    Towe towe14 giờ trước

    Slipknot will destroy this band

  72. c d

    c d14 giờ trước

    No they won't. I like Slipknot too but ppl don't like that rock metal shit anymore. & ID will always be more relevant.

  73. Jose Luis Alanis Martinez

    Jose Luis Alanis Martinez15 giờ trước

    hello no se ingles XD

  74. Giselle WTF is music

    Giselle WTF is music15 giờ trước


  75. Hazmat Guy

    Hazmat Guy15 giờ trước

    1:00 When you get into a fight, but the only fighting experience you have is from anime.

  76. valentina perez

    valentina perez15 giờ trước

    alguien habla español :"v?

  77. 555 Carter sharer

    555 Carter sharer15 giờ trước


  78. Ali sam

    Ali sam15 giờ trước

    1:00 when you don't know what to do in spot....

  79. David Wilson

    David Wilson16 giờ trước

    how do they move like that

  80. David Wilson

    David Wilson16 giờ trước

    lambos who wants one 2019

  81. David Wilson

    David Wilson16 giờ trước

    oh also give me them lambs

  82. Bruna Hylviu

    Bruna Hylviu16 giờ trước


  83. Mr. Mystic

    Mr. Mystic17 giờ trước


  84. Micael Ballack

    Micael Ballack17 giờ trước

    2017/2019 Melhor Banda de Rock actual, amo vocês e rumo à 2 bi.

  85. Ege Faik Kavcıoğlu

    Ege Faik Kavcıoğlu17 giờ trước

    Thunder göte bandır(Türk)

  86. Enes Turan

    Enes Turan16 giờ trước


  87. Savage Gachatuber

    Savage Gachatuber18 giờ trước

    I do not why people unlike videos very confusing

  88. László Józan

    László Józan18 giờ trước


  89. Саня Кот

    Саня Кот18 giờ trước

    ImaginDragons I am russian I am Sasha да я русский и меня зовут Саша .Even Russians are watching you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  90. MR. Zag zagata

    MR. Zag zagata18 giờ trước

    When I need help my friend is there for me , Thank you so much VIreporter .

  91. Barry Larry

    Barry Larry18 giờ trước

    When wasps are coming after you 1:00

  92. Austin Mullane

    Austin Mullane19 giờ trước

    You are so good at singing

  93. gamer coffee ultimate

    gamer coffee ultimate19 giờ trước

    Well this was SHOCKING

  94. 유튜버이다한

    유튜버이다한20 giờ trước


  95. 유튜버이다한

    유튜버이다한20 giờ trước


  96. Apple Sin

    Apple Sin20 giờ trước


  97. Ro Bor

    Ro Bor20 giờ trước

    I love this song!!

  98. Christian Duran

    Christian Duran20 giờ trước


  99. Hazmi Rasid

    Hazmi Rasid20 giờ trước

    1980: there will be flying cars in the future.... 2019: 95% 1:00

  100. HuseinNinja 11

    HuseinNinja 1120 giờ trước

    1:00 When i do a 360 no scope in fortnite

  101. Joshua Sanchez

    Joshua Sanchez21 giờ trước

    1:00 when you're afraid of the cockroaches

  102. Tulasi Dahal

    Tulasi Dahal21 giờ trước

    Feel the thunder

  103. canal erros de gravação manuella

    canal erros de gravação manuella21 giờ trước

    Brasil ??????

  104. canal erros de gravação manuella

    canal erros de gravação manuella21 giờ trước

    Olá tudo bem kkkkk

  105. Nabeel Tahir

    Nabeel Tahir21 giờ trước

    1:59 renting so much farraris would be much expensive then the income from this song

  106. Strong Johns

    Strong Johns10 giờ trước

    It's called editing. Also, you need funding for a tutor for the subject of English.

  107. Nabeel Tahir

    Nabeel Tahir21 giờ trước

    That's the reason why aliens. never come to earth

  108. Nabeel Tahir

    Nabeel Tahir21 giờ trước

    1:36 when you are in the bathroom and Start to sing some random song 1:00 is better then this but i try so just lime it

  109. Allen John

    Allen John22 giờ trước

    dammm the song is named thunder yet not a single lightning is seen nor thunder is heard!!!

  110. Rene Nagy

    Rene Nagy22 giờ trước

    this is very perfekt song i like this song :)) :D

  111. Adrian m12

    Adrian m1223 giờ trước