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  1. Ren H.

    Ren H.7 giờ trước

    I never get tired of this song! I enjoy metal and classical music. I love understanding technical songs like these, i.e., difficulty in development, sound blends, build up, etc. Real technical musicians like Queen understand this, my other similar favorites are Led Zep, Rush albums (2112, Moving Pictures), Megadeth music (i.e., Holy Wars song - still relevant today!), Pink Floyd, even some songs/sound from the group Boston. Overall, Queen's essence is still unmatched. 💖💕

  2. mcfcguvnors

    mcfcguvnors16 giờ trước

    317 dislikes ? are you serious ? idiots

  3. Dale M

    Dale M17 giờ trước

    I cud watch Brian talk about this stuff all day! It's so interesting to me, and I've never played an instrument but watching the master talk about how they did it is just awesome

  4. AlChimbo

    AlChimbo2 ngày trước

    Brian has such a smooth and calming voice

  5. DeathMachine Yee

    DeathMachine Yee3 ngày trước

    who is watching after the movie

  6. Keira Selia

    Keira Selia3 ngày trước

    00:42 the staff goes, where do i put this? On the floor...wait no,..THIS is a piece of HISTORY. Right, i'm gonna pout this righ here.

  7. Rikki Cunningham

    Rikki Cunningham3 ngày trước

    How do they isolate the different instrument tracks from the song to the mixers faders?

  8. Luna Leija

    Luna Leija4 ngày trước

    That guy looks so bored ughhh he didnt deserve to b there at all.

  9. Sam Pascua

    Sam Pascua4 ngày trước

    This made me tear up. Brian talking about Freddie and how he had it all in his head. And them making it into a masterpiece. You can truly see how hard they worked to create it. So much respect to each members of Queen. ✊🏼👑

  10. Emily Mintern

    Emily Mintern5 ngày trước

    This is so interesting

  11. SashiMimi

    SashiMimi6 ngày trước

    Such a complicated song. Truly a masterpiece! How can you hate it? Its fxcking brilliant.

  12. Laryssa Stephanie

    Laryssa Stephanie7 ngày trước

    This is not just music, this is a masterpiece of art. Divine, "Magnificooooo"!! We'll never have such thing again. You guys ROCK!

  13. James Dylan

    James Dylan9 ngày trước

    Seems like Brian could talk about Freddie non stop.

  14. Jency Petersen

    Jency Petersen10 ngày trước

    Bri: "And then you have the three of us pretending to be girls, basically." Me: "Yeah, what's new, Mr Drag and pink dressing gown?"

  15. Gladys Monge

    Gladys Monge11 ngày trước

    This is exquisitely a masterpiece! To this Day can't be compared. Great contribution to the music world! Bravo! Thank you for bringing it to a new generation to value and appreciate good music vs what's been otherwise offered for them now. Truly grateful.

  16. Seint San

    Seint San12 ngày trước

    After watching a lot of Queen videos, Brian May becomes my favourite . I love all band members but I love how Brian is always calm, polite, humble and he is very intelligent.

  17. JIHMIEntertaiment

    JIHMIEntertaiment12 ngày trước

    Everything is serious until 19:49

  18. MG3

    MG312 ngày trước

    so the bass, piano, and drums were recorded all at the same time? amazing i always thought for some reason they mixed everything super hard (because of brian's super guitar,-no-synth vibe, orchestral sound) but i guess not

  19. Raspberry Beret

    Raspberry Beret13 ngày trước

    Brian's respect for Freddie's musical talent, really shines through in this part.

  20. suj mij

    suj mij13 ngày trước

    I really wished that movie focused on this

  21. Janglee S

    Janglee S13 ngày trước

    5.07 "it's a little glitch here" me: wait.... what..? where...!??

  22. BriBri Bleu

    BriBri Bleu14 ngày trước

    I already loved Bohemian Rhapsody, but hearing it broken down like this.. so beautiful! Freddie Mercury was such a genius 😍😍all the members of the band made this song! Rip, Brian misses you so much 😭

  23. Melson Zeppelin

    Melson Zeppelin14 ngày trước

    If I can’t play like Brian, at leat i wanna sound like him the way he talk

  24. Melissa Schuetrum

    Melissa Schuetrum15 ngày trước

    This makes me so happy

  25. Nancy Salars

    Nancy Salars16 ngày trước

    Brian May is truly a mensch. So grateful that he is still sharing memories of the best group of a lifetime. I have been a Queen fan since the 70s.

  26. Jean Vilard

    Jean Vilard16 ngày trước

    The genius of Bohemian Rhapsody lies in its orchestration.

  27. Ms Fahrenheit

    Ms Fahrenheit17 ngày trước

    7:51 sounds hauntingly familiar

  28. Monica Ramirez

    Monica Ramirez9 ngày trước

    March of the black queen? Maybe?

  29. William Healy

    William Healy18 ngày trước

    how is brian may not singing along, its hard

  30. 今村エリザベス

    今村エリザベス18 ngày trước

    I wonder how many octaves Freddie have ?

  31. Raspberry Beret

    Raspberry Beret13 ngày trước

    This is interesting too:

  32. Raspberry Beret

    Raspberry Beret13 ngày trước

    "He had an amazing near 5 octave range, ranging from a bass' F2 to a soprano's F6 (which apparently kept increasing with the years passing), but what was most impressive was his ability to jump from one end to the other effortlessly, without having a strain on his voice". That comment was courtesy of the website

  33. falloftheziggurat

    falloftheziggurat18 ngày trước

    I hate reaction videos, but then...

  34. hamada jarrar

    hamada jarrar19 ngày trước

    Its so clearly that is bryan respect and humble person 🌸

  35. Randhani Nirwan

    Randhani Nirwan19 ngày trước

    Next we have to see a film story about a so-called sidekick to Freddie Mercury called Brian May. It's like the saying behind every great man, there is a great woman; behind Freddie's masterpieces, there is Brian's super talent!

  36. Whyou Wannaknow

    Whyou Wannaknow19 ngày trước


  37. xo lixx

    xo lixx19 ngày trước

    bohemian rhapsody is a masterpiece

  38. Ilham Septian

    Ilham Septian20 ngày trước

    Bohemian Rhapsody Indonesian Cover

  39. Fanny Bass

    Fanny Bass20 ngày trước

    The complexity of their music is very rare to find in another rock bands if any.

  40. kahirowatanabe

    kahirowatanabe20 ngày trước

    There's an old radio back there. I bet it was from his dad or something. Brian likes to treasure old stuff.

  41. kahirowatanabe

    kahirowatanabe20 ngày trước

    If they would have recorded this song a few years after lets say on A Day At The Races, it would have sounded even more amazing than this original version. Take for example You Take My Breath Away with all those Freddie's harmonies.


    ATV STUDIOS21 ngày trước

    This is so fascinating

  43. Young Kim

    Young Kim22 ngày trước

    Freddie is Mozart of 20C version.! Who can compose that kind of song except Great Freddie Mercury???!!!

  44. sistergirls

    sistergirls23 ngày trước

    19:08 is this John?!😂😂

  45. Hồng Ngọc Lê

    Hồng Ngọc Lê8 ngày trước


  46. Ray Dar

    Ray Dar23 ngày trước

    Wow!what a Masterpiece!!

  47. Tak Mo

    Tak Mo23 ngày trước

    Axl was mentioned. 😂

  48. LousFool

    LousFool23 ngày trước

    This is absolutely incredible! Watching, and listening to Brian, is priceless. His expressions on his face really tell a story of a unique friendship they had. So beautiful to watch him. Thank you Brian, for sharing this with us.

  49. LeGunslinger

    LeGunslinger24 ngày trước

    it just needed mixing and there it was lool

  50. Sérgio Live

    Sérgio Live24 ngày trước

    Brian May... A genious! Not only with guitar but also in life. Keep on going Dtr May. Mr Freddy is enjoyng :)

  51. kelleigh

    kelleigh25 ngày trước

    HOW THE FUCK DID HE MAKE THE GUITAR DO THAT IM FLOORED. I thought it was chimes or something this whole time! Fucking genius!! I bet he could make that guitar get up and start talking if he wanted to.

  52. tomstickland

    tomstickland26 ngày trước

    When he talks about "redoing" the song, are they referring to a remix/remastering operation? Aha, remix for surround.

  53. GAY GOC

    GAY GOC26 ngày trước

    that guy staying still with straight face like...?????????

  54. The Mock Commentator

    The Mock Commentator27 ngày trước


  55. This does not seem to meet your names policy

    This does not seem to meet your names policy28 ngày trước

    When he tries to sing at 5:53... Why did you do that..... Why did they leave that in...


    GENO SUPREMO28 ngày trước


  57. alex ello

    alex ello28 ngày trước

    Queen in my mind is a supergroup where any of its members could of had a successful band by themselves but together they were a once in a lifetime experience

  58. Madison Hernandez

    Madison Hernandez28 ngày trước

    He was saying how it’s hard to hear the actual words at the time, but I have been singing this whole time and when he started singing I was in time with him 😂😂😂 maybe I have listened to it too many times

  59. Freddie Mercury

    Freddie Mercury29 ngày trước

    8:48 😢😢😢😢 poor Brian I feel so bad. Rip Freddie you Queen 👼🏻

  60. Freddie Mercury

    Freddie Mercury29 ngày trước


  61. garylobo3

    garylobo3Tháng trước

    I could listen to this all day, especially the first part with piano, bass and drums only. Just fascinating... only that my man Brian talked over a lot of it which made certain parts difficult to hear. But I forgive you brother, I'm sure you were giddy as well to hear this brilliance again, while still in its creative early stages. Thanks Brian, Freddie, John and Roger. You were a group of four who sounded like 14. How does it feel Brian to be part of the greatest song in the history of Rock sir?

  62. sam alberino

    sam alberinoTháng trước

    I’m pretty sure that some of today’s artist (mainly trap hip hop or rap singers (not including Eminem NWA or G- Easy to name a few)) probably don’t know who Queen are. For example pop singers like Justin Bieber or other singers like 6ix9ine or whoever the f**k he is, (Don’t know don’t care). I’m only 19 and I’ve loved Queen since I was 5 years old I will forever and always love Queen for its authenticity and the band members time dedication and devotion they put into every song and every album the sold

  63. Vincent Gaming

    Vincent GamingTháng trước

    It’s good how u guys know how to work the bottons and levers to do the music

  64. Bram’s snor

    Bram’s snorTháng trước

    Brian is really like a next gen bob ross, his voice is kinda low-key relaxing lmao

  65. Jason Lee

    Jason LeeTháng trước

    Well, we now know there are at least 307 confirmed idiots in the VIreporter universe, given that number is currently the number of DV's for this video.

  66. Sofia Fragnito

    Sofia FragnitoTháng trước

    Every time he referrers to Freddie in the present tense I cry a little

  67. Taylor Kitzman

    Taylor KitzmanTháng trước

    aww the little deaky amp

  68. Stephen Schuffert

    Stephen SchuffertTháng trước

    Anyone who thumbed down here must have the intellectual properties of a snail....seriously lol

  69. Olivia Simiskey

    Olivia SimiskeyTháng trước

    Having all of this stuff in his head plus having the brains and additional musical needs, this song was on its way to greatness

  70. Joshua Lieder

    Joshua LiederTháng trước

    To share this with us all...well thanks (gulp).

  71. Cool Mon

    Cool MonTháng trước

    Wow that instrumental is CRAZY!!! I'm loving it.

  72. BigDH28

    BigDH28Tháng trước

    Oh yeah! This is absolutely a treat! 👍🤘

  73. Eudora Alonto

    Eudora AlontoTháng trước

    Queen is truly a legend for all times!

  74. Patrick Chole

    Patrick CholeTháng trước

    I cannot believe that was done without a fucking click track. Honestly I'd give my left eye to be able to pour over these reel to reel takes.

  75. ivan suvorov smith

    ivan suvorov smithTháng trước

    Poor Bryan he's sad . Freddy would be touched that millions of people still listen to their songs and they're legacy countinues

  76. Marcos Vega

    Marcos VegaTháng trước

    13:10 the three of us pretending to be girls LOL

  77. Eric Brown

    Eric BrownTháng trước

    Does this mean it was in one take?

  78. stealthmeister x

    stealthmeister xTháng trước

    Awesome! Real drums!

  79. I'm a man of culture

    I'm a man of cultureTháng trước

    I Wouldn't Mind watching this like 5hours.

  80. Adorenestor

    AdorenestorTháng trước

    Here in 2019 🥰

  81. 송윤수

    송윤수Tháng trước

    He would make a great professor

  82. iloilomade THUGS

    iloilomade THUGSTháng trước

    i thought its gwilym

  83. Mr. Panda

    Mr. PandaTháng trước

    freddie proves that you can be somebody that you cannot



    Did anyone else feel an awkward presence when they first played the piano

  85. Sped Spedding

    Sped SpeddingTháng trước

    How have I only just seen this video? Amazing. What an incredible man/player/band!

  86. sipin tea

    sipin teaTháng trước

    19:48 that’s a mood

  87. Kian Sararana

    Kian SararanaTháng trước

    I wish John Deacon showed for like one last time...💔

  88. OGz GaZe

    OGz GaZeTháng trước

    2:25 they were totally singing that in their head😂😂😂

  89. Mike W

    Mike WTháng trước

    I got so emotional at this song!

  90. Olivia Aldanondo

    Olivia AldanondoTháng trước

    13:09 scared me so bad😂

  91. αвѕolυтe αвѕυrd :3

    αвѕolυтe αвѕυrd :3Tháng trước

    5:03 wheres the glitch?

  92. Sally Otoole

    Sally OtooleTháng trước

    I just wanna know if Roger can still do those high notes haha!

  93. jake wallis

    jake wallisTháng trước

    this just helped me with my university essay, freddie still inspiring music today

  94. Manuel Brod

    Manuel BrodTháng trước

    This guy had 6 kids. The more you know lol

  95. mr robot

    mr robotTháng trước

    7:52 made me emotional. JSJS I DONT KNOW WHY HELP

  96. Emil Beck

    Emil BeckTháng trước

    Who else were casually hearing the lyrics, when they weren't there

  97. Claude Davis

    Claude DavisTháng trước

    One day I’m gonna cover this song. And mark my words I will do it justice. After seeing how much work went into making this song, I have no intention to butcher this record.

  98. indorock

    indorockTháng trước

    17:10 They captured that studio moment quite nicely in the movie haha

  99. klinzvin

    klinzvinTháng trước

    20:02 Axl Rose mention..

  100. Aarron Hughes

    Aarron HughesTháng trước

    I have these original multitracks and tried to do something original with it...I gave up as it's pure perfection as it is and nothing could do it justice 😳

  101. LaWalkiriaChelsea

    LaWalkiriaChelseaTháng trước

    "The female part of the choir" xdxdxdxdxd

  102. Lozz

    LozzTháng trước

    this is fascinating

  103. travos k

    travos kTháng trước

    Brian has become Queen. He's the man who strives to preserve Queen with all it's intricate quirks.

  104. Pamela Rodriguez

    Pamela RodriguezTháng trước

    You can just hear the respect Brian has for Freddie and Roger and their abilities! I absolutely loved Queen, from the get go, back when they were just a band who made great music! I love them even more so now because with all the documentaries they have become more than just a voice on a radio! They were all so very talented and together......well, you will never experience anything like Queen again. They had a majestic chemistry that will never be duplicated!

  105. Heather Keeton

    Heather KeetonTháng trước

    Love the chipmunks 🐿 part 🤣