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  1. Charlie Foxtrot The 3rd

    Charlie Foxtrot The 3rd13 giờ trước

    Wayne & Garth totally ruined this song for me. I cannot listen to it without seeing them in Garth's Gremlin headbanging. lol

  2. Cynthia VanVoorhis

    Cynthia VanVoorhis19 giờ trước

    Amazing how this all happens. Magnificent.

  3. Happy Clam

    Happy Clam20 giờ trước

    Brian May is a great teacher.

  4. MrBluryCartoon 101

    MrBluryCartoon 101Ngày trước

    Bohemian Rhapsody is my favorite

  5. JerZey

    JerZeyNgày trước

    A perfect piece that the world will never forget. Kudos Queen from a 22 year old boy from Phil.

  6. Curt Pacheco

    Curt PachecoNgày trước

    I love Queen Being a Guitarist Brian May Your a Genius..LOVE Freedy..and the Backbone Bass incredible solid Drums..ONE of the BEST opinion and Im entitled to it!!!!!

  7. Rex M

    Rex M2 ngày trước

    I'm not a Queen fan by any stretch but loved this video. THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC BOYS.

  8. Codeman

    Codeman3 ngày trước

    Is kinda sad to hear this without Freddie around

  9. Colonel Walter E.

    Colonel Walter E.4 ngày trước

    i just wish everybody would stop being nasty in the comments section, there is no need for it.

  10. Elstrobe Blanco

    Elstrobe Blanco4 ngày trước

    hearing this in pieces is awesome man

  11. TheWolfbass

    TheWolfbass4 ngày trước

    1:11 Anyone noticed that the tracking sheet is pasted onto an inner sleeve of MaCartney's "Wings Over America"?

  12. Bob Toevs

    Bob Toevs5 ngày trước - 19:50 - May pays respect to Axl Rose.

  13. launiz

    launiz5 ngày trước

    This was amazing. What a great man! Queen always seem to me to be a band with the biggest respect and love between the bandmates.

  14. Karen Peterson

    Karen Peterson5 ngày trước

    Interesting along w/Brian good analysis.

  15. Stephen Nagy

    Stephen Nagy8 ngày trước

    Queen, a group of very talented musicians that produced amazing songs. I don't think there is another band where every member in a band each wrote a number 1 song.

  16. insert edgy username

    insert edgy username8 ngày trước

    Looks like the guy next to him is struggling to speak

  17. BenDizzy19

    BenDizzy192 ngày trước

    insert edgy username It’s his job.

  18. Kimberly Smith

    Kimberly Smith8 ngày trước

    Gosh i get goosebumps just listening to the piano track. RIP Freddie. You are so missed.

  19. Kean Kennedy

    Kean Kennedy9 ngày trước

    13:09 LMAO

  20. The Restoration of Dr Who

    The Restoration of Dr Who9 ngày trước

    He aged quickly after Freddie died. He had full colour in his hair here and still looked rather young. Now he really looks his age and it’s sad.

  21. MrFloyd

    MrFloyd9 ngày trước

    Am I the only one crying watching this one?

  22. jamesthemaniac

    jamesthemaniac9 ngày trước

    Sorry. Love Queen and the song, but this isn’t a good documentary. Its just Brian May listening to the song as a studio dude awkwardly sits there silently.

  23. Curtis VanMeter

    Curtis VanMeter9 ngày trước

    This is incredible!

  24. LogicalFallacyinMyPants and such

    LogicalFallacyinMyPants and such9 ngày trước

    I first heard this song on MTV back in the early 90’s. Don’t know the exact year but I was maybe 10, 11, 12 years old. Probably at my grandparents bedroom. My grandpa would make me go watch tv in their room bc he only watched westerns. I remember I turned on the tv after they picked me up from school and we were back at their house... and THIS came on a little piece of crap tv. I was forever changed after hearing this.

  25. js100serch

    js100serch10 ngày trước

    0:17 imagine how much that thing could go for on e bay XD

  26. Christian the Coaster Guy

    Christian the Coaster Guy10 ngày trước

    Who’s hype for this new movie

  27. Alex Wielinga

    Alex Wielinga11 ngày trước

    He was getting a little emotional.

  28. Jigøku Shøjø

    Jigøku Shøjø11 ngày trước

    Brian May's also brilliant in other ways, he finished his Doctorate in Astrophysics in 2007 😀 As well as an animal rights advocate.

  29. Jigøku Shøjø

    Jigøku Shøjø11 ngày trước

    It's Freddie's percussive piano playing that mesmerized me as a kid. I'd never heard anything like it! Then of course his voice. I love learning how it was assembled. Bohemian Rhapsody movie 11/15/18!!

  30. professor7000

    professor700011 ngày trước

    Thank you, thank you for doing this Brian.

  31. Alan Parkinson

    Alan Parkinson11 ngày trước

    Imagine Oasis or The Stones or Lennon doing would last about 20 seconds.

  32. marco figueroa

    marco figueroa12 ngày trước

    Y los subtitulos? :(

  33. spider gag boy

    spider gag boy13 ngày trước

    I know how to play another on bites the dust intro in a classic guitar

  34. BenDizzy19

    BenDizzy192 ngày trước

    spider gag boy Okay.. Who cares?

  35. blindpinkthunders

    blindpinkthunders13 ngày trước

    Pure Magic.

  36. Foreskin Optometrist M.D.

    Foreskin Optometrist M.D.13 ngày trước

    The fact that they had the master tape of one of the best songs of all-time in their hands is kind of unbelievable. Makes you wonder how much that tape could be worth?

  37. Michelpp

    Michelpp13 ngày trước

    That's why it's a unique masterpiece. Each detail taken to perfection. It's like lapidating a perfect diamond. There is absolutely nothing in the history of music to compare. I'm so proud I was a boy when this song came out and it's my ever favourite one. Also proud seeing them live at Rock in Rio in 1985. I shall never forget. Queen forever!

  38. Meep

    Meep14 ngày trước

    wow, this is a treasure, thanks@ Queen Official peoples

  39. cnarro890

    cnarro89014 ngày trước

    I REMEMBER quite well the first time i listened to Bohemian Rhapsody I was with my dad in his truck listening to that radio and that rhythm guitar blew me away i was like 9 or 10 it was awesome!

  40. Miguel Alvarado

    Miguel Alvarado15 ngày trước


  41. Cynthia Lindsey

    Cynthia Lindsey15 ngày trước

    Every aspiring producer should study this video. It's gold.

  42. Cynthia Lindsey

    Cynthia Lindsey15 ngày trước

    His mind's eye is probably going right back to the very day many of those tracks were made.

  43. Meme Triangle

    Meme Triangle15 ngày trước

    jeez you can tell that guys thinking about the good ol days

  44. Nad Schwa

    Nad Schwa16 ngày trước

    This is a masterpiece of music.... anyone can hear:-)

  45. Catherine Furegno

    Catherine Furegno16 ngày trước

    Talks with so much elegance

  46. Daniel D'Angelo

    Daniel D'Angelo16 ngày trước

    The man in the green shirt speaks.....just wait for it!

  47. BenDizzy19

    BenDizzy192 ngày trước

    hannueskelinen It’s his job..

  48. hannueskelinen

    hannueskelinen11 ngày trước

    That guy is fucking creepy!

  49. george caspira

    george caspira17 ngày trước

    Shivers DOWN my spine.

  50. george caspira

    george caspira17 ngày trước

    The engineer is keeping a close eye on Dr May.

  51. george caspira

    george caspira17 ngày trước

    Dr May keeps Freddies memory in the utmost respect

  52. Daniel Reily

    Daniel Reily17 ngày trước

    In 1979 I along with my band got to perform on a show called "Countdown " recorded in Melbourne Australia . We were performing a song called 'Winner" took Michael the guitar player 20 minutes to write . We were very green recording wise so the recording was rough.. Just before we went on the announcement was made ..."Before we hear Atlantis ,here is the new single from Queen called Bohemian Rhapsody !" Well thanks a lot you killed us before we began. A good memory.

  53. Chip Schmidt

    Chip Schmidt18 ngày trước

    I’d gotten tired of this song, over the years; but after watching this, I am overwhelmed, again, at the magnificence of this song!!

  54. Ice Bob

    Ice Bob18 ngày trước

    Freddy’s piano guide track is sick what a sense of timing you gotta have that all in you head

  55. Ice Bob

    Ice Bob7 ngày trước

    Grammar Nazi

  56. a.t.a

    a.t.a7 ngày trước

    +Ice Bob lmao savage 😂😂

  57. Ice Bob

    Ice Bob18 ngày trước

    I don’t care

  58. Andrew Jimenez

    Andrew Jimenez18 ngày trước

    Freddie Not Freddy

  59. Hernan Costa

    Hernan Costa18 ngày trước

    Behind this colosssal beauty is the is the engineering, behind the engineering is the art, behind the art, is the talent, behind the talent is the soul, behind the soul is Queen, behind Queen, is Freddie, and behind Freddie are the Gods and nothing, nothing more. There can be only one...

  60. Andy Dnetz

    Andy Dnetz19 ngày trước

    thimbs down are Aussies. Stop complaining

  61. Andy Dnetz

    Andy Dnetz19 ngày trước

    this is hardcore..--- todays chors are just digital shit

  62. SmartGuy

    SmartGuy19 ngày trước

    I didn't know who Freddie mercury was until two days back and now it makes me so sad that such a great artist died even before I was born

  63. Baryonyx Fischkralle

    Baryonyx Fischkralle19 ngày trước


  64. Daniel Vidal

    Daniel Vidal19 ngày trước

    Fantastic 🤩👍👏👏

  65. fjk1138

    fjk113819 ngày trước

    This song is a work of art. Queen is awesome beyond words.

  66. Rob MacGowan

    Rob MacGowan20 ngày trước

    One of the greatest songs ever wrote .. imo

  67. BenDizzy19

    BenDizzy192 ngày trước

    Rob MacGowan Imo? What?

  68. Johnnn Doeee

    Johnnn Doeee20 ngày trước

    Id love that 2" tape when i think brian may two treble boosters and a old penny to pluck the strings what a sound this track had that ole penny sound Ps for any other artists watching this AUTOTUNE was not around when this was made

  69. André Silva

    André Silva21 ngày trước

    FK! Great Video! Thanks Bryan!

  70. periurban

    periurban21 ngày trước

    Much better without all that crappy guitar all over it.

  71. Debajyoti Guha

    Debajyoti Guha21 ngày trước

    The Greatest And The Most Talented Bands With Every Band Member Being An Outstanding Musician: Beatles Queen Pink Floyd

  72. Gabriel Palacios

    Gabriel Palacios5 ngày trước

    And beach boys with Brian

  73. Roberto Moreno

    Roberto Moreno22 ngày trước

    Nowadays, this kind of music is not created by bands. Queen and Freddie Mercury in my heart forever.

  74. Ischi2007

    Ischi200723 ngày trước

    I just love the way Brian May talks about Freddy's piano playing abilities. Full of admiration. Lovely!

  75. markbeatlesyeah

    markbeatlesyeah23 ngày trước

    Fascinating. So much goes into a record. I always hear songs differently after watching one of these.

  76. Ron G.L.

    Ron G.L.23 ngày trước

    Thank you for your humbleness Brian.

  77. Dan Baker

    Dan Baker23 ngày trước

    Great video. There is one for "I'm Not In Love" by 10CC. I thought it was done with a synth or samples, and it was all multitrack vocals. I personally think rock music of the late 60s no 70s was much more artistic and musical than today's music.

  78. Sue Mich

    Sue Mich24 ngày trước

    Feck me, no click....OMG. I play keyboards, and this is insane. And I have recorded. Even fairly simple things can become difficult under the pressure of the studio. I know everyone keeps on saying 'amazing,' but it's true. This is.

  79. Arc Kocsog

    Arc Kocsog24 ngày trước

    This analysis was so interesting. The song is amazing, but no wonder, considering the exceptional talent and hard work behind it!

  80. The Sublist Scotland

    The Sublist Scotland24 ngày trước

    I have a 24 track copy of this master in pro tools..bloody awesome :)

  81. jsnell126

    jsnell12624 ngày trước

    I would have paid to watch this. Awesome.

  82. Bilah M

    Bilah M24 ngày trước

    rumor is that the piano played by Freddie Mercury on this song is the exact same piano McCartney played on "Hey Jude"

  83. Blackened

    Blackened25 ngày trước


  84. Sendy Kurniawan

    Sendy Kurniawan25 ngày trước

    Freddie Mercury is always be a genius musician. If i were Brian, i would cry remembering that record

  85. Derek Pratte

    Derek Pratte25 ngày trước

    This is fascinating.

  86. Jay Ers

    Jay Ers27 ngày trước

    in coming new queen fans. wait until the movie drops.

  87. Kay

    Kay27 ngày trước

    I've watched this SO MANY times over the years, and it's still fucking amazing

  88. Luke Maynard

    Luke Maynard27 ngày trước

    Does anyone know what the notation @ the top of the sheet at 1:15 means? My best guess is that "L.O.M.L." is "Love Of My Life, which was also on the album "A Night At The Opera." But the "6x 5x 5x" marked off at common frequencies: 10k, 4.1k, 120 Hz ... what are those? Instrictions for EQ or multiband (multiple) compressors? I'd love to know what this was meant to convey.

  89. alex quiceno

    alex quiceno27 ngày trước

    Ain´t Mr. May the coolest.

  90. Seenbelow Official

    Seenbelow Official29 ngày trước

    Love how he explains things in the song.

  91. fenderski1234

    fenderski123429 ngày trước

    Epic stuff

  92. rob poynter

    rob poynter29 ngày trước

    This was so relaxing to listen to.

  93. unkleRucker21

    unkleRucker2129 ngày trước

    Wish i was there wtf i wouldnt want to be anywhere on earth at that point

  94. KelleyLi

    KelleyLiTháng trước

    I've been a fan of Queen since I was a little girl in the 70s & I even remember when The Junkyard Dog would have Another One Bites The Dust play before he walks out to the ring. 😍😍Jamming to this video on my🎧 and singing a long!😊I can't wait until the movie in November.👏🏿👏🏿🤗

  95. Stephen Butler

    Stephen ButlerTháng trước

    Coming into this with zero knowledge of music production, this blown me away. I do have one question, for live shows do they then have a backing track running of all the parts they are not able to play live. As it seems this would be impossible to reproduce in one go then. And is this how all artists preform live (or majority)?

  96. Daniel Gutierrez

    Daniel GutierrezTháng trước

    "We were able to take things further than the Beatles because we had better technology and the benefit of their experience". The epitome of humility and class right there. Salute, Brian May!

  97. Alp Erol

    Alp ErolTháng trước

    he talks like my professor

  98. loro7lenguas

    loro7lenguasTháng trước

    I really love hoy Brian May speaks about his friend, with such a respect. Fantastic.

  99. Locoandchooch

    LocoandchoochTháng trước

    It’s almost like Brian didn’t know how good they all were/are. However fantastic watching this. This was my introduction to Queen as a kid, now I’m 50.

  100. Media Buster

    Media BusterTháng trước

    Best song ever recorded.. by far..

  101. voici je

    voici jeTháng trước

    the more it goes...the more i guyzs were to be crazy somewhere inside!!,,why the hell that is so complicate... it is almost impossible to put it all togetter...

  102. voici je

    voici jeTháng trước

    this is far from what i was earing!!!...this is why i am not musician...i wish i to my brain deep...

  103. JF

    JFTháng trước

    This stuff is the best stuff

  104. BandfromtheBand

    BandfromtheBandTháng trước

    Your engineer is wondering, how much longer is this going to take? He lives 40 km out of London. He looks like he is preoccupied with the car park fee's.

  105. BandfromtheBand

    BandfromtheBandTháng trước

    Your engineer is nodding off.......shame.

  106. BandfromtheBand

    BandfromtheBandTháng trước

    I can't believe this! "It's ALL in Freddie's head now." His sense of timing is incredible!!!!!

  107. Ringo Hendrix

    Ringo HendrixTháng trước

    Why do they have the quaker oats guy when he was younger talking about Bohemian Rhapsody?

  108. macca63

    macca63Tháng trước

    who is dead?

  109. Michelle w.

    Michelle w.Tháng trước

    We are blessed with this great insides! Love it!

  110. FreeZby Me

    FreeZby MeTháng trước

    It's beautiful, just beautiful.