INSIDIOUS: THE LAST KEY (2018) Ending Explained


  1. Mark zabelis

    Mark zabelis4 ngày trước

    You should be a soccer commentor

  2. BirdieHouse

    BirdieHouse5 ngày trước

    I know a lot of people didn't like this movie but I loved it. It showed Elises backstory instead of being one of those "I see ghosts just because" characters and shows why she helps people out. It also did an amazing job looping all the movies together instead of just throwing the movie in the series and not adding to it. I also loved the part where her mother came and helped her out. It was sweet and I literally went "hell yeah" in the theaters and was shushed. People say they don't get how she was stronger but I think it had to do with her being a mum and "the power of love" kinda thing

  3. atharva bhalerao

    atharva bhalerao5 ngày trước

    can you tell what did elise saw at the ending of 2nd chapter? when she visited a family after dying with her side kicks!!??

  4. Tim Carver

    Tim Carver6 ngày trước

    key face... i think thats from his mouth/nose looking like a keyhole

  5. TTZ little

    TTZ little7 ngày trước

    Your not explaining the ending your explaining the whole movie

  6. ConorChaos

    ConorChaos7 ngày trước

    Keyface had to be the most disappointing of the entities... Lol, tities. The Bride, Vader (without the suit) and Redface had actually terror behind, not only their appearance but also objectives. Keyface had a silly name and generic design. He opens doors. Like the dude from the Matrix.

  7. jarik9

    jarik910 ngày trước

    Using the further to change the past to bring Elise back wouldn't make sense. Every time they interact with the past thru the further their actions are shown to be the cause of things that have already happened. Nothing changes, it's just explained.

  8. Deliriums Realm

    Deliriums Realm11 ngày trước

    Lol I should've saved it but I wrote this long AZ comment about what I saw was way different... I thought I was experiencing some real dimension shift. But.. sadly nope ! I was thinking about the Ouija origin of evil movie. Same lady plays in both movies😂 whew..

  9. Pamela Sanchez

    Pamela Sanchez12 ngày trước

    This is not an explanation, it's just a synopsis. 😑

  10. Kiki Sint Jacoba

    Kiki Sint Jacoba18 ngày trước

    But it is so strange because they said their will be a new movie oh lord😱

  11. Ryan Leach

    Ryan Leach24 ngày trước

    he is called "keyface" because his cut out lips and nose looks like a keyhole

  12. Luna

    Luna27 ngày trước

    Basically she opened the door that set everything into motion in the first place . If she would have locked the doors instead of leaving it freaking open non of this would have happened.

  13. Taylor Barnett

    Taylor BarnettTháng trước

    I never made the connection that the demon was possessing the men. I just assumed men were abusive

  14. Taylor Barnett

    Taylor BarnettTháng trước

    This movie was so horrible

  15. Johnny Muerte

    Johnny MuerteTháng trước

    If the further is in between heaven and hell I'd HATE to see what hell looks like lmao. Maybe they could have Elise take a peek there if they film another insidious...

  16. chris ash

    chris ashTháng trước

    Who else thinks insidious 3 was garbage

  17. Andethidial bubabibub

    Andethidial bubabibubTháng trước

    10:20 no... Even in this universe the time travel Paradoxon exists. You wouldn't have a reason to go back and change anything because if you could, this will be your past and the future would already be changed.. Or is this a multiverse? Than they can't brong her back as well because she would only be alive in another dimension..

  18. Jim Melo

    Jim MeloTháng trước

    We need another James Wan Horror Movie

  19. Anna *****

    Anna *****Tháng trước

    Hey - people who thumb down - why? Why do you do it? What are you thinking specifically? Because it seriously sounds like you're jealous a guy is making videos...?

  20. Theron Rose Green

    Theron Rose GreenTháng trước

    This is where I come to understand horror movies cuz I'm too scared to watch them

  21. CalgordusRexus

    CalgordusRexusTháng trước

    I understand everything, except how does a dead ghost die?

  22. Mr Heidelberg

    Mr HeidelbergTháng trước

    They become nothing .

  23. Anri Jabami

    Anri JabamiTháng trước

    "surprisingly, Specks saves the day," LEAVE SPECKS ALONE HE IS DOING HIS BEST lol

  24. Anri Jabami

    Anri JabamiTháng trước

    i love Elise she was always so selfless and caring and never got a break... im glad her soul went to heaven

  25. Soadfan217

    Soadfan217Tháng trước

    Arcan was her father

  26. shay Constantine

    shay ConstantineTháng trước

    Next movie probably continues the insidious 2 cillfhanger which is elise spirit visiting Alison and seeing somethinf


    MARV STUDIOTháng trước

    I think that elise made dalton be possed bc she opens the doors sees him and dose not close them 😱 so the 👿 came in

  28. Samsung Knight

    Samsung KnightTháng trước

    Always wanted to watch this movie... now i can

  29. Mr. Black

    Mr. BlackTháng trước

    If you even have the ability to see spirits (which are demons) or read people's thoughts (The Lord did NOT bless anyone to have those abilities!)....then, it was because you have a Familiar Spirit.... due to you or one of your Relatives having had gotten involved in the Occult (e.g., played with a Ouji, participated in a Seance, Tarot cards, Chinese i-Ching, invoked &/or evoked a pagan deity, did some Chakra meditation or some other kind of meditation, performed an Asian Chant, You have in your possession: a Pagan statue or drawing or painting or some jewelry associated with a Pagan deity, numerology, you got up into the Horoscope, Kuji-kiri &/or Kuji-in(Mudra), you positioned your body into a Ninjutsu Kamae, you elevated to the Highest levels of Yoga (which IS a religion), you elevated to the Highest levels of Asian Martial Arts(which IS a religion), you did exercises to cultivate psychic ability, you consulted in a psychic/fortune-teller/root-doctor/witch or allowed somebody to do hypnotherapy on you) Whomever it was in your family(Relatives) that first got involved in Dark Arts/The Occult....Basically, Fucc'd the Whole entire Family/Clan over! That's why we have The Torah and the protect us from Witches, Demons and the Curses that comes with messing with the Occult.

  30. raileht doe

    raileht doeTháng trước

    We all know it was Elise’s fault, what happened to Dalton. Seriously. Close the damned door. Didn’t she learn a goddamn thing? Seriously. I watched it and couldn’t believe this was entirely her fault in the end. What the hell?

  31. NightmarezInc

    NightmarezIncTháng trước

    As someone who does infact astral walk, The plotline of insidious is Eerily accurate. Except the 'futher' or the land of the dead looks different to everyone. For me it's Similar to reality except with moss and vegetation overgrown everywhere. But yes demons and malevolent "spirits" do walk that plane of existence. But Everyone who walks that plane already knows how to protect themselves from such events as possession or attraction of spirits/demons.

  32. Ricky Williams

    Ricky WilliamsTháng trước

    Can we please stop naming our ghost with the words face or man in it? Keyface? Seriously?

  33. Skyla Ahlden

    Skyla Ahlden2 tháng trước

    my bf is being the lipstick demon for halloween

  34. Bubble Gutz

    Bubble Gutz2 tháng trước

    Maybe it’s called Keyface because his face looks like a keyhole, which it why his mouth looks like that? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  35. Tony Dice

    Tony Dice2 tháng trước

    Do yourself a favor and Do Not Watch This Video Drunk!! You will never keep up, trust me. I know right now!

  36. yash budwal

    yash budwal2 tháng trước

    2:47 morbius?

  37. Yogi Demis

    Yogi Demis2 tháng trước

    I always enjoyed watching these movies. I hope another insidious chapter comes out.

  38. vj dc

    vj dc2 tháng trước

    I think there's also a cliffhanger on the Insidous Chapter 2 movie. It's when Elise was already dead & her assistants were visiting someone's house and the child there says something like who's that with you, when it's only the 2 of them, amd then Elise's ghost showed up and they get to talk to this other girl on the wheelchair and there was this looming shadow over her. Does anyone else remember this scene from part 2?

  39. PongoXBongo

    PongoXBongo2 tháng trước

    Why not have Elise

  40. Dreadbear

    Dreadbear2 tháng trước

    Insidious 5 confirmed. Why? Because 💵.

  41. ASCII Skull

    ASCII Skull2 tháng trước

    Astral projection seems to be a dominant gene