iOS 12 Review! Finally Released, Should You Update?


  1. Elene Thelander

    Elene ThelanderNgày trước

    I am kinda thankful that they have the screen time, cause I really need it 😂

  2. Sevux G Maybe i will stop YouTube

    Sevux G Maybe i will stop YouTube4 ngày trước

    4:49 old iOS 11

  3. Young Thunder

    Young Thunder7 ngày trước

    I was shook that he watches nick eh 30 🤗🤗

  4. Typical Arien

    Typical Arien7 ngày trước

    does the latest ios version work on ipad air 1

  5. Luis Albani

    Luis Albani9 ngày trước

    Can I download it not using data reply asap

  6. Kristel Malano

    Kristel Malano10 ngày trước

    Should I update to IOS 12????? Pls answer!?

  7. Jose Vargas

    Jose Vargas11 ngày trước

    Nick eh 30 bruh

  8. Jaseem Muneer

    Jaseem Muneer11 ngày trước

    Apple shoud also provide manual camera

  9. BuilttoSuffer

    BuilttoSuffer13 ngày trước

    Wassup apple people, I have iPhone 5s, should I update ?? Please lmk, reason I’m here is two reason 1: battery drainage 2: iCloud space

  10. Shyra_vlogz 11905

    Shyra_vlogz 1190514 ngày trước

    Can I have one of your iPhone?

  11. Geo Games

    Geo Games15 ngày trước

    I have an iPhone 5s

  12. Raju Saha

    Raju Saha21 ngày trước


  13. Kerim Kerimov

    Kerim Kerimov21 ngày trước

    No point in buying the x any more 😂 this just like when the skull trooper was re dropped 😂

  14. Anthony J.

    Anthony J.22 ngày trước

    but can it run crysis?

  15. dopee viralz

    dopee viralz22 ngày trước

    Im still On Ios 11.0.3 😂🤔 hmm

  16. its_applehead the dog

    its_applehead the dog24 ngày trước


  17. ramari cover

    ramari cover24 ngày trước

    That podcast feature is fuckin clutch 🔥

  18. Minecraft Master

    Minecraft Master24 ngày trước

    How do you publish a video on VIreporter with iOS 12

  19. xilliam

    xilliam24 ngày trước

    thank you , my iPhone 5s is waiting to be blessed, don't disappoint me apple.

  20. queen tamara

    queen tamara25 ngày trước

    i have ios 11.2.1 should i update ios 12?

  21. osx holunman

    osx holunman26 ngày trước

    Do you have a choice, all those apps and apple service will force you to update ios, once you chasing all those updates, they slow down and age your iphone

  22. Lyricz_here

    Lyricz_here28 ngày trước

    what if i have version 0.0.0?

  23. Triple _ ST

    Triple _ ST29 ngày trước

    The go to album or go to artist was already a thing

  24. Joseph Pee

    Joseph Pee29 ngày trước

    Not informational

  25. Texas Slinger

    Texas SlingerTháng trước

    dude, your adverts!! :(

  26. Depression 4 Life

    Depression 4 LifeTháng trước

    Plz help i updated to ios 12 but when i double tap home button it only shows the used apps not the settings there when it used to the control centre thing plz tell what do i do

  27. Martin Felip Coliflores

    Martin Felip ColifloresTháng trước

    Crazy ads buddy

  28. Parzival z

    Parzival zTháng trước

    Did anyone elses siri go off when he said “hey siri”

  29. GameDealerDavid

    GameDealerDavidTháng trước

    Did they fix the issue with screenshot video mic not working in iMovie

  30. Zak New

    Zak NewTháng trước

    How do I get the help screen I’m on a iPad mini 4 pro, and I don’t know

  31. Pablo Escobar

    Pablo EscobarTháng trước

    Can you give away a phone?

  32. Lil’s Life

    Lil’s LifeTháng trước

    ᴡɪʟʟ ᴍᴏsᴛ ᴏғ ᴛʜᴇsᴇ ᴡᴏʀᴋ ᴏɴ ᴍʏ ɪᴘʜᴏɴᴇ 7 ᴏʀ ɴᴀʜ?

  33. Beatrix

    BeatrixTháng trước

    I have Iphone 6s, and it’s good enough. Doesen’t cost a fortune and have the new updates. Love it

  34. Marco Arecibo

    Marco AreciboTháng trước

    A 4 icons only row looks jarring on huge screens from the XS above wth

  35. Joy B

    Joy BTháng trước

    i don’t even have 32 friends to facetime with

  36. Grace H

    Grace HTháng trước

    My iPhone 6s does say it has an update available! Can anyone help me?

  37. Gamer Joel

    Gamer JoelTháng trước

    When I swipe up to get my WiFi and stuff nothing happens

  38. Nightice Craft

    Nightice CraftTháng trước

    You said legendary phone support ios 11. I'm using iPhone 4s no update for ios11

  39. Matthew Bitter

    Matthew BitterTháng trước

    I just get a new iPad. Then updates from ios 11 to 12. I see no difference in performance.

  40. Naomi Urhoghide

    Naomi UrhoghideTháng trước

    I got the iPhone 7 plus and it was updated when I brought it from Apple💆😊

  41. Naomi Urhoghide

    Naomi UrhoghideTháng trước

    I got the iPhone 7 plus and it was updated when I brought it from Apple💆😊

  42. FunWith MechEngineer

    FunWith MechEngineerTháng trước

    #iOS12 #iPhonenewupdate : inbuilt barcode scanner camera

  43. Madeline ramirez

    Madeline ramirezTháng trước

    It should at least bring 3D Touch like if you agree

  44. Wietboy Supergamer101

    Wietboy Supergamer101Tháng trước

    its cool but all updates is like 1,39GB for me and i only have 32GB on my iphone 6 so i can only get like 25 updates or something :(

  45. Xavier Bocachica

    Xavier BocachicaTháng trước

    Not an apple guy but it looks like a sweet update.

  46. blakstar327

    blakstar327Tháng trước

    Why have we (humans) invested so much time and dependency on our devices? It really makes you wonder how people in the future will be able to function independently from technology (especially smart phones), such as spelling, vocabulary, memory, competence, intelligence. Smart phones and dumb people. Is that the direction we're heading in? Anyone?

  47. L8RSTORM

    L8RSTORMTháng trước

    What about the iPhone 7

  48. Penny Royal

    Penny RoyalTháng trước

    Do not update. I’ve gone from having an excellent functioning 12.9” ipad pro to a device that freezes and needs to be restarted five times a day. Windows can’t be closed. In order to close windows I need to reopen the device. Definitely the worst update ever.

  49. Totally Studios

    Totally StudiosTháng trước

    If you want more videos like this come check out the tech videos on my channel

  50. Doreen Phalanges

    Doreen PhalangesTháng trước

    My iPhone says it’s up to date but I’m in iOS 11.4.1

  51. GuuzakaTube

    GuuzakaTubeTháng trước

    LOL all three of the advertisements I got where pertained to the Google Pixel!😝🔥🍎

  52. Gorgon Phone

    Gorgon PhoneTháng trước

    lol apple maps still suck

  53. craig godfrey

    craig godfreyTháng trước

    Um sorry but it makes u update without any choice !!! Mine did it today I said update later and it went to a screen saying it will update between 3-4 in morning if plugged in !! Like wtf is that what a joke.

  54. Davi Basso De Souza

    Davi Basso De SouzaTháng trước

    How can I install iPhone X features on my iPhone 8 in the iOS version 12.0.2 ?????

  55. NaNa Baby

    NaNa BabyTháng trước

    Iphone SE is better than any iPhone

  56. Mario Yañez

    Mario YañezTháng trước

    Yo if yall cant afford it go on OFFERUP

  57. Prinz JuLz

    Prinz JuLzTháng trước

    Bullllsssshhiiitttttttt.. my left speaker broked when I update my iphone to ios12.. my left speaker is not working anymore and also my mic.. Voice Memo doesnt sound good anymore.. Bulkrap!

  58. Christopher Robinson

    Christopher RobinsonTháng trước

    This upgrade freezes and stalls. I have to reset VIreporter every time I try to comment on a video! Piss me off!

  59. Abhishek Buragohain

    Abhishek BuragohainTháng trước

    Yeah whatever. Still can't make POST requests in a WKWebview though in iOS 12. So much for bug fixes.



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  61. Nathan Rex

    Nathan RexTháng trước

    Is there a way to enable the screenshot button from facetime again?

  62. aliciacb8284747274

    aliciacb8284747274Tháng trước

    Clicking on the song to reveal artist/album is not a new feature. I have it on my iPhone 6s and I’m on iOS 11

  63. EzBoi IOS

    EzBoi IOSTháng trước

    Thx ❤️

  64. Samuel Jaden

    Samuel JadenTháng trước

    Wow i just noticed he watch Nick Eh 30 at 00:58.

  65. Albin Hetemi

    Albin Hetemi2 tháng trước

    Why my battery on Iphone 7 is draining faster whith Ios12 than whith the Ios11

  66. alan ansari

    alan ansari2 tháng trước

    apple is now trying to include features of android in iphone... still too costly though :(

  67. Christian Meza

    Christian Meza2 tháng trước


  68. Clout Cat

    Clout Cat2 tháng trước

    What is I wanna fave time 34 people....

  69. 85nikki96

    85nikki962 tháng trước

    you speak way too fast

  70. Dimitar Savovski

    Dimitar Savovski2 tháng trước

    What about unlocking the older phones as 7 . I just hate that I have to tap once to lit up and unlock the screen and then tap again to open the home screen

  71. Conti Music

    Conti Music2 tháng trước

    Amazing, did you ever give my music a listen? Good work!

  72. Hayam Yoyo

    Hayam Yoyo2 tháng trước

    I had to sell my house to buy an Iphone 7 plus 😅 , literally I'm still paying my debts , I love it though and even more with ios 11 , I'm not sure I'm gonna update anytime soon , with the new iphone releases I'm sure newer ios won't be better for older iphones .🤦‍


    TOG HOTPOTATO2 tháng trước

    I dont think ipad ios 12 has animoji :(((why

  74. E Ndongo

    E Ndongo2 tháng trước

    Updated my 7 and all it does is stop working on WiFi on and off, can’t even browse or watch VIreporter videos throughout 😫😫😫 somebody help😢😢

  75. K M

    K M2 tháng trước

    anyone else experience a battery drain with iOS 12.1?

  76. lone ranger

    lone ranger2 tháng trước

    iPhone se battery drains faster rate in ios 12

  77. Drunk Asian

    Drunk Asian2 tháng trước

    Whats so bad about ios and Macos? I love both of them even though im more on the samsung side

  78. donut crumbs

    donut crumbs2 tháng trước

    I’m late

  79. Rip in chat

    Rip in chat2 tháng trước

    For iPhone 6 is there anything other than speed?

  80. Dank Yank MEMES

    Dank Yank MEMES2 tháng trước

    *IS ANYONE ELSE EXPIERENCING THIS. WHEN I FACE TIME PEOPLE, IT GOES ONTO POOR CONNECTION, AND SEEMS TO NEVER GO OFF POOR CONNECTION. ANYONE ELSE HAVING THIS PROBLEM TOO?* NOTE: this never used to be an issue and we both have around 10-0 ping. Never had this issue until we both updated our phones, and we just updated it again with the newer update and still happening

  81. Mai Waifu

    Mai Waifu2 tháng trước

    send me a dick pic i dare yall

  82. Broodjekaas !

    Broodjekaas !2 tháng trước

    You said that all the devices will be faster after the update... Hmm hmmm

  83. MXTTXR

    MXTTXR2 tháng trước

    DONT UPDATE battery drains fast on my iphone 7 hopefully apple can fix this!

  84. Joshr2402

    Joshr24022 tháng trước

    I don’t have the update for some reason

  85. Mariano Frias

    Mariano Frias2 tháng trước

    Very accurate review (as always)!

  86. nima suryawanshi

    nima suryawanshi2 tháng trước

    Is iPhone camera goood plz suggest

  87. XOR

    XOR2 tháng trước

    Iphone 6s upgraded to IOS 12 it’s so quick now

  88. talha rehman

    talha rehman2 tháng trước

    True tune feature eliminate by apply why?

  89. Secret_Class

    Secret_Class2 tháng trước

    I can leak every update

  90. Giuseppe Ferrazza

    Giuseppe Ferrazza2 tháng trước

    AWFUL, too fast

  91. Joshua Ford

    Joshua Ford2 tháng trước

    I really regret updating to 12, on my ip8. The black shadow of the time/carrier/battery life on every website sucks. Also using Safari to view VIreporter there is a huge delay and it starts videos from beginning when going from standard to full screen video. The texting window is enormous and I can barely view 1 sentence of my last sent text message in landscape mode. Cannot even see the other persons text at all. The banner for the contact takes up 30% of the screen. Along with that the mini icons for photos and camera and gifs is double stacked rather than single stacked before in ios11. This is just rediculious that Apple still wont make slight variances in software per device.....the user experience is effected and I believe next upgrade will be what Google is offering or someone else. Tired of Apple promoting slimming and trimming and now it’s fat and bloated ui.

  92. Mohamed Abdelaal

    Mohamed Abdelaal2 tháng trước


  93. ryandontlikeyou

    ryandontlikeyou2 tháng trước

    cant beleive they gave it to the 5s. that's wild

  94. lourdes paniagua

    lourdes paniagua2 tháng trước

    So I updated and when I click on the control center and try using the calculator or set up an alarm , it doesn’t work , it won’t let me click on it , and it didn’t do that before sooo how do I fix it?

  95. loui leal

    loui leal2 tháng trước

    What happened to the touch ID in 5s?? Did they remove it??

  96. aislinnfoo

    aislinnfoo2 tháng trước

    Super informative but you talk soooo fast

  97. Hi

    Hi2 tháng trước

    My ipad is now worse because now when ever there is a video on youtube that has a black screen i cant see anything all i see is just mixed colors and backgrounds from the app i used beforehand sooo i think its bad ;-;

  98. Just Mash Radio

    Just Mash Radio2 tháng trước

    so many ads.... can't even watch the video

  99. Chris Langford

    Chris Langford2 tháng trước

    omfg you are so rich, I'm so jealous. and love the video thanks! very clean, accurate and comprehendable

  100. Severus 12345

    Severus 123452 tháng trước

    Does it ho lag on ipad air2?