iPhone 11 review: the phone most people should buy


  1. The Verge

    The Verge5 tháng trước

    Would you buy the iPhone 11 or the 11 Pro instead?

  2. 1nFlux Frant1x

    1nFlux Frant1xNgày trước

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  3. CocoREMA

    CocoREMA4 ngày trước

    A refurbished iphone 11 pro maybe Or i will get iphone 11

  4. The Espinoza’s

    The Espinoza’s4 ngày trước

    iPhone 11 better

  5. Rxses

    Rxses7 ngày trước

    If I had money the iPhone 11,I think it looks better then three cameras

  6. cowsarepurple

    cowsarepurple10 ngày trước

    iphone 11

  7. DomIturbe

    DomIturbeNgày trước

    Best way to kill iPhone 11 battery... Snapchat

  8. Insecure

    InsecureNgày trước

    In Norway the 11 costs 900$

  9. Eagle Entertainment

    Eagle EntertainmentNgày trước

    What Apple do is they introducr a new feature to their own phone, but it's old hat on other phones, which makes Apple a premium seller

  10. CocoREMA

    CocoREMA4 ngày trước

    iPhone - like Samsung - comment 😂

  11. iioxicity -

    iioxicity -4 ngày trước

    oop my 5s still working, but its time to let it go.... *getting the 11 later this week eeeekkk*

  12. Central Music

    Central Music6 ngày trước

    I have a Samsung J3V currently as my first phone, but my mom told me my next one will be a nice one. I asked if I can chose which one and she said yes, obviously I have this one in mind so I am crossing my fingers that in about 15 months I will have this my first Apple device in my pocket with Face ID :). But I am really excited for it I have always wanted Face ID and I have always wanted to switch to Apple because I find their designs super sleek and modern. Samsung has devices that are cheap I get that but I am not a big fan of their design and how well they run for me. I am planning on switching to Apple and staying with Apple for the rest of my life. Like this comment if you want or hope I get the 11!!

  13. Harry Danso

    Harry Danso8 ngày trước

    I found one for 370£

  14. Ko meh

    Ko meh10 ngày trước

    Giving my xs max to my sister for this purple.

  15. Report Gaming

    Report Gaming10 ngày trước

    iPhone XR doesn’t have 3D Touch

  16. Raymond Sterpaio

    Raymond Sterpaio10 ngày trước

    I just bought an Iphone for the first time and love it, I was mad for Samsung but Iphone is miles better especially this one. If you like this click the link below to buy this one @t

  17. Richard Chontos

    Richard Chontos11 ngày trước

    I upgraded to the iphone 11 from the iphone 5s , what a change that was.

  18. woke af

    woke af11 ngày trước

    I was considering getting a new phone. I hate my iPhone X. And was looking into the iPhone 11. But I just can’t get passed paying flagship price for a budget performance phone. Only 3 gigs of ram and 64 gigs of storage. 5 watt charging box. It’s 2020 and apple still putting out 2008 technology.

  19. woke af

    woke af11 ngày trước

    And this thing probably doesn’t even have 5G does it?

  20. Hailey Miller

    Hailey Miller11 ngày trước

    I loathe this phone

  21. Solomon  Abraham

    Solomon Abraham13 ngày trước

    Im upgrading to iPhone 11 and I have a old Huawei and the back is ruined it doesn't stick so yeah in happy!!

  22. Noer Misa

    Noer Misa14 ngày trước

    The verge: The phone that people should buy Me: But what if you don’t have the money to buy it??

  23. Techkid720

    Techkid72017 ngày trước

    You mean WILL buy not should


    SAUCE FROGGO18 ngày trước

    I have Iphone 4

  25. kiannatheresa _

    kiannatheresa _19 ngày trước

    It’s still 1,000 plus tax. It’s $979 in Canada. So like imagine going to America just to get it cheaper

  26. Music Videos

    Music Videos20 ngày trước

    પટેલ ક્યાં ગામ ના તમે?? 🤔🤔🤣

  27. Alfaya z

    Alfaya z21 ngày trước

    Coronavirus at 5:54

  28. Alfaya z

    Alfaya z21 ngày trước

    8 plus to 11 👌🏻

  29. Peanut

    Peanut22 ngày trước

    y'all are lucky that the iphone 11 is 699, in my country you basically cant get one beneath the price of 1500

  30. Potato Pie

    Potato Pie22 ngày trước

    “If you wanna get a new phone but you don’t wanna spend a thousand dollars, you should get an iPhone 11” but the cheapest one is $1,349...

  31. Weirdo Kid

    Weirdo Kid22 ngày trước

    I love my 11

  32. Helena -

    Helena -22 ngày trước

    For anyone else hoping to upgrade from a 6 to an 11 and need to convince someone to help pay, (like me) just know there’s been 19 new phones since the 6...

  33. Vanessa Mesa

    Vanessa Mesa23 ngày trước

    Is switching from OnePlus 6T to Iphone 11 smart in Jan 2020 considering new devices might come in spring?

  34. carter.n

    carter.n23 ngày trước

    Don't switch, wait for the OnePlus 8 Pro.

  35. beautiful mistake

    beautiful mistake23 ngày trước

    upgraded from 6s to iphone 11 pro max and im really happy about it! the 11 is also good a lot of my friends have it!!

  36. shatnershairpiece

    shatnershairpiece24 ngày trước

    I still use a 2003 Sony eriksson. Is this a good upgrade?

  37. Mike H

    Mike H24 ngày trước

    Nice phone selfie camera is HORRIBLE though

  38. pj masks and Marval yes and elmo No

    pj masks and Marval yes and elmo No25 ngày trước

    I have an iPhone 11 I’m actually watching this video on my iPhone 11

  39. hk hk

    hk hk25 ngày trước

    You’re right !

  40. Murling

    Murling27 ngày trước

    I had an iPhone 8 but I broke it, so now I have an iPhone 7 that doesn’t have a working flashlight and rear camera, cracked screen and a “too hot” reminder that makes me put my phone down to cool off. :(

  41. BellJD

    BellJD28 ngày trước

    I see more poeple having 11 than pro.

  42. 👑Electro Gameplay

    👑Electro Gameplay28 ngày trước

    What is the ram in apple11

  43. [fprime]

    [fprime]29 ngày trước

    im upgrading from a samsung j3 v lmao im hyped for the 11

  44. Jxhyo_ _Kween

    Jxhyo_ _Kween29 ngày trước

    Upgrading from the iPhone 7

  45. Snowbird

    Snowbird29 ngày trước

    I’m still keeping my Motorola Razr

  46. T Rado

    T RadoTháng trước

    I'm upgrading from a damn Lg

  47. Harshvardhan Sharma

    Harshvardhan SharmaTháng trước

    Should I upgrade from s9 to s20 Or iPhone 11

  48. Harshvardhan Sharma

    Harshvardhan Sharma17 ngày trước

    Thanks everyone

  49. carter.n

    carter.n17 ngày trước

    @Chaitobin SwordsOnline yes, it certainly is. the Asus ROG Phone 2 had a display refresh rate twice of that of a traditional panel. Samsung's been known to have the best displays in the market by far, as well, when it comes to vibrancy, brightness, contrast, etc.

  50. Chaitobin SwordsOnline

    Chaitobin SwordsOnline17 ngày trước

    @carter.n what??? But how??? That impossible????

  51. Chaitobin SwordsOnline

    Chaitobin SwordsOnline17 ngày trước

    @Harshvardhan Sharma yo

  52. carter.n

    carter.n17 ngày trước

    @Chaitobin SwordsOnlineno, don't. No 120 hz refresh rate No modern looking design No OLED display Lmao the 11's display isn't even 1080p.

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  54. Syed Azhaan

    Syed AzhaanTháng trước

    Upgrading from the galaxy s8

  55. Paigey Lonergan

    Paigey LonerganTháng trước

    I am going to get and iPhone 11

  56. Manan Awasthi

    Manan AwasthiTháng trước

    Secret tip: if you want 5x digital zoom on iPhone 11 video mode which is limited to 3x. Just start shooting video from photo mode; press and hold then swipe right. Then you can zoom 5x. If you find it useful do like.

  57. Roi King

    Roi KingTháng trước

    You upgraded from iPhone 6

  58. Stacee Townsend

    Stacee TownsendTháng trước

    Just got the 11 yesterday ungraded from the 7! I’m getting use to not having a home button anymore. 😅 Great review on the device..thanks!

  59. Mark Yakovenko

    Mark YakovenkoTháng trước

    Amazing phone and amazing review.

  60. Vintcast

    VintcastTháng trước

    Who’s using an iPhone 7 Plus and is upgrading to this phone ?

  61. Chloe

    ChloeTháng trước

    Hey guys! I recently had my 18th bday and my present was a new phone (which I haven’t got yet) I’ve had the 6s for the past 3yrs and my parents said I could upgrade to the x or 11 (not pro or max) Which one should I get?

  62. ashley ashley

    ashley ashleyTháng trước

    umm.... in Australia it starts at $1200

  63. Paul Brown

    Paul BrownTháng trước

    From iPhone 6s+ after more than 3 years. With a $130 trade in to iPhone 11.

  64. iPhone 11

    iPhone 11Tháng trước


  65. paul sheridan

    paul sheridanTháng trước

    Upgraded to the 11 from 7, so good. Initially tried Samsung but had to send it back, apple are light years ahead.


    ARCHIT KOTHARITháng trước

    Does the iPhone 11 have a better display than xr?

  67. john smith

    john smithTháng trước

    ARCHIT KOTHARI it’s the same

  68. Jerry Lin

    Jerry LinTháng trước

    Major gripe: no USB-C

  69. Sienna Acheampong

    Sienna AcheampongTháng trước

    Pray for me please I have a 7 but I wanna upgrade to the purple 11

  70. Sadie Sweet

    Sadie SweetTháng trước

    Me 8+ to 11

  71. Techkid720

    Techkid720Tháng trước

    This is 10 year old tech

  72. Tombstone Soda

    Tombstone SodaTháng trước

    i am due for an upgrade and i have an X, do u think its worth it? my iphone x is so messed up (not cracked or anything just green flashes and theres lines all over my screen and things duplicate on my screen but in a dark or green or pink color lol)

  73. Alex Epstein

    Alex EpsteinTháng trước

    how did he know I came right from the se and this is HUGE