iPhone Xs Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9 & S9 Plus!


  1. STL Slimez

    STL Slimez3 giờ trước

    Yes the specs do speak what it is 4:33 stop trying to save iPhone when Samsung is better

  2. Dion Sherifi

    Dion Sherifi19 giờ trước

    iPhone XS Max

  3. Chantel

    ChantelNgày trước

    Apple: let's take away the headphone Jack, not include airpods and make people spend more money on airpods.. oh yeah. Let's also offer a pen for more money. Samsung: keep the headphone Jack, put headphones in the box AND include a s pen with the note phones .... hmmm

  4. Chantel

    ChantelNgày trước

    I just upgraded from the Galaxy s8 to the Note 9 and I am glad I went with the Note 9. I used to be a die hard apple user. But Samsung is SO MUCH BETTER and way more advanced in their technology.

  5. Micos Pineda

    Micos Pineda2 ngày trước

    Why Note 9 and S9 plus has different camera. but both are the same specs of camera?

  6. Skyler Adzin

    Skyler Adzin2 ngày trước

    He’s always says apple

  7. Marlon Lopez

    Marlon Lopez4 ngày trước

    I got the Note 9 128gb BLACK for $704 on amazon like 4 Days ago.

  8. Olivia Anderson

    Olivia Anderson7 ngày trước

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  9. Benamir Sonny

    Benamir Sonny9 ngày trước

    What ever happens i will stay in apple.

  10. Liam Morton

    Liam Morton10 ngày trước

    Omg find another way to creteek the Samsung, stfu Samsung smashes iphone

  11. Shayira Karim

    Shayira Karim15 ngày trước

    Apple fanboy!

  12. Phone technology And everything fun

    Phone technology And everything fun16 ngày trước

    Why are u using iPhone clone this is not correct

  13. CB

    CB20 ngày trước

    Guys, it's a desperate way of telling people that IPhone is still a competition in 2019, come on, every year they are selling the same shit with a promise that it's better than the competition and every time they fail. Suddenly Apple understood that their users are looking for a bigger display, and ... they will sell the same shit on a higher price just because... they say it's better.

  14. Livethenight455 ash

    Livethenight455 ash23 ngày trước

    I have galaxy note 9 to

  15. krupakar madasi

    krupakar madasi26 ngày trước

    2:00 this is not fair its not an iphone fake comparison

  16. Majin Tar13

    Majin Tar13Tháng trước


  17. Shan Iqbal Adviser

    Shan Iqbal AdviserTháng trước

    In 2 line make your choice.. 1: iPhone 6/7/8/X/Xs (Security High, Professional, Excellent, Smoothness, Feel Different) (My Fav) 2: Samsung Galaxy S8/9 (Professional, Beautiful, Not So Much Smooth, BOdy Okay, Too Much Access To Every App) My Choice: iPhone Xs

  18. Mike Minor

    Mike MinorTháng trước

    "This" = Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for some reason you always say the name of the iphone but not the Note 9, so just listening to this presentation is confusing.

  19. Mike Minor

    Mike MinorTháng trước

    isn't ip68 = ip68 ?

  20. Randomizer

    RandomizerTháng trước

    This guy is completely bias towards apple products. Considering the name of his channel. So if you are looking for a channel where there is no biasness, this channel is NOT FOR YOU. Unbox Therapy is probably the best none bias VIreporterr.

  21. Ryan McArthur

    Ryan McArthurTháng trước

    He was using a fake iphone xs max

  22. Abdullah Shafqat

    Abdullah ShafqatTháng trước

    Did any1 notice he is using the clone xs max

  23. Dani min

    Dani minTháng trước

    It’s just a phone people...humans have their own opinions

  24. ut1004bp

    ut1004bpTháng trước

    Don't like the shiny looking band on the Iphone

  25. Eric Soto

    Eric SotoTháng trước

    I'm not a Apple user or a hater. Never owned a iPhone. I have the note 9. And it's the 500gb 8 gigs of RAM model. With the tax I paid $1,367. AT&t branded. I will try apple one day. But I don't think I can leave Android. There's just so much you can get away with LOL

  26. Namita Chowdhary

    Namita ChowdharyTháng trước

    U can buy note 9 and s9 plus at the price of xs max

  27. Jared Pacheco

    Jared PachecoTháng trước

    Man yall should search up samsung vs apple commercials the dude with the long hair man just facts bout that vid

  28. Jared Pacheco

    Jared PachecoTháng trước

    Wait can apple use a pen which was made only for a ipad damn that dumb

  29. Jared Pacheco

    Jared PachecoTháng trước

    No chip, screen, faster, battery no phone better than my samsung

  30. Jared Pacheco

    Jared PachecoTháng trước

    Wait ur dongle adapter you need damn money waist , and you got that thing covering your screen at the top

  31. Jared Pacheco

    Jared PachecoTháng trước

    Wait ur cloud storage so sim no nothing fuck apple i need a samsung wait i already have fuck apple

  32. Jared Pacheco

    Jared PachecoTháng trước

    Wait can apple use two or 3 apps at the same time wait no oh gosh sry ios users hahahahah

  33. Jared Pacheco

    Jared PachecoTháng trước

    Samsung is better, there is a lot of topics he missed even looked at his channel name he's an apple fan and the chip and other thimgs of samsung are better than apple so stfu and stop making memes because samsung has always been better

  34. Jasmine Amer

    Jasmine AmerTháng trước

    Lol I love how tall people talk about reachability. I am over here like : the only phone I might be able to use only one hand is a flip phone.... lol

  35. EzECr1s 3O5

    EzECr1s 3O5Tháng trước

    The Samsung s9 note is better than the iPhone X Max, stop being so bias

  36. Sayuri

    SayuriTháng trước

    iphones prices only drops to 150euro max over a year, android phones on the other hand 🤔😂

  37. Sayuri

    SayuriTháng trước

    nice review, don't listen to the android fans they are just mad

  38. Lema Jr

    Lema JrTháng trước

    What are you saying?? You cannot confirm for sure that a12x is faster than snapdragon 845. Snapdragon runs full fat windows 10. I am certain that if you use that a12x to run android, it will be slow af. Apple doesn't even use a12x for their MAC PCs. They borrow the processor from intel. the only way I will be convinced that a12x is faster is if it can run android or pc better than snapdragon 845. I also bet that snapdragon 845 can run IOS faster than even the A12.

  39. P O T A T O S

    P O T A T O STháng trước

    Wow. You know apple has it bad when a guy with the name "EverythingApplePro" says the samsung device is better.

  40. Hamza XD

    Hamza XDTháng trước

    Bro the s9+ has a 6 gb of ram not 4 !!

  41. Zaydn X

    Zaydn XTháng trước

    Na iphone never came with an 8gb model.

  42. Neat.

    Neat.Tháng trước

    These samsung guys are overprotective of their phone. I dont like your phone, no need to cry about it.

  43. Val Pana

    Val PanaTháng trước

    I think we all need to respect each others opinion it’s a phone pick what u want it’s not gonna affect me in anyway

  44. Vincent Miguel

    Vincent MiguelTháng trước

    this guy is a big liar

  45. shazwan manjung

    shazwan manjungTháng trước

    This noob guy doesnt know that s9+ is a better water resistant than xs max..he just apple bias😂

  46. Ree Rlumni

    Ree RlumniTháng trước

    wait hold up...at 1.59 what just happened??? is that iOS "Finance has stopped" That's new

  47. diamond craft romania

    diamond craft romaniaTháng trước

    The iphone is fake

  48. Siddique Hoosman

    Siddique HoosmanTháng trước


  49. Anshul Ganpule

    Anshul GanpuleTháng trước

    Dude not only is this video a apple commercial, there r just so many ads!!!!

  50. Supernova Raed Ben hassen

    Supernova Raed Ben hassenTháng trước

    i promise iPhone is nothing compared to samsung

  51. Antonio Trajkovski

    Antonio TrajkovskiTháng trước

    The s9 plus is better then the iphone xs max tahts true

  52. emmaunek adeboye

    emmaunek adeboyeTháng trước

    😔😔😔😔😔 feeling not happy never win , not giving me , please one for me......myfriends

  53. Prodromos Regalides

    Prodromos RegalidesTháng trước

    Yes, the CPU part is faster in iPhones, but the gpu part is much slower than adreno 630. The same is true for exynos 9810. Very good CPU approaching apple's offerings. But a low performance gpu. Of course none of this matters, as long as they insist on keeping them(smartphones) as toys. What good is a faster processor or gpu if they can't operate in a desktop environment? After all a faster storage is mostly responsible for the fluidity in the so called user experience. And we seldom see references on it in so called smartphone reviews.

  54. Stephen Clark

    Stephen ClarkTháng trước

    Awesome VIreporter video

  55. ThisKiddotolitto !!

    ThisKiddotolitto !!Tháng trước

    he is apple lover hating on samsung

  56. Matthew Quinn

    Matthew QuinnTháng trước

    Love the videos bro much love 🙌

  57. harrison edwards

    harrison edwardsTháng trước

    Note9 is well better

  58. Fatima Jabeen

    Fatima JabeenTháng trước

    I phone = overhyped shit

  59. PNG

    PNGTháng trước

    iPhone XS or wait for S10?

  60. Justin Lloyd Navarro

    Justin Lloyd NavarroTháng trước

    Fuck oyou note 9 go hell note 9

  61. Justin Lloyd Navarro

    Justin Lloyd NavarroTháng trước

    We love Apple fuck you Note 9 go hell we love apple iPhone x fuck noob and bad Note 9

  62. App Arte

    App ArteTháng trước


  63. The groover

    The grooverTháng trước

    i own a note 9 and came from a iPhone 7, i must say yes the note 9 is really great in every way. but software wise no ios is still working better and faster then android because everyone is adding own things to a existed android version and thats not Always a great idea. so software wise ios is quicker and easier to use and i personaly really like that about apple but for now i got more from a note 9 then i would get from a iPhone xs. and for me the price isnt a issue but still want value for the money i spend in those devices.

  64. gab C

    gab CTháng trước

    Spend thousands to find your connection ports have changed again every 5 mins Updates no longer released so that $1000 phone runs like a snail 3 months from now So your forced to buy latest model at twice the price plus $500 for extra adapter cables just to do it all over again Apple is fantastic if you like crap and throwing money away Don't get me wrong ' there products are great Its there buisness model visions for consumers that suck....greedy corporate pricks

  65. Sorio

    SorioTháng trước

    You suck apple and iphones

  66. Pain Yahiko

    Pain YahikoTháng trước

    So many apple haters why lol

  67. Jack Jungmann

    Jack JungmannTháng trước

    What's best for 4k video editing, and gaming?

  68. Simply Tony

    Simply TonyTháng trước

    I'm incredibly disappointed. You're so Biased to the iPhone. I've seen you make other videos and seemed more genuine. Now it just seems like you're trying so hard to make the iPhone look good. I've seen at least 15 different VIreporter tech channels and you are the only one favoring the iPhone. Maybe 1 or 2 more, but that's just sad

  69. Jamison Reid

    Jamison ReidTháng trước

    S9+ has 6GB of RAM even at base 64gb storage.. S9 has 4GB.

  70. K-Drama Fever

    K-Drama FeverTháng trước

    Listen up ALL NEW IPHONES EXCEPT XR is > s9 but note 9 is > all iPhones end of story, iPhone makes a better looking more commercial phone while Samsung makes a more technical phone

  71. Owusu Breezy

    Owusu BreezyTháng trước

    S9+ is the best

  72. chasa 65

    chasa 65Tháng trước

    Isn’t that the Xs max clone cause it has the chin

  73. Barby Steve

    Barby SteveTháng trước

    I just switch my samsung s8+ for an iphone XS max and it was a mistake!! Iphone is just the brand, only the camera i can say is better but i prefer samsung 100%! Its easier to use. Freedom!!! Im gonna sell this iphone and go back to samsung!!!!

  74. Haelen Martin

    Haelen MartinTháng trước

    I'm a Samsung person but I like iPhones so I'm not picky I'm happy with whatever

  75. RIley playz

    RIley playzTháng trước

    Apple: let's take out the headphone jack and make air pods for +$100 Samsung: Adds pen that actually does stuff

  76. Joe C

    Joe CTháng trước

    Let's get this straight; It depends on the person, what they're like, and what they want the phone for. Samsung, In my opinion, suits more to people that want to push the phone to their limit in terms of developer options etc + work. However, It is obvious that an iPhone 7 Is better than a J5 for example. An iPhone on the other hand, in my eyes, suits more to people that don't want to fuss with the phone, want reliability, use social media a lot etc. As well as that you have apple ecosystem which is why many prefer apple to other companies.

  77. Carlton G

    Carlton GTháng trước

    Lol buddy you're a great tech guy 😁 I'm in I.T True I.T I do it everyday buddy iPhones Tech wise lol will never be up to the Task of any android As much as I love your channel the only thing Apple got going for them is Smoothness they run like a Bentley GT is what Apple is Android is more like a konigg RS the fastest Production car that you can buy with a warranty my grandma is 93 years old has no Ideal how to Operate an android phone where she can with Apple all day 93 years old

  78. Jake Jager

    Jake JagerTháng trước

    I heard Apple is planning to phase out 3D Touch. Have you heard this?

  79. visualrendering

    visualrenderingTháng trước

    So many adverts pops up on this video when watching in the UK. 4-5 ads, I left thumbs down because of those annoying interruptions.

  80. Fedjkhi Marouane

    Fedjkhi MarouaneTháng trước

    S9 plus standard version coms in 6gb ram and both samsungs have duo openings cameras and the speakers in the s9 are far superior than the iphon's

  81. choix sadi

    choix sadi2 tháng trước


  82. RIley playz

    RIley playzTháng trước


  83. ac gaming

    ac gaming2 tháng trước

    Remember..... No note 9 no galaxy skin ;)

  84. Complexity

    Complexity2 tháng trước

    Fucking isheep

  85. thereal Bubba

    thereal Bubba2 tháng trước

    Base Note 9 gives you 128 gb for $100 less than the 64 gb IPhone XS Max

  86. King Mole

    King Mole2 tháng trước

    128gb vs 64gb Note 9 for me.

  87. yas Boss

    yas Boss2 tháng trước

    Why iphone's bezels are big in this video specialy chin??

  88. Matthew Bitter

    Matthew BitterTháng trước

    It’s a clone

  89. Diesel VII

    Diesel VII2 tháng trước

    Why at @ 1:59 does it say that finance has stopped working and looking very similar to android?

  90. Drum Life

    Drum Life2 tháng trước

    That’s a fake iPhone X max

  91. Legendery pro

    Legendery pro2 tháng trước

    Samsung wins yay iphone sucks 😂

  92. Sebastian Rogers

    Sebastian Rogers2 tháng trước

    I have both phones.. I love them both in different ways. If your a dj or audio technician stick with the iphone. Ios programming is far superior to the androids. Samsung camera is way better than the iphone. I use both back n forth.. Its like having two girlfriends would you choose one or have two..?

  93. David Martrano

    David Martrano2 tháng trước

    I have the s9+ and I prefer it over any of the Apples. Feature packed and much more customizable. I really enjoy the headphone jack & micro s/d expansion. Not a fan of IOS or SIRI!

  94. WELL RAN

    WELL RAN2 tháng trước

    Note 9 the best

  95. Brandon Human

    Brandon Human2 tháng trước

    Screw apple. The apple xr has a 720p display that they call a liqued retina? Wtf and they still charge you the same amount as their previous flag ship but you get half the bang for your buck

  96. Jordan H

    Jordan H2 tháng trước

    I have a Samsung galaxy s7 and ima switch to a iphone 8 plus next month, I never had an iPhone before btw so idk what to expect. But i just wanted one to see what the hype was about and for the games and FaceTime.

  97. emu emu

    emu emu2 tháng trước

    Man be honest..samsung is much better than apple..apple dont want to listen thier customers that why they disabled their comments..they dont care about our opinion..and thats why they go down

  98. MrUnterward

    MrUnterward2 tháng trước

    Note 9 512gb kicks apple's 512gbs ass.

  99. Pnuttz Clark

    Pnuttz Clark2 tháng trước

    Both companies slow your phone down when a new model comes out so we can never win. Shit

  100. Teresa Watson

    Teresa Watson2 tháng trước

    You're doing this review from demo models that dont work? What's the point of that?

  101. PastelFlower

    PastelFlower2 tháng trước

    I don’t know which to choose!? I currently have samsung but I love both so much. The display is so clean on both but it’s just so difficult

  102. Joe S.

    Joe S.2 tháng trước

    notice how he quickly goes over the Samsung Galaxy versus how he tells us more details about the iPhone :/

  103. Das Snek

    Das Snek2 tháng trước

    Well the entire channel is about Apple of course he's gonna talk about the iPhone

  104. SuperVoodooMan - SVM

    SuperVoodooMan - SVM2 tháng trước

    Like - Apple Comment - Samsung *LET THE WAR BEGIN* Rule: You must not duplicate your comment/ like

  105. SuperVoodooMan - SVM

    SuperVoodooMan - SVM2 tháng trước

    Guy The GalaXII Onky Once Boi

  106. Das Snek

    Das Snek2 tháng trước

    Now it's 10v1