iPhone Xs Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9 & S9 Plus!


  1. Shibu Thomas, Pullukattu Parambil

    Shibu Thomas, Pullukattu Parambil6 giờ trước


  2. Pankaj Ahuja

    Pankaj Ahuja12 giờ trước

    1:59 is that the fake iPhone Max? That looks super android, iPhones don't tell you when apps quit unexpectedly.

  3. FDD YO

    FDD YO18 giờ trước

    I always fall for the apple logo...

  4. LANDENW22

    LANDENW22Ngày trước

    He's not even using the real xs max it's the clone look at the bottom of the phone 1:50

  5. M Ba

    M BaNgày trước

    You are definately an apple foothooker


    SLABRINgày trước

    Stfu beta iPhone user

  7. Jettawi

    JettawiNgày trước


  8. Lou Korpas

    Lou KorpasNgày trước

    I am dumping iPhone for either a note 9 or a new Samsung phone early 2019

  9. Simon Webb

    Simon WebbNgày trước

    Iphone made in China?

  10. Simon Webb

    Simon WebbNgày trước

    I looked at their flagship but it feels and looks cheap...note 9 all day

  11. bla blabla

    bla blabla2 ngày trước

    li mortacci tua ..samsung is way better than iphone.


    ADVEXON TV2 ngày trước

    The single button was the symbol of iphone. I have no idea why apple removed that button. This is why I still use iphone 7 plus and note 9. I iphone Xs max is suck with it's useless battery life.

  13. Aspirative Music Production

    Aspirative Music Production2 ngày trước

    But I can plug my headphones of choice in Samsung S9+ and don't need dongle and the cameras are probably the best at the moment. And can upgrade memory if I ever need to with SD. So, to me Samsung wins.

  14. HelpByHope

    HelpByHope2 ngày trước

    .1" smaller screen vs an ANNOYING top bezle hmmm let me think...

  15. noel hdz

    noel hdz2 ngày trước

    This guy is a joke..😂😂😂 . So bias

  16. Killua Iverson

    Killua Iverson3 ngày trước

    keep on sucking apple.

  17. random person scrolling the comments

    random person scrolling the comments3 ngày trước

    Bruhhhh in my country the note 9 is 880, s9+ is 700 and the xs max is 1400(base 64gb) Wtf

  18. AMBEE 2772

    AMBEE 27723 ngày trước

    This guy got his maths wrong. He seems to forget the iphone's display area is slightly less than the note 9 due to its higher aspect ratio (19.5:9 vs 18.5:9 and 102.9 sq.cm vs 103.2 sq.cm).

  19. Joshthefirst66

    Joshthefirst663 ngày trước

    “What has been improved in the Xs” Nothing... Technically the X except they just inserted the S there

  20. Ryan Sumler

    Ryan Sumler3 ngày trước

    May I ask for the Galaxy fortnite skin off the note 9 please I don't have any skins and get made fun of for it and my favorite skin is Galaxy

  21. Xmaster134

    Xmaster1344 ngày trước

    The note 9 has stereo recording I'm pretty sure

  22. Ahmed Clay

    Ahmed Clay4 ngày trước

    your channel is called EVERYTHING APPLE PRO it's normal that you talk more about the iphone, you even show parts of the apple expo thing

  23. Martinebanks Ebanks

    Martinebanks Ebanks4 ngày trước

    Do a video about the XR and xmax

  24. Love Life

    Love Life5 ngày trước

    Future’s iphone - New upcoming future Iphone vireporter.net/v/video-YvXO2RAUe0Q.html

  25. Nur Ryhanna

    Nur Ryhanna5 ngày trước

    both are expensive lol

  26. Maytruck

    Maytruck5 ngày trước

    Isn't Note 9 Is 1 TB?

  27. Maung Aeng

    Maung Aeng5 ngày trước

    What a RIP off.

  28. &Not2Yield

    &Not2Yield5 ngày trước

    You tried so hard to make the Max an acceptable contender to the Note 9. V dishonest

  29. Cee Smith

    Cee Smith5 ngày trước

    I haven't even listened to what you are gonna say but because of your username ... you would be very biased to compare an apple product vs samsung product

  30. Karon Oltremari

    Karon Oltremari5 ngày trước


  31. corey cline

    corey cline5 ngày trước

    It’s a shame iPhone releases 4 phones to compete with 1 Samsung. Which means yet again iPhone is screwing everyone over. I wonder how many people bout the crap ones and wasted their money this year. The truth is apple already had the stuff to make the max when the released the first one of the x’s. They just enjoy screwing us over. Don’t you love lose lips ;)


    IBRAHIM KABEER5 ngày trước

    I like only samsung

  33. Daring Charming666

    Daring Charming6666 ngày trước

    It's a fake iphone x s max!!!!

  34. Eddie Styron

    Eddie Styron6 ngày trước

    Just say the sam is better u fagot

  35. Jack Ansari

    Jack Ansari7 ngày trước

    Samsung is best smartphone in the world

  36. Carlos castillo arevalo

    Carlos castillo arevalo7 ngày trước

    Note 9 is the god of phones , apple is a shit only they buy it for vanity

  37. Zilcro

    Zilcro7 ngày trước

    For all the Samsung and iPhone fans, I just want to say that this is supposed to be a comparison and he isn't supposed to really be biased or show preference. I used Samsung and apple and looking at the performance, I say that samsung is stepping up their game and it seems apple are releasing overrated phones. They are both great devices. iPhone is great but it you want the best bang for your buck I suggest Samsung. If you're not afraid to spend a little more money then iPhone is the way.

  38. Therealebob

    Therealebob7 ngày trước

    Fake xs max it had android software in it

  39. Kev

    Kev7 ngày trước

    Both companies take ideas from eachother and make it their own. If I had to chose who take more from the other Apple is the obvious choice. I own an iPhone Xs as well as a note 8. BOTH phones are great. Stop bashing I’m tired of all this fucking Apple vs Samsung bullshit. Get the phone YOU like. Your an idiot if your making fun of another individual for a phone they have. Period.

  40. Kalai Selvan

    Kalai Selvan7 ngày trước

    I smell apple got some true sheeps no matter how ridiculous they are.... Dude you just made xs max more hatable then it was before.

  41. K Astagina

    K Astagina8 ngày trước

    The only person whose aggree with this guy is I Justine.. LOL

  42. yosif shamrock

    yosif shamrock8 ngày trước

    Is it just me or is the note the biggest

  43. The Toxic

    The Toxic8 ngày trước

    Do you can make a video with IPHONE XR VS SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 PLUS

  44. John Wisewords

    John Wisewords8 ngày trước

    Just can't wait the 5G ready Galaxy Note10 (NoteX) using Snapdragon or Cheetah (formerly Exynos) with 7nm tech and a lil bit bigger RAM & ROM compared with its predecessor.

  45. Sheraz Khan

    Sheraz Khan8 ngày trước

    Note 9 best phone

  46. Sheraz Khan

    Sheraz Khan8 ngày trước

    Note 9

  47. Sheraz Khan

    Sheraz Khan8 ngày trước

    Note 9 best phone

  48. Rocky Fox

    Rocky Fox9 ngày trước

    Apple is just like supreme overpriced It's just the brand

  49. Rocky Fox

    Rocky Fox9 ngày trước


  50. My Superior

    My Superior9 ngày trước

    Which game is he playing

  51. John Huemenda

    John Huemenda9 ngày trước

    Annoying Iphone guy.

  52. Spiffy

    Spiffy9 ngày trước

    This dude is stuck on his knees and just sucking away isn't he? Lol so bias. Apple fan boy.

  53. Dėmïe Avakin

    Dėmïe Avakin9 ngày trước

    -EverythingApleePro- EverythingSamsungPro

  54. to m

    to m10 ngày trước

    S10 will be sent from god mark my words

  55. tariq shafu

    tariq shafu10 ngày trước

    This iphone xsmax that You are showing is fake

  56. Get3Blocked

    Get3Blocked10 ngày trước

    People think you have to have a iPhone to be cool That's only because iPhones cost almost $2000 Samsung doesn't get alot of recognition at my school because they make budget phones Not all but some But truly apple beats Samsung at some things and samsung beats apple at something It's just what r u looking for in a phone? That'll decide if u pick apple or samsung

  57. Alex wbzz

    Alex wbzz10 ngày trước

    Cmon.... you Samsung fanboys iPhone is over priced I am with you but it is still worth more... it’s faster better camera better resistance better phone i will compare the iPhone 7 or 8 to the note 9


    PEPSI TRG10 ngày trước

    Who else is choosing between the iphone XR and the note 9?

  59. Carlos castillo arevalo

    Carlos castillo arevalo7 ngày trước


  60. Abhi Aluvila

    Abhi Aluvila10 ngày trước

    dude..plz giveaway the note 9😍

  61. Umair Mahmood

    Umair Mahmood10 ngày trước

    Should not compare. One is half the price of the other :)

  62. Theamz

    Theamz10 ngày trước

    Why cant iphone and samsung make the ultimate iphone galaxy with 10gb of ram 3 terrabytes of storage and 30mp camera.

  63. Squishy Squisherson

    Squishy Squisherson10 ngày trước

    he should be EverythingTechPro, he does a lot of great videos in tech

  64. Diego Ortiz

    Diego Ortiz10 ngày trước

    That iPhone is fake...... 1:54 that shit running android

  65. Alistair Nye

    Alistair Nye10 ngày trước

    The notch is gay.

  66. Mateusz

    Mateusz11 ngày trước

    So you trying to tell that's XS max doesn't have a bottom bezel ? You must be blind...

  67. Noor Mohammad

    Noor Mohammad11 ngày trước

    Always samsung........ (Like this 🥇🔪) Others are lol............. (like this 🛬)

  68. Navy SEALS Rock

    Navy SEALS Rock11 ngày trước

    Samsung is way better

  69. Richie Urich

    Richie Urich11 ngày trước

    U suck

  70. Compete ToDefeat

    Compete ToDefeat11 ngày trước

    Wonder how it feels to be an Apple fanboy and deep down know that Samsung not only has the best devices on the market but also gives you more for less money.

  71. Lex Lawrence Quintal

    Lex Lawrence Quintal11 ngày trước

    It's funny to hear you saying that iPhone has a better IP rating, when you said on your old video that whether you get an IP67 or IP68 you'll get a good water protection on your phone. It's nice to see a comparison but not a biased video like this hahahaha.

  72. Nawar Salim

    Nawar Salim12 ngày trước

    So the note 9 can fit a headphone jack, a damn pen, Wireless Charging, usb-c, and micro sd card slot. FOR CHEAPER. And the iPhone can fit wireless charging and a lighting port.?

  73. Karan Kumar

    Karan Kumar12 ngày trước

    You channel name show that you are birth fan of apple stop misbehaving about galaxy function Soo boring. A iPhone 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎samsung 💪💪💪💪👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  74. Melita Cunanan

    Melita Cunanan12 ngày trước

    S9+ FAN here

  75. Jet Bell

    Jet Bell13 ngày trước

    I like how hes talking about apple's screen when its produced by Samsung so intern he should be complimenting Samsung on the screens

  76. Catty G

    Catty G13 ngày trước

    Apple has really saddened me ever since my man got an iPhone 8. I swear on my life that phone is 99% similar to iPhone 6s Plus. The only tiny difference is it a tiny bit lighter and faster (bc its new). Most NORMAL consumer will not tell the difference. I was absolutely baffled at how they were charging so much for the exact same phone as an iPhone 6s.

  77. Abhishek Mehta

    Abhishek Mehta13 ngày trước

    Note 9 is the king 😍😍

  78. Milan Tozic

    Milan Tozic13 ngày trước

    S9 Plus has 6GB of ram, and Note 9 has 8 GB with the 512GB storage

  79. Robert Otvos

    Robert Otvos13 ngày trước

    Always i had iphone, but lately disappointing me very much, all what they do with the old iphone for example iphone 6 plus, they make some change in an IOS that the old iphone die step by step, the batery life is not good anymore, the iphone 6 plus get slower and slower and for what? just to buy a new iphone? which is expensive of course, well so i decide to get samsung S plus 9 which is really worth it than an iphone in many ways, so i think apple company they should do some change , to not lose their customers.

  80. Messi 10

    Messi 1013 ngày trước

    Samsung has best display in all mobile.super beautiful no notch 😍😍😘

  81. Messi 10

    Messi 1013 ngày trước

    1:59 Apple app crashed 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  82. Nurmuhammad Safaev

    Nurmuhammad Safaev14 ngày trước

    6:50 iphone xs max doesn’t have 8 gb ram

  83. PJH199 1

    PJH199 114 ngày trước

    Because global smartphone sales have continued on the steady decline - in an effort to hold their margins and satisfy their shareholders - Apple has chosen an aggressive pricing strategy to rape the Apple faithful on a per unit basis. Just think of it: $1,749 for an iPhone with Apple care. My first car was cheaper! I love the iPhone product; however, I hope that people start showing Apple by what they purchase that this is ridiculous and force them to change their behavior.

  84. salman ahmed

    salman ahmed14 ngày trước

    Oh you fool have you forgot, Samsung produce iPhone display.

  85. juan Trejo

    juan Trejo14 ngày trước

    And silver like i have

  86. Trindade CR7

    Trindade CR714 ngày trước

    Huawei Mate 20 Pro ( Antutu 325.00 ) iPhone XS max 315.00 ) kirin 980 the best 😂☝📸🔋👊

  87. Justin Brown

    Justin Brown14 ngày trước

    FYI all 'loading' comparison videos between IOS and Android suffer from one significant issue. Due to the nature of IOS default loading animation it introduces a significant delay before the application loads, making it appear to take significantly longer than an Android alternative. This is deceptive, the application loads almost instantly AFTER IOS stops animating the 'zoom into app' effect. Go into settings->general->accessibility and set 'reduce motion' to on to get a more accurate comparison of app loading times.

  88. Warbird 421

    Warbird 42115 ngày trước

    Yeah the battery on the XS Max’s life will last longer now but 1 year later that battery will follow the rest and die in around 3 hours

  89. Raasikh Kanjiani

    Raasikh Kanjiani15 ngày trước

    What Happened to the iPhone at 1:57

  90. Dinesh De Silva

    Dinesh De Silva15 ngày trước

    Nice games!

  91. 〖ᗩǤ〗 OȻελɴ

    〖ᗩǤ〗 OȻελɴ15 ngày trước

    Ok ok, Earth to apple fanboys stop saying Samsung "fanboys" are toxic. Do you mean to tell me apple "fanboys" are just angels?. Hell no! Dont bitch about someone being toxic on one side. When on your side. Someone out there is just as toxic. LIKE WTFF Can we all just have our personal preferences and not botch and bicker to each other when you find someone different.

  92. KalCity 24

    KalCity 2415 ngày trước

    I only want to use iPhone once so I can make a Memoji other than that F*×* iPhone 📱 #Teamandriod

  93. emily woah

    emily woah15 ngày trước

    i like both equally. they’re basically the same. just buy any phone you are comfortable with

  94. Leandro Alvarado

    Leandro Alvarado15 ngày trước

    I phone x Apple air pods And the Apple Watch All together How good are they together Review please

  95. Music Express

    Music Express15 ngày trước

    Want to know why the iPhone won? Look at the name. Everything *Apple Pro*

  96. Orlando Millan

    Orlando Millan15 ngày trước

    Should i buy the s8 or i phone 7

  97. วคx

    วคx15 ngày trước



    GROWTOPIA EVI15 ngày trước


  99. Abdiel Pagán

    Abdiel Pagán15 ngày trước

    You sound like an apple fanboy. You most of the time mention note 9 features and then "the iphone does it better" wtf.

  100. Miguel M. Barberá

    Miguel M. Barberá16 ngày trước

    Apple man, specs dont speak everything, unless it is for iphone's advantage 😂😂

  101. Adam Harding

    Adam Harding16 ngày trước

    You can't do a comparison if you're just going to kiss Apple's ass! You have to be impartial on a comparison. Also how you can say that the resale value of the iPhone justifies the cost. Hardly anyone ever sells their old phones for more than £200 in mint condition, not even factoring in the fact that iPhone's are most famous for breaking and having the most stupid fixing costs.

  102. Emma Lambert

    Emma Lambert16 ngày trước

    The phone wasn't built to swim, so those IP ratings doesn't really matter to me

  103. วคx

    วคx15 ngày trước

    They matter to some people. I take pictures underwater often, so an IP68 rating is essential to me.

  104. Andrei Cazacu

    Andrei Cazacu17 ngày trước

    It's copper not gold