iPhone Xs Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9 & S9 Plus!


  1. Legendery pro

    Legendery pro11 giờ trước

    Samsung wins yay iphone sucks 😂

  2. Sebastian Rogers

    Sebastian Rogers20 giờ trước

    I have both phones.. I love them both in different ways. If your a dj or audio technician stick with the iphone. Ios programming is far superior to the androids. Samsung camera is way better than the iphone. I use both back n forth.. Its like having two girlfriends would you choose one or have two..?

  3. David Martrano

    David MartranoNgày trước

    I have the s9+ and I prefer it over any of the Apples. Feature packed and much more customizable. I really enjoy the headphone jack & micro s/d expansion. Not a fan of IOS or SIRI!


    WELL RANNgày trước

    Note 9 the best

  5. Brandon Human

    Brandon Human2 ngày trước

    Screw apple. The apple xr has a 720p display that they call a liqued retina? Wtf and they still charge you the same amount as their previous flag ship but you get half the bang for your buck

  6. Jordan H

    Jordan H2 ngày trước

    I have a Samsung galaxy s7 and ima switch to a iphone 8 plus next month, I never had an iPhone before btw so idk what to expect. But i just wanted one to see what the hype was about and for the games and FaceTime.

  7. emu emu

    emu emu3 ngày trước

    Man be honest..samsung is much better than apple..apple dont want to listen thier customers that why they disabled their comments..they dont care about our opinion..and thats why they go down

  8. MrUnterward

    MrUnterward3 ngày trước

    Note 9 512gb kicks apple's 512gbs ass.

  9. Pnuttz Clark

    Pnuttz Clark5 ngày trước

    Both companies slow your phone down when a new model comes out so we can never win. Shit

  10. Teresa Watson

    Teresa Watson5 ngày trước

    You're doing this review from demo models that dont work? What's the point of that?

  11. PastelFlower

    PastelFlower5 ngày trước

    I don’t know which to choose!? I currently have samsung but I love both so much. The display is so clean on both but it’s just so difficult

  12. Joe S.

    Joe S.5 ngày trước

    notice how he quickly goes over the Samsung Galaxy versus how he tells us more details about the iPhone :/

  13. Guy The GalaXII

    Guy The GalaXII5 ngày trước

    Well the entire channel is about Apple of course he's gonna talk about the iPhone

  14. SuperVoodooMan - SVM

    SuperVoodooMan - SVM6 ngày trước

    Like - Apple Comment - Samsung *LET THE WAR BEGIN* Rule: You must not duplicate your comment/ like

  15. SuperVoodooMan - SVM

    SuperVoodooMan - SVM5 ngày trước

    Guy The GalaXII Onky Once Boi

  16. Guy The GalaXII

    Guy The GalaXII5 ngày trước

    Now it's 10v1

  17. Living WithArt

    Living WithArt6 ngày trước

    I'm using Xiaomi Note 4, Should I change it to S8+ at the mid of 2019??

  18. Zam Firescu

    Zam Firescu6 ngày trước

    He's not even showing a real iPhone that's a freaking clone. I always taught this guy is a completely moron. I don't know why people looks for advices to him.

  19. Eli gr

    Eli gr7 ngày trước

    All of these Samsung fans are saying the same thing. "Samsung it's cheaper." "Apple doesn't treat their customer right by making them pay for extra stuff and Samsung just gives it away." Puhleeze. Companies don't run on compassion. They run on money. Companies produce something for a certain market and Apple's is high end. They don't want to make a phone that people can easily afford. They want to make a phone that people with money can buy or people who are poor are willing to not pay rent to get. That is the genius of their marketing strategy. Ferrari doesn't give a damn if you can pay a million dollars for one of their cars. They're not making the car for you. They're making the car to make money and for those who can afford it. Why is it that nobody gets the simple concept that the company wants your money not your positive review? Also, Samsung makes a thousand phones to make money and Apple just has to make two or three a year. They understand the concept of work smart not hard. Why make a variety of phones for different people and waste money on manufacturing and R&D when you can just make three and make the same if not more money than your competitors? And yes I'm an apple fan. I admire ruthless genius even if it's working against me. I'm not a sore loser.

  20. Guy The GalaXII

    Guy The GalaXII5 ngày trước

    I just would rather get the better deal, in my opinion it's the S9+. The iPhone may have a better processor, but the thing is more expensive than my Gaming laptop, and I never play games on my phone.

  21. Dave Payne

    Dave Payne7 ngày trước

    Sooo many people upset in the comments section over the phones... 😂😂😂 “come on apple I want to buy yours but it’s too much” ... uh stay within your means both the Galaxy s9 and note are great phones

  22. Kaveman Saltsman

    Kaveman Saltsman7 ngày trước

    I went to us celluler and it was either the iPhone max or the note 9 I didn't even look at the max

  23. Kaveman Saltsman

    Kaveman Saltsman7 ngày trước

    Suck a dick apple users

  24. hamid hamdard

    hamid hamdard7 ngày trước

    I donot have money please send me one note 9 free

  25. kees N1

    kees N17 ngày trước

    Is that iphone fake? Look at the chin of it.

  26. infinite flight

    infinite flight8 ngày trước

    That iPhone is fake

  27. Efue S

    Efue S8 ngày trước

    Credibility dropped 60% when he didn't know what colour the metallic copper was. Gold! He said... Preposterous!

  28. Today4 Real

    Today4 Real9 ngày trước

    With a iphone xs max 64gb price i could buy a note 8 and a video game

  29. zoomzoomman

    zoomzoomman9 ngày trước

    Apple is better because the galaxy note 7 there is a chance it can blow up into flames and Apple is better

  30. Guy The GalaXII

    Guy The GalaXII5 ngày trước

    Apple is too expensive and you don't get as much as the Samsung

  31. ac gaming

    ac gaming9 ngày trước

    notch phone hahahahahaha

  32. ac gaming

    ac gaming9 ngày trước

    your face looks like apple

  33. Babu Patra

    Babu Patra10 ngày trước

    Hii give you whatsap nombar

  34. the best youtuber

    the best youtuber10 ngày trước

    Its not a beast the note is a beast

  35. ghost youssef

    ghost youssef10 ngày trước

    S9 plus 4gb? It is 6 gb !

  36. ghost youssef

    ghost youssef10 ngày trước

    Iphone has stopped🤣🤣


    TECHNO BOY11 ngày trước

    Fake it is a clone xs max is clone

  38. how to

    how to11 ngày trước

    No it’s just that you don’t like android

  39. how to

    how to11 ngày trước

    You’re a apple fan

  40. Tony Geddes

    Tony Geddes12 ngày trước

    Currently have an iPhone X. Performs really well but I’ve been underwhelmed by it. Also sick of Apple’s greed re pricing. Due an upgrade soon, I’ll be going for the new S10 Plus. Adios, Apple.

  41. YouTube bros

    YouTube bros12 ngày trước

    Don't trust a apple channel on this stuff he's gonna only like the apple

  42. Simply Shaye

    Simply Shaye12 ngày trước

    I have a s8 but I'll get a s9 next year

  43. Beaumont The Frenchie

    Beaumont The Frenchie12 ngày trước

    6:50 Did you say the S9+ has 4GB of RAM??? It has 6GB of RAM! How dare you lie to us to make the phone look worse!

  44. grandma

    grandma12 ngày trước

    yeah only difference is the iphone costs dubble the s9 plus

  45. Comedy Idiotz

    Comedy Idiotz13 ngày trước

    I think this is a clone of xsmax because the bezels is very large

  46. Rafay Virk

    Rafay Virk14 ngày trước

    Note 9 lovers like and iphone XS max comments Let the war begin!!!

  47. wwe main event

    wwe main event14 ngày trước

    You made a cloun apple video

  48. wwe main event

    wwe main event14 ngày trước

    Cloun apple se video bana raha hai

  49. Gamer X

    Gamer X14 ngày trước

    Apple Fanboy

  50. Gabriella yako

    Gabriella yako14 ngày trước

    He likes iphone more and is always trying to make it seem like its better

  51. UltraKryptonian

    UltraKryptonian15 ngày trước

    Yeah, the Note 9 is a beast. But, iOS apps are generally better than the Android versions. Plus, sometimes you can’t even find an Android version of popular apps. I know this is true, because I own a Note 8 and iPad Pro.

  52. UltraKryptonian

    UltraKryptonian5 ngày trước

    Guy The GalaXII True, but the app would probably be accessing your contact list while you used it. If it wasn’t for the privacy issues and poor quality apps, I would have stayed with my Note 8.

  53. Guy The GalaXII

    Guy The GalaXII5 ngày trước

    Yes but Androids may also have things an iPhone can't do, like have a Ti-84 on your phone

  54. Nico Rios

    Nico Rios15 ngày trước

    What can you expect from a channel called everything apple pro

  55. aooopki aooopki

    aooopki aooopki15 ngày trước

    Хитри обманул

  56. aooopki aooopki

    aooopki aooopki15 ngày trước

    Нееееттт там айфон копия

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    Soon 1,000 Subscribers With No videos.15 ngày trước


  58. Liu Mark

    Liu Mark16 ngày trước

    Note 9 all the WAY!

  59. Suleman Ahmed

    Suleman Ahmed16 ngày trước

    Iphone is the worst phone

  60. Christian Santos

    Christian Santos16 ngày trước

    Reason why the comments are so one-sided is because most apple fans wont know how to comment on a Video.

  61. jonesy? you mean craig

    jonesy? you mean craig16 ngày trước

    Samsung for a win

  62. Today Tv

    Today Tv16 ngày trước

    This guy is being sponsored by Apple Company

  63. Ryan Badass

    Ryan Badass18 ngày trước

    Let's vote like for samsung comment for iphone

  64. Chathuranga Bandara

    Chathuranga Bandara18 ngày trước

    i think s9+ tha best phone

  65. James Kelting

    James Kelting18 ngày trước

    *The phone is an overall good phone it looks>>>**ur2.pl/1249** and feels great in your hand exceptional performance had to restart twice in one week but other then that all the other features are pretty superior compared to competing devices*

  66. Video Editor

    Video Editor18 ngày trước


  67. ayoub edward

    ayoub edward18 ngày trước

    You wrong bro not 9 and s9 and s9 plus recording videos at 2160@60fps

  68. Jayla B

    Jayla B19 ngày trước

    Wouldn’t dare buy that iPhone X

  69. Анич Бектуринова

    Анич Бектуринова20 ngày trước

    Айфон и места да Самсунг 9плюс удачи. Самсунг ноут плохо.

  70. Tziggie Redd

    Tziggie Redd20 ngày trước

    iphone was always better than any android phone,compare them in stores and you’ll see,dont trust this type of videos

  71. Ejaz

    Ejaz20 ngày trước

    you iSheep S9+ also has 6gb RAM.

  72. Izzy and Sadie

    Izzy and Sadie20 ngày trước

    Fuck iPhone

  73. XmcxO

    XmcxO20 ngày trước

    This guy really wants iPhone to win😥 BUT ITS JUST NOT BETTER🤣😂😂😂😅😅

  74. 21Wala

    21Wala21 ngày trước

    Who ever has apple in his name going to give more preference to the iPhone

  75. Cloud Bear

    Cloud Bear21 ngày trước

    Note 10 comes out in August but it is the same thing basically

  76. Cloud Bear

    Cloud Bear21 ngày trước

    I mean same display

  77. JM Z

    JM Z21 ngày trước

    Uhhhh hello noch

  78. JM Z

    JM Z21 ngày trước

    Noch makes it smaller then 6.5

  79. Asad Ali

    Asad Ali22 ngày trước

    You apple ass licker

  80. WhoDarestheMAN gamer

    WhoDarestheMAN gamer22 ngày trước

    Apple are a joke. Samsung for life!

  81. Sanjay Raja

    Sanjay Raja22 ngày trước

    Its a fake iphone

  82. 阿里Ali

    阿里Ali22 ngày trước

    Iphone boy

  83. Miguel Buitrago

    Miguel Buitrago22 ngày trước

    That's a fake iphone look 2:00

  84. Gabbys peeps! Lasmarias

    Gabbys peeps! Lasmarias23 ngày trước

    iPhone’s HAVE FACETIME some Samsungs don’t also iPhone has a better camera No offense to others also some Samsung’s are slow my friend has one and it’s super slow and it’s one of the new Samsungs but I honestly like iPhones better

  85. Manuel Lacap

    Manuel Lacap23 ngày trước

    Samsung Note 9 or iPhone Xs Max? Help me to get decide which phones are going to buy. 😧

  86. Dominic Allen

    Dominic Allen23 ngày trước

    Apples are pieces of junk. Why I'm watching this on a note 9 like if you agree

  87. Dovydas Almanas

    Dovydas Almanas23 ngày trước

    S9+ with 4gb of ram? It has 6gb of ram 6:50

  88. CGtonic

    CGtonic23 ngày trước

    Note 9 murders the xs max

  89. alaamery m

    alaamery m24 ngày trước

    Why Apple company boast and boast and company Sam Song is a manufacturer of screens for their phones ?? !! @

  90. Deryan Davis (SHFA)

    Deryan Davis (SHFA)24 ngày trước

    note 9 destroys the fucking iphone i should know.i used to be diehard apple and hate samsung but then there came the note starting from 8

  91. Izzy and Sadie

    Izzy and Sadie24 ngày trước

    Fuck iphone

  92. Refilwe Given Theys

    Refilwe Given Theys24 ngày trước

    My phone a month now metallic copper...💕 love this phone

  93. Videos for you

    Videos for you24 ngày trước

    I think even note 8 is better then 10x max Apple fan

  94. biggie Grass

    biggie Grass24 ngày trước


  95. Seema Iftikhar

    Seema Iftikhar25 ngày trước

    i dont have note9 or 10s but i am still watching this 😂

  96. Miss Sincere

    Miss Sincere25 ngày trước

    I don't need you to TELLme.why Apple is better than Samsung. I need you to actually putthe phones to the TEST and with no bias find out that way. 😒

  97. E Bartlett

    E Bartlett25 ngày trước

    Apple all day

  98. Dušan Grigorijević

    Dušan Grigorijević25 ngày trước

    6:55 the s9 plus has 6 gb of ram not 4

  99. A-jay Santos

    A-jay Santos26 ngày trước

    i want to unsubscribe u because. u are a very fan of apple..

  100. X Y

    X Y26 ngày trước

    Everybody who wont change from Iphone to samsung is just too lazy and dumb to figure its software out

  101. A-jay Santos

    A-jay Santos26 ngày trước

    samsung.. AMOLED not OLED are u kidding owwhh i think are sponsored by apple ..

  102. A-jay Santos

    A-jay Santos26 ngày trước

    are u serious note 9 is very powerfull than iphone and if u going to test the camera, the camera of samsung is very clean the iphone, the camera of iphone is not clean.. plsss stop the topic all of the fanboys of iphone is very crazy hahaha

  103. Ashan Demon

    Ashan Demon26 ngày trước

    I am going to unsubscribe u thanks to this video I subscribe tech channels for a fair review & u openly support apple & wtf is this 512 gb iPhone has 8gb ram don't spread rumors until u have solid proofs

  104. Tech-smart

    Tech-smart27 ngày trước

    Sub me pls.....

  105. Jeric Macamay

    Jeric Macamay28 ngày trước

    I'll go with Samsung! F*ck Apple! Everytime I update my software a lot of issue started to happen! I switch from Iphone 6s plus to s8 ! S8 got my attention! It's really nice! Interface, Features, battery, software, and PRICE! SAMSUNG WIN HERE!

  106. Nikolai Petkov

    Nikolai Petkov28 ngày trước

    وداعا لكل الخلطات الكاذبة الحل الأكيد لمشكل قضيب قصير أو قذف السريع أو ضعف الانتصاب الحل أصبح ممكن مع الدكتور مصطفى المالكي المتخصص في الأعضاء التناسلية للحصول على المنتج يرجى الاتصال على الواتساب 00212689611487 كريم رجال الصحراء هو علاج طبيعي وكل أعشابه طبيعيه ١٠٠٪ ولا يتسبب أي أثار جانيه امن تماما. كريم رجال الصحراء هو المنتج الرائد في دول العالم عامة وفي الشرق الأوسط خاصة وذالك لنجاحه مع كل العملاء اللذين استخدموه كريم رجال الصحراء منتج مرخص من هيئة الغذاء والدواء فوائد كريم رجال الصحراء 1-يعمل على تكبير القضيب 2-يساعد تأخير القذف 3-يساعد على لانتصاب لا تترددوا وغيروا حياتكم للأفضل... نحن نرسل المنتج لجميع دول الخليج و دول العالم

  107. Nils Hult

    Nils Hult28 ngày trước

    Hopefully in the next version of iOS, that sounds familiar. Sadly not often true though.

  108. Sia

    Sia29 ngày trước

    i don't understand why people are getting mad at him for being bias towards apple.. his youtube name is EverthingApplePro!! this guys have no idea what he is talking about Samsung phone. if he really do research, he'll find nothing about iphone is good beside the sofeware, airdrops, and imessage.. the rest is basically the same as 10 years ago.. if you're not bored of using the same phone over and over and over again, and paying such an expansive price, plus having to buy dongle/ fast charging from apple, then go ahead.. if you're a smart consumer, you'll know how good Samsung phone are with a ton of features.. you might not use it, but having option is ALWAYS the best.

  109. Dyn Juma

    Dyn Juma29 ngày trước


  110. Psychedelic Hip Hop

    Psychedelic Hip HopTháng trước

    @everythingapplepro gtfoh