Is Pokimane Asian? I take a DNA test!


  1. Pokimane

    Pokimane5 ngày trước

    Thank you all so much for watching

  2. xx LLAMAZ YT xx

    xx LLAMAZ YT xx8 giờ trước

    Team francais on est la

  3. Ahmad_ Gamez

    Ahmad_ Gamez16 giờ trước

    At least you are arabian like me

  4. Elisa Hoerth

    Elisa Hoerth3 ngày trước

    Pokimane I thought you were Asian🤨🤨

  5. SANDY

    SANDY4 ngày trước

    Can you add me on fortnite my fortnite name is Green stiven

  6. Premunera På Pewdiepie

    Premunera På Pewdiepie4 ngày trước

    Whoaaat you speak frensh?

  7. David Ouellette

    David Ouellette19 phút trước

    LOL 8.3 percent

  8. Synapse

    Synapse26 phút trước

    1.1 % sudanese

  9. Synapse

    Synapse26 phút trước

    She’s mine

  10. Lukas A.

    Lukas A.29 phút trước

    Or she was born in Alabama

  11. It’s Yuzzy

    It’s Yuzzy30 phút trước

    I’m half French half Asian

  12. Pro PulseFire

    Pro PulseFire46 phút trước

    Poki are u Asian??( prank)

  13. Pro PulseFire

    Pro PulseFire40 phút trước

    I watching your stream and a think you are a Chinese but now i know you are African (Asian XD)

  14. Mickaël Chatry

    Mickaël Chatry47 phút trước

    I'm morrocan too this is one of my origin and my sister is look like an asian too 😂 the chelha (region of morroco) people is look like's asian especially the girl's in this region of morroco

  15. Maicol Sabe

    Maicol Sabe53 phút trước

    Hi,Im chilean I do not know how ti speak English

  16. Pavle Pavlovic

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  17. -Synk2K-

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    Portuguese here!

  18. Elie Malaab

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    Are you arab

  19. Galaxy_World

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    6:39 DNA Results

  20. Pro Gaming

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    you are my favourat streamer

  21. Harry Xiang

    Harry XiangGiờ trước

    What laptop is this?


    OSVALDO CRUZGiờ trước

    Why is she speaking French

  23. S. Darmawan

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    Can you upload fortnite more pls

  24. Dank Zero

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    can your react to people killing you in Fortnite?

  25. Erwin Rommel

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    A hommie TriHard

  26. sylvano sylvano

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    Gekke mocro

  27. Dank Zero

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    12:35 that moment when your mom is talking on the phone for too long and you get bored

  28. Lee Choon Nan

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    DONT SAY THICK jk say it on me

  29. Rc rc1d

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    I'm cloning

  30. Rc rc1d

    Rc rc1d2 giờ trước

    Which race have you that beautiful body cause that's where I'm going

  31. Tommygun

    Tommygun3 giờ trước

    Poki you speak French really well I was born in Mauritius a French speaking country in Africa and I grew up speaking French and you speak really well

  32. From the Crocs to the Rocks

    From the Crocs to the Rocks3 giờ trước

    Myth loves ya nearly reported you for being to thicc

  33. Rafikee

    Rafikee3 giờ trước

    whats the program to get your ancestry traced?

  34. Aaron Dinh2016

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    7:01 SHE’S BLACK?

  35. toula omah

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    Why ya always like 😲😀😀😀

  36. Fury_ Impacc

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    I’m Asian I’m Korean and I’m adopted soooo yeah nothing wrong.

  37. Joshua

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    That's why she so thicc She is not Asian!!!!!!!

  38. Nick Gaming

    Nick Gaming5 giờ trước

    Pokimane nice vid tho keep you the good work

  39. Nick Gaming

    Nick Gaming5 giờ trước

    What language was that when you were talking to you’re mom

  40. Danion Aiden

    Danion Aiden5 giờ trước

    Awww your mum is really nice, and indeed very woke! :)

  41. FaZe Shadow

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    3:13 that’s what she said

  42. MaxGaming1440

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    watched Faze Jarvis meet up with you right before this...

  43. Jelly Mixes

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    Spain’s next to Morocco

  44. ShiningQuasar13

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    dem Moroccans ;)

  45. Tunuts

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    That vid gave me autism

  46. Nova Flame

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    So youre a n after all.

  47. KRYPS

    KRYPS6 giờ trước

    I thought poki was chinese, damn

  48. Toph Edits

    Toph Edits6 giờ trước

    she has the pass

  49. Moroccan Countryball animations

    Moroccan Countryball animations6 giờ trước

    It is normal to have as a North African Spanish dna. Because the moors (North Africans) conquered the Iberian peninsula for over 700 years so it is completely normal. I have 20% Spanish and Portuguese dna so

  50. Yopped

    Yopped7 giờ trước

    8:06 poki is in mongrel mob!!??

  51. Sy

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    How much was this

  52. Kid Cesars

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    Shes 100% FINE AF

  53. Im Vortrex

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    2:46 i thought this was a fortnite skin

  54. xx LLAMAZ YT xx

    xx LLAMAZ YT xx8 giờ trước

    Tu parle francais @pokimane ?!

  55. tatt oo sticker

    tatt oo sticker8 giờ trước

    6:21 wtf wrong with ya elbow poki

  56. Brian Garcia

    Brian Garcia8 giờ trước

    That’s why most Spanish guy find you attractive

  57. 3son Chao

    3son Chao9 giờ trước

    I wish I were the camera man when you are doing anything 😍

  58. Mystic K

    Mystic K9 giờ trước

    Soooo basically....... she can say the N word

  59. Parker and DEVON

    Parker and DEVON9 giờ trước

    Why are you speaking French

  60. Instinct GoDz

    Instinct GoDz9 giờ trước

    Wait if you're Moroccan then are you Muslim?

  61. Scythe Jr

    Scythe Jr9 giờ trước

    Lowkey poki I thought u were a lil Korean

  62. Kryo_Fake

    Kryo_Fake9 giờ trước

    Your french accent is soo cute

  63. trenches3

    trenches39 giờ trước

    She had a question

  64. Sara Razak

    Sara Razak10 giờ trước

    Cool video i knew u were asian

  65. Squidler

    Squidler10 giờ trước

    poki has n word pass

  66. Lehoux311

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    UNE française!! Hello😍

  67. Minecraft Heroes

    Minecraft Heroes11 giờ trước

    What was that language

  68. Twitch-yomar1215

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    Poki: now that's a decent bech you know Myth:no shitzzzzzzz

  69. I play fortnite TTV_Shadowfailer

    I play fortnite TTV_Shadowfailer11 giờ trước

    You speak french

  70. Not Slurpe

    Not Slurpe11 giờ trước

    Can poki say the n word??

  71. Philip Poulin

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    Wtf poki peut parler français

  72. Hakdog TJ

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    I thought you were a Sugondese


    SOLOBOY SSN12 giờ trước

    You look Asian

  74. Td Stopp

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    6:21 wtf wrong with ya elbow poki

  75. aryx lenma

    aryx lenma12 giờ trước

    I forgot there's some French speaking African countries.

  76. Angel Alejos

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    Is she mexican

  77. Ahmed Geming

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    Oh you marocain my to

  78. Clickbait Central

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    What language do you speak with your mum?

  79. TVB Risky

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    Why u talking mixed french💀

  80. yo hippo

    yo hippo14 giờ trước

    U speak French???? Cool moi aussi je parle français niiiice

  81. Joker King

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    Hein you speak French!!!

  82. XHypeGamez

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    I like you

  83. pizzalamasrica :v

    pizzalamasrica :v14 giờ trước

    Pokimane es : 10%de asia 5% de erupea 50%de estados unidos 35% de Myth

  84. pizzalamasrica :v

    pizzalamasrica :v14 giờ trước

    Por qué no hay subtitulos en español

  85. WP ME Dyzio

    WP ME Dyzio14 giờ trước

    Cześć Ewrron

  86. Ano Nym

    Ano Nym15 giờ trước

    They have your DNA, they have your address and they know that your name is supposed to be under a pseudonym. You went straight into their trap.

  87. SM Khemra

    SM Khemra15 giờ trước

    Wait I think She Asian

  88. The Legend Gamer17

    The Legend Gamer1715 giờ trước

    I’m Lebanese so I’m Arabic

  89. Zeebro The bull

    Zeebro The bull15 giờ trước

    Are you muslim

  90. Haroun Bakali

    Haroun Bakali15 giờ trước

    Poke my grandma is Moroccan and I am spanish

  91. s4d_ j0jiii

    s4d_ j0jiii15 giờ trước

    Why she is so beautiful? :c

  92. Reggie Scott

    Reggie Scott16 giờ trước

    What language are you speaking with ur mom

  93. Ahmad_ Gamez

    Ahmad_ Gamez16 giờ trước

    At least you are arabian like me

  94. War Chief V

    War Chief V16 giờ trước

    still asian lol u look asian only cuz u dye your hair with all the make up

  95. Sillingn

    Sillingn16 giờ trước

    I am portuguese! I don't think i'm from your family though... xD

  96. High Pluto

    High Pluto16 giờ trước

    Poki officially has the n word pass

  97. Graphix

    Graphix16 giờ trước

    she dont even look asain though yall actin like you ain never seen an asian before

  98. Mike

    Mike16 giờ trước

    The way you try to stretch out the video is annoying

  99. Habli Mostafa

    Habli Mostafa16 giờ trước

    Wait what are you moroccan.that's so cool i'm Moroccan too.from El jadida

  100. Jayden Heuvel

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    Ar you asain

  101. George Pas07

    George Pas0716 giờ trước

    I from Europe from Greece

  102. Jpc

    Jpc17 giờ trước

    I think it would be a fun video to see you try to learn a dance from Matt Steffanina or some other big choreographer!

  103. Fozdie

    Fozdie17 giờ trước

    It Doesn’t matter if you are Asian or not I LOVE YOU 💗💕✨

  104. Henry Harrison

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    Join tsm

  105. AnimeProdigy

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    Let's get some multi lingual videos bro!

  106. Santi Carnevali

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    Wait poki speaks french what

  107. Rksss09

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    I knew ur from morocco