Is The Galaxy Note 9 The Best Smartphone of 2018?


  1. Unbox Therapy

    Unbox Therapy3 tháng trước

    dbrand -

  2. Nilab Nangarhari

    Nilab Nangarhari8 ngày trước

    So where is your Review?

  3. Reviewer Discounts

    Reviewer Discounts13 ngày trước

    galaxy is the best i like it

  4. Abdo Elemam

    Abdo Elemam16 ngày trước

    4:01 what is the song

  5. JuanHZK

    JuanHZK4 giờ trước

    I love my NOTE 9

  6. Mr Crayon

    Mr Crayon10 giờ trước

    Huawei mate 20 pro!

  7. Remoj Abmul

    Remoj Abmul11 giờ trước

    What's the brand of your note9 case??

  8. oncorpse

    oncorpse14 giờ trước

    I own a note 8 and oh boy, the best phone in the world. the beast. and I will buy Note 10 when it comes out.

  9. Jake

    Jake21 giờ trước

    Offended how he is playing fortnite on a note 9 without a galaxy skin on

  10. songfulpower 341

    songfulpower 34123 giờ trước

    Why do apple users compare samsung camera quality to the phones that were made in 2010

  11. JoshY Kun

    JoshY KunNgày trước

    oof for iphone users lmao

  12. Ayush A.

    Ayush A.Ngày trước

    I am using my fifth phn in 5 yrs... Am I alone??

  13. Donna Just Being Real

    Donna Just Being RealNgày trước

    Is it good for doing VIreporter videos and livestreams??? I need something that gives real clear quality videos.

  14. Leoni

    LeoniNgày trước

    I was 12 Years Samsung Galaxy owner... I just switch to IPhone X... and it,s Awesome... way better... and much chipper than even this note 9...

  15. Cloudy One

    Cloudy OneNgày trước

    A true baller gets the Note 9. Only a fanboy would settle for iPhone over this

  16. Jay N

    Jay NNgày trước

    I own one and really really like it. If you need excellent battery life, like to watch a lot of video and use your phone for any other intensive tasks it is amazing. It is big, but unless you wear super tight pants with teeny pockets it will fit in a pocket just fine (but nothing else will fit in that pocket lol). That said, I got most of the phone paid for as an early christmas present from my wife. If I was paying for it all myself I think I would just as soon have gotten one of the current gen galaxy phones as I have used the new base galaxy model fairly extensively (wife's phone) and the user experience is almost identical. That phone though is also 800$ so really what's an extra 2 on top? Great phone but absolutely not for everyone.

  17. Tollymaster Official

    Tollymaster Official2 ngày trước

    Who is jack? You never show him!!

  18. Cloudy One

    Cloudy OneNgày trước

    The one with the glasses behind the camera. Hes always blacked out.

  19. Martin Garcia

    Martin Garcia2 ngày trước

    Where can I get that Yellow Case? 😍

  20. Martin Garcia

    Martin Garcia2 ngày trước

    Yes Yes it is

  21. danblox

    danblox2 ngày trước

    Watching it on my iPhone X lol. I just like Apple. But at least I respect other’s opinions. But not everyone does. -_- (Please. NO Samsung Angry FanBoys/Girls in the comment section. No Apple FanBoys/Girls and Samsung FanBoys/Girls here for a “who’s the better” phone battle please -_-)

  22. Balrajda savage

    Balrajda savage2 ngày trước

    5:28 I look at my s9 like what this shit tiny compared to the others

  23. CC FNAF

    CC FNAF2 ngày trước

    حمار تفهم

  24. Chinmoy Borah

    Chinmoy Borah3 ngày trước

    The beast of 2018

  25. Salaal Raj

    Salaal Raj3 ngày trước

    Can u wattsapp Me sir

  26. Elizeberth Alyxa

    Elizeberth Alyxa3 ngày trước

    Superamoled Screen Burn as always... If not this is the best phone ever....

  27. mai vu

    mai vu3 ngày trước


  28. hilancey

    hilancey3 ngày trước

    Sadly, you didnt even do a switch video for Note 9.

  29. Carlos Rivera

    Carlos Rivera3 ngày trước

    I need it for play PUBG

  30. Pavel Bakus

    Pavel Bakus4 ngày trước

    Depends what you are looking for :)

  31. Jean Torres

    Jean Torres4 ngày trước

    Watching this on My Note 9, although I have to say this Phone has a bunch of shit that I never use for example the S Pen its all cool and all but I hardly ever use it...when it comes to the battery in My opinion its decent but not as I thought, if You are using the phone for simple stuff it would last You the whole day but once You get into VIreporter or Fortnite it drains the battery quite faster than You might think. When it comes to watching videos or movies this thing is a beast 💪🏻 Sprint gave Me the option to go with the Note 9 or XS Max and I don't regret My choice, My Wife went with the XS Max as usual girls do and the only thing cool is the Emojis since AR Emoji SUCKS! ✌🏻

  32. Grande Fever

    Grande Fever4 ngày trước

    In the uk 512gb cost £869.95

  33. Hajjar

    Hajjar5 ngày trước

    that soundtrack sounded like dirmouth from hollowknight

  34. amr mohamed

    amr mohamed5 ngày trước

    What’s the name of the song in minute 3:38

  35. M N

    M N4 ngày trước

    Chi by Jesse james

  36. Anime Fighting

    Anime Fighting5 ngày trước

    Hey man give me the note 9

  37. 21st Century FOX

    21st Century FOX5 ngày trước

    Whoa😲 the dbrand skins of note 8 and s8 are lit🔥🔥🔥🔥

  38. Miguel Vale

    Miguel Vale5 ngày trước

    So this guy unboxes things for a living and makes well over six figures for doing so? Lol... What a time to be alive.

  39. JDub Tha Menace

    JDub Tha Menace6 ngày trước

    Getting mines Friday!!!

  40. Mangesh Dake

    Mangesh Dake6 ngày trước

    Apple left the chat

  41. Fag Rider

    Fag Rider6 ngày trước

    u're mom gay

  42. Filip Kurantowicz

    Filip Kurantowicz6 ngày trước

    Watching this on my note 9 lol

  43. David Feuerstein

    David Feuerstein6 ngày trước

    whats up cam you claim the galaxy skin on the note 9 on my fortnite acount

  44. Theo Davis

    Theo Davis6 ngày trước

    Just upgraded from s7 to note 9 i got to say it is a great phone if you have a carrier like sprint or c spire you don't drop a thousand all at once about $41 a month plus 45 for unlimited data and $19 for insurance so you looking $105 a month not bad

  45. CJ M

    CJ M6 ngày trước

    Yes. Moving on.

  46. Sinonim Sinonim

    Sinonim Sinonim7 ngày trước

    The best faking phone ever, the sound look real!

  47. kphelpsofficial singer actress songwriter

    kphelpsofficial singer actress songwriter7 ngày trước

    I love this phone

  48. v crew 7725

    v crew 77257 ngày trước

    Song at 3:46?

  49. 60Sec Videos

    60Sec Videos8 ngày trước

    In qatar 🇶🇦 u will get note 9 for 700$

  50. Hellx Gates

    Hellx Gates8 ngày trước

    In Malaysia this device is like half of the original price man

  51. Aiman Farewell

    Aiman Farewell3 ngày trước

    +Hellx Gates ooo...kalo malaysia set serius berbaloi beli

  52. Hellx Gates

    Hellx Gates3 ngày trước

    Aiman Farewell tadi aku tgk Facebook ada orang jual RM2250 warna copper 😂

  53. Aiman Farewell

    Aiman Farewell4 ngày trước

    betol bro, aq beli dpt harga rm2429(579 usd) dkt shopee

  54. ines cherif

    ines cherif8 ngày trước

    I bought this as a gift to my birthday 💌

  55. Why I like being scared of everything? Almost

    Why I like being scared of everything? Almost8 ngày trước

    The Galaxy Note 9 crushed the iPhone X and all its future variations

  56. c3dar050

    c3dar0509 ngày trước


  57. Anthony Webb

    Anthony Webb9 ngày trước

    The Xs max is the best smartphone of 2018!

  58. SuperSonicSurround

    SuperSonicSurround8 ngày trước

    +Anthony Webb Nigga I had a iPhone 7 when that shit came out you can't tell me nothing apple sheep.

  59. Anthony Webb

    Anthony Webb8 ngày trước

    SuperSonicSurround did I ask for you comment android fan boi

  60. SuperSonicSurround

    SuperSonicSurround9 ngày trước

    ur high

  61. im watching

    im watching9 ngày trước

    Watching on my note 9

  62. Hannah Ryu

    Hannah Ryu9 ngày trước

    Watching from my galaxy s5 lol

  63. Petru Airoaie

    Petru Airoaie10 ngày trước

    Name of the song??

  64. Mauro Diaz

    Mauro Diaz10 ngày trước

    Galaxy Note 9 Premium and beautiful design and at the same time very complete where you look, things that other manufacturers already removed from their devices, as I mentioned earlier Galaxy Note 9 premium where you look.

  65. arif_ azimin978

    arif_ azimin97810 ngày trước

    Still use s7 edge for 3 years 😭😭😭please give me one of them samsung note 9😭

  66. Whitney M.

    Whitney M.10 ngày trước

    Do you recommend this phone? I’m undecided on buying it.

  67. Adam Bargouthi

    Adam Bargouthi10 ngày trước

    Can you feture iPad 2018 by pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEeeeeeeeeeAaaaaaaaaaaseeeeee

  68. Sumith Sd

    Sumith Sd10 ngày trước

    What were u thinking when u get the iPhone xs max $1450..

  69. HangOutLate

    HangOutLate10 ngày trước

    Watching this from my iPhone XS MAX.. Bang Bang!!!!! 🤫

  70. Arun Bala

    Arun Bala11 ngày trước

    u hate samsung?

  71. Victor Rykowski

    Victor Rykowski11 ngày trước

    How can you recommend this but you say you shouldn’t buy the iPhone Xs Max even though they cost the same i dont believe that it’s actually worth a $1000 neither is the iPhone but how can you recommend this but say you shouldnt buy the iPhone

  72. Sceptic_Gamez

    Sceptic_Gamez11 ngày trước

    Lol im watching with the note 9 xD

  73. Beynon Darley

    Beynon Darley12 ngày trước

    love your style of review. subscribed

  74. Elvis Dimas

    Elvis Dimas12 ngày trước

    The Latin music lol

  75. Arbi

    Arbi13 ngày trước

    I got the note 8 about a year ago. Wont be upgrading anytime soon. Unlike Apple, Samsung phones don't become obsolete due to an update. Forcing you to buy a new phone,

  76. Johnny Emezie

    Johnny Emezie13 ngày trước

    Honestly no iphone user friends has beaten my comback to not having an iphone. "Bitch i got a pen"

  77. realChris Fidelio

    realChris Fidelio13 ngày trước

    Whens the preblack friday sale's going to start? Im tired of waiting to get this.

  78. Sarah M

    Sarah M13 ngày trước

    Okay great, but how is it that this phone still isn't compatible with Android Auto?

  79. Adam Apple

    Adam Apple13 ngày trước

    why do so many people hate  so much like they have almost the same features and also sell it for a similar price although it’s expensive like wtf it’s like a Samsung S9 with iOS and a notch

  80. steve placer

    steve placer14 ngày trước

    now i think my kidney goes to note9 instead of iphone x 😊

  81. A. V.

    A. V.14 ngày trước

    Best smartphone of 2018? Probably not,but compared to the i💩 is like a smartphone from another dimension.

  82. Fwl Web

    Fwl Web14 ngày trước

    Huge difference in sound! Wutchutalkinboutwillis?


    ANTON ILIEV14 ngày trước

    Please help us! Thousands of Note 9 owners are complaining about camera issues such as freezing but Samsung doesn't care at all. It's been more than 2 months and still, no fix.

  84. Christopher Chretien

    Christopher Chretien14 ngày trước

    I guess this phone is the official Fortnite phone now. My daughter is jumping out of battle busses wearing Galaxy uniforms.

  85. Waleed Taqi

    Waleed Taqi14 ngày trước

    You know you should atleast be thankful after the iPhone Xs max is out its not even 1000 dollar's it's like 1200 and for the 64 gb only and the 512gb is almost 1500 dollars it's not expensive it's toooo much expensive

  86. Ong Hend Ley

    Ong Hend Ley15 ngày trước

    Hey Uncle Loo....hehe something for u to try out.... I believe the flash light position of Note 9 is not very good... What I mean here, it flashes the left part brighter compare to the right part of the picture...try out and let us know about it..thanks

  87. SwagDaddy

    SwagDaddy15 ngày trước

    Does anybody feel like your phone gets jealous whenever you're looking at other phone reviews?😂😂😂

  88. What the Sushi

    What the Sushi15 ngày trước

    And I'm over here still commenting about how bad the camera is (the new mid-range phones are better) The battery (once again some mid-range phones beat it badly) The Charging (Mid-range..) Honestly I feel like this damn phone feels like a goddamn low range phone.. This phone feels like a 150$ phone or lower..

  89. Tee Phuu

    Tee Phuu15 ngày trước

    @Unbox therapy what do you end up doing with all the phones you review after using them

  90. Oh Mari

    Oh Mari15 ngày trước

    I'm only grabbing this if black Friday deals drop it to like at least 40 percent off. I know it's the best phone out there but it's only better than the 9+ by a little bit, and the 9+ isn't gonna cost over a grand. If black Friday or cyber Monday cuts that price then yeah I'll grab it immediately but if it's any less than 30 percent off nah I'm not spending that much for a cellphone

  91. GoldenDragon647

    GoldenDragon64716 ngày trước

    Great phone can confirm, but my wallet been pretty dry recently. Is I t worth it? In my opinion, yes.

  92. Ggie Hames

    Ggie Hames16 ngày trước

    It's for 9 year olds that want the galaxy skin

  93. S V

    S V16 ngày trước

    Playing cumbia in your video lol

  94. Mohamed Jama

    Mohamed Jama16 ngày trước

    It Might Be But Not Better Then The XR

  95. Dayna Kearns

    Dayna Kearns16 ngày trước

    I just wish Samsung would put a built in mocro sd card reader. That's all I want. Between dash cam, trail cam, etc , watching these videos right on your cell without carrying around attachments

  96. Tadiwa Makuto

    Tadiwa Makuto17 ngày trước

    Ok do I get the note 9, mate 20 pro or pixel 3xl for my next phone?

  97. SUBZERO 21

    SUBZERO 2117 ngày trước

    Thanks bro I was thinking if i should get it but now im

  98. just a scary ghost

    just a scary ghost17 ngày trước

    Lol this was the first recommended video on my new note 9

  99. patrick jackson

    patrick jackson17 ngày trước

    note 9 sounds so much better than the note 8 in this video. i used to like the note 8 but had to get rid of it because the software was just so horrible.

  100. Fire Crash

    Fire Crash17 ngày trước

    Samsung Note 9 isn't the best 2018 phones. Sony Xperia XZ3 does.

  101. Steven brown

    Steven brown17 ngày trước

    You talk about the price being steep. But what justifies the iPhone's $1,500 price tag? At least Samsung is adding more to their phones. Didn't bring up the waterproof of the phone, didn't talk about the DeX station being built in, also the Spen feature I thought you would have covered being one to always talk about cameras, the Spen can be used to take pictures by clicking the button. I think that is a fantastic design. No more timer for group pictures, no more trying to get the right selfie angle. Yeah the battery dies quick on the pen but it charges in less than a minute. I love your videos but was a bit disappointed in this one. I'll still continue to watch!!!!

  102. TheSushiandme

    TheSushiandme17 ngày trước

    Bruh I'm broke... I ain't paying $1250 for a phone to play games...

  103. MeowOfficer

    MeowOfficer17 ngày trước

    It is indeed.

  104. XenoKrispy

    XenoKrispy17 ngày trước

    Do Samsung A7

  105. mahesh verma

    mahesh verma18 ngày trước

    Where it is workspace in note 9

  106. bbq10

    bbq1018 ngày trước


  107. Ferricity AMV

    Ferricity AMV18 ngày trước

    I'm gonna buy this when note 20 is released

  108. Xu Yiu Lee

    Xu Yiu Lee18 ngày trước

    im from malaysia and my dad bought this at a wholesale place, when he came home i took his phone and played it around and realised its 512gb, so i asked him did he really bought 512gb and he said no, he asked for the 128gb version, we were like damn maybe the salesman made a mistake or something, so i asked my dad how much did u bought it for? and guess what, my dad bought it for rm2999 (around 700+usd which i believe is super cheap considering he got the 512gb version and its a legit ori phone, not an imitation), our thoughts and prayers to the salesman HAHAHAHA

  109. You don't know me

    You don't know me19 ngày trước

    Shut up and be aware that my Nokia 3310 still rules in 2018, and also 2019 soon...

  110. mauricio cuellar

    mauricio cuellar19 ngày trước

    Stop now . It depends of who uses the phone. I don’t like the note so much but I like the huawei better


    INFO DINTO19 ngày trước

    Where is ur switch