Is The Galaxy Note 9 The Best Smartphone of 2018?


  1. Unbox Therapy

    Unbox Therapy5 tháng trước

    dbrand -

  2. matt matthew

    matt matthewTháng trước

    Now all it needs is a 16x9 aspect ratio, and a normal resolution, such as 1280x720p,1920x1080p,2560x1440p,3840x2160,7680×4320, if it had a 7680x4320 resolution 650PPI/Pixels Per Inch, a 5,000MAH battery, I think, if those things were changed, it would be the best phone ever made, and worth buying, phones not being 16x9 is a huge deal breaker for me though.

  3. Nilab Nangarhari

    Nilab Nangarhari2 tháng trước

    So where is your Review?

  4. Reviewer Discounts

    Reviewer Discounts2 tháng trước

    galaxy is the best i like it

  5. Daniel Butler

    Daniel Butler50 phút trước

    I’m watching from a IPhone

  6. R. Kamphaus

    R. Kamphaus3 giờ trước

    It is a topnotch phone. Got mine two days ago, and out of all of the phones in the store, it was the most competitive. My only meh feelings for it are that it's so huuuuuuge. The pen is cool! However, I've never found the pen feature to be a big deal. It is pretty rad that you can use the pen as a bluetooth button for picture taking, changing songs, and/or presentation page turns.

  7. annoying troll

    annoying troll5 giờ trước

    Nah the poco is


    YIYIN COOLY6 giờ trước

    Okay im getting note 8 it is still good and cheaper now.

  9. Robb Poirier

    Robb Poirier11 giờ trước

    Any one else feel the electric coming through charging port it hurts ouch

  10. dang0088 da

    dang0088 da13 giờ trước

    screw them im still using the s5.

  11. Muhammad Hadi

    Muhammad Hadi17 giờ trước

    Lets better wait for Note 10!

  12. Well nas

    Well nas18 giờ trước

    The best smartphone is 6T. Not N9.

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  14. Satoshi Gurung

    Satoshi GurungNgày trước

    Never found any use for the S Pen 😂😂😂

  15. A. V.

    A. V.Ngày trước

    Yes ! It still is !!!

  16. Don Vamp

    Don Vamp2 ngày trước

    I currently use the s8 and was thinking of upgrading to the note since I like to edit my photography on my phone when Im not on my mac. Buuut my question is since I sometimes drive for uber/lyft would the note slow down in anyway? or would it be just as good as the s8?

  17. kcarraB amabO

    kcarraB amabO3 ngày trước

    1 day 2 day Their day Who's they

  18. Михаил Коцопулос

    Михаил Коцопулос3 ngày trước


  19. mohammad ali sadeghi

    mohammad ali sadeghi3 ngày trước

    just Huawei y320 :)

  20. Muhammad Arslan

    Muhammad Arslan3 ngày trước

    SAMSUNG IS THE BEST.........

  21. Kūra

    Kūra4 ngày trước

    I'll never be able to afford the note 9...well at least not now, I will in a couple of years once the price goes down

  22. 평TV

    평TV4 ngày trước


  23. Chase Ford

    Chase Ford4 ngày trước

    Just got mine

  24. Venkatesh Gudivada

    Venkatesh Gudivada5 ngày trước

    Its truly woth it

  25. sergio bravo

    sergio bravo5 ngày trước

    The music. Funny!

  26. boyd taylor

    boyd taylor6 ngày trước

    Got one never below 50% after a full day. This one ROCKS the house.

  27. Joshua Bonaparte Ashury

    Joshua Bonaparte Ashury6 ngày trước

    And still my mom knows nothing about phones and she still got one

  28. khairil amin

    khairil amin7 ngày trước

    Is it worth upgrading from iphone 6s to samsung galaxy note 9?

  29. Theophilus Thomas

    Theophilus Thomas7 ngày trước

    Was an iPhone user for many years and switched to note 9. I don't regret it!

  30. M & G

    M & G7 ngày trước

    Make on samsung a7 2018

  31. businesslaw JohnJames

    businesslaw JohnJames7 ngày trước

    I'm watching it from my note 69 lol.

  32. Anonymous Maximus

    Anonymous Maximus8 ngày trước


  33. Anindo Ani

    Anindo Ani8 ngày trước

    I like the theme

  34. Brown Dipto

    Brown Dipto8 ngày trước

    Samsung Note 9 My Dream Mobile Do you give me a mobile phone?😍🤦‍♂️😍

  35. anoop 2255

    anoop 22559 ngày trước

    no need of this question..NOTE 9 is the best smart phone of 2018

  36. Leki ツ

    Leki ツ9 ngày trước

    2:49 Galaxy skin?

  37. Arafat Sohan pasa

    Arafat Sohan pasa9 ngày trước


  38. Anita Adams

    Anita Adams10 ngày trước

    I'm sticking with my note 8. Not really impressed with the 9. It might be heavier and an inch bigger but still I'm not impressed

  39. Mr Aurian

    Mr Aurian10 ngày trước


  40. 彡〇下下彡

    彡〇下下彡11 ngày trước


  41. John Lower

    John Lower11 ngày trước

    Best phone I've ever had. No question.

  42. FarmYard Gaming

    FarmYard Gaming11 ngày trước

    Let's pretend my S5 is the S10. HA, take that. Until it comes out.

  43. BombDefuser6710

    BombDefuser671011 ngày trước

    The mitochondria is the meme house of the cell

  44. Pandula Thennakoon

    Pandula Thennakoon11 ngày trước

    Yes Jack. Not everyone can live like u😂😂😂.

  45. Coco El quatro

    Coco El quatro11 ngày trước

    4:42 the reason why i keep buying samsung devices

  46. Daniel DeVito

    Daniel DeVito12 ngày trước

    Been with Samsung since I made the switch from the HTC Hero (Amazing 1st gen smartphone) to the Galaxy S2... I recently moved up from the S8 to the Note 9 and I have to say that I LOVE this phone. The screen is INCREDIBLE, as well as the speakers, the memory, the responsiveness, the features...I mean I could go on all day... $1,200 is A LOT of money for a phone, but it's really worth every penny...

  47. NC Hawks Fan

    NC Hawks Fan12 ngày trước

    Deceptive channel name. Where's the unboxing?

  48. Glenda Collins

    Glenda Collins12 ngày trước

    So, if I can’t afford it but love it, what do I buy? My S7 is slow to not working at all.

  49. King Moe

    King Moe13 ngày trước

    Watching this on my Samsung galaxy Note 2

  50. jeff buckley

    jeff buckley13 ngày trước

    just ordered my note blue today for 719 euros , so nice deal , best phone for not too much money

  51. ZMangle's

    ZMangle's13 ngày trước

    Getting one in January 27. Ditching a S8+ for some reasons....


    KRISTINA AGUILAR13 ngày trước

    @unbox thearpy Could you pleaae tell me the song name to the music playing at the end of your video?

  53. El Fahado

    El Fahado14 ngày trước

    I bought it for 620$ and it's not fake

  54. Umadev TA

    Umadev TA14 ngày trước

    Where is the full review ? Its been a while since you switched to Note 9

  55. Daniel Ortiz

    Daniel Ortiz15 ngày trước


  56. Mark Lower

    Mark Lower15 ngày trước

    This phone is soooooo ugly

  57. tom grace

    tom grace15 ngày trước


  58. Randy Hampton

    Randy Hampton15 ngày trước

    Watching from my Note 9! Where are those skins from?

  59. Neguelvis

    Neguelvis15 ngày trước

    3:33 bemloko hauwhwwhauwhauah

  60. Macalyn Hulsey

    Macalyn Hulsey16 ngày trước

    i love unbox therapy

  61. tag 123

    tag 12316 ngày trước

    I have the note 9

  62. Gustavo Juarez

    Gustavo Juarez16 ngày trước

    I use to own apple my whole life got a galaxy 8S+ and it's so much better than a iPhone gonna get the note 9 soon

  63. FromThe3PointLine

    FromThe3PointLine17 ngày trước

    This phone is all day 500 dollars on OfferUp

  64. Samo Pitaj

    Samo Pitaj17 ngày trước

    Is it water resistant

  65. Zuhaa Arain

    Zuhaa Arain12 ngày trước

    IP 68 This phone will survive 1.5 meters below the surface of water for 30 min

  66. Alexander Castillo

    Alexander Castillo17 ngày trước

    Best phone of 2011-20whenever.

  67. apk kurdish

    apk kurdish17 ngày trước

    Of course its best smartphone in 2018

  68. Club 69

    Club 6918 ngày trước

    Send jack to india

  69. fuck nut

    fuck nut18 ngày trước

    I had the note 2 and I just switched to the s8plus and man how I miss the note I'm getting this one

  70. Prince Ali

    Prince Ali18 ngày trước

    It is !

  71. Gary Moose Wala

    Gary Moose Wala18 ngày trước

    What is the name of the track used in the audio/speaker comparsion ?

  72. Carlos

    Carlos18 ngày trước

    JESUS , just got mine and haven't touched it yet ,im so scared of it . I might just never put it down. ANDROID FOR EVER !

  73. Malfin Zhang

    Malfin Zhang18 ngày trước

    Is your note 9 support 5G tech?

  74. MA S

    MA S18 ngày trước

    my next phn hopefully

  75. Agoston Berkes

    Agoston Berkes19 ngày trước


  76. Manolo A

    Manolo A19 ngày trước

    I like more the model of my note 8, but don't like at all the speakers. When can I project using my smartphone with out buying a projector?

  77. sparta 57

    sparta 5719 ngày trước

    Still love my note 5 :)

  78. Ace

    Ace19 ngày trước

    Apple *removes headphone jack* Samsung *puts a whole pencil in a phone*

  79. Serkan Ugurlu

    Serkan Ugurlu19 ngày trước

    Last time I watching this video on my iPhone 7 and now I am watching this video on my Note 9! 😉

  80. mix tube /mix video

    mix tube /mix video19 ngày trước

    I love it

  81. DinoDino

    DinoDino20 ngày trước

    tempted for screen size but I never used the SPEN in the past ... maybe I stick to s9 + ... great video though ;)))))

  82. Half Memer Half Weeb

    Half Memer Half Weeb20 ngày trước

    What i have.

  83. ツMrCosmosDIN09

    ツMrCosmosDIN0920 ngày trước

    Please tell me the music at 3:46

  84. jkeener1988

    jkeener198820 ngày trước

    Watching on my S8 Active with a bit of Oreo.

  85. Mr. Poptart

    Mr. Poptart20 ngày trước

    Watching this on the note 9

  86. Michael Hardy

    Michael Hardy20 ngày trước

    Samsung Galaxy note 10 (6"×66mm )5000 mah ultimate lithium ion battery 4k camera 13 megapixels pistols front 12 megapixel wireless charging Bixby 3.0 Bluetooth 5.0 Android 9. 0 no headphone jack output home theater speakers

  87. Bdjjd Djjjncnmffm

    Bdjjd Djjjncnmffm17 ngày trước

    100000$ worth

  88. Youtube Admin

    Youtube Admin21 ngày trước

    Samsung galaxy note 9 is great but I like smaller phones that fit in my hand better so I got the s9

  89. Scales 94

    Scales 9421 ngày trước

    the world doesnt live like you!!!! well i am the world, he can help me get this phone or otherwise i will upgrade in 2025 watching on my note 2 hahahahaha

  90. patrick jackson

    patrick jackson21 ngày trước

    Water cooling in phones is a joke.

  91. XxShy GuyxX

    XxShy GuyxX21 ngày trước

    For all you guy who got the note 9, Who else loves typeing with the s pen?

  92. 장성인

    장성인21 ngày trước

    LOL I'm using LG GX

  93. tombell12

    tombell1221 ngày trước

    It would be if it had a removable battery...

  94. Itskelvinn

    Itskelvinn21 ngày trước

    Isnt it like $700 now? Only 3 months later? Can someone tell me if the aspect ratio on this is as irritating as i see it? It looks unnervingly narrow I use my phone a lot for videos. They probably wont fill up the entire screen (without cropping). Pretty annoying to have a big screen but videos have black bars on the sides?

  95. MHKH Rec

    MHKH Rec21 ngày trước

    OK, this guy, is out of his mind. Who wants to buy a 1000$ phone JUST to feel the fingerprint scanner, bro you may take these little things seriously but noone cares about the shape, i dont anyways i just want the phone to be PERFECT and the note 9 has perfect written all over it. good internal systems, comfortable to hold; for big hands anyways (if you're a big handed doofus like me, you can relate) The camera is good, I barely ever use the speakers, i usually have my headphones plugged in and its good, the S pen is literally 100X better than the Apple pencil and the phone itself is good, i would pick note 9 over the XR any time.

  96. X CIZZOR

    X CIZZOR22 ngày trước

    I really want one but im poor (im in philipines by the way it costs 56,000 something) but i really want one but i ofcourse dont have enough money so bye.

  97. Maruly Situmeang

    Maruly Situmeang22 ngày trước

    Dude, have u heard about "Buzzing" or " Blurry" or "Camera focus problem"??? It's real. For a $1000+ phone..😭 Guess u should help us to escalate this to samsung guys.

  98. joshua morrissey

    joshua morrissey23 ngày trước


  99. MrNatquik

    MrNatquik23 ngày trước

    Best £1000 phone you can buy so much features!

  100. M Ali

    M Ali23 ngày trước

    Well u can buy it next year for half the price and 30% slower.

  101. Stefan

    Stefan24 ngày trước

    An iPhone XS Mac or whatever is 1500 cad!!! While the note 9 is 1150 for the 128gb model is this expensive compared to others in its class

  102. TheAmberGryphon

    TheAmberGryphon24 ngày trước

    Watching this on my Note 9 512gb.

  103. GBG

    GBG24 ngày trước

    I use my phone alot I was initially.. thinking of the XS but after I went to Samsung before hitting apple I was just sold with the specs and comparison they made lol! I was like fuck I'd be dumb to get the more expensive less feature less offering phone.

  104. Gabriel McMillan

    Gabriel McMillan24 ngày trước

    Meanwhile i am watching this on a note 9

  105. Facts Taxi

    Facts Taxi25 ngày trước

    2019 iPhone 11... has New Increased Price And New Urine Emoji

  106. Elemental Creeper

    Elemental Creeper18 ngày trước


  107. Alterate Awful

    Alterate Awful18 ngày trước