It Follows (2014) KILL COUNT


  1. Dead Meat

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  2. Potato Man

    Potato Man2 ngày trước

    It’s good

  3. Larry Wickware

    Larry Wickware10 ngày trước

    Its goods to see a fellow person from the great state of Michigan

  4. Chris TDH

    Chris TDH13 ngày trước

    You should probably delete that other video now.

  5. Lilliempipkins18 Jeremyisawesome18

    Lilliempipkins18 Jeremyisawesome1814 ngày trước

    I love your face.

  6. S. M. J

    S. M. J19 ngày trước

    Dead Meat Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto Big Cheeto

  7. El1tE

    El1tE3 giờ trước

    Broo I had to leave at 7:50 it scared me so bad

  8. Liam McInroy

    Liam McInroy3 giờ trước

    Thanks bro I really thought there was 20 min of death scenes in this movie. But somehow you filled your video with more filler than the actual movie. *establishing shot* anyways since I know how to keep it short I am done writing this review. Upvoted 10/10 gj man. Having finished the review you somehow were able to rival the movie for kills per minute, 1 every 10 minute. Anyways thats "It Follows (2014) KILL COUNT" one of my favorite videos to come out in the last decade.

  9. Jaleb

    Jaleb5 giờ trước

    Suggestion/Request: Sweeney Todd (idk if that's considered horror fully or not, but a lot of dead people).

  10. Triadgaming YT

    Triadgaming YT6 giờ trước

    Yoooo fellow Michiganander I got to Detroit once a year

  11. Rian Reyes

    Rian Reyes8 giờ trước

    The das thing was hinted at earlier in the film. And the old women was her grandmother I think? She was in a photo during a scene where her mom talks to a neighbor

  12. Rian Reyes

    Rian Reyes8 giờ trước

    Also I meant to type "the dad thing"

  13. Rian Reyes

    Rian Reyes8 giờ trước

    It's kind of clever I think it's suppose to mean that while it seems random to everyone else, the monster is collecting images it thinks it can use on whoever the current target is

  14. rav3style

    rav3style11 giờ trước

    Dead Meat: Even the seasons make no sense Me: laughs in Puebla Mexico weather (Yesterday we were at like 102, and today it quite cool and the day before that we had a HUGE thunderstorm)

  15. Random Stuff

    Random Stuff12 giờ trước

    “I grew up in Detroit’s backyard.” *Ah I see you are a man of culture as well.*

  16. Consequence No. 62

    Consequence No. 6215 giờ trước

    "Don't talk shit about shit you don't know" Yea no problem man. Although, the Internet probably knows more than you about the hellfire that is Detroit and erm....well, there's a movie called Detroit and it shows all the "wonderful things" about Detroit. *bro, he says he lived in the backyard and saw that shit go down. He wasn't actually in it* "Well that's an oxymoron ain't it? To SEE bad shit, and say you love the place? And as a matter of fact, how does that mean don't talk shit about shit you don't know" when you didn't even LIVE in the Downtown area of Detroit. If anything, YOU should not tall shit about shit you don't know. You live IN Detroit, not "NOT" in Detroit. There's no "I lived in the backyard so technically NOT in Detroit" bullshit. Muster some backbone for your own city bro." "#1 Worst City in the United States of America. Honestly just let it go. Maybe don't get all passive aggressive by saying in a narrative tone 'So don't talk shit about shit you don't know.' It makes you look arrogant and insults our intelligence." *Lol I think you already did that for us buddy* Yea, very clever response that I totally don't expect. Now go ahead, give me your best "fuck off."

  17. Frank Parkinson

    Frank Parkinson16 giờ trước

    Love all the Michigan references! Go blue

  18. Toka Lerutla

    Toka Lerutla16 giờ trước

    18:15 Chelsea tried to take his soul but found out you have no soul.

  19. wad dup

    wad dup20 giờ trước

    if this was a real thing then a pornstar would be absoulety safe

  20. Flatulent Draco

    Flatulent Draco21 giờ trước

    … Nope! Nope times no divided to the power of OH HELL NO! Stephen King's IT was scary enough, I don't need one that'll kill me over an STDM(sexually transmitted death mark).

  21. RD JOE

    RD JOENgày trước

    14:46 is it just me or is that the mystery van

  22. Progressives R Dumb

    Progressives R DumbNgày trước

    The "it" that's following them at the end is the kid she's holding hands with. What does that mean?

  23. VinnyI6420

    VinnyI6420Ngày trước

    This movie looks like dog shit lmao

  24. Chris Mequet

    Chris MequetNgày trước

    Bro you show to your city in almost every video. Hell yeah man shout out from H town James! Love your content so much!

  25. thedaftone

    thedaftoneNgày trước


  26. 1960's Clint Eastwood

    1960's Clint EastwoodNgày trước

    Annie died in the beginning with the leg all messed up because she tried to run from It with high heels, in the sand.

  27. Jeff Nicholas

    Jeff NicholasNgày trước

    But who was the first person to have it ???

  28. memes for life

    memes for lifeNgày trước

    9:35 why'd I just realized hes from atipical

  29. Ben's videos

    Ben's videosNgày trước

    Hmm, characters are calling the thing IT are you sure it's not Pennywise? Because Pennywise is a shape shifter, so maybe Pennywise just has a new way to scare his victims.

  30. crazyender teen

    crazyender teenNgày trước

    I love this movie

  31. Gamer boy 1229

    Gamer boy 1229Ngày trước

    This is similar to me of where it was filmed because spider man 2 was filmed in Rochester my home town

  32. Finley Wiliams

    Finley WiliamsNgày trước

    So basically it's an STDemon

  33. Astrolunatic06

    Astrolunatic06Ngày trước

    A nice way to turn STDs into a horror movies.

  34. Em Jay

    Em JayNgày trước

    What time petiod its just detroit

  35. Black Santa

    Black SantaNgày trước

    This is why don't have sex with anyone especially MILEY CYRUS

  36. sarcasm boi

    sarcasm boi2 ngày trước

    I click on these videos and forget that they're kill counts

  37. Masked Maniac

    Masked Maniac2 ngày trước

    Why didn't they just try a prostitute from the beginning? would be simple and "save"

  38. - DJ -

    - DJ -2 ngày trước

    Make a kill count on Pewdiepie’s Minecraft series!!

  39. One fine line One awful dime

    One fine line One awful dime2 ngày trước

    So weebs can’t die to this

  40. GalaxiSwirl

    GalaxiSwirl2 ngày trước


  41. dadkwashere

    dadkwashere2 ngày trước

    The tall basketball player coming in would be scary as fuck

  42. Mr. Luni

    Mr. Luni2 ngày trước

    it attacs it proteccs most importantly IT FOLLOWS

  43. Xx_VampireMadison_xX

    Xx_VampireMadison_xX2 ngày trước

    Wait... Could you sleep with IT?

  44. Exoticquality32

    Exoticquality322 ngày trước

    Big question is what if you had it with a dog and then escaped it?

  45. Rorkes Rorkes

    Rorkes Rorkes2 ngày trước

    >Be me >18 yo betavirgin >finally meet a 7/10 stacy at the local bar >get drunk >she told me to come with her >ohgod.jpg >have sex for the first time >exchange numbers >going home, not a betavirgin finally >gets followed by a random chick >mfw

  46. Matto21

    Matto212 ngày trước

    I LOVED WHEN CHELSEY CAME at the end, lol.

  47. Deathwarrior 31

    Deathwarrior 312 ngày trước

    "Oh no its a topless lady! And she's not house trained oh noaaahhhhh" -James

  48. skyhuter nick mc nick

    skyhuter nick mc nick2 ngày trước

    7 FEET? 7:52

  49. A.phychosocial Maggot

    A.phychosocial Maggot2 ngày trước

    Listen to disasterpeice by slipknot

  50. Oblivious

    Oblivious2 ngày trước

    This is why i have trust issues.

  51. Mil SKAP

    Mil SKAP2 ngày trước

    Damn, I wish I had a GPS system like those things

  52. Tash Ray

    Tash Ray2 ngày trước


  53. Tash Ray

    Tash Ray2 ngày trước


  54. Tash Ray

    Tash Ray2 ngày trước

    hey that’s your house

  55. JappaMegumin

    JappaMegumin3 ngày trước


  56. YouGotNicoked

    YouGotNicoked3 ngày trước

    This is why we should all be virgins

  57. Kawaiimelon 172

    Kawaiimelon 1723 ngày trước

    9:23 That's my high school. Lol

  58. Skylar Renee

    Skylar Renee3 ngày trước

    I’ve heard that the unseen entity is a representation of rape and how it always stays with you but also heard the STD/HIV theory as well. Either way highly recommend this movie.

  59. F ormula

    F ormula5 giờ trước

    That's a pretty weird comparison seeing how the demon literally leaves you after you have sex again

  60. 83rdox

    83rdox3 ngày trước

    Is it intentionally illogical or is the director just dumb

  61. Isabella Frisby

    Isabella Frisby3 ngày trước

    horror movie, more like whorrreee movie

  62. Level 2 Chin

    Level 2 Chin3 ngày trước

    Just go to another country lmao

  63. Marcel Johnson

    Marcel Johnson3 ngày trước

    I remember first seeing this movie and was like wtf, the meaning of this movie and the real life fear factor

  64. Just a guy with a YouTube chanel

    Just a guy with a YouTube chanel3 ngày trước

    I really wanted to like this movie, but it just repeatedly annoyed me.

  65. Punisher6791

    Punisher67913 ngày trước

    so the monster is technically Aids?

  66. Giorgi Gogolashvili

    Giorgi Gogolashvili3 ngày trước

    Fly to Amsterdam, have sex with a prostitute. Ez

  67. Peachy Strawb

    Peachy Strawb3 ngày trước

    * laughs in asexual *

  68. Lily Watson

    Lily Watson3 ngày trước

    I thought jay was a boys name

  69. KingAries

    KingAries3 ngày trước

    I watched this full movie and it was shitty.

  70. ImJacob

    ImJacob3 ngày trước

    Welcome to America, where women who are slightly exposed is a fat no, and severed heads are a-ok.

  71. ɠα૮ɦα ร૮เρlαყƶ

    ɠα૮ɦα ร૮เρlαყƶ3 ngày trước

    Shapeshifting ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  72. Liam Sumayod

    Liam Sumayod3 ngày trước

    Is it pennywise

  73. Quiet Time Gaming

    Quiet Time Gaming4 ngày trước

    Girl in a bra, no good. Girl in a bikini? 👍 Me: what’s the difference?

  74. speedingahead

    speedingahead4 ngày trước

    How to avoid this ‘IT’ Plan a full month holiday to international places

  75. The Nightly Sinz

    The Nightly Sinz4 ngày trước

    15:21 that song is so fuckingb sweet!!!

  76. The Nightly Sinz

    The Nightly Sinz3 ngày trước

    austin beshers title disasterpiece

  77. austin beshers

    austin beshers3 ngày trước

    does anyone know the name?

  78. ilikedogs

    ilikedogs4 ngày trước

    Hi Chelsea!! :)

  79. Mr.Demogorgan

    Mr.Demogorgan4 ngày trước

    I just f*ckin love James. His personality is just so savage

  80. sTaNd nO pOwEr

    sTaNd nO pOwEr4 ngày trước

    the ones that comennt in this comment thi are shit


    CLASHOFBANDS S4 ngày trước

    The movie is more just sad then scary Personally Like a child has to have sex to survive or somthing

  82. Mya W

    Mya W4 ngày trước


  83. Cayly Likes Sweets

    Cayly Likes Sweets5 ngày trước

    That hospital sandwich she was eating made me want a pb and j sandwich.

  84. Phantom Hunter

    Phantom Hunter5 ngày trước

    And that’s why I am a virgin

  85. Zach Hughes

    Zach Hughes5 ngày trước

    One of my favorite horror movies, along with Halloween, The Thing, and 28 Days Later, thanks for doing it!

  86. Malicemaniacman

    Malicemaniacman5 ngày trước

    Not a good heroine.

  87. blue star96

    blue star965 ngày trước

    It: **follows** Scp 096: am I a joke to you?

  88. Wild Shiner

    Wild Shiner5 ngày trước

    I feel like its pretty flawed though. Like for instance if you were to catch it in a bear trap or something for instance that would greatly hinder or stop its movement, hows it going to get out?

  89. CJ

    CJ5 ngày trước

    Why does it change appearance

  90. The Italian Mexican

    The Italian Mexican6 ngày trước

    If they had some way that they could go to space they win. Unless IT can fly.