1. Erfan Pramudyana

    Erfan Pramudyana3 giây trước

    The girls are so pretty, the music is bad tho.

  2. Hahah Hihih

    Hahah Hihih3 giây trước

    SLAY BITCHES. I love them

  3. Cat Lee

    Cat LeePhút trước

    What about GOT7- (Lol so irrelevant 😔😂)

  4. Its Nurul Amnie

    Its Nurul AmniePhút trước

    Congratulations itzy on your first win in music show congrats

  5. Anne Marie

    Anne Marie3 phút trước

    ok but like I love this song

  6. 쭈잉

    쭈잉4 phút trước

    제이와이피 바부

  7. Beautiful Be

    Beautiful Be4 phút trước


  8. 잠만보뱃살구이

    잠만보뱃살구이6 phút trước

    계속 보니까 블핑이랑 느낌 개비슷하네

  9. iiiVictxriaiii

    iiiVictxriaiii6 phút trước

    Fastest girl group to get a win!

  10. Rip Cutluss

    Rip Cutluss7 phút trước

    56.2 , 14hrs to go, we can hit 57m today leggo!

  11. 蔡娜文

    蔡娜文11 phút trước


  12. R.

    R.13 phút trước

    These girls are stunning asf. Every single one of them has their own charisma. Yeji’s stare can end me 👀😍

  13. Liam Phan

    Liam Phan13 phút trước

    Sorry but they does not stand out at all.

  14. FilipinaLOVE Mukbang

    FilipinaLOVE Mukbang13 phút trước

    Their Unique Listeners in Melon the biggest Korean Chart is increasing like everyday Truly a addictive song!!!! Good Job Future Queens

  15. Trường Lê

    Trường Lê15 phút trước

    56M Happy Idol Itzy Kute Beautiful Girls

  16. Camila González

    Camila González16 phút trước


  17. Trường Lê

    Trường Lê17 phút trước

    #42 😢😢😢😢😢😢

  18. Bayan A

    Bayan A19 phút trước

    love u

  19. romi boy

    romi boy23 phút trước

    soon 60 million views and 1,5 million like

  20. romi boy

    romi boy23 phút trước

    up up up

  21. Cigy Paul

    Cigy Paul23 phút trước

    What a great and beautiful song, about how to be a boss. So original and authentic. 😘💛

  22. romi boy

    romi boy23 phút trước

    itzy FIGHTING

  23. Yuliana Wulandari

    Yuliana Wulandari24 phút trước


  24. tzuyu minatozaki

    tzuyu minatozaki25 phút trước

    unwilling itzy

  25. 뚝심TTUKSSIM

    뚝심TTUKSSIM25 phút trước


  26. Lisa Edits

    Lisa Edits26 phút trước


  27. angel CA

    angel CA26 phút trước

    Am i the only one who thinks the beginning sounds like 2NE1 kinda

  28. slimes_from_ ellie

    slimes_from_ ellie27 phút trước

    when they said "im differnt" i thought they said dollar lmao

  29. Nia

    Nia27 phút trước

    The crown thing they do at the end is the trademark sign of the ROYAL FAMILY dance crew. Kinda hoping they only use it this one time.

  30. jaca acaj

    jaca acaj30 phút trước



    ITZY JELLY6 phút trước


  32. Ging Ging

    Ging Ging30 phút trước


  33. Lonnie_ Playz

    Lonnie_ Playz30 phút trước

    Looks like I found a new group to stan


    PPS DESAWINONG32 phút trước

    kesan pertama merusak pertahanan ku yang selama ini saya bangun,,,cakeppp abizzzz

  35. iheworld134

    iheworld13432 phút trước

    57 M today

  36. Lucas Luan

    Lucas Luan32 phút trước


  37. 카와이한네코

    카와이한네코33 phút trước

    진짜 매력이 있으셔서...

  38. bolinho de arroz frito

    bolinho de arroz frito33 phút trước

    Mo minuto 0:44 ela falo catenga

  39. MeowImAKitty

    MeowImAKitty34 phút trước

    Yeji is Hyunjin's long lost sister xD also I think I'm gonna be playing this for a real long time I love it

  40. SophiaCandyGame 132

    SophiaCandyGame 13234 phút trước

    Yahhhh, itzy got into top 5 most díliked kpop mvs of all time :)))))

  41. karemi. Rxees

    karemi. Rxees35 phút trước

    I love myself.

  42. Andre Perez

    Andre Perez37 phút trước

    I.T.Z.Y 👑❤

  43. 차소피아

    차소피아38 phút trước

    노래 좋타~

  44. Multi Fandom

    Multi Fandom38 phút trước

    Keep calm and ITZY on 😄

  45. Kim Lay

    Kim Lay38 phút trước

    I love this MV.💜

  46. Unknown Sources

    Unknown Sources38 phút trước

    im sorry but.. how much we got yesterday ?

  47. n'ning นิ้ง

    n'ning นิ้ง39 phút trước


  48. mcia

    mcia40 phút trước

    the dislikes are people who are triggered about how beautiful they are!! period

  49. rosen koychev

    rosen koychev41 phút trước

    Keep your chin up, we got your back (hey!) Keep your head up, just keep on STREAMIN' (yeah!)

  50. Sunilkumar Agarwal

    Sunilkumar Agarwal41 phút trước

    I started to like this song after listening to it few more times

  51. Moglie di Hobi

    Moglie di Hobi42 phút trước

    My crush be like:

  52. Cali Armenta

    Cali Armenta43 phút trước

    First ITZY song I've ever heard. They've got a new stannnn

  53. Human Being

    Human Being44 phút trước

    Excited to know the fandom name so I can add it to my stan labels ahahaha I'm VIP, Blackjack, Ikonic, and Blink.

  54. Malay anime

    Malay anime45 phút trước

    catchy. good job???


    SKUY GAMING48 phút trước

    ;* kyaaaa >/////

  56. Nhi Lam

    Nhi Lam52 phút trước

    Help. Who’s who?

  57. BeautifulCazie Gamer

    BeautifulCazie Gamer52 phút trước

    ITZY is so very good girl group i love it so much congratulations ITZY!!!😍😘

  58. 파오스 Power of Study

    파오스 Power of Study52 phút trước

    신류진! 신류진! 신류진!💜❤

  59. Kevin Gray

    Kevin Gray52 phút trước


  60. Ngân Giang Trương

    Ngân Giang Trương56 phút trước

    Ryujin ❤️❤️❤️

  61. BTS_ARMY _Love Yourself

    BTS_ARMY _Love Yourself58 phút trước

    Non-kpop friend:I dare you to shout something Me:...DALLA DALLA!RYUJIN!YEJI!LIA!YUNA!CHAERYOUNG!ITZY!❤️💓💜 Non-kpop friend:......oookk?.......*whisper* ur embarrassing me..... Me:....Idc.... Non-kpop friend:*facepalms* Don’t worry,I have kpop friends💓❤️💜We are multi fandom!

  62. Haemosu l

    Haemosu lGiờ trước

    00:25 that swag 💋

  63. A YouTuber

    A YouTuberGiờ trước

    Sponsored by Kia.

  64. 서의정

    서의정Giờ trước

    Jyp빨 오지네요

  65. Kim Seohyun

    Kim SeohyunGiờ trước

    Congrats for 1st win Itzy❣

  66. juungkook jimin

    juungkook jiminGiờ trước

    Why yall think the dislike button is the download button???

  67. Chenda Bun

    Chenda BunGiờ trước

    I LOVE itzy Buț whats there fantome?

  68. 유리

    유리Giờ trước

    솔직히 채령언니 분량이 너무 적다..

  69. Shirline Ming

    Shirline MingGiờ trước

    Don't think about haters just enjoy ITZT

  70. shutdown18limit

    shutdown18limitGiờ trước

    2:06 wow racist , she said nigga XD

  71. Hannah Sang

    Hannah Sang44 phút trước

    shutdown18limit She said “naega” it’s Korean and get yo facts straight

  72. jimin Cat

    jimin CatGiờ trước


  73. yasmim cisrtina Da Silva Sousa # eu sou loka

    yasmim cisrtina Da Silva Sousa # eu sou lokaGiờ trước

    Eu amei o grupo delas menina elas é muito lindas muito

  74. Bwiii Taehyungie

    Bwiii TaehyungieGiờ trước

    56M views in just 1week huh? 😌

  75. Ahgase_ Cebu

    Ahgase_ CebuGiờ trước

    Congratulations ITZY for the first win !!! QUEENS indeed

  76. GGYU TUBE김현규

    GGYU TUBE김현규Giờ trước


  77. Nina Zheng

    Nina ZhengGiờ trước


  78. yummy wonton

    yummy wontonGiờ trước

    In your faces HATERSSSSSSSSS

  79. Asma Wongsawat

    Asma WongsawatGiờ trước


  80. Jennifer Lo

    Jennifer LoGiờ trước

    I thought I didn't like it. I'm pretty sure I didn't like it. But then I keep coming back here. WHY DO I KEEP COMING BACK HERE????

  81. Im So in Love With Lia

    Im So in Love With LiaGiờ trước


  82. sandra luz Sanchez meza

    sandra luz Sanchez mezaGiờ trước

    My niece loves that song 🎧🎶🎧🎶🎧🎶

  83. Verónica Contreras

    Verónica ContrerasGiờ trước stan elris ♡♡

  84. Hằng Thúy

    Hằng ThúyGiờ trước

    có ai Việt Nam ở đây hongggg :< huhu mấy bả ngầu quaaaaaa

  85. my lovely kim seokjin

    my lovely kim seokjinGiờ trước

    Wow...This is so Legit & Addicted I like to see their Dance Practic, and they are so Energetic & Syncronize... BADASS GURLS

  86. Michelle세빈 Kim김

    Michelle세빈 Kim김Giờ trước

    Find the face that's beautiful Dalla Dalla from others... 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 Cant find it??? Of course because its you!!!! 😊😊

  87. Cailo Oro

    Cailo OroGiờ trước

    I legit thought the chorus was gonna be russian roulette

  88. damn jimin

    damn jiminGiờ trước


  89. Mina397

    Mina397Giờ trước

    People are still hating on ITZY about their concept. I just wanna say that ITZY’s concept and bp’s are different. ITZY’s concept is more of a energetic girl crush while bp’s concept is more of a badass girl crush

  90. iheworld134

    iheworld134Giờ trước

    Mina397 bp r too feminime for bad ass concept, the only 1 who match that style only lisa, the rest meh...bp is not a gurl crush anymore, they r more like edm dance groups like little mix

  91. 남주혁

    남주혁Giờ trước


  92. pinkaboo핑카부

    pinkaboo핑카부Giờ trước

    하루에 한 번씩 들어와서 보는 중!ㅋㅋㅋㅋ❤️

  93. I noticed you

    I noticed youGiờ trước

    love the 2:30 part

  94. Free Yuju's Bangs

    Free Yuju's BangsGiờ trước

    Off to 57 million

  95. ᴍɪʀɪ sɴoᴡɴɪɢʜᴛ // 미인 ɞ

    ᴍɪʀɪ sɴoᴡɴɪɢʜᴛ // 미인 ɞGiờ trước

    this is a powerful debut it looks like a comeback and i love it congrats for 1st win itzy

  96. 도오드

    도오드Giờ trước

    와 12일만에 5622만!! 있지 날라 가자!!! 러블리아!!! 사랑행!!!!!!!

  97. อามี่ตัวน้อย

    อามี่ตัวน้อยGiờ trước


  98. Tony Faxton

    Tony FaxtonGiờ trước

    What does it mean to be Legendary House of KPOP Girl Group, JYP? I said it before but again, since 2000 in Korea, there have been only 5 songs by girl group that achieved the yearly number one spot. ONLY 5. And 3 of them are all from JYP. And every girl group that created had yearly number one rank. This mean, the most talented, pretty, and physical attributes that nobody can match, AND also with great personality and characteristics, first go to JYP to audition to become the legendary trainee under the best training system out there. While these talented youngsters are trainee, they go through SIXTEEN-like competition every quarter, and every month to weed out the 3rd and 2nd(And often time these still very much talented trainees get scouted by other companies). And JYP keeps the best of all the best out there. That's ITZY.

  99. win quee

    win queeGiờ trước


  100. KPOP FAN

    KPOP FANGiờ trước

    Somi can debut in thus gg if she doesn't leave the agency right?

  101. Grace '-'

    Grace '-'Giờ trước

    #12 trending in China still

  102. 몰랑Tv

    몰랑TvGiờ trước

    It's good

  103. Lorayee Mittleschmerz

    Lorayee MittleschmerzGiờ trước

    This new girl group is a COMPLETE PACKAGE 😍👏👌