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J. Cole "Album Of The Year (Freestyle)" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)


  1. Mia Hawthorne

    Mia Hawthorne9 giờ trước

    Too fireeee🔥

  2. Punishing Bullets

    Punishing Bullets13 giờ trước

    Goodbye mumble rap...

  3. Rozy Salinas

    Rozy Salinas21 giờ trước

    The best out there!!!!!!

  4. Bandiswa Magagula

    Bandiswa Magagula23 giờ trước

    KOD album of the year undebatable

  5. Josh Newton

    Josh NewtonNgày trước

    This is a freestyle...

  6. Meu nome e Bruno

    Meu nome e BrunoNgày trước

    Que bosta de freestyle

  7. Hassan Ahchmi

    Hassan AhchmiNgày trước

    EM meant it when he said RAP is safe: Cole Kendrick Logic Joyner and Hopsin too ✊✊

  8. cninja 95

    cninja 95Ngày trước

    All dislikes r trolls

  9. Corbett Robinson

    Corbett RobinsonNgày trước

    1:24 to 1:40 most important bar on this track

  10. Marquise Jones

    Marquise Jones2 ngày trước

    J.Cole is finally on worldstarhiphop

  11. AK3

    AK32 ngày trước

    J Cole: Makes Album of the year J Cole: *Dosnt win album of the year*

  12. Izzy Jenrette

    Izzy Jenrette2 ngày trước

    Love it

  13. Jaime Torres

    Jaime Torres2 ngày trước

    He in the Raleigh hoods 👀✊🏽 he the best

  14. Israel Nation

    Israel Nation3 ngày trước

    I love J Cole

  15. Zach H

    Zach H3 ngày trước

    Nah bruh it’s cool I can be racist since other people are racist

  16. Dirty money 123

    Dirty money 1233 ngày trước

    God put him here for purpose

  17. dirty dan

    dirty dan3 ngày trước

    the 6.1k dislikes can’t keep up with the hard ass beat

  18. Tent Topics

    Tent Topics3 ngày trước


  19. Livinginaworldfullofkillaz ?

    Livinginaworldfullofkillaz ?3 ngày trước

    Half man half amazing!! Stop jacking a nas line!!!!

  20. Hector Saldivar

    Hector Saldivar4 ngày trước

    Ayyyeeee oakcliff

  21. Vic Stevensøn

    Vic Stevensøn4 ngày trước


  22. Sendi Radilla

    Sendi Radilla4 ngày trước

    J Cole never disappoints.

  23. Mason Hair

    Mason Hair4 ngày trước

    Is this beat stolen from nas (oochie walley)

  24. wannaspritecranberry_69

    wannaspritecranberry_694 ngày trước

    This flow and lyrics fire but this beat really wack, don’t @ me

  25. Gio'Vonci _E&3

    Gio'Vonci _E&35 ngày trước

    Cole more street than most street rappers yet he give us lyrical stature and knowledge. You don't have to promote your environment stereotypically.

  26. Eddie Reis

    Eddie Reis5 ngày trước

    Cant believe people dislike cole...lmao......all the young lil baby and young thug lovers

  27. Lil ugly

    Lil ugly5 ngày trước


  28. Eirik

    Eirik5 ngày trước

    This is RAP on its best!

  29. Revelation

    Revelation7 ngày trước

    who else is surprised as fuck this is on Itunes? true OG

  30. ggg gang

    ggg gang7 ngày trước

    This is better than the hole albums honstly

  31. Set Life

    Set Life7 ngày trước

    Eminem, J Cole and Kendrick Lamar are the Best Living Rappers. And how you know about Oak Cliff J Cole? Represent! haha

  32. saleh n

    saleh n7 ngày trước

    I think I busted a nut watching this that's how good it was

  33. Alberto F

    Alberto F7 ngày trước

    Dope asf but my mans Cole notorious ain’t the greatest that’s Pac 💯

  34. DulinMusic

    DulinMusic8 ngày trước

    ooochiesus he went in on this

  35. Josh Williamson

    Josh Williamson8 ngày trước

    6.1 thousand people got paid to dislike this or they thought it said dis-I-like💯

  36. Kameron Jergenson

    Kameron Jergenson8 ngày trước

    Jid’s is way better wtf

  37. Gift Of Destruction 77

    Gift Of Destruction 778 ngày trước

    Im oak cliff

  38. Rodrick Shaw

    Rodrick Shaw8 ngày trước

    this is like the freestyle version of "middle child"🙌

  39. Ayce Hudson

    Ayce Hudson8 ngày trước

    Big bro should've mirked lanes

  40. SEEK

    SEEK8 ngày trước

    Everytime Cole drop a song he move up on my all time list 🐐 💯

  41. Nathan Garcia

    Nathan Garcia5 ngày trước

    This is considered a song🤔 freestyles considered songs?

  42. Clayton Lawrence

    Clayton Lawrence9 ngày trước

    J Cole is slept on af this guy gets better and better when I already knew he was the best

  43. Omar Nunez

    Omar Nunez9 ngày trước

    I never knew how much j Cole music ment to me untill I went through going through catalog

  44. Isehesia Saizon

    Isehesia Saizon10 ngày trước


  45. Kowan_KNC

    Kowan_KNC9 ngày trước


  46. Jagdish Manhas

    Jagdish Manhas10 ngày trước

    Cole did justice to the beat.

  47. ZAY 2140

    ZAY 214010 ngày trước

    Bars for days💪‼️💯💯

  48. Sean Bussie

    Sean Bussie10 ngày trước

    shame I can give this but one thumbs up !!!!...I just stop rewinding this !!!..J COLE...Get Em' Big homie

  49. Brek Haire

    Brek Haire10 ngày trước

    Was that a diss to white people??


    SIYABONGA BANELE Magagula10 ngày trước

    EIXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX..... "I came up 'round AC to DC adapters Plug talk, what I'm really sayin' is a shame but my niggas move 'caine like HBCU Kappas" - Oh how I am loving this line, #Electrical engineering student




  52. DaVrik

    DaVrik11 ngày trước

    how do you take a fantastic song like Oochie Wally by Nas and end up with this?

  53. akaSchemxtics

    akaSchemxtics11 ngày trước

    only reals know the original beat. T.H.O.T by The Game

  54. TheYAN

    TheYAN9 ngày trước

    but Oochie Wally by Nas...

  55. Prince Kuane

    Prince Kuane11 ngày trước

    One of the Greatest Rappers of all time hands down🔥🔥🔥🔥💯❤❤❤✊

  56. Kowan_KNC

    Kowan_KNC9 ngày trước


  57. Josh Williamson

    Josh Williamson11 ngày trước

    This man eats, breathes, and shits 🔥🔥🔥 bars all day, every day.

  58. Kowan_KNC

    Kowan_KNC9 ngày trước


  59. D Nice

    D Nice12 ngày trước

    910 Str8 out the Ville,,,, Fayette Nam 26 been a fan of J Cole before he made it out,,, major props to him....Real recognize real 💯 stay up big homie 💯

  60. JREVY22

    JREVY2212 ngày trước

    Half man half amazing

  61. Willie Williams

    Willie Williams13 ngày trước

    Yo that video was shot in raleigh under that bridge by chavis heights park i still smoke hell of weed in that same location ....damn where was i that day

  62. Kowan_KNC

    Kowan_KNC9 ngày trước


  63. Cordero A

    Cordero A13 ngày trước

    Wow finally someone said moving cane like the Kappas. I spit that in 98. No hate. Great minds think alike.

  64. Gherbo Galvan

    Gherbo Galvan13 ngày trước


  65. N.S.I.L Normal Stuff in life

    N.S.I.L Normal Stuff in life14 ngày trước

    Who saw this On MIDDLE CHILD🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  66. Baby HaloA1

    Baby HaloA114 ngày trước

    Ive heard this song since it was realeased. But.....Was that Gambino at the Gas station?😂😂

  67. Vincent Edwards

    Vincent Edwards14 ngày trước

    J Cole for hip hop hall of fame he up there with nas biggie tupac yea he a legend in The making

  68. cailean paris

    cailean paris14 ngày trước

    ‘Let me explain how black people are stereotyped by white people, by stereotyping Asian people and mathematics’... c’mon

  69. x Laz x

    x Laz x14 ngày trước

    Another track off my tape .... check me out much love if you gave it a chance .... -Laz

  70. J 16

    J 1614 ngày trước

    One day Cole gonna flow on one of my beats!

  71. Robin Munkelwitz

    Robin Munkelwitz16 ngày trước

    Hello Mark Cuban I'm only part human and I'm good at math like I'm Asian

  72. Thomas Tut kuol

    Thomas Tut kuol16 ngày trước

    j cole's flow gives me goosebumps

  73. John Cato

    John Cato16 ngày trước

    This shit 🔥

  74. Mr. Kleen

    Mr. Kleen16 ngày trước

    The only descriptive word i can apply to cole is verbose

  75. SKNDER

    SKNDER16 ngày trước

    J Cole is one of my favourites. I really hope to work with him one day. Listen to one of my songs if you got like a minute. You’d be surprised.

  76. matthew barela

    matthew barela16 ngày trước


  77. matthew barela

    matthew barela16 ngày trước

    Free style that bitch! J Cole murdered this beat!

  78. Utsav Khatri

    Utsav Khatri17 ngày trước


  79. Gamer4you

    Gamer4you17 ngày trước

    Youre the best fuckin rapper all these mumble niggas just talkin aboit cash and hoes but you actually have talent and you dont just turn on autotune and mumble words

  80. Jacobie Orozco

    Jacobie Orozco17 ngày trước

    Omg murdered this shit 👑

  81. Tito Ochoa

    Tito Ochoa17 ngày trước

    Here’s what I noticed with this being my first listen. J. Cole says he’s good at math like Asians Lil Pump made the same reference towards Asians with his eyes being low when he’s fucked up or something. Is it okay for J. Cole to say references like that because he’s a better artist? Because everyone blew up on Pump including the media, but what’s the difference here then if the underlying problem of it was race?

  82. Ian 1

    Ian 118 ngày trước


  83. five seven

    five seven18 ngày trước

    Cole can be better than eminem idc

  84. RL pneumsys

    RL pneumsys18 ngày trước


  85. Darren Hinrichsen

    Darren Hinrichsen19 ngày trước

    I'm prolly the only one from oak Cliff 😂

  86. Darren Hinrichsen

    Darren Hinrichsen19 ngày trước


  87. II-LethalHaze-II

    II-LethalHaze-II19 ngày trước

    Only if this was longer

  88. Dalton Cartwright

    Dalton Cartwright19 ngày trước


    BRUTHA WAR19 ngày trước

    Like if we NEED more artists who actually make SENSE & say SOMETHING!!!

  90. Joven Jay Jabon

    Joven Jay Jabon19 ngày trước

    I Don't like your Style Nigga .. Can you STOP that BITCH! FUCK.. This kind of Artist like Fagades ..

  91. Juan Fiallo

    Juan Fiallo19 ngày trước

    Patiently waiting for an em and cole track

  92. Alioune dieng

    Alioune dieng19 ngày trước

    Now we push pills and sell heron in the Bentley 😂

  93. XTreme Gaming

    XTreme Gaming20 ngày trước

    J .cole copyed SeeDeng

  94. OhCorny

    OhCorny21 ngày trước

    That last line was everything

  95. Denzel Curry

    Denzel Curry21 ngày trước

    No flashy clothes No iced out jewelry looking like he ant got a million in that bank account just a real one salute to the hole Dreamville gang

  96. sandeep singh

    sandeep singh21 ngày trước

    This beat is mesmerising and this flow this fire

  97. Zapido Gaming

    Zapido Gaming21 ngày trước

    Amazing lit rap

  98. josh snyder

    josh snyder22 ngày trước

    J Cole archetype: Pure Lyricist

  99. Eduardo Najera

    Eduardo Najera22 ngày trước

    Fuckin rite oak Cliff d town 214 we're am from fuck yea I fucks j Cole even fuckin more for this

  100. Mike Jones Jr

    Mike Jones Jr22 ngày trước

    Certified B.E.A.S.T. 💯

  101. Lizzy

    Lizzy22 ngày trước

    Whats good people I am an 18 year old artist from germany, producing my own music since I was 16. I would appreciate it if you take 2 minutes of your time listening to my track ".wav freestyle" which was inspired by this J.Cole track and tory lanez' freestyle on funk flex. If you still are into real hip hop you might just give it a listen. Let me know what you think!! Stay blessed

  102. Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

    Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah23 ngày trước


  103. SketchingWith K

    SketchingWith K23 ngày trước

    0:55-1:20 FLOW

  104. Mayunta Kent

    Mayunta Kent23 ngày trước

    🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥

  105. Reid Greene

    Reid Greene23 ngày trước

    Fucking monster

  106. Special Dose

    Special Dose23 ngày trước

    He really should of won album of the year at the Grammy. But what makes it even worse he wasn’t even nominated for rap album of the year and then they gave it to Cardi B. No shade but she def ain’t have rap album of the year🤷🏾‍♂️🤫💯