J. Cole - Kevin's Heart


  1. Samu Lalimo

    Samu LalimoGiờ trước

    wow so ironic kevin heart starring In Kevins Heart😂😂

  2. itsmeSiMBA

    itsmeSiMBAGiờ trước

    #1 Trending 🦁💯💪🔥

  3. GravityXOXO

    GravityXOXOGiờ trước

    Kevin is a real one to be apart of this music video, the song is about his mistakes and he knows he’s wrong for that be he trying to be better. My guy j Cole changing lives fr

  4. T&C MakesComedy _

    T&C MakesComedy _Giờ trước

    shit this deep

  5. Kamui Kakashi

    Kamui KakashiGiờ trước

    People that disliked had dick hands on their jacket.

  6. Paolo Piit

    Paolo PiitGiờ trước

    2:47 Almost forgot Cole is a father now lol

  7. GabbySpeaks TV

    GabbySpeaks TVGiờ trước

    The visuals are cinematic. I love it!

  8. It’s Frizzle

    It’s FrizzleGiờ trước

    Who else is here because loveliveserve

  9. mamad handsomee

    mamad handsomeeGiờ trước

    This song is so fucking dope i loved it

  10. edwin galeana

    edwin galeanaGiờ trước

    I don't get it

  11. boujee bum

    boujee bumGiờ trước

    Make 1985

  12. kieona allen

    kieona allenGiờ trước

    A real lyricist!! Damn his bars is fire!

  13. br jones

    br jonesGiờ trước

    Still mad at kevin hart ill never like him the same

  14. Janet Torres

    Janet TorresGiờ trước

    what a coincidence that my ex boyfriend's name is Kevin and his "ex girlfriend " is obsessed with JCOLE lol

  15. Dmofighter Batman

    Dmofighter BatmanGiờ trước

    Like my comment so it can reach the highest

  16. Jason Phillips

    Jason PhillipsGiờ trước

    This is the only thing starring Kevin Hart that's worth watching

  17. J D

    J DGiờ trước

    That play on word is too much on the nose. Cmon now........that bn said, it fire 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  18. KobeChamberlain 24

    KobeChamberlain 24Giờ trước

    I love this vid

  19. Yanique Young

    Yanique YoungGiờ trước

    His message is ( CHOOSE WISELY) and it's kinda creeping me out a little

  20. iPerform

    iPerformGiờ trước

    I really hope he gets a Grammy *he deserves it! 👏👏*

  21. Allan Powell

    Allan PowellGiờ trước

    this is why you aren't seen as equals, fking mumble rap? real intelligent move guys

  22. Aaron Bell

    Aaron BellGiờ trước

    So we going to act like big dude didnt pass up on like 50 urinals just to piss right next to Kev😒........ #SitYoBigGayAzzDownSomeWhere #CoolVideoThough #ColeWorld #TheGoat

  23. Valentino Ehhh

    Valentino EhhhGiờ trước

    “#1 ON TRENDING .” Yeahhhhhhhhh it issss😭💖😛



    J Cole so dope 🔥🔥🔥

  25. Freda Johnson

    Freda JohnsonGiờ trước

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙌🏾 Respect

  26. sara toma

    sara tomaGiờ trước


  27. MsKawaiiKilla

    MsKawaiiKillaGiờ trước

    Love how Kevin Hart owned up.

  28. Frank Ocean

    Frank OceanGiờ trước

    intro let me vibe and listen beware enough who watching out for me Queen Tee .. lost the respect for myself so questing to get that back .. rolled up too much my mind finally coming back so lost Rock left* hook .. come on .. ride w me.. vibe my nigga ....... kDot said Be humble.. yada ya

  29. Dankky Tree

    Dankky TreeGiờ trước

    Kevin a real man for doing this. Mission passed, respect earned!!

  30. goodlucs

    goodlucsGiờ trước

    Wakanda love is this

  31. Kennedy

    KennedyGiờ trước

    #1 on trending 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  32. Kings King

    Kings KingGiờ trước

    *He didn't wash his hands*

  33. Mr. Belchtastic

    Mr. BelchtasticGiờ trước

    I’d rather listen to my own belch, this sucks

  34. MicahThaSwipa

    MicahThaSwipaGiờ trước

    "Video of the YEAR " -2018

  35. TYG Assassin

    TYG AssassinGiờ trước

    #1 on Trending J. Cole is the man

  36. Kevin Maben

    Kevin MabenGiờ trước

    I love j.cole don’t get me wrong. But if u say x isn’t as good or better you have a problem😂 he’s lyrical and changes his flow the only problem I have with j.cole is he dosnt really change his flow every song sounds the same but of course they still good af. SO UMM YALL STOP SLEEPING ON X CAUSE HIS SHI BETTER

  37. SXiPPY Dennison

    SXiPPY DennisonGiờ trước

    Kevin's fiction here is better than his pussy hungry actual reality.

  38. lolz of death

    lolz of deathGiờ trước

    He’s ass

  39. ReNeGeAd #

    ReNeGeAd #Giờ trước


  40. Kale W

    Kale WGiờ trước


  41. Retro B23

    Retro B23Giờ trước

    Please colab with Joyner Lucas

  42. Jonathan Dessources

    Jonathan DessourcesGiờ trước

    I like that jacket😁

  43. Bahaa mohamed

    Bahaa mohamedGiờ trước

    The last comment

  44. Danny Sofianos

    Danny SofianosGiờ trước

    Who is that guy? Mini Chris Rock? JK I love kevin

  45. Aspectrum

    AspectrumGiờ trước

    This is a good song, ATM is a basic song Like if u disagree, Comment if you agree

  46. dm25

    dm25Giờ trước

    Damn groceries in the car all day

  47. Only1Aj12

    Only1Aj12Giờ trước

    how is this number one on trending?,@VIreporter,fix yo shit

  48. JonJuiceage

    JonJuiceageGiờ trước

    Am I the only one who is actually disappointed that this is what's considered good music?

  49. Rodolfo Villareal

    Rodolfo VillarealGiờ trước

    Damn that guy in the music video can act. He should try acting in movies next time

  50. Animelytical

    AnimelyticalGiờ trước

    This video will win a Grammy.

  51. Official Yz

    Official YzGiờ trước


  52. idk3243

    idk3243Giờ trước

    1:34 all but one is a cutout board of a person

  53. I don't mean to be rude, I don't like your lemonade

    I don't mean to be rude, I don't like your lemonadeGiờ trước

    Kill Our Demons...

  54. ????? ?????

    ????? ?????Giờ trước

    Yussssss !

  55. Golden Queen07

    Golden Queen07Giờ trước


  56. Autira Newbold

    Autira NewboldGiờ trước

    Love this!

  57. Dustin Callejo

    Dustin CallejoGiờ trước

    just found out what KOD stands for or taking my best stab at it. "Knowledge Over Dollars" like if you feel it!

  58. Zach Wise

    Zach WiseGiờ trước

    he didn’t wash his hands 😂😂

  59. litzy casty

    litzy castyGiờ trước

    That’s what I’m talking about number 1 on trending‼️‼️‼️

  60. Super Dooper

    Super DooperGiờ trước

    I honestly don’t understand the hype behind this song... personally don’t think it’s good at all... think people are just forcing themselves to like this song cuz it’s cole

  61. LordGasitine

    LordGasitineGiờ trước

    #1 trending congrats brother!

  62. seyi ogundana

    seyi ogundanaGiờ trước

    LMAO........He didn't wash his hands

  63. Tim Valstad

    Tim ValstadGiờ trước

    This is a gross song

  64. christopher mukungurutse

    christopher mukungurutseGiờ trước

    😂😂😂😂 halarrryyyyyusssss 😂😂😂 take the cookie do the time😂😂

  65. ForneverWorld

    ForneverWorldGiờ trước

    Dick hands on the jacket LMAO

  66. Jalen Barnes

    Jalen BarnesGiờ trước

    " i got dick hands on my jacket: xD i was thinking if he washed his hands or not tht line answered my questions

  67. Daniel Newsome

    Daniel NewsomeGiờ trước

    back on top just in one week

  68. Walmart legend

    Walmart legendGiờ trước

    What does the pineapple mean?

  69. Henry Godbolt IV

    Henry Godbolt IVGiờ trước

    It sounds like he's saying "She got white friend and I love her" haha

  70. heartless jay

    heartless jayGiờ trước

    What had happened??

  71. Malachi Frimpong

    Malachi FrimpongGiờ trước

    That guy didn’t wash his hands😭

  72. Kate Seokotsa

    Kate SeokotsaGiờ trước

    See you in a few years J. Cole

  73. yvng-Elijah-Fresh-yo

    yvng-Elijah-Fresh-yoGiờ trước

    Wow ...this song is really.. He got dick hands on his jacket 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  74. I know my life Is a lie

    I know my life Is a lieGiờ trước

    Watching from Denmark

  75. キッスランド キッスランド

    キッスランド キッスランドGiờ trước

    The 5k dislikes are Lil pumps little dick riders y’all are pathetic as fuck. Listen to real music, lyrically rich.

  76. Ana Bartolome

    Ana BartolomeGiờ trước

    dis song B dope💯

  77. YourMagesty Eli

    YourMagesty EliGiờ trước

    Now we wait for Alicia's Keys...

  78. Games_For_Life

    Games_For_LifeGiờ trước

    3:48 bruh mans just broke so many rules

  79. peter boyden

    peter boydenGiờ trước

    Will someone explain the video? Why all the dirty looks from everyone?

  80. Noah Stone

    Noah StoneGiờ trước

    Oml I never knew this was about Kevin Hart

  81. Ammon Washingon

    Ammon WashingonGiờ trước

    still better than lil pump

  82. BenTheBigGuy YTツ

    BenTheBigGuy YTツGiờ trước

    He got dick hand on his jacket

  83. gang wang

    gang wangGiờ trước

    I Like This....That Is All

  84. KeithRobTV

    KeithRobTVGiờ trước

    yo! I love this video. I like how interesting J.Cole videos are becoming.

  85. kemari wells

    kemari wellsGiờ trước

    This gospel to a nigga’s heart

  86. EL_PISTOLERO_214

    EL_PISTOLERO_214Giờ trước

    Oh, n add me PS4 EL_ PISTOLERO_ 214 LET'S PLAY FORTNITE!

  87. Ceja Angelique

    Ceja AngeliqueGiờ trước

    Kevin is still short dark and ugly. Has options due to fund$!

  88. Juanda Zelada

    Juanda ZeladaGiờ trước


  89. Xquavius Ellison

    Xquavius EllisonGiờ trước

    4:02 All these urinals but you wanna urinate next to me? 😐 Reminded me of that one Ludacris video. "GET BACK! YOU DON'T KNOW ME LIKE THAT!"

  90. Adrian Vargas

    Adrian VargasGiờ trước

    My personal favorite on the album 🔥 Keep doing you’re thing Cole 👌

  91. EL_PISTOLERO_214

    EL_PISTOLERO_214Giờ trước

    This shit is wack. If I had more hands, I would give this music 4 thumbs down.

  92. Khalid Mahadeen

    Khalid MahadeenGiờ trước

    Idk what to comment

  93. Coulim Ward

    Coulim WardGiờ trước

    This shit gay af song good tho

  94. Amber Castell

    Amber CastellGiờ trước

    Awww J. Cole was struggling with the stroller 😂

  95. kinyatta vance

    kinyatta vanceGiờ trước

    Yo that song was horrible, but good video! Nice try though J

  96. [LC] Chrrxs

    [LC] ChrrxsGiờ trước

    *"He didn't wash his hands, I got dick hands on my jacket...."*

  97. آرزو فریدی

    آرزو فریدیGiờ trước


  98. Tena Louie

    Tena LouieGiờ trước

    I’ve been listening to this everyday on my drive to work, hitting the repeat button numerous times..💕

  99. Nisha Perez

    Nisha PerezGiờ trước

    Wow! This kind of video reminds us that we all have feelings and make mistakes. I'm proud Kevin was strong and humble to expose this side of himself against J.cole's masterful soundtrack. Exceeded expectation!!😎😍

  100. Bec Productions

    Bec ProductionsGiờ trước

    Love to see my Carolina niggas winning....