Jason Momoa Spills His Life Secrets!


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    So cool!

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    #1 on trending

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    Wow what a sellout first cloak and now this. 😂😂🐸

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    1st on TRENDING DAMN

  5. stardust

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    you both sound so tired man, but it’s really cool you got to interview him, *and* it’s trending

  6. TheWanderingLion

    TheWanderingLion44 phút trước

    Wow, wow, WOW!!! I'M SURPRISED! Interviewing LIKE A BOSS!!

  7. Doug Banks

    Doug Banks45 phút trước

    When u see jack at the top of recommenced

  8. Tito Lounge

    Tito Lounge46 phút trước

    He totally skirted around the last question

  9. Jeff Goldblum

    Jeff Goldblum46 phút trước

    I wish Jon Hamm was playing Batman

  10. Izzy 10

    Izzy 1046 phút trước

    He’s so nervous 😍😁

  11. Catbug _Gamez

    Catbug _Gamez47 phút trước

    Normally if this were Tom Holland or even the guy that plays super man I don’t think it would be a problem but I think this guys voice is really dull and mana tone

  12. Kay-Kay

    Kay-Kay47 phút trước

    Jack you gotta play The Hex by Daniel Mullins!!!!! Same guy who made Pony Island and its SO GOOD

  13. Barry Allen

    Barry Allen48 phút trước

    That's amazing, you're so lucky to meet so many celebrities

  14. PotatoNator

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    My birthday is September 24th what a coincidence

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    You should do a face reveal

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    Dang jack good for you you getting all the way to the top...this is #1 trending right now I'm so happy!!

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    First Ryan Reynolds, then Jason mamoa it's gotta be Chris Pratt next 😂

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    I’m subbing to anyone who likes this!

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    Please keep interviewing all famous celebrities because you are also a famous celebrity ❤️

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    First Help save PewdiPie in the fight against T-Series Take one of these 👊👊👊👊👊👊 And PewdiPie's mixtape 💽

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  22. Aubree Ingabrand

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    I wonder if Jack is ever gonna meet someone famous. *Jason Momoa Spills His Life Secrets!* OH. FUCK ME.

  23. Lanie Akyuz

    Lanie Akyuz50 phút trước

    aw man, that’s cool as fuck.

  24. Tigerstorm 6

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    Petition for Jack to turn part-time reporter!

  25. Olivia Is my name

    Olivia Is my name50 phút trước

    That was the first time I've heard a Top of the Morning without getting ear damage


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    Since when does jack work for ign

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    My name is Jason

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    Numero uno on trending baby

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    It's Ronan from Stargate Atlantis!

  33. MysticCrystal 52

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    i don’t wanna watch it i hate all dc movies and i’m afraid they ruined aquaman so i’m not watching it hA

  34. Yoshi the homie

    Yoshi the homie52 phút trước

    Im so proud of you

  35. Jared Vititoe

    Jared Vititoe52 phút trước

    Aquaman has always been my favorite superhero and I think Jason plays it alot like I imagined it in my head. Which is way better than how DC actually made the comics.

  36. Grace Laveway

    Grace Laveway52 phút trước

    Am I the only one who loves Jason's voice?

  37. soelia ocasio

    soelia ocasio53 phút trước

    Omg I'm so happy for you keep rising up jack 👏🏽👏🏽

  38. Josiah Peralta

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    Best video in 2018 i say

  39. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ53 phút trước

    Glorious interview! Well done Jack! Very much looking forward to this movie!

  40. Zoey Garand

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    Congrats on 1st on trending my dude

  41. FiggerNaggot

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    Yo that was honestly an amazing interview. So cool hearing about his life.

  42. Joey Tube

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    Here b4 one milllll

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  44. Life

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    Make a series of meeting celebs

  45. HiddenHippie

    HiddenHippie55 phút trước

    I have always loved Jason for seeming so down to earth and just a fun guy! I'm so happy for you that you got to meet him and seemed to have a nice chill interview.

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    guys can you pleaseee sub to me i will be making funny videos story time flips fails fighting videos and i will be subbing backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk please thank you love you guyyyyyyssssssssssssssssssss

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    I love Jack/Sean/Jacksepticeye/All of the above

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    We love a number 1 on trending king!!!

  50. DeadDomination 366

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    Hey jack I have a question what happen to your Duck Life series left us on a cliffhanger

  51. Valkynaz The Immortal

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    That's Jack for you. Irish boy loved by all actors.

  52. Farhan Syafiq

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    I hope Jack can meet with Chris Pratt someday :D

  53. EmeraldBoxer

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    It's so awesome that you get to meet such cool people! Was totally caught by surprise today!

  54. Alema Manu

    Alema Manu57 phút trước

    This Batman sucks

  55. YS Goh

    YS Goh57 phút trước

    Not gonna lie, this conversation looks pretty awkward. The interview you had with Ryan was much more natural and entertaining

  56. Brian

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    #1 Trending

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    Hell yeah man

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    THAT IS ONE HUNK OF A MAN! His voice is so much deeper than Sean's!! XD


    FREDDY SANCHEZ58 phút trước

    ohh, you trending trending

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    *_h e y t h e r e r o b l o x i a n s_*

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    UwU what’s this?

  63. M C

    M C58 phút trước

    I don’t understand they hype around this guy. I don’t think his acting is all that great.

  64. Shree Kanetkar

    Shree Kanetkar59 phút trước

    #1 on trending and meeting Jason Momoa. That's awesome!

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  66. Cademan Caden

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    Am I dreaming?

  67. TWISTED Foxy

    TWISTED Foxy59 phút trước

    Can I meet him pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaase please

  68. Maranda Jones

    Maranda Jones59 phút trước

    Jack looks so nervous... But... If I met Jason Momoa in person I would totally get flustered too Jack. 😍

  69. Fox-Fluff L

    Fox-Fluff L59 phút trước

    Somebody schedule a meeting for Sean to meet Robert Downy Jr. X3. Also, can you play The First Tree? It's a story-driven exploration game following a fox and a man. It's really emotional but you might like it :3

  70. Erin Hardy

    Erin Hardy59 phút trước

    Congrats Sean you did it 🤗

  71. Tim Slack

    Tim Slack59 phút trước

    I dont remember Steven Adams saying anything about being interviewed by you

  72. chewy cookie gaming

    chewy cookie gaming59 phút trước

    yooooo you meet celebs it's awesome dude

  73. Rachel Auguste

    Rachel AugusteGiờ trước

    I get why people doesn’t have Aquaman as their top 3 in DC. But I grew up watching Aquaman in the Justice League cartoon from the early 2000s and he was a cool character. Jason’s version reminds me of that.

  74. Diamond AMV'z

    Diamond AMV'zGiờ trước

    My two favourite people

  75. XLuna LoudX

    XLuna LoudXGiờ trước

    You Are So Incredibly Lucky Jack

  76. Isabel

    IsabelGiờ trước

    Arin must be PISSED. He's wanted to fuck Jason for such a long time.

  77. PandaJuice Games

    PandaJuice GamesGiờ trước

    They're both acting so cute and shy

  78. Ivan Bustamante

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  79. Trash Vlogs

    Trash VlogsGiờ trước

    Oh my god jack, how did you get so many amazing chances and I’m over here still failing algebra😂 so happy for you though.

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  81. Alex Martinez

    Alex MartinezGiờ trước

    Where's trish

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    This refuses to show up in my sub feed.

  83. Anthony Bonilla

    Anthony BonillaGiờ trước

    jackseptieye is the best

  84. Meredith Fortner

    Meredith FortnerGiờ trước

    This was a pretty neat interview even though you both seemed tired. I hope you at some point interview Hozier about his new album coming out.

  85. ItsSirAdam

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    Two hot guys in one room

  86. Sins of Loki

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    This is crazy Jack!! ❤️

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    Im Jason Momoa's son.

  90. naz five

    naz fiveGiờ trước

    WHY, do people hare aqua man? is it cuz his political standing on not influencing the surface? cuz let me be frank, earth is like 75% water... aqua man can cause level 5 tsunamis and destroy multiple countries! also can communicate with any water dwelling creatures. has supreme power over every atlantean so... tell me u dont wanna be aquaman over some fk boi like superman !

  91. hyuck heaven

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    #1 on trending ayye jacky boi

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    He's really buff and kinda scary

  93. Emmet Bryan

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    I'm such a jealous bitch right now -_-

  94. Merry GoGirl

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    Have you even had a day off since you got to LA?

  95. 2-HP Yodaz

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    Hey that’s my guy from braven

  96. Jason Hoang

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    waiting on the sequel, take my money

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    Thats awesome!

  98. Lilstanm

    LilstanmGiờ trước

    His darkest secret:he has a Roblox event called "aquaman"



    I can't beleive you got to meet Jason Momoa. That is awesome. I think that is really cool. Love ya Jack (also Jason).

  100. Blade Joseph

    Blade JosephGiờ trước

    Jack your so lucky to me the aqua man 😲😲 Hope you had fun talking with him