Jasper Paakkonen at "BlacKkKlansman" red carpet talks about the film.


  1. druha10304

    druha1030414 ngày trước

    he looked just like the fucker from tombstone and terminator , Michael Biehn

  2. oona ;-;

    oona ;-;14 ngày trước

    kappas, *Saku Salin*

  3. Sebastian Ramirez

    Sebastian Ramirez16 ngày trước

    He is a great actor

  4. Gyrbae

    Gyrbae16 ngày trước

    And the americans said that Finland doesn't exist.

  5. MichaelaBethina

    MichaelaBethina18 ngày trước

    No nyt edustetaan ja kunniallisesti, hyvä Jasper!! Torilla tavataan!

  6. EternalNyappy

    EternalNyappy19 ngày trước

    Watched the movie yesterday, loved it. It was funny, but the ending "reality check" gave me cold sweat. Hyvä Jasper!

  7. Fra nz

    Fra nz21 ngày trước

    Suomen häpee

  8. Cullen Moll

    Cullen Moll22 ngày trước

    Love seeing the actors who play the characters you hate be these totally down to earth, seemingly delightful people in real life, much like King Joffrey from GOT.

  9. Odemus

    Odemus23 ngày trước


  10. FinCrow84

    FinCrow8424 ngày trước

    1:15 ...Jukka perkele!!! :D

  11. Jay Maw

    Jay Maw24 ngày trước

    rasismia on Suomessa Jasper. suomalaisia kohtaan.

  12. Sorbet

    Sorbet24 ngày trước

    1:06 Jukka from Dudesons just casually passing by

  13. mitch832

    mitch83224 ngày trước

    1:05 Jukka Dudeson

  14. KoivuTheHab

    KoivuTheHab26 ngày trước


  15. wonderful1ism

    wonderful1ism28 ngày trước

    He was excellent in the film and was shocked to learn he's Finnish. He has a down to earth demeanor and very relatable. Not Hollywood fake. Good job.

  16. XtreeM FaiL

    XtreeM FaiL10 giờ trước

    wonderful1ism what is interesting is that he isn't a trained actor.

  17. Marcus Fredriksson

    Marcus Fredriksson14 ngày trước

    You should see the finish movie a lion heart with him and Peter Franzen.

  18. 5uomalainen

    5uomalainen15 ngày trước

    Ironically Finnish people usually don't take credit when credit is due so we're too down to earth in my opinion. It needs some adjustment. But very happy for Jasper. He deserves it!

  19. Mirja Korhonen

    Mirja Korhonen17 ngày trước

    Ya a Finn finally made it! :) He IS a good actor! I'm going to see the movie in couple of days. I'm so proud of Jasper! We all are here in Finland!!!


    KPOPFANBOYUK28 ngày trước

    im waiting for the movies about the rampant homophobia in the black community and how multiple african countries still imprison (for life in some countries) and even execute homosexuals... and then maYbe some films about cannibals and selling their daughters in exchange for cattle to middle aged men who rape them and put them to work. or not?

  21. Dani Cleckley

    Dani Cleckley21 ngày trước

    I guess we'll see that movie when an African director decides to tell that story and make that movie.

  22. ok6543 3886

    ok6543 388628 ngày trước

    he on cocke?

  23. Sami Nolo

    Sami Nolo28 ngày trước

    proud to be a finn!

  24. Buccaneer_9

    Buccaneer_929 ngày trước

    Love him in Vikings & he was great in this movie.

  25. Alie Kamara

    Alie Kamara29 ngày trước

    I thought he was the star of the movie.

  26. Jesujej

    JesujejTháng trước

    Don't come to Finland We be racist

  27. jake jakelia

    jake jakeliaTháng trước

    Miks täs ei oo tekstitystä?

  28. Deewi Beats

    Deewi BeatsTháng trước

    Maybe the best english that i've heard finnish people speaking.

  29. Riikka Pitkanen

    Riikka PitkanenTháng trước

    Breaks my heart to read these Finnish rednecks commenting. Ashamed for them I am, move to America...!

  30. Veikka Eemeli Vesalainen

    Veikka Eemeli Vesalainen25 ngày trước

    Senkus meet

  31. KoivuTheHab

    KoivuTheHab26 ngày trước

    Haven't seen a single comment like that.

  32. Jugetti

    Jugetti26 ngày trước

    Yes move to America where there are even more bigoted rednecks and racists :)

  33. Galna Dagar

    Galna DagarTháng trước

    Mikset sinä muuttaisi Jenkkeihin jos kerran häpeät niin suomalaisuuttasi?

  34. Citrofortunella

    CitrofortunellaTháng trước

    tulin tumblrista tänne ku luin jostain juomapelistä... oikeessa olivat :D

  35. Galna Dagar

    Galna DagarTháng trước

    Very bad movie, sadly.

  36. Galna Dagar

    Galna DagarTháng trước

    +Isto Vilhola En osaa sanoa, olenko nähnyt muita Spike Leen elokuvia, mutta tämä oli parhaillaan keskinkertainen kaikissa suhteissa. Silmissäni sen arvoa laskee vielä se, että tapahtuma esitetään totena ("based on a true story"), mutta oikeasti vain raameiltaan ja kaikki dramaattinen ja näin koko juoni on pelkkää "taitelijanvapautta". Ainoa mainittavan arvoinen elementti on Pääkkösen näyttelijäntyö, jota todella oli hienoa katsoa, vaikkakin kohtaukset olivat todella surkeita ja propagandistisia paikoittain. Kai sinä kutsuisit niitä "black people viewksi".

  37. Isto Vilhola

    Isto VilholaTháng trước

    Like every Spike Lee movie right? Too many black people views right?

  38. DroogieSouls

    DroogieSoulsTháng trước

    Haha, SJW leffaan vielä ittensä sotki. Ei näitä elokuvia, tai pikemminkin leffoja, paljoa muistella vuosikymmenien päästä.

  39. LiamX _

    LiamX _Tháng trước

    Suomi mainittu! Toril.... Okei en sano sitä... TORILLA TAVATAAAAN PERKELE

  40. Small Moustache Man

    Small Moustache ManTháng trước

    Pääkkönen non Paakkonen

  41. diMarVal0712

    diMarVal0712Tháng trước

    good interview, great actor. I was glad to read/see Jasper as a person.. he nailed his role in BlacKkKlansman. he understands the reality of life in the USA

  42. Galna Dagar

    Galna Dagar28 ngày trước

    +Chokwe Well, from what I've understood everything from the bomb to the character Jasper Pääkkönen played is made up, and many other more minor detail like the supposed Jewish cop or cops ever attacking Ron Stallworth. What is true is that there indeed is a guy called Ron Stallworth, but that's about it. So, if everything about the movies actual dramatic parts are completely made up and therefore the parts indeed "are" the movie, it's hardly "based on a true story". Indeed, you can just pop by to Ron Stallworth's wikipedia page and see for yourself. No mention of the bomb, no mention of the KKK ever actually doing anything very sinister, no mention of anything other than the silly anecdote of Ron Stallworth being the guy who once phoned mr. David Duke. Woop-de-dee! Surely, you're not dumb and gullible enough to believe that, for example, the movie Conjuring is actually "based on a true story", even if the directors chose to call it that. Surely, you wouldn't fall for Hollywood tricks? Surely mr. Spike Lee wouldn't come up with a story suitable for his political agenda?

  43. Chokwe

    Chokwe28 ngày trước

    +Galna Dagar *A true story, to be exact, but I don't think you are that keen on facts based on whatyou have written in this comment section so far.

  44. Galna Dagar

    Galna DagarTháng trước

    "Reality of life"... about a movie that is based on made up story lol

  45. Isto Vilhola

    Isto VilholaTháng trước

    Yeah, he has seen the reality in Baltimore, Maryland for a year as exchange student. Baltimore is a rough place.

  46. AE

    AETháng trước

    No kai se on pakko sanoa sitte... *suomi mainittu*

  47. unni

    unni20 ngày trước

    +AE oof nii juu

  48. AE

    AE20 ngày trước

    +boii lol kai se on mentävä😂

  49. boii lol

    boii lol23 ngày trước

    AE tavattaisko sit vaik toril

  50. Nouri Smith

    Nouri SmithTháng trước

    He’s cute

  51. Nouri Smith

    Nouri Smith6 ngày trước

    Nolan Houmard nothing wrong with that

  52. Nolan Houmard

    Nolan Houmard7 ngày trước

    He is a finnish man . 38 years old

  53. Nouri Smith

    Nouri Smith7 ngày trước

    Nolan Houmard Yes

  54. Nolan Houmard

    Nolan Houmard8 ngày trước

    Cute ?

  55. Minkki82

    Minkki82Tháng trước

    I'm torn, on the one hand as a finn I'm very happy for him. on the other hand this never ending leftist cry of racist/racsim ect. is cringy and pathetic. There is no other race that is less racist than whites. Whites are so non racist that they are giving away all of their countries in a desperate attempt to seem non racist, and yet whites are the only people that are called racist. China will stay chinese, japan japanese, nigeria nigerian, but white countries will become non white. Whites will take non whites in , house them, feed them, give them free money and whites will be called racist for it. I really wish whites would wake up and realize that we whites are a massive force of good in the world and by FAAAAR the least racist people on the planet. no other country would make a film like this shitting on its own populous and thinking they were virtuous for doing so. In closing fuck the political left and their never ending race baiting.

  56. Sammy333

    Sammy33315 ngày trước

    So you think only leftists are against systematic racism? This movie is about american racism. Racism that was created to control huge crowds of slaves to not attack the obressors. Now this same racism is used to all americans under the 1% rich and powerful. It´s easy to brainwash americans when they fear everything already.

  57. Dani Cleckley

    Dani Cleckley21 ngày trước

    When I talk about white racist people, I'm usually talking about the racist white AMERICAN people I get to deal with on a day to day basis. I don't live in Europe, so I don't call people from Europe racist cuz I don't know their history with race. And me judging a person based off of what I see on TV or a movie without knowing the history of said person is stupid and idiotic. I don't know from experience how the European government operates, so I don't call white Europeans racist. But I know how the American government operates. So I would never say Finnish people are racist or less racist cuz I don't know. The only thing I know about Finland is what I see on TV. And I don't make judgments based off of what I see on TV.

  58. Minkki82

    Minkki8223 ngày trước

    +Neea Nurminen i wish that japan will stay japanese. I wish that nigeria will stay nigerian. I wish that europe will stay european. If that is racist and hateful then so be it, that is what i wish. I dont want japan to become over run by lets say somalis, itd be a different country. I dont understand why wanting say japan to stay japanese is so radical a thought

  59. Neea Nurminen

    Neea Nurminen23 ngày trước

    Mikä sulla on hätänä

  60. nvjodg

    nvjodg29 ngày trước

    Isto Vilhola I heavily doubt that you belong to the ’intelligent’ category :]

  61. LAAST4RI

    LAAST4RITháng trước

    Saku päässyt Norjalaiselta öljynporauslautalta parempiin hommiin 😲

  62. Pewkele

    PewkeleTháng trước

    LAAST4RI lol

  63. Hopea Anonyymi

    Hopea AnonyymiTháng trước

    Mitä jukka dudesoneist siel tekee

  64. Mats Hagglund

    Mats HagglundTháng trước

    Skin color is an illusion. Nina Jablonski says that differing skin colors are simply our bodies' adaptation to varied climates and levels of UV exposure. www.ted.com/talks/nina_jablonski_breaks_the_illusion_of_skin_color?language=en .... Jablonski has studied that thing tens of years and suggested that process when descents of Africans moved from very dark to pale skin took some 15 000 - 20 000 years. It was slow but steady process. DNA studies have confirmed that all Europeans are descents of African people. Case closed.

  65. Freezed Eve

    Freezed Eve26 ngày trước

    no one cares where we came from, problem is that we should be able to live here together no matter what we are.

  66. Galna Dagar

    Galna DagarTháng trước

    That is correct, but racial differences do not end with mere skin colour.

  67. Isto Vilhola

    Isto VilholaTháng trước

    That is correct. We are all from Africa, the whole human race.

  68. khimbou

    khimbouTháng trước

    En tiennykkää et theodore " t-bag" bagwell on suomalainen.

  69. Joona Koski

    Joona KoskiNgày trước

    Mietin ihan samaa kun kävin ton elokuvan katsomassa teatterissa. XD

  70. no shet sherloid

    no shet sherloid17 ngày trước

    Hotter version

  71. Titiboo

    TitibooTháng trước

    SILTÄ TOI NÄYTTÄÄ!! Jotai tuttua oli kasvoissa

  72. Some Random Things

    Some Random ThingsTháng trước

    1:08 why Is there Jukka from the dudesons

  73. Harri Granqvist

    Harri GranqvistTháng trước

    Kova kaveri

  74. mama era

    mama eraTháng trước

    Ai että ihan paakkonen

  75. Oozy9Millimeetah

    Oozy9MillimeetahTháng trước

    Jasper suoltaa tota dindu nuffin paskaa hullun kiilto silmissä 👍 what ever pays the bills buddy 😂😂 uran kannalta varmasti hyvä veto, rehellisyyden kannalta ei niinkään.

  76. Janime

    JanimeTháng trước

    Turpa kiinni suomijonnet, ei joka videon kommentti sektionia tarvii spämmää tällä samalla torisuomiripulilla.

  77. TheJimLahey

    TheJimLahey15 ngày trước


  78. Jokke

    JokkeTháng trước

    Luuletko että torista tulee suuri kansainvälinen meemi , jos ei sitä jonnet ja jonnenmieliset toista riittävästi?

  79. korppi164

    korppi164Tháng trước

    +Suomen poika Tämä on suomalaisia yhdistävä tärkeä rituaali.

  80. Suomen poika

    Suomen poikaTháng trước

    TÄMÄ. Jokaisessa videossa jossa Suomi edes mainitaa ni 11-v hintit jo kommentoimassa "torille!1!1"

  81. korppi164

    korppi164Tháng trước


  82. ZombieGoesBoom

    ZombieGoesBoomTháng trước

    Impressed by his English. Torille



    *t o r i l l e*

  84. P scobar

    P scobarTháng trước

    Burzum is awesome

  85. Maximilian Mus

    Maximilian MusTháng trước

    *Kappas, Saku Salin, perkele!*

  86. no shet sherloid

    no shet sherloid17 ngày trước

    +Arttu pilluhan se on mielessä mutta lasketaan nyt ensin

  87. Arttu

    ArttuTháng trước

    Eiks toi oo Matti Nykänen :D

  88. Velal Retear

    Velal RetearTháng trước

    oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah

  89. Diako Jalal

    Diako JalalTháng trước

    His name is so Finnish

  90. Flaws

    FlawsTháng trước

    Honestly I'm proud of jasper. Its funny to read these ignorant Americans talking politics and bashing on Finland when they got more problems than one can count.

  91. Flaws

    Flaws15 ngày trước

    +kurillinen E-nox kyl se vähä silt näyttää:Dd

  92. kurillinen E-nox

    kurillinen E-nox16 ngày trước

    Osui ja upposi

  93. Jannica Tapanainen

    Jannica TapanainenTháng trước

    kommentit joissa väheksytään rasismia: syöpää. Kyllä me tiedetään mitä poikia te olette. Ei muuten olisi meteliä aiheesta.

  94. Bob

    Bob26 ngày trước

    Galna Dagar Aina se menee siihen tämän kaltaisien elokuvien kanssa. Ah kuulostaa vähän siltä etten taidakkaan tuhlata edes tylsää iltaa tähän elokuvaan. Luulin alunperin että se olisi komedia tyyppinen joka edes vähän tekisi hauskaa amerikan nykyisestä tilanteesta mutta ilmeisesti se on juuri päinvastoin.

  95. Galna Dagar

    Galna Dagar26 ngày trước

    +Bob Elokuvassa on aika selvä narratiivi, vaikka se on osittain koitettu esitetty muka-sovittelevana. KKK esitetty väkivaltaisina ja tyhminä, David Duke esitetty kuivana kynäniskana, poliisit esitetty ennakkoluuloisina ja rasistisina...eli tyypillistä laiskaa Hollywood stereotypisointia ja kirjoitustyötä. Elokuva oli kyllä jokseenkin viihdyttävä puoliväliin asti, jossa taso rupesi laskemaan todella tökeröksi joissain kohtauksissa. Niin, ja elokuva huipentuu dokumenttikuvastoon Charlottesvillen mielenosoituksesta, jonka muka pitäisi sitten toimia jonkinlaisena lapsenomaisen väkinäisenä "pointtina" elokuvalle. Eli elokuvalla on kuin onkin oma (mielestäni typerä ja epärehellinen) narratiivinsa. Jasper Pääkkösen näytteleminen on ainoa oikeasti muisteltavan arvoinen aspekti elokuvassa, imo.

  96. Bob

    Bob26 ngày trước

    Galna Dagar On selvää että elokuvalla on narratiivi puskettavana onhan nykyinen Presidenttikin "niin" rasisti. Tuntuu että faktoilla ei ole nykypäivänä väliä vaan vain uhrejen tunteilla. Elokuva ei kuitenkaan vaikuta samanlaiselta narratiivin puskemiselta kuin esimerkiksi amerikassa vasemmisto media mutta narratiivi on silti selvä eikä ulkoapäin tunnu pilaavan elokuvaa. Saatan katsoa elokuvan jonain tylsänä iltana sitten kun se on netissä.

  97. Galna Dagar

    Galna Dagar26 ngày trước

    +Bob Varsinkin jos palataan alkuperäiseen kommenttiin, jossa toinen kirjoittaja puhuu "rasismin väheksymisestä". Jos KKK tosiaan ei ollut rakentamassa pommia, poliisi ei hakannut Ronia tai muuta elokuvassa esitettyä "rasismia" tai väkivaltaa, niin miksi pitäisi ihmetellä, että ihmiset "vähättelevät" rasismia, kun sitä tässä kontekstissa ei oikeasti ollut juuri nimeksikään?

  98. Galna Dagar

    Galna Dagar26 ngày trước

    +Bob En anna tietenkään, mutta varmaati ymmärrät, että jos kaikki varsinainen draama elokuvassa on keksittyä, on jokseenkin harhaanjohtavaa puhua elokuvan perustuvan tositapahtumiin jos vain elokuvan raamit ovat todenmukaisia. Lisää Cheekin elämänkerralliseen elokuvaan kohtaus jossa Cheek osallistuu avaruuslennolle tai voittaa kultaa miesten sadalla metrillä. Perustuu tositapahtumiin?

  99. Keith Stout

    Keith StoutTháng trước

    40 racists thumbs down this video.

  100. Galna Dagar

    Galna Dagar26 ngày trước

    +Keith Stout Boo hoo ;___;

  101. Keith Stout

    Keith Stout26 ngày trước

    +Galna Dagar Moron

  102. Galna Dagar

    Galna DagarTháng trước

    I'm racist and I thumbed it up

  103. European

    EuropeanTháng trước

    Voi vittu. Poliittinen agenda ja muuta syöpää, lässyn lässy

  104. Janne Laitinen

    Janne Laitinen24 ngày trước

    +Jimbou Ja mopoteinit vetää viritetyillä crosseilla/enduroilla/mönkijöillä poliisia karkuun liikenneturvallisuudesta välittämättä ja räkivät parkkipaikoilla poliiseja odotellen. Sitten itkevät, kun kilvet ja kortti lähtee.

  105. Galna Dagar

    Galna DagarTháng trước

    +Jimbou Ovatko teknologia jaihmisoikeudey joku objektiivinen "viisauden" mitta kaikissa suhteissa?

  106. Isto Vilhola

    Isto VilholaTháng trước

    Sinulle on siis yllätys, että älykäs, maailmaa nähnyt ja koulutettu ihminen ottaa kantaa maailmassa tapahtuviin asioihin? Tiedän, että pyörit niissä piireissä joissa ei törmää älykkyyteen mutta kai sinullakin nyt joku kipinä löytyy, kun pystyt kirjoittamaan puutaheinää.

  107. King Of Finland

    King Of FinlandTháng trước

    +European Jasper ei mielestäni mielistele ketään, jos hän kertoo omista kokemuksistaan. Kyllä yhteikunnassa on joku vialla, jos tanssipartnerikin täytyy valita ihonvärin perusteella. Suomessa tällästä ei tapahtuisi ja ymmärrän kyllä hämmennyksesi.

  108. Jimbou

    JimbouTháng trước

    MegaMantero ihmiskunta tyhmenee😑Vittu oon niin kyllästyny tähän "ihmisvihaan"Joo 400 vuotta sitten oltiin paljon viisaampia...vertaa nyt vaikka teknologiaa ja ihmisoikeuksia sillon ja nyt.

  109. wow dude

    wow dudeTháng trước

    Suomen ainut ihminen jolla ei tule suomivivahdetta puhuessa englantia

  110. Isto Vilhola

    Isto VilholaTháng trước

    Yritätkö sanoa, että Jasperin puhe kuullostaa englannin skottimurteelta?? Suosittelen vahan kaivamista korvista tai jopa korvalääkärille menoa. Vaihtoehtoisesti suosittelen kuuntelemaan skottien puhumaa englantia rinnakkain suomienglannin kanssa - huomannet, että ei ole mitään yhteistä.

  111. Isto Vilhola

    Isto VilholaTháng trước

    Oikeesti? Tarve päteä much? Alemmuuskompleksi on vaikea asia, osanottoni.

  112. Xenon Doro

    Xenon DoroTháng trước

    Oikeesti? Sillähän on tosi vahva suomiaksentti tässä. Jopa niin vahva että ihmettelen miten on päässyt näyttelemään jenkkiä.

  113. wow dude

    wow dudeTháng trước

    Peto Petteri jep hyvin se veti

  114. Peto Petteri

    Peto PetteriTháng trước

    Siinä elokuvassahan Pääkkönen vetää hullun amerikkalaisjuntin roolin helvetin hyvin. Jollen olisi tiennyt mistä se on oikeasti kotoisin olisin varmaan luullut että se on amerikkalainen näyttelijä. Mut ainakin huijattiin täysin. Mutta onko amerikkalaiset samaa mieltä, en tiedä.

  115. Vestu

    VestuTháng trước

    Jees, torille ->

  116. Bur Zum

    Bur ZumTháng trước

    He looks like young Varg Vikernes

  117. Slushman

    SlushmanTháng trước

    Saku Salin!Suomi Finland

  118. HellCallBack

    HellCallBackTháng trước

    Pääkkönen saa kyllä olla ylpeä itsestään! Tonne ei päästä, kuin tekemällä töitä ja vieläpä tekemällä ne hyvin.

  119. Sepi *

    Sepi *19 ngày trước

    Suhteilla sielläkin hommat toimii, varsinkin siellä, hollywoodissa siis. Ei se ole taidoista ja ahkeruudesta kiinni. Joissakin tapauksissa ehkä, mutta erittäin marginaalisesti.

  120. Marianne

    Marianne25 ngày trước

    HellCallBack Samaa mieltä, ja hyvin kertoi tuossa videollakin Amerikasta eli miehellä jalat on maassa ja järki päässä.

  121. KoivuTheHab

    KoivuTheHab26 ngày trước

    Persettä kun antaa niin taivas on rajana.

  122. ArrA

    ArrATháng trước

    Racism racism racism, talk about racism towards white people, thats something new to talk in movies

  123. 455 H41R

    455 H41R27 ngày trước

    Emma Karhu AFF(african freedom fighters) killing white farmers systematically.

  124. ArrA

    ArrATháng trước

    +Loinen Miks pitäs puhua mustien kkk touhuista, mun kommentti oli yleistettynä kaikista rasisteista mustista.

  125. Emma Karhu

    Emma KarhuTháng trước

    ArrA Mielummi hiisaan himassa muitten verorahoja

  126. Emma Karhu

    Emma KarhuTháng trước

    ArrA Hah vitut menen oravanpyörää pyörimää mene ite ja mistä vitusta päättelit et oletan mitään susta osaatko englantia? Ja mistä tiedät etten oo ite tumma kans kerro nyt mustien ihmisten KKK ja sen historia

  127. ArrA

    ArrATháng trước

    Emma Karhu Viherpiipertäjä tulee vitruilee koska luulee että en ole musta, sä oot se oikee rasisti jos hyökkäät mua vastaan kutsuen rasisitiksi vain ihon värin takia. MENE TÖIHIN 👋

  128. Akhmed Abdurashidov

    Akhmed AbdurashidovTháng trước

    О чем идёт базар, кто сможет перевести?

  129. Sons of Thanos Kärki

    Sons of Thanos KärkiTháng trước

    Respektit meni jasperiin osittain kun kuunteli tätä paskaa että rasisimia on kaikkialla ja mustat on sorrettuja plääh plääh😰

  130. Henri Beats

    Henri BeatsTháng trước

    Totta turiset , amerikka on ehkä tasa arvosin maa kaikille ihmisille.

  131. Aapo Laine

    Aapo LaineTháng trước

    Sons of Thanos Kärki Ja siitä aiheesta puhuminen oli ihan odotettua, koska se oli ton leffanki aiheena

  132. Aapo Laine

    Aapo LaineTháng trước

    Sons of Thanos Kärki Kuinkas nyt silleen?

  133. MegaMantero

    MegaManteroTháng trước

    Tuskin kaipaa arvostustasi.

  134. Matias Gerlich

    Matias GerlichTháng trước

    Jasper is surely aware of difference of European nationalism which was never really (excluding Nazi Germany) agenda to discriminate but integrate people. Even if some communists are claiming the opposite, the integration as goal was true and that discourses of rich, middle-class and poor really met each others: in villages and streets of town, in schools, in military, in working environment. There were not really schools for rich only in Finland, no privileges for rich in army, the class barriers were to be broken. The victim of integration was of course individualism in certain scale.

  135. Jani Mäkinen

    Jani MäkinenTháng trước

    Keskisarja has an opinion. Even a very learned one. But it is still only his opinion. I don't fully share his ideas in any way whatsoever. Though of course the wealthy and powerful will ALWAYS try to play the weaker masses against each other in order to stay in power.

  136. Mats Hagglund

    Mats HagglundTháng trước

    Historian Teemu Keskisarja put it right: some people in Finland have misunderstood nationalism. They study nationalism as some kind of cancer. In fact countries like Finland, Germany and many others were build on idea of nationalism. Keskisarja found much more positive things in nationalism than negative. It's just the foolish claims of communists and globalists ( both internationalist) playing their Nazi card game. Nationalism is not fascism. And the idea of integration is in core of nationalism. Is it bad thing really?

  137. Jani Mäkinen

    Jani MäkinenTháng trước

    I think nationalism is far from dead and we might yet see the breakup of EU and a counter reaction to forced multicultural integration, but I hope other European countries won't follow the folly of Poland and Hungary to a great extent. Nationalism is not always bad, of course. Finland has some pretty funny forms of nationalism, such as.. "being born in Finland is like winning in the lottery" and the false promises of this and that product, veggie or fruit being the best in the world because hey, it was produced in Finland. Just bullshit. Not always, but too much so.

  138. MegaMantero

    MegaManteroTháng trước

    LuomuKekkonen, you're asking an argument, and then you just use ad hominem :D pls..

  139. LuomuKekkonen

    LuomuKekkonenTháng trước

    Jani Mäkinen Let me guess you're one of those guys who think nationalism = Nazism?

  140. Isla Mäkinen

    Isla MäkinenTháng trước

    Americans: is Jasper's english in the movie good? Would he pass as an american?

  141. Peto Petteri

    Peto PetteriTháng trước

    Thanks loveharrydaily ! Interesting to hear american opinion. I am finn myself and Jasper fooled me completely in movie. I am very satisfied by his performance. But I also have wondered, how would american think about it. I think you agree that he was crazy enough in movie? In this interview, anyway, he has clearly finnish accent.

  142. loveharrydaily

    loveharrydailyTháng trước

    Isla Mäkinen his American accent needs a LOT of work (especially playing someone from Colorado) because to be honest he was sounding more like Javier Bardem, but it wasn’t that bad. His vowels were just too European.

  143. jerkkub

    jerkkubTháng trước


  144. jerkkub

    jerkkub17 ngày trước

    Kapteeni Kissa Niin? Voi sen silti kirjoittaa oikein.

  145. Kapteeni Kissa

    Kapteeni KissaTháng trước

    jerkkub amerikassa ei käytetä ä eikä ö :D


    GOONMRKAYTháng trước

    Please, let him become the next Peter Stormare...or may i be bolder, more famous than Stormare? I mean, why the next Peter Stormare should be a Swede? it as well could be a Finn too :) , right?. Kyl menee Jasperilla lujaa, ura nousukiidossa, tosi upea juttu Jasperi! - jatka samaan malliin!!! Aika paljon ollaan tultu eteenpäin Salkkari ajoista :)

  147. Henri Beats

    Henri BeatsTháng trước

    GOONMRKAY sen pitää vaa droppaa toi vasemmistolainen agenda että mustia sorretaan amerikassa.

  148. Wizard's Sleeve

    Wizard's SleeveTháng trước

    GOONMRKAY I bet Jasper is working overtime to please his (((bosses))). Based on this interview alone we might have a new star in making. Jasper is sure very talented at regurgitating (((the mainstream narrative))). Way to go, Jasper! Torille!

  149. Blue Chili

    Blue ChiliTháng trước

    Phew, it was a relief to hear Jasu speak english so well

  150. Malik X

    Malik XTháng trước

    Easily the best performance in the movie goes to this man-you can believe his character hella

  151. sammy babizin

    sammy babizinTháng trước

    Neekerit vittuun afrikasta ja suomi ruotsalaisille ja jne!!

  152. 455 H41R

    455 H41R27 ngày trước

    Rip riku piano

  153. Peto Petteri

    Peto PetteriTháng trước

    Pitäis perustaa joku puolue ajamaan näitä asioita!

  154. Peto Petteri

    Peto PetteriTháng trước

    Ha ha! Okei.

  155. GreedAndSelfishness

    GreedAndSelfishnessTháng trước

    Why are people so obsessed with racism? Particularily white racism. Other races are racist as well. This is my problem. Whites are always portrayed as the evil racists. Its an agenda. To make whites look stupid and evil. So they will hate themselves and their culture and then succumb to be a minority in their own countries.

  156. bujashaka

    bujashakaTháng trước

    fuckers can't even spell out his name. some respect. virtual keyboards have ÄÖ

  157. _TheBringerOfRain_

    _TheBringerOfRain_Tháng trước



    BLACK DEATHTháng trước

    Spike Lee produces a great movie again

  159. kanervatie

    kanervatieTháng trước

    Tori mainittu?

  160. Retarded Pepe

    Retarded PepeTháng trước

    Ulkomaalaiset Suomesta pois pliis

  161. Otso Tuurna

    Otso TuurnaTháng trước

    Wtf bro

  162. i c e

    i c eTháng trước

    komia baitti, aika moni jäi

  163. Aapo Laine

    Aapo LaineTháng trước

    Retarded Pepe Tuu hakemaan vaan, jos uskallat

  164. Peto Petteri

    Peto PetteriTháng trước

    Joo, minäkään en arvosta islamia. Kaikki ulkomaalaiset eivät ole kuitenkaan muslimeja ja muslimeissakin lienee eroja (esim. wahhabistien ja Suomen tataarien välillä). Islamilla et voi nyt perustella kaikkien ulkomaalaisten karkoitusta.

  165. Retarded Pepe

    Retarded PepeTháng trước

    ÄO on 140. Ja jos käytät argumenttina väestön ikärakennetta, kannattaisiko rahat kohdistaa erilaisiin tukiin vanhemmille? Tähän ei ainakaan auta lapsilisän reaaliarvon laskeminen neljänneksellä noin 25 vuodessa. Tämän sijaan rahaa tungetaan EU:lle sekä turvapaikanhakijoille (joista noin 80% on aikuisia miehiä.). Hassua että uutisissa puhutaan aina lapsiperheistä, kun totuus on aivan toisenlainen. Heidän työllistyminenkin on aivan aliarvoista verrattuna kantasuomalaisiin. Pakolaisten ja turvapaikanhakijoiden vaikutus talouteemme on negatiivinen. Ja miksi heitä tänne päästetään maista, joissa ei ole enää vaarallista asua? Tai miksi heidän täytyy tulla näin kauas kotimaistaan? Ettei vaan johtuisi tuista?

  166. massimies

    massimiesTháng trước


  167. Jopo Keitola

    Jopo KeitolaTháng trước

    actually its Pääkkönen, not Paakkonen. Just like its Donald Trump not Dynold Trymp.

  168. jopodude

    jopodudeTháng trước

    Bush did 119 jos mulla ei olis näppäimistössä u tai o kirjainta nii oisko Dynald Trymp silti oikein kirjoitettu?

  169. Bush did 119

    Bush did 119Tháng trước

    jätkä ku niil ei oo tota ä kirjainta siel amerkian mantereel.

  170. jopodude

    jopodudeTháng trước

    KnifeRunner wow, that comment just wins every award ever made..You dont have to know Finnish to write their name correctly? And no i won't write in Chinese cause i dont know how to speak Chinese. The title isnt speaking Finnish? The NAME is just Finnish.

  171. KnifeRunner

    KnifeRunnerTháng trước

    if you buy something from China on Ebay, do you write with chinese letters to the seller if you have a question?

  172. jopodude

    jopodudeTháng trước

    loveharrydaily well you dont usually use ä of ö so when you need to, please use them .. Like excatly at these situations.

  173. Hirmuinen

    HirmuinenTháng trước


  174. Peto Petteri

    Peto PetteriTháng trước

    Ärsyttää se miten tää Pääkkönenkin painottaa sitä että hän Helsingistä. I am from Finland. Helsinki, Finland. Helsinki, Helsinki, Helsinki! Helkutti, on täällä Suomessa muutakin kuin Helssinki.

  175. XtreeM FaiL

    XtreeM FaiL10 giờ trước

    Peto Petteri Olisiko hänen sitten pitänyt sanoa olevansa Pispalasta?

  176. Jesujej

    JesujejTháng trước

    ei ole

  177. Otso Tuurna

    Otso TuurnaTháng trước

    No mut jos sä nyt mietit nii onks muuta ku helsinki Ei

  178. Salla

    SallaTháng trước

    Suuret on murheet

  179. Fisher Sam Fisher

    Fisher Sam FisherTháng trước

    Villi veikkaus - sinä et ole Helsingistä :D

  180. Peto Petteri

    Peto PetteriTháng trước

    Jasperi puhui filmissä ihan kuin oikea ameriikan juntti. Ainakin muhun se upposi niinkuin väärä raha (Mitä se olikin tietysti. Jätkä on Suomesta mutta ilmeisesti viettänyt sen verran aikaa Ameriikassa että on kieli tarttunut). Tässä haastattelussa kuuluu kyllä ihan reilu suomalais-aksentti. Mikä on hyvä, ei kai meidän tarvi kokonaan miksikään ameriikan pelleiksi muuttua...

  181. jeppemichael

    jeppemichaelTháng trước

    Mats Hagglund Ihan oikeesti 99% porukasta ei kiinnosta vittuakaan jos aksentti kuuluu. Ne kuulee satoja aksentteja joka päivä jenkeissä. Täällä taas Suomalaiset itkee jos nyt sattuis 1% elokuvan nähneistä olevan sitä mieltä että aksentti oli paska. Vähän itsetuntoa nyt suomijuntit ja kasvattakaa pallit, niin ei tartte itkeä.

  182. Mats Hagglund

    Mats HagglundTháng trước

    Luulen että amerikkalaiset vaistoavat heti ettei aksentti ole mikään coloradolainen. Sama se on Suomessa. Tuntemattoman Sotilaan Rahikaista esittävä paljastuu heti ettei ole pohjoiskarjalainen.

  183. Zar_Hero

    Zar_HeroTháng trước

    Siis jumalauta jos on näyttelijä niin pitää osata puhua

  184. Fisher Sam Fisher

    Fisher Sam FisherTháng trước

    No sitä se näyttelijän työ on - roolien oppimista ja hahmojen tekemistä uskottaviksi.

  185. Peto Petteri

    Peto PetteriTháng trước

    Mitä helvettiä ne duudsonit tuollakin tekee!!???

  186. no shet sherloid

    no shet sherloid17 ngày trước

    Vitun linssiludet

  187. Peto Petteri

    Peto PetteriTháng trước

    Okay! Toivottavasti kukaan ei loukkaa itseään.

  188. Lepsa

    LepsaTháng trước

    Jukka kutsuvieraana, Jasperin messissä siis

  189. siniaura

    siniauraTháng trước

    wise words from Korppu

  190. xwillex

    xwillexTháng trước

    Proud of my countryman. Smart man



    So not only is this actor utterly disgracing my country and my people, but my fellow countrymen are here in the comments rabidly defending him? I wish we got fucking nuked. A people that went through 1000 years of occupation and genocide is ashamed of being white and wants to take in the whole fucking third world. WE HAVE NOTHING TO FEEL GUILTY ABOUT - IF YOUR ANCESTORS SAW YOU, THEY WOULD KILL YOU ON THE SPOT OUT OF SHAME

  192. TheDarkPan

    TheDarkPanTháng trước

    - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ku_Klux_Klan_members_in_United_States_politics#Politicians_who_were_active_in_the_Klan_at_some_time -

  193. RebeIMate

    RebeIMateTháng trước

    If one is a big actor in Hollywood, one may choose what roles one wants to play in movies. But in this case, I think our home-boy, Jasper just want to prove himself for world as an actor. He has worked really hard here in Finland in acting but also in politics in certain areas. Like protecting Baltic Sea's salmon and also being active speaker and ambassador for sustainable fishing in Finland. I think I am saying here is what most of the people in Finland thinks about this: That being, we are really happy of what Jasper has accomplished and we as a nation are really proud of that!

  194. Jani Mäkinen

    Jani MäkinenTháng trước

    I don't remember exactly, but my friend comes from Inari. It had something to do with river fishing. Yes in general the sustainable model is wise and fine, but if I recall correctly the locals said they don't need a city kid telling them how to fish in their ancestral lands up there. Jasper lived next door to my family during his childhood. He was never a brat, didn´'t cause trouble and had his head mostly in the right place. He's no brainiac, but possesses a quick wit for most things.

  195. RebeIMate

    RebeIMateTháng trước

    Well I am not sure what these "stupid ideas" were, because you don't let us know. But I am a Lappish person and for what I have heard from Jasper, he has had great message for sustainable fishing. Maybe he is not that smart in real life than he is presented, or maybe he is. The most important thing is that he is a famous actor and he has a great impact on people as a public speaker. Thus everybody gets to hear this important message and maybe rely on that. Therefore maybe we can change the way we think and act on fishing. And to protect more our waters like rivers and fish (especially endangered fish) that live in those water systems from building more hydroelectric power-plants, fore example.

  196. Jani Mäkinen

    Jani MäkinenTháng trước

    I have a Lappish friend whose father owns a fishing equipment shop and they criticized Jasper for having stupid ideas on fishing in Lapland. That said, he certainly believes he's doing the right thing. Everyone makes mistakes. The best of us learn from them..

  197. ahmo2

    ahmo2Tháng trước

    Hyvää stand uppiahan tää Ismo vetää. Maailman hauskin mies!

  198. Mari Kimpanpää

    Mari KimpanpääTháng trước

    ei ne kaikki suomalaiset tuonne näköjään mene itteensä myymään hehheee

  199. Sgt Reed

    Sgt ReedTháng trước

    Kaikki ei pääse

  200. Heidi Leinonen

    Heidi LeinonenTháng trước

    Finland's own boy! :D \o/ one of the best actors in Finland. :D

  201. T900420

    T90042021 ngày trước

    If not THE best

  202. Matthew Dickson

    Matthew DicksonTháng trước

    Meitin jasperi se siellä isossa maailmassa

  203. no shet sherloid

    no shet sherloid17 ngày trước

    Ihan vaan Jasperi, aivan itse. Ei meidän omaisuutta.

  204. AkeV

    AkeVTháng trước

    niiloo ei kiinnosta näyttelijäntyöt

  205. Matthew Dickson

    Matthew DicksonTháng trước

    Katsellaan ja näkyillään mitä tulevaisuus tuo tullessaan vai tuoko se YH TÄÄN MI TÄÄÄN

  206. Aapo Laine

    Aapo LaineTháng trước

    Matthew Dickson Koska hot wings videoo?

  207. 미켈 코소라

    미켈 코소라Tháng trước

    Nipan seuraavan kauden näyttelijä?

  208. slowpudda

    slowpuddaTháng trước

    torilla tavataan and huge congratulations for Jasper.

  209. korppi164

    korppi164Tháng trước

    Jack Skellington Haista vittu hintti

  210. Jack Skellington

    Jack SkellingtonTháng trước

    Yep ei vieläkään hauska edes 30 vuoden kuluttua. Mut hei jatka vaan, ehkä 50 vuoden päästä toi jo jotain idiootti naurattaa!

  211. Roy Hakanen

    Roy HakanenTháng trước

    vireporter.net/v/video-J9KdHxXQt3E.html&t=34s Vikings, finnish actor Jasper Pääkkönen and Peter Franzen

  212. Leksius

    LeksiusTháng trước

    Saku tuu pois sieltä :D siellä tehdään elokuvia :D

  213. 5uomalainen

    5uomalainen15 ngày trước

    @Positive Mental Attitude Juu rauhaan kannattaa tosiaan jättää. Jos argumenteissa yhdistetään hätävilkut päällä olevat mustalaiset ja USA:n terroristi-iskut niin ei ole hedelmällistä keskustelua tulossa.

  214. no shet sherloid

    no shet sherloid17 ngày trước


  215. Positive Mental Attitude

    Positive Mental Attitude26 ngày trước

    Valitettavasti en usko mihinkään sellaiseen että annetaan hyvin kyseenalaisille ajatuksille jotenkin oikeutus jos vaikka rasistin sijaan kutsutaan alt-rightiksi etc etc

  216. ElectronicRedPanda

    ElectronicRedPanda26 ngày trước

    "Niin no, jos oot tyytyväinen rasististen ajatusmallien kanssa, ole ihan rauhassa sitten." Lokeroimalla ihmiset rasisteiksi annat erittäin negatiivisen kuvan itsestäsi.

  217. Positive Mental Attitude

    Positive Mental Attitude26 ngày trước

    Eikös me just käyty keskustelu siitä miten ei se mene niin että vaan sillon voi olla rasisti jos vastaa positiivisesti kysymykseen "Kai viihat niitä likasia nekruja"

  218. Ville Mäki

    Ville MäkiTháng trước


  219. Nana Saquiele

    Nana SaquieleTháng trước

    🔴 *Black Klansman fiIm available here👉* ( t.co/7I7CuiSujb ) _Unglaublicher film! Sehr zu empfehlen, es auszuprobieren!_

  220. Dp Kundu

    Dp KunduTháng trước

    There is racism every fuckin where because grouping in herd and feeling superior is ingrained in DNA of most inhabitants if this planet because they have not evolved and that is pitty ful thing. Feel very sorry for those who hve not evolved. Remember evolution is key to survival or else you will extinct. Get well soon. vireporter.net/v/video-n_kCO7Qooj8.html

  221. eero snellman

    eero snellmanTháng trước

    He looks absolutely dead in the eyes. Sold his soul for the jews and multiculti

  222. eero snellman

    eero snellmanTháng trước

    Yeees, a shekel for the good goy Jasper, a part of history with the political agenda.

  223. Chokwe

    Chokwe28 ngày trước

    +eero snellman Sellaset ekstremepsykoosit sieltä. No, mitä muutakaan sitä voisi kaltaiseltasi liimanhaistelijafoliohatulta odottaakaan...

  224. eero snellman

    eero snellmanTháng trước

    Nice strawman, of course their views and end-goals aren't 100% similar, however the underlying principle is common, whatever is good for the jewish people is worthwhile, whites dont have this kind of mentality. Ivanka Trump is a convert, not an ethnic jew so I wont even go guessing on her.

  225. Satellite

    SatelliteTháng trước

    eero snellman You say I'm uneducated but you literally think that millions of people have the same opinions, political ideology and goals simply because they are Jewish. You really think George Soros, Bernie Sanders, Mark Zuckerberg, Ivanka Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu have the same political opinions?

  226. eero snellman

    eero snellmanTháng trước

    The alt-right is pretty much about the JQ. Jews arent such an issue in Finland, even though their influence is spreading through international influence. Being ignorant about the jewish influence and their tendency to bring out ideas and policies in think tanks like the (((Frankfurt school of critical theory))) to exploit our altruism meanwhile being extremely nepotistic themselves just shows you are uneducated on the issue.

  227. Satellite

    SatelliteTháng trước

    Wizard's Sleeve Oh so I'm a "soyboy cuck" because I don't believe in some stupid "Jewish conspiracy"? I guess Trump, alt-right, perussuomalaiset are cucks then too right?

  228. LonelyOctopus

    LonelyOctopusTháng trước

    It doesn't exist in FInland because Finland has 1 race majority and it's all white.

  229. Anders Vakker

    Anders VakkerTháng trước

    +5000Kone kiitos hyvistä vastauksista! Oot asiallinen ja tiedät asioista. Verrattuna tohon yhteen elämänkallusankariin, argumentoit ihan hullun hyvin.

  230. 5000Kone

    5000KoneTháng trước

    Fossil finds tells a litte different story at least in Europe. Or at least the ancient central Europeans were apparently quite dark skinned before immigration from near-east about 8000bc. "How Europeans evolved white skin" "The work, presented here last week at the 84th annual meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, offers dramatic evidence of recent evolution in Europe and shows that most modern Europeans don’t look much like those of 8000 years ago." " By comparing key parts of the DNA across the genomes of 83 ancient individuals from archaeological sites throughout Europe, the international team of researchers reported earlier this year that Europeans today are a mix of the blending of at least three ancient populations of hunter-gatherers and farmers who moved into Europe in separate migrations over the past 8000 years. " "Now, a new study from the same team drills down further into that remarkable data to search for genes that were under strong natural selection-including traits so favorable that they spread rapidly throughout Europe in the past 8000 years. By comparing the ancient European genomes with those of recent ones from the 1000 Genomes Project, population geneticist Iain Mathieson, a postdoc in the Harvard University lab of population geneticist David Reich, found five genes associated with changes in diet and skin pigmentation that underwent strong natural selection.""The modern humans who came out of Africa to originally settle Europe about 40,000 years are presumed to have had dark skin, which is advantageous in sunny latitudes. And the new data confirm that about 8500 years ago, early hunter-gatherers in Spain, Luxembourg, and Hungary also had darker skin: They lacked versions of two genes-SLC24A5 and SLC45A2-that lead to depigmentation and, therefore, pale skin in Europeans today.""Seven people from the 7700-year-old Motala archaeological site in southern Sweden had both light skin gene variants, SLC24A5 and SLC45A2. They also had a third gene, HERC2/OCA2, which causes blue eyes and may also contribute to light skin and blond hair. "www.sciencemag.org/news/2015/04/how-europeans-evolved-white-skin

  231. Mats Hagglund

    Mats HagglundTháng trước

    Based on all DNA studies all Europeans, Asians, Australians and Native Americans are descents of out-of-africa Africans. In fact we are all Africans without dark skin color. Study evolution of skin color if you don't get that idea. www.ted.com/talks/nina_jablonski_breaks_the_illusion_of_skin_color?language=en

  232. 5000Kone

    5000KoneTháng trước

    Jep, sama voi sanoa sinusta. Melko varmaa mitä faktaa pöytää vaan lataa niin ei mene perille. Jotkut pakolaiset/maahanmuutajat ei tätä hommaa ole kusemassa, mutta onhan ne hyvä syntipukki; joku pieni vähemmistö. No mitkä tilastot osoittaa että rikolisuus tulee kasvamaan suuresti? Kato vaikka tästä pohjoismaiden ja euroopan henkirikosten LASKUA. Norjassa henkirikoskia 100 000 asukasta kohden 2016(2015) 0.51,(0.56). Tanskassa myös pieneni, 2016 0.98 2015, en löytänyt 2015 kerrointa, mutta henkirikoksia kappalemääräisesti tapahtui vähemmän 2016 kuin 2015. Suomi 1.42(1.60), Ruotsi 1.08 (1.15). Vähän muita Euroopan maita, Ranska 1.23(1.58), Saksa 0.88 (0.85.) Saksassa jopa 0.3 nousu. Italiasta en löytänyt useamman vuoden tilastoja, kuini 2016 0.67. Yhdysvalloissa nousi henkirikostilastot Saksaa hivenen enemmän USA 5.35 (4.88). Sitten nämä EU:n synkimmät maat; tuskin pakolaisten tms. vuoksi. Liettua 5.25(5.98) ja Ukraina 6.34(4.36). Missä tilastoissa se kasvu näkyy ja milloin? Se että jollain pienellä populaatiolla on korkeampi todennäköisyys arvo ei kerro, että maan kokonaisrikollisuus tulee kasvamaan. Pienen väestön keskuudessa muuta aktiivinen rikolinen nostaa tilastollista kertointa huimasti. Rikollinen ihminen on rikollinen, ei rikkollien ei ole. Ruotsin "Europe´s rape capital" on lähinnä Yhdysvaltojen huuhaa juttuja. Yritetään ehkä peitellä oman maan ongelmia. Merkkien näkeminen kuulostaa uskonnnolliselta huuhaalta. Jos sinä et näe näitä tilastoja, niin siinä ei auta mikään muu kuin odottaminen XD Sitten niihin raiskaustilastoihin. Onko tulkinta ja taustatiedot kohdillaan? Ruotsin raiskaustilastot eivät ole verrannollisia erilaisen lainsäädännön kanssa verrattuna muuhun Eurooppaan. Pelkästään 2000 luvulla ainakin kolme kiristystä lakehin.Saksa puolestaan verrannolisempi. Saman verran suunnileen pakoilaisia suhteessa kuin Ruotsissa sekä Islamin uskoisia. According to United Nations, Office On Drugs and Crime statistics police-recorded offences rapes/rape rate per 100,000 inhabitants in Germany and in the USA. Germany The USA 2003 8,766 (10.75) (32.26) 2004 8,831 (10.85) (32.39) 2005 8,133 (10.01) (31.86) 2006 8,118 (10.02) (31.61) 2007 7,511 (9.29) (30.70) 2008 7,292 (9.04) (29.81) 2009 7,314 (9.08) (29.05) 2010 7,724 (9.60) (27.62) 2011 7,539 (9.37) (26.95) 2012 8,031 (9.98) (27.05) 2013 7,408 (9.19) (35.85) 2014 7,345 (9.11) (36.95) 2015 7,022 (8.70) (38.55) data.unodc.org/#state:5 "The overall statistics showed only a slight increase in crime in Germany - up by just 0.7 per cent from 2015 to 2016. I did find out Germanys police crime statics for 2016; the numbers are not 1to1 comparable with the UN numbers but seem to hit quite close. Offences against sexual self-determination: 47 401 cases, Rape and sexual coercion (sects. 177 (2, 3 and 4), 178 PC) 7 919 cases. Source: German police crime statistics&/The Bundeskriminalamt. " "For example: If a woman in Sweden reports that she has been raped by her husband every night for a year, that is counted as 365 separate offences; in most other countries this would be registered as a single offence, or would not be registered as an offence at all." www.government.se/articles/2017/02/facts-about-migration-and-crime-in-sweden/

  233. GreedAndSelfishness

    GreedAndSelfishnessTháng trước

    5000Kone Ei tuonlaisten mieliä pysty muuttamaan. Tulevaisuus näyttää että teikäläisten hyvätahtoisuus kusee koko vitun homman. Ja tässä nyt ei puhuta että kenellä on suurempi rikosarvo jo valmiiksi, tässä puhutaan että rikollisuus tulee KASVAMAAN suuresti. Suomessakin on jo sanottu että tilastojen perusteella maahanmuuttajataustaiset (lähi-itä) ovat paljon korkeammalla todennäköisyydellä tekemässä rikoksia. Raiskauksetkin ovat jo triplaantuneet Ruotsissa. Ruotsihan on jo julistettu "Europe's Rape Capital". Jos et näe näitä merkkejä niin ei siinä auta muuta kuin odottaminen. XD

  234. Samson XXX

    Samson XXXTháng trước

    That Jasper for sure is a disgrace - to Finland and Finnish people. By showing out as one very ignorant puppet so easily taken advantage of in some wicked political show. And therefore making whole Finland show as stupid as he himself is. There is a reason why activist Lee picked this guy in his role and it's not his acting skills. It's all carefully orchestrated act meant to fullfill certain political (leftist) agenda and absolutely nothing to do with art. Propaganda i.e.

  235. zouni

    zouniTháng trước

    +Samson XXX jesus christ you are deluded. While I agree, our prime minister is a disgrace to our whole race, you know *nothing* of Finland.

  236. Henri Beats

    Henri BeatsTháng trước

    Samson XXX nah its sweden thats the leftist capital of europe. Finland is unfortunately rn leaning a bit towards left but there are good conservatives there

  237. eero heikkilä

    eero heikkiläTháng trước

    Samson XXX hahaha u are just one of those dumb redneck americans who has iq level under 85... :)))))

  238. Flaws

    FlawsTháng trước

    Samson XXX I legitimately laughed at some of the nonsense you wrote. If you are above the age of 16 I'm concerned. You dont know shit about our country. Hell you probably couldnt even point out where Finland is located in a globe. Maybe you focus on your own problems such as the often occuring school shootings before you talk about any other country in a disrespectful manner. Fucking hell your country is so fucked up no wonder you idiots go guns blazing at each other. Anyways good luck with that.

  239. SpilledBeans Records

    SpilledBeans RecordsTháng trước

    finland is one of the most well functioning societies in the world. let that sink in a bit... and oh, america is nowhere near the top 20, hell not even top 40. But I doubt you care much about science. go watch more fox news you fucking sheep

  240. fsd spdf

    fsd spdfTháng trước

    Jasper speaks good english

  241. Jokke

    Jokke15 ngày trước

    I would call my self an ass hole too. :D

  242. Jani Mäkinen

    Jani Mäkinen23 ngày trước

    Olen ollut useammissa kommenttikentissä kuin ehkä uskot :-D Jos joku muu on ihan Ylilaudassa, se ei merkitse sitä että minun pitäisi. Kyllä täältä pesee ja välillä linkoaakin.

  243. Ville

    Ville25 ngày trước

    +Jani Mäkinen Todennäköisesti nuorempi kuin 25 ja tervetuloa VIreportern kommenttikenttään. Täällä selviät vain lukio- ja amisteinien Ylilauta-huumorilla ja pintapuolisilla meemeillä.

  244. Isto Vilhola

    Isto VilholaTháng trước

    He was an exchange student in Baltimore, Maryland for a year so it helps. Also the Vikings- series and all kind of hanging in the USA for years do the thing.

  245. Speediconsaales

    SpeediconsaalesTháng trước

    Itseasiassa englannin voi aloittaa jo päiväkodissa.

  246. asdrt asdi

    asdrt asdiTháng trước

    "racism is everywhere".... yeah right, very delutional and dishonest statement. Everything is just explained by racism.

  247. KoivuTheHab

    KoivuTheHab22 ngày trước

    Miika Only 97% one race? Who told you that? I don't see how it could be that today, let alone in the late 90's.

  248. Miika

    Miika22 ngày trước

    I don't think he meant institutional form of racisim, just how people act and what he saw from a perspective of a person who has lived his younger years in a country with 97% being one race

  249. KoivuTheHab

    KoivuTheHab26 ngày trước

    Anything Butme ''Asians were mainly highly educated and wealthy people, those who had the money to move abroad'' Absolute lies. Asians are doing well because they are intelligent on average, which is the exact opposite of what the Africans are.

  250. KoivuTheHab

    KoivuTheHab26 ngày trước

    Vara Varala ''Society of Racisim. elects black president'' And you actually edited that comment, haha!

  251. Bob

    Bob26 ngày trước

    Jasper is kneeling in front of them, he says what they want to hear.

  252. Mack Funzy

    Mack FunzyTháng trước

    1:10 wtf is jukka hilden doing there...

  253. oona ;-;

    oona ;-;14 ngày trước

    omc JUKKIS 😂

  254. Mirja Korhonen

    Mirja Korhonen17 ngày trước

    Rauskin Jäät XD

  255. jake jakelia

    jake jakeliaTháng trước

    he acts on the movie also

  256. FactualClips

    FactualClipsTháng trước

    Maybe because he is/was one of the stars in a TV-show that was aired in 150 different countries all over the world with millions of people watching and enjoying their productions and putting Finland on the map. Maybe.

  257. Vittuu mun ovelta

    Vittuu mun oveltaTháng trước

    Mack Funzy hes not really asshole irl he just plays charecter in dudesons