Jay-Z Blasted For Partnership With NFL | TMZ Live


  1. GSINAWI313 Detroit

    GSINAWI313 Detroit15 ngày trước

    Colin was a bench warmer and sucked as a football player

  2. GSINAWI313 Detroit

    GSINAWI313 Detroit15 ngày trước

    Jay z what a low life you are go leave the country if you can’t back it

  3. Howard Powell

    Howard Powell15 ngày trước

    F.....gay z Trump 2020

  4. Punkinhed

    PunkinhedTháng trước

    Still don’t understand why it’s ok for “blacks to support their own people” but if we’d say “whites supporting their own people”, suddenly it’s racism. Why can’t we all help each other? Stop the separation...wtf?

  5. Zaben AlEid

    Zaben AlEidTháng trước

    As a poet once said. "FUCK JAY Z"

  6. tee migo

    tee migo2 tháng trước

    That's what the company is suppose to do when you're fucking up their money. Wtf does Jay have to work with Kap? Did Kap let Jay know about his settlement?

  7. Queens Vet

    Queens Vet2 tháng trước

    How is he gonna help us by partnering with nfl...season tickets??!!Jay z is just gonna give artists who already have money perform in the super bowl local hard working black artists wont get a shot

  8. Xavier Mejia

    Xavier Mejia3 tháng trước

    Dont be blind!

  9. Xavier Mejia

    Xavier Mejia3 tháng trước

    Jay Z is a Snake for sure not good!

  10. eric king

    eric king3 tháng trước

    Plain and simple do not support the NFL until change is being made and Colin Kaepernick gets his job back. The NFL mess up and they no it. I believe Jay-Z have good intentions I seen the work he have did before for the black community. But action speaks louder than words and that's what the black community needs 💯.

  11. browneyes rico

    browneyes rico3 tháng trước

    This all so stupid..jay z is correct the kneeling is done! Respect your country and if you dont leave!!!!!

  12. CREWDOG289

    CREWDOG2893 tháng trước

    I just don't care about this shit, no one is ever satisfied or happy with anything anyone does. Kap went to the Superbowl after they benched Alex Smith for him. He had a lot of chances and still does. Jay Z really has to do nothing for him. Kap go get the job with your talent and quit letting people around you tell you stuff in your ear. It seems like if you look at him the career went down when his girl show up to start whispering in his ear. I'm tired of all this shit who the helping certainly themselves of Kaps fame.

  13. David Diaz

    David Diaz3 tháng trước

    Fast forward to now and Colin was offered a workout with all 32 teams present and he refused. Jay-Z was the one who set that up. Nobody else did that.

  14. John Hutchinson

    John Hutchinson3 tháng trước

    Someone smiling is disgusting these people are ridiculous

  15. Bryan Calhoun

    Bryan Calhoun3 tháng trước

    Writes raps, becomes a hip hop Mogul,. Becomes 1st billionaire rapper in history,. Married to Beyonce,. Family man,. Partnerships with N.F.L all of a sudden hes majorly criticized,. That means he's doing something right.... Haters Always gonna hate....u cannot please everyone, and especially in the black community. We're crabs in the barrell, instead of letting him live his life. Black folk gotta put him down because he's doing what they won't do... Go after his... And ain't. Nobody stopping NOBODY from going after yours. Except you.... Go get it.or shut up with your bitching and moaning about someone else who's getting theirs. Black folks were snatched up from Africa by other Africans. Then handed over to whites.. and brought to countries all over the world AMERICA was last! mixed tribally.. given new names taught a new language.. raped.. beaten.. and discriminated against... And hundreds of years later we have black astronauts, black general's,. Black billionaires. And Oscar winners and black directors,. Mixed couples... Etc.. and yet we as black folk still trippin on each other waaaaay harder than white folks trippin on us......... Just shut up. Everyone is tired of the same old get down.. grow the hell up... Go live life... Do something about it.. something good. And uplifting. Not the same tired old Hate hate hate....

  16. K.I.N.G Easy

    K.I.N.G Easy3 tháng trước

    If Jay-Z gets Kap back in the NFL what will y'all say then??

  17. Ahmed Elsayed

    Ahmed Elsayed3 tháng trước

    Jay z... "I said not to the Superbowl you need me I don't need you, every night we in the endzone, tell the NFL we in stadiums too." Spongebob voice... 1 year later Jay z ... "I'm just trying to make as much money as possible. Make myself more rich and famous than I already am... I want to be more rich and famous than I already am. Oh... And also I'm still extremely envious of rich... Even though Im already rich!!!... Oh yeah did I tell you I was rich.?

  18. Shanardo Goodhope

    Shanardo Goodhope3 tháng trước


  19. Royal Lioness

    Royal Lioness4 tháng trước

    His imposter sold out...not JZ himself. Will the real Jay Z stand up?

  20. The Truth

    The Truth4 tháng trước

    Colin Kaepernick is making nothing into something ain't nothing there for him to speak on even if he was playing he ran from the street life all Colin had to do was shut up an throw

  21. Christopher bell

    Christopher bell4 tháng trước

    I am all for Black rights, and putting your nee down to demonstrate, but will you please get your U.S.airfouse out of how U.K.RAF Bases. Chris London England.

  22. Banito Blake

    Banito Blake4 tháng trước

    People kneel before God, Kings and Queens! Do you see how sick the world really is? One minute it's an honor to kneel, the next it's blasphemy! 💀

  23. Seth Clark

    Seth Clark4 tháng trước

    Colin Kap just sucks not even worth it was not that good at all now hes been out of football for 3 years now. It's over move on

  24. sn00piedog

    sn00piedog4 tháng trước

    Someone tell Kaepernick's arab girl friend to shut the fuck up. This Arab bitch so talkative and vocal about black culture when her Arab azz ppl are sp racist to blacks fucking shit. Ask her about how blacks are treated in her home country Egypt.

  25. Aber Sabeel

    Aber Sabeel4 tháng trước

    If I were Colin, I would burn my American passport and leave to Canada say to America good luck with your racism.

  26. Looney Toones

    Looney Toones5 tháng trước

    C.K and Nessa the real ultimate power couple 💎💎💎💎💎

  27. Chase444

    Chase4445 tháng trước


  28. P. L.

    P. L.5 tháng trước

    Jay z looks like buckwheat with that hair

  29. highspeedtubing

    highspeedtubing5 tháng trước

    I still am a little fuzzy on how a half-white quarterback who was raised by whites has become the torch bearer for Blacks. There are FAR more impressive black men worthy of the title.

  30. highspeedtubing

    highspeedtubing5 tháng trước

    These are two separate issues. Are there examples of racial injustice?. Yes there are. (Although Jay-Z is the opposite of this). Kap has no job because the NFL is tough on quarterbacks and he just wasn't that good. His attitude is CANCER for teams and no team owner wants a quarterback who divides the team, the league and the fans. A person with some talent still has NO RIGHT to a job anywhere.

  31. danette chavis

    danette chavis5 tháng trước

    If people protested ( and they did) and Jay Z says the powers that be "hear them" how does he conclude the question becomes "what are WE GONNA DO"? Because if they heard us as he says - shouldn't THEY be asking the question what are THEY gonna do?

  32. Son Joseph

    Son Joseph5 tháng trước

    🤔💭How will it solve police 🚔 brutality, social injustice? Either way, Jay-Z should’ve consulted with Colin K(since he started the movement for our people sufferance, even if he didn’t like his ideas...). Jay-Z lack of education, impaired his judgment cognitive thinking skills+doesn’t even know how to express himself to make others understand his perspectives. He has no plans, or goals how it’ll attack the issues with questions being asked. As long our culture idolize celebrities, AA communities will always fall short. It is embarrassing, despicable, greed, lack of backbone, cretin, distasteful....

  33. ELIS Quiñones

    ELIS Quiñones5 tháng trước

    Jay z was chosen because white billionaires need the help of a well known billionaire who is black to avoid another Kaepernick.

  34. N. S.

    N. S.5 tháng trước

    Also, please reflect on what Ms. Jemele Hill said about our black athletes. These NFL owners stuck together knowing Colin was one of the best quarterbacks out there. They sacrifice possibly winning a SUPER BOWL RING for their racist cause. We as a community need to realize where and what our strengths are and put them to use. HBCU's!!!!!!!

  35. N. S.

    N. S.5 tháng trước

    EVERY ONE OF YOU WHO WATCH FOOTBALL HAS SOLD OUT. Does anyone remember the bus boycott and the results? Our ancestors made sacrifices and got results we are benefiting from today. STOP WATCHING FOOTBALL!!!! Make that sacrifice because the next black man / boy could be someone you care deeply for. They only understand one thing MONEY. STOP WATCHING FOOTBALL!

  36. Remya Tempest

    Remya Tempest5 tháng trước

    Protest occur in order to procure change and until that change has begun or bloomed in a way that it can be measured then the act of protesting is necessary. Ie kneeling is necessary.

  37. Pascal Nazaire

    Pascal Nazaire5 tháng trước

    The media and its tricks y’all need to support jay z.. when u see the media tryna tear down a person ask yourself why 🤔

  38. Pascal Nazaire

    Pascal Nazaire5 tháng trước

    Collin took money from the nfl and agreed to no longer speak on the circonstances he was protesting lol he took money over the cause and did not contact anyone about it 🤷🏾‍♂️

  39. Pascal Nazaire

    Pascal Nazaire5 tháng trước

    Why y’all not talking about Collin taking the deal with the nfl and not contacting anyone also ?

  40. Stacker 2112

    Stacker 21125 tháng trước

    Go cares Go away

  41. Stacker 2112

    Stacker 21125 tháng trước

    Who cares Go away

  42. Mr. Pretty

    Mr. Pretty5 tháng trước

    Gay-z been a whole bitch. $ money dont make u real

  43. Shane Thomas

    Shane Thomas5 tháng trước

    Kaepernick is a player ...not an owner. JZ isn't "our leader" ...he is a vessel for progress. I say Kaep gets a job... wait it out

  44. Thomas  Broking

    Thomas Broking5 tháng trước

    JZ is a brilliant business man he found a way to make money. I think it's great having free concerts at games. I'm sure alot of people who would never go to a rap concert are going to see the issues they wouldn't normally have knoledge of. I really don't see this keeping Kaperinick out of work. Plus the settlement Kaperinick took pretty much sold him out didn't it?? Can you take the money but still have a protest?? I thought it's a buyout? Hey, enjoy the free concerts!

  45. Thomas  Broking

    Thomas Broking5 tháng trước

    People worried about Kap, but he already settled his suit with the NFL he got his $$. He didn't stick to his guns and his protest. They waved (in my opinion a piss amount to settle my cause) around 10 millions at them to settle and they did. Doesn't seem very important to him now, he's profited quite a bit since being cut.

  46. Solomon’s Wisdom

    Solomon’s Wisdom5 tháng trước

    Before you judge ones choice look for what that person is trying to accomplish Everyone deserves a chance to do what they think is right for the black community ,he isn’t controlling anything Let him have a chance to try to solve this problem before you judge a book by its cover Hear this and observe and understand both sides of a story before judging ones character

  47. Dr. Sharpley

    Dr. Sharpley5 tháng trước

    God has control of our souls we can’t sell our souls we don’t own our souls. Money exists for the means of us getting things done. Money is meant to be and we all need money to live. Jay-Z has done nothing wrong by signing with the NFL.

  48. Michele Galloway

    Michele Galloway5 tháng trước

    This is pathetic! This is why African Americans have such a hard time rising up. Martin Luther King did not complain like a big o baby against other African Americans in the struggle. Why is Kapernick entitled to Jay-Z's activities. What a wuss. If he couldn't take the heat, he should have stayed on his feet.

  49. Tyller Mcatkins

    Tyller Mcatkins5 tháng trước

    Jeeez Jigga, u got urself in a hole this time lol

  50. Demetrius Bennett

    Demetrius Bennett5 tháng trước

    Only people that is talking is hater ass black people

  51. EDeeire

    EDeeire5 tháng trước

    Smh, exploiting a social problem for personal financial profit. At the end of the day it’s what it is. Very simple

  52. Beans& Rice

    Beans& Rice5 tháng trước

    Fuck Harvey

  53. Alfonso gonzales

    Alfonso gonzales5 tháng trước

    Harvey is the way all reporters should be opened minded and comfortable addressing issues with out being bias. Just listen, communicate, and get the information out.

  54. Kovačević Dobrina

    Kovačević Dobrina5 tháng trước

    JZ looks like an idiot. Such a dumb thug.


    HARD BODY5 tháng trước

    So why kap still don't have a job ..Jay Z should've asked that


    HARD BODY5 tháng trước


  57. Beans& Rice

    Beans& Rice5 tháng trước

    Because hes trash lmao

  58. Lou J Cru Creations 2

    Lou J Cru Creations 25 tháng trước

    It's clear Jay Z would sell out his people for money, same shit Dame Dash was talking about. It just came to light.

  59. bkit5

    bkit55 tháng trước

    Listen to Black Republican by Jay Z and Nas.

  60. dlight81

    dlight815 tháng trước

    Everyone is getting it wrong. Jay is now inside the system and he can influence change in the nfl. Stop bashing him. Besides this is a great business move

  61. Etrigan Seven

    Etrigan Seven5 tháng trước

    Heyyyyyy... just listen and think.

  62. **

    **5 tháng trước

    JZ is as ugly as home made soap