Jim Bakker Bucket Taste Test


  1. Anthony Handcock

    Anthony Handcock3 giờ trước

    I'd rather eat food that was 35 years out of date than 'food' that lasts 35 years.

  2. Naftali Faraj

    Naftali FarajNgày trước

    How do you know what dog food tastes like

  3. Zane Winn

    Zane Winn2 ngày trước

    You two can make anyone smile on a bad day 😂😂🤙🏼🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. kasper bennetsen

    kasper bennetsen2 ngày trước

    why call it end times when you have to survive, why survive if it is the end?

  5. David Patrick

    David Patrick2 ngày trước

    Nope. In an apocalypse situation anything that moves that I don't have a love for becomes food. However if there's a 100% chance that life will not succeed, I'm killing everything until I'm dead.

  6. Smash Burn

    Smash Burn3 ngày trước

    The sound of Link's chewing (4:18-4:20) while consuming that pizza was almost disturbing enough to make me stop watching the video. Pretty sure I could never be near him while eating. Still love the guy though.☺

  7. Bideo Games

    Bideo Games3 ngày trước

    vic berger literally who?

  8. Candy Man

    Candy Man3 ngày trước

    Hahaha! 5:32 "this shits like old soup".

  9. Marcel Kuhn

    Marcel Kuhn4 ngày trước

    Americans are kinda crazy when it comes to endtimes OoOooOooohh

  10. Master Overlord

    Master Overlord4 ngày trước

    What are you going to do... with the doodoo?

  11. Brianna Ohana

    Brianna Ohana5 ngày trước

    The first "sink it" in this video is the most depressing "sink it" I've ever heard

  12. NextLevelNerd

    NextLevelNerd6 ngày trước

    This is why people should buy MREs

  13. TaQuan Epps

    TaQuan Epps6 ngày trước

    The ranking scale was hilarious.

  14. Caleb MacMoyer

    Caleb MacMoyer6 ngày trước

    "Kevin" is a good singer though, honestly. lol

  15. Eagle_001

    Eagle_0016 ngày trước

    I'm upset I share Jim's last name...

  16. Musicmanimations

    Musicmanimations7 ngày trước

    The Bakker bucket - It’s not horrible

  17. Isabel’s Wizarding world

    Isabel’s Wizarding world7 ngày trước

    Welp my least fav food is first I’m doomed

  18. sil pogs

    sil pogs7 ngày trước

    "It says it's eight servings." Eight?! I'm sorry, have you seen the size of that pizza? It's one.

  19. theaberrantdon

    theaberrantdon8 ngày trước

    The Falcons choke like Jim Baker.

  20. Lemonie Lala

    Lemonie Lala8 ngày trước

    *Seriously. We don't. 😂👌👌👌

  21. ldolphin240

    ldolphin2408 ngày trước

    At 3:56 can we just appreciate how they can just finish each others sentences? best friend goals right there 😂

  22. Valkyrie Cain

    Valkyrie Cain9 ngày trước

    I need a part two of this. Need to know about the other Jim Baker foods

  23. JuJuice

    JuJuice10 ngày trước

    You guys literally kill me. I have to stop watching this during my downtime at work because I am laughing so hard.

  24. yosi1653

    yosi165310 ngày trước

    Link takes bites like a little girl lol

  25. ??? ???

    ??? ???10 ngày trước

    But Wut if the atmosphere in the wastland makes food perish faster?

  26. ??? ???

    ??? ???10 ngày trước

    Like so everybody see it

  27. Lawrence Calablaster

    Lawrence Calablaster11 ngày trước

    Kevin reminds me of Eric Stonestreet.

  28. Genny Zammit

    Genny Zammit12 ngày trước


  29. evilkitty2007

    evilkitty200712 ngày trước

    if the apocalypse happens, train your dogs to kill and eat other people...protection and they're fed.

  30. Dena Page

    Dena Page12 ngày trước

    "I think it's still food product."

  31. JackOutOf TheBox

    JackOutOf TheBox13 ngày trước

    Slam it and cram it

  32. Acadian Bacon

    Acadian Bacon13 ngày trước

    If you'd like to hear about Jim and Tammy-Fay Bakker, their son was on an episode of the Super The Hardest podcast, where they try out weird chips, drink interesting mixed drinks, talk about comic books, and about life as the son of one of the most famous couple in the United States.

  33. Acadian Bacon

    Acadian Bacon13 ngày trước

    It's Episode 45.

  34. Zeus He

    Zeus He13 ngày trước

    Now I get the reference why in "What am I swimming in" there was one round where Rhett was swimming in Jim Bakker's bucket

  35. Dennis Petersen

    Dennis Petersen13 ngày trước

    I would rather hear the words 'come up hither' than to trust in Jim Bakker

  36. Thicc Daddy

    Thicc Daddy13 ngày trước

    I’ll choose a KFC chicken bucket for the apocalypse

  37. JeylinRocksOut

    JeylinRocksOut13 ngày trước

    So is this that will it apocolypse episode i waited for? Like they said in the Will it donut episode? XD jk

  38. Jackson George

    Jackson George13 ngày trước

    I have started to choke on Soup once.

  39. Kesha Valdes

    Kesha Valdes13 ngày trước

    I'm really looking forward to this one... it's absolutely terrible... feed this to your dog during the apocalypse, if he'll eat it.

  40. Jerry Weaver

    Jerry Weaver13 ngày trước

    Its off pudding lol

  41. dreibel

    dreibel13 ngày trước

    Apocalypse Chow.

  42. I’m - Not - Insane - I - Swear

    I’m - Not - Insane - I - Swear14 ngày trước

    I like how when link said “dog food” he didn’t even react. He’s just so used to bad tastes that he could deadpan it lol

  43. Norman Harris

    Norman Harris14 ngày trước

    That’s a mighty tasty burger...can I have a little ketchup to wash it down....😌

  44. Xcaliber Trekker

    Xcaliber Trekker14 ngày trước

    Someone really likes there ketchup to murder an entire family.

  45. Elli Sowers

    Elli Sowers14 ngày trước

    I don’t think there is going to be water that readily available during the apocalypse.

  46. thatonecookie 123

    thatonecookie 12314 ngày trước

    How do you donk up pudding HOW

  47. Sierra Hudson

    Sierra Hudson14 ngày trước

    People could just go to the warehouse where these are created and steal them all instead of paying over $100 for one bucket lmao.

  48. CheeseLover 52

    CheeseLover 5215 ngày trước

    Those buckets would be good for a homeless shelter because it has so much food in it.

  49. Just a rando

    Just a rando15 ngày trước

    9:46 just like me

  50. Sara George

    Sara George15 ngày trước

    Am I the only one bothered by the sticker because it isn't on straight?

  51. Nicholas Vinkler

    Nicholas Vinkler15 ngày trước

    Love it!!!! Ding..."seriously, we dont" !!!!!!!! Yall are great

  52. Cody Richey

    Cody Richey15 ngày trước

    Eat my ass

  53. William Butcher

    William Butcher15 ngày trước

    I'm going to eat people, if the apocalypse happens. I've told my family, and some of my friends. They heard me. I wanted to see which of them would help in the hunt, or become the hunt 🐺

  54. Frances Walker

    Frances Walker15 ngày trước

    Try Army MRE's. They're not that great but tolerable.

  55. Shayshay albino red

    Shayshay albino red15 ngày trước

    He should have self heating packets like mre got in them

  56. Moises Cornejo

    Moises Cornejo16 ngày trước

    I hate when link starts eating why he gotta do that

  57. C-Nation

    C-Nation16 ngày trước

    Chocolate technically never go's bad. So why not just put in a chocolate bar instead pudding

  58. Israel P Roman

    Israel P Roman16 ngày trước


  59. Sube Tube

    Sube Tube16 ngày trước

    Is there an asterisk after the "lasts 25 years"

  60. The Grilled Cheese Guy

    The Grilled Cheese Guy16 ngày trước


  61. ZeroUrtaga

    ZeroUrtaga16 ngày trước

    Were dumping 22 gallons into THE RICE

  62. Chris

    Chris16 ngày trước


  63. Nathan Boone

    Nathan Boone16 ngày trước

    so it was down pudding?

  64. Scarlet Phoenix

    Scarlet Phoenix16 ngày trước

    Lmao, I learn so much from Rhet and Link

  65. Lumynox

    Lumynox16 ngày trước

    ...but but i love cicis

  66. Philip Melton

    Philip Melton16 ngày trước

    Yall should do a Mountain house taste test www.mountainhouse.com/m/category/buckets-and-kits.html

  67. ravenwda007

    ravenwda00716 ngày trước

    Civilian MRE’s are better

  68. MidnightSoldier Plays

    MidnightSoldier Plays17 ngày trước

    no guys the dog would be eaten if you were in the apocolypse unless your single and dont have a fimily to feed

  69. Daniella Thoelen

    Daniella Thoelen17 ngày trước

    It's sickening to not be able to skip the commercials because I know it's JEWTUBE raking in all the commercial monies and NOT GMM!!!!! youtbe is STEALING from their customers!

  70. Alex Shelton

    Alex Shelton17 ngày trước

    I literally cant watch this do to Links chewing 😆

  71. StealthyDead

    StealthyDead17 ngày trước

    So you have to simmer/bake or chill everything in the bucket??? It's the worst doomsday prep I've ever seen.

  72. StealthyDead

    StealthyDead17 ngày trước

    Yeah, all you need is a fully functioning kitchen (oven).

  73. Sarah Plays Games

    Sarah Plays Games17 ngày trước

    That's why I always say if you're gonna prep for a major disaster, buy canned foods. Burgers, mac and cheese, tacos, soups, honey and so much more. Canned goods if stored in a properly cool location can last many years. At most, you need a fire, water, and a pot to prepare it all. And you don't get this powdered nonsense with a bland taste.

  74. Brie Girlll

    Brie Girlll18 ngày trước

    How is someone going to bake during an apocalypse? For $175 you can probably get better, shelf stable food, plus water purification tablets.

  75. NjCurly66

    NjCurly6618 ngày trước

    The Crapture 😂😂😂

  76. Ali's Random Distortions

    Ali's Random Distortions18 ngày trước

    I had the most weird dream with Rhett and Link in it.. not gonna say what it was though lol I am starting to think that i need to stop binge watching them for months lol

  77. Aidan Wirick

    Aidan Wirick18 ngày trước

    Dink it 'n' Sink it

  78. lechatnoir

    lechatnoir18 ngày trước

    Okay so now I know what not to eat in case the apocalypse hits.

  79. pugs910

    pugs91019 ngày trước

    When Jim tasted the soup, I died. When they acted it out, I died again.

  80. Stuff 96

    Stuff 9619 ngày trước

    Some one should make Jim Bakker buckets for Fallout

  81. Julie Wright

    Julie Wright19 ngày trước

    We will all be singing that "End Times," song too soon.

  82. scottcol23

    scottcol2319 ngày trước

    The soup does not LOOK that bad. But looks can be deceiving. It's probably full of corn starch. Dairy does not store well. Even powdered milk goes bad after a year or two. So I doubt there is any type of Dairy in there if it has a shelf life of 25 years. It would be more like 4 to 5 years life with powdered milk.

  83. seigeengine

    seigeengine16 ngày trước

    The soup looks repulsive, like a mix of chunkiness in graininess. It's texture reminds me of vomit. And yes, while dried milk can last a very very long time (10~ years), 25 years is a bit much.

  84. Papyrus and Spaghetti

    Papyrus and Spaghetti20 ngày trước

    3:33 rhett.exe is not responding

  85. Arcanua the Red Mage

    Arcanua the Red Mage20 ngày trước

    This stuff is just repacked MRE food the preservatives give that away. xD But some are discontinued MRE foods due to being TOO bad to eat.

  86. Justin Eich

    Justin Eich20 ngày trước

    I wish link would end times I rather watch the guy sing 100 times than link

  87. Danielle Alexander

    Danielle Alexander20 ngày trước

    How are you gonna find an oven during the apocalypse? 😂 the best way to go is to stock up on MREs lol

  88. Tontoinatutu Redirect

    Tontoinatutu Redirect20 ngày trước

    Part of me wishes they stored these and just checked in on them annually

  89. Jane Hughart

    Jane Hughart21 ngày trước

    These commercials are so cringeworthy it’s a wonder they sell any of these buckets.

  90. Testify: A Tribute To Stevie Ray Vaughan

    Testify: A Tribute To Stevie Ray Vaughan21 ngày trước

    Ahh will it Apocalypse. Where's the Italian Volcano you said you'd bring back from will it donut?

  91. The E.C.R.G the Realm of the Unknown!

    The E.C.R.G the Realm of the Unknown!21 ngày trước

    Pudding is easy , mix it up and put it on porch a night !

  92. The E.C.R.G the Realm of the Unknown!

    The E.C.R.G the Realm of the Unknown!21 ngày trước

    Hey since when does Link sound really good on an intro ?

  93. CharmanderMC 20

    CharmanderMC 2021 ngày trước

    "I think it's still food product"

  94. Lailah Frederick

    Lailah Frederick22 ngày trước

    Link sounded pretty good when he sang “ ooooouuuuuu ou ouuuuuuuuuuu

  95. Hope Love

    Hope Love22 ngày trước

    It's basically an MRE... Except more gross

  96. Bonkers

    Bonkers23 ngày trước

    Those buckets sell for about $100. Bakker sells them for $175

  97. TheSparkyWriter

    TheSparkyWriter24 ngày trước

    I’ve never heard of that guy but oh boy. What a career turn-around. That soup looks like vomit, though. Just straight up. Also, don’t get between Rhett and his ketchup. Ever.

  98. PowMan

    PowMan25 ngày trước


  99. Blandco

    Blandco25 ngày trước

    I saw that picture on the bucket and knew immediately that it had to be a scam.

  100. Amanda Dowd

    Amanda Dowd25 ngày trước

    Missed opportunity: “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It, And It Tastes Fine””

  101. Friend Zone

    Friend Zone26 ngày trước

    Pudding is made with milk that’s why

  102. Dreamer's Edge Athletics

    Dreamer's Edge Athletics26 ngày trước

    my mother in law is in love with this idiot. She also believes her dog is an angel and she is a prophet and is openly on Meth. ( Nelson County Kentucky has a rather laughable story on her online. ) but that just tells you about Jim's fan base.

  103. FoxeyPlayz

    FoxeyPlayz26 ngày trước

    To show you the power of flez tape i cut this boat in half