Jim Bakker Bucket Taste Test


  1. Elizabeth Slifka

    Elizabeth Slifka15 giờ trước

    End times!!

  2. Elizabeth Slifka

    Elizabeth Slifka15 giờ trước

    Oooooo ! Oo ! ooooooo !

  3. SCBJQ

    SCBJQ21 giờ trước

    The company is probably even lying about the 25 year shelf life. They're going to take the money from gullible people and won't be around if the food goes bad 5 years from now.,

  4. Fast Religion Racing

    Fast Religion RacingNgày trước

    7:49 Goodbye horses.

  5. GyroMurphy

    GyroMurphyNgày trước

    I wish Vic berger would come in an Apocalypse bucket

  6. Skedich lavender 2

    Skedich lavender 22 ngày trước

    Yeet Read more

  7. Syd_ Dino

    Syd_ Dino4 ngày trước

    11:10 RHETTS *ELBOW*

  8. Mj F

    Mj F4 ngày trước

    but corn has no nutritional value...

  9. Evan Weaver

    Evan Weaver6 ngày trước

    Anyone else think that “tasty pastry” would sell better?

  10. dig bick

    dig bick7 ngày trước

    This is what people should receive each month instead of EBT.

  11. Eathonylunchtano

    Eathonylunchtano8 ngày trước

    This reminds of the dp bit on Jim Baker vireporter.net/v/video-WmMuplj-35Y.html

  12. Piece of Pizza

    Piece of Pizza8 ngày trước

    Cockroaches and Twinkies

  13. ERik

    ERik9 ngày trước

    5:55 What a dad moment....

  14. Denise Tidwell

    Denise Tidwell11 ngày trước

    These buckets would be useless in most post apocalyptic scenario. Mix it with water. Bake. Boil water? Come on. Water reserved for drinking. MREs are the way to go.

  15. Tonny Hawk21

    Tonny Hawk2111 ngày trước

    12:41 lol wtf is that noices

  16. Allen Leedy

    Allen Leedy12 ngày trước

    Taste like dog food lmao I would eat it if it would the only food there was

  17. mary sunshine

    mary sunshine12 ngày trước

    Goodness! This just screams Con artist. Some people are so sucked into the lie.

  18. wartem

    wartem12 ngày trước

    Baker should sell buckets with water as well.

  19. wartem

    wartem12 ngày trước

    Someone got Baker to buy way too many buckets and now he needs to sell them

  20. Random stuff 864

    Random stuff 86412 ngày trước

    Think about it if you were in a apocalypse you whole practically eat anything and if was in a apocalypse I whole eat peanut butter and I HATE PENUT BUTTER

  21. Turi Minter

    Turi Minter13 ngày trước

    I'm pretty sure that it's just their PR team that doesn't support Jim bakker because it seems like Rhett and link love him

  22. carpii

    carpii14 ngày trước

    imagine having these buckets in storage for 25 years then the Apocalypse comes. You open the buckets and theyre all rotten. Damnit Jim, you scammed me AGAIN!

  23. Cam Maddock

    Cam Maddock16 ngày trước


  24. Frank Castle

    Frank Castle18 ngày trước

    You both should do a collab with Vic Berger

  25. Frank Castle

    Frank Castle18 ngày trước

    Vic Berger and GMM 😍👌

  26. Andy Omlie Jr

    Andy Omlie Jr18 ngày trước

    If the apocalypse happens i am gonna say it will happen in 1,000 years

  27. Blake Anti Libtard Estes

    Blake Anti Libtard Estes18 ngày trước

    wow, what a bunch of incompetent morons.

  28. Andrew Harbort

    Andrew Harbort20 ngày trước

    Seriously, we don't.

  29. Big32Productions

    Big32Productions21 ngày trước

    3:51 👎👎🏿👎🏻👎🏾👎🏼

  30. Robert Davidson

    Robert Davidson22 ngày trước

    His last names not Baker for nothing lol!

  31. Lino Rodriguez

    Lino Rodriguez22 ngày trước

    Link hit that note 🔥🔥

  32. Joseph Krol

    Joseph Krol23 ngày trước

    5:06 Look closely, and they start laughing, like they're faking their laughter.

  33. Ian Nicely

    Ian Nicely23 ngày trước

    Anyone else hate how their mic’s pick up the sound of chewing so well??.... gross

  34. Lavender Bananas

    Lavender Bananas23 ngày trước

    “End times”

  35. Daddy 666

    Daddy 66624 ngày trước

    Honeehy powdehhr Oh yes honey powder that food everyone knows and is totally familiar with yeahhhhhh

  36. Storlisies Pvp king

    Storlisies Pvp king25 ngày trước


  37. Dan Stuart

    Dan Stuart25 ngày trước

    Y’all good folks know that the word ‘apocalypse ‘ doesn’t mean ‘the end of the world’? It’s a Greek world that simply means ‘unveiling’.

  38. melissa jackson

    melissa jackson26 ngày trước

    My great aunt was the first female televangelist in California, so I was told. Not proud...

  39. Brook Harris

    Brook Harris26 ngày trước

    I would just get a whole bunch of MREs to survive off of.

  40. James Davis

    James Davis26 ngày trước

    Assholes you should have did Vic Berger style editing on this f****** idiots

  41. Maddie Walker!

    Maddie Walker!27 ngày trước

    Links singing🤪😭😭😭😭

  42. Katelin Johnson

    Katelin Johnson27 ngày trước

    Link can sing

  43. Anne Foley

    Anne Foley27 ngày trước

    I was today years old when I realized that my neighbors are only a few states away from buying Televangelist food buckets. They all already buy that brand and quantity of food storage, for exactly the same reasons and they actively hope for the apocalypse.

  44. quinn allen

    quinn allen27 ngày trước

    I noticed Link blinked, like, 20 times in a row when Rhett said," My two favorite things: food and the apocalypse."

  45. Ikol23

    Ikol2328 ngày trước

    End times! Ooh ooohooooo~

  46. Lindalee Law

    Lindalee Law28 ngày trước

    Talk about fear! I'll stick with mountain hikers ... they know efficiency and energy bars. o.s in an emergency, you can drink your own pee....

  47. Jay West

    Jay West29 ngày trước

    The food looks absolutely disgusting. It's shocking that people are that gullible to actually buy or eat that shit.

  48. Slit Wrist Misfit

    Slit Wrist Misfit29 ngày trước

    He has the gay.

  49. Lexie Thomas

    Lexie Thomas29 ngày trước

    49,000 calories? Amber Lynn Reid could *get* it 👀👀👀

  50. MJ Red

    MJ Red29 ngày trước

    Jim Bakker is such a shorty.

  51. J Herbert

    J HerbertTháng trước


  52. Dylan Antonacci

    Dylan AntonacciTháng trước

    Link chews like he has a spring in his mouth snapping his jaw shut. Relax dude!

  53. Robert C Miller

    Robert C MillerTháng trước

    Maybe this stuff (I won't call it food) gets better with age, like fine wines. Right?

  54. Josh Conn

    Josh ConnTháng trước

    *Seriously, we don't Love it.

  55. Tempestt Miles

    Tempestt MilesTháng trước

    My little brother is currently walking around the house singing the chorus..... "end times, ooohOOhhoooo".... HELP ME.

  56. Jay West

    Jay West29 ngày trước

    Funny that the guy was even laughing himself at how ridiculous the song was.

  57. ray jay

    ray jayTháng trước

    Please be serious are how can we take you seriously

  58. Multiple Choice

    Multiple ChoiceTháng trước

    make moree apocalypse videos

  59. shewolfpup

    shewolfpupTháng trước

    This may be my favorite episode at least in a long time.

  60. Issac Schorr

    Issac SchorrTháng trước

    I like how shit quality the vid is

  61. BashyBae

    BashyBaeTháng trước

    I swear Bakker looks like a typo

  62. Space Cow The Unicorn

    Space Cow The UnicornTháng trước

    Kevin ruined My Girl. It is horrible. Personally, I love My Girl. Also, did anybody realize Link can sing better than Kevin?

  63. dacypher22

    dacypher22Tháng trước

    Both Rhett and Link are great singers and have a number of funny song videos out there.

  64. David Robson

    David RobsonTháng trước

    If anyone knows the name of song they were refrencing at the beginning please let me know. Thanks

  65. dacypher22

    dacypher22Tháng trước

    +David Robson np! I will always remember that one because when I was a kid everyone tried to memorize the long, fast, complex lyrics to it!

  66. David Robson

    David RobsonTháng trước

    +dacypher22 thanks a bunch. :)

  67. dacypher22

    dacypher22Tháng trước

    R.E.M.'s "It's the End of the World"

  68. CaroGenie C

    CaroGenie CTháng trước

    Mulder and Scully ate that decades old Jello in that X Files episode. It must have been at least forty years old. Deeeeeeeelicious.

  69. CaroGenie C

    CaroGenie CTháng trước

    I hear you can turn the bucket into a toilet WHILE you're eating Jim Bakker's food.

  70. William M

    William MTháng trước

    Makes Ce Ces taste like Feces

  71. Sara Taylor

    Sara TaylorTháng trước

    Don't be talking smack about CiCis pizza Rhett

  72. Mr.Appleranch

    Mr.AppleranchTháng trước

    I'm an apocalypse purist I don't want your ketchup. 2 seconds later. This burger is dry it could really use some ketchup.

  73. The Metalhead Gamer

    The Metalhead GamerTháng trước

    So he doesnt eat tomatoes, but he eats ketchup

  74. Stalker

    StalkerTháng trước


  75. james bird

    james birdTháng trước

    God I want one of those buckets, I personally love mre's and food ration bars, this would be so great

  76. Lee Sowden

    Lee SowdenTháng trước

    I never cough like that when I'm eating nice food do when it's horrible

  77. Lee Sowden

    Lee SowdenTháng trước

    Just a con man in its pure form

  78. Purpleberrypie AKA: Michelle

    Purpleberrypie AKA: MichelleTháng trước

    3:29 Rhett and Link speak in unison

  79. C rispy

    C rispyTháng trước

    Asmr chewing

  80. dacypher22

    dacypher22Tháng trước

    I liked it, too.

  81. C rispy

    C rispyTháng trước

    I am so lonely I liked my own comment

  82. TheIronAntelope

    TheIronAntelopeTháng trước

    Jim Bakker is basically Vault Tec

  83. Natalie Melvin

    Natalie MelvinTháng trước

    sEnDiNg DoWn ThE eLaVaToR

  84. barple bapkins

    barple bapkinsTháng trước

    (Apocalypse) wow, it sure is good i have this food bucket! Wait, it says i need a fully functional kitchen and clean hot water! I dont have either! (Dies)

  85. Rylee P

    Rylee PTháng trước

    So 5 was the worst it could be?

  86. Johanna Olson

    Johanna OlsonTháng trước

    Who has water during the apocalypse

  87. soberpunk

    soberpunkTháng trước

    not to mention electricity, gas and a functioning kitchen.

  88. Zach Herrera

    Zach HerreraTháng trước

    "Everything tastes better"

  89. The Wild Dinkus!

    The Wild Dinkus!Tháng trước

    12:41 cured my depression

  90. Brendan Jones

    Brendan JonesTháng trước

    He was lying about the soup! THE SOUP WAS A LIE!

  91. Sarahelizabeth43084

    Sarahelizabeth43084Tháng trước

    Is Rhett loves the Apocalypse why not play Fallout on a new channel called Good Mythical Gaming and please make it family friendly because I would not like you guys getting demonitised.

  92. Ludicrous Rat

    Ludicrous RatTháng trước

    "but not these two" so Link would rather eat a relative than those two?

  93. GraphicalSympathy

    GraphicalSympathyTháng trước

    Was it just me, or did it smell like pizza all of a sudden?

  94. donny foster

    donny fosterTháng trước

    The chewing noises makes this unwatchable

  95. Shreddie Herger

    Shreddie HergerTháng trước

    Aww Rhett and Link had another BFF moment.

  96. Brian Haskins

    Brian HaskinsTháng trước

    Jim's Kool aid is on back order. That's Jim Bakker, not that other "Jim"..

  97. Nerdling

    NerdlingTháng trước

    It is pretty gross how Jim acts as if the food is so good that he’s about to break down and cry

  98. AdaptiveCaesar

    AdaptiveCaesarTháng trước

    Please do a part two trying the other recipes and ranking them Do the honey too

  99. TheRoyalGallade [TRG]

    TheRoyalGallade [TRG]Tháng trước

    All of those buckets would only equate to 1/100 of an American’s daily need of calories.

  100. Aliceite

    AliceiteTháng trước

    you would need around 15 buckets per year to get proper nutrition

  101. Jonas Stockton

    Jonas StocktonTháng trước

    The chewing noise is unbearable.

  102. TalesofStories

    TalesofStoriesTháng trước

    They're going to have a hard time finding hair dryers and gel in the end times

  103. Jo Graham

    Jo GrahamTháng trước

    OMG - the pizza even made Link's hair move ;-)

  104. Fox Bear

    Fox BearTháng trước

    What’s the point of trying to survive the apocalypse? It’s the apocalypse. Everyone’s going to die from it anyway. Just give in to it people 🤷🏻‍♀️

  105. Gator Mickey

    Gator MickeyTháng trước

    "Dog gotta eat" LOL

  106. Connie Fontenot

    Connie FontenotTháng trước

    Should be sending this food to the children who are dying from malnutrition . It's a 2 billion dollars industry in the United States on how not to eat to much.

  107. stella elkhenizy

    stella elkhenizyTháng trước

    There will still be water and an oven readily available ????????? And what idiots buy anything from a renowned fraud anyway? It was great when we saw him almost choke on his own soup LOL; so funny. Given his reputation, the stuff will probably last only a couple of years too, before going bad.

  108. C.W. Roederer

    C.W. RoedererTháng trước

    That brief period of time when GMM went hyper HD.