Jim Bakker Bucket Taste Test


  1. Cory Fusion

    Cory Fusion20 giờ trước

    "You got to nod your head just to get it down" 9:35 ~Link~ lol

  2. MysteryMachine 444

    MysteryMachine 44421 giờ trước

    Mm, the fear bucket.

  3. Mike Koch

    Mike Koch21 giờ trước

    You guys should do a video about mountain house meals and rank them

  4. The Globgogabgolob

    The GlobgogabgolobNgày trước

    Looks like school food

  5. Bella Murray

    Bella MurrayNgày trước

    I want Rhett’s shirt

  6. S c a r s

    S c a r sNgày trước

    Can we all take a moment to admire link's amazing gray hair patch 😍

  7. me and my friends being retards !

    me and my friends being retards !Ngày trước

    Part 2?

  8. angel felix

    angel felixNgày trước

    I think i would just feed these to my dog and the eat him then die with the rest of the population

  9. Alex Kantor

    Alex Kantor2 ngày trước

    You know, theses are horrible apocalypse foods. They require a separate hot water source, but things like MREs have heaters already. But from a scam artist like him what do you expect

  10. Sophiag 22

    Sophiag 222 ngày trước

    All you need during the apocalypse is an oven/stove and plenty of water!

  11. Charles Green

    Charles Green2 ngày trước

    Boil your sky god book and eat that and you'll shit scripture!

  12. ArtAndGaming

    ArtAndGaming3 ngày trước

    I’m not having ketchup cause I’m an apocalypse purist. 2 mins later Way too dry, needs ketchup! *takes spoonful of ketchup into his mouth*

  13. Sunny Eas

    Sunny Eas4 ngày trước

    "after I murdered an entire family to get this ketchup-"

  14. Just M0dZ

    Just M0dZ4 ngày trước

    10:45 that looks delicious until... he said dog food and tastes in the same sentence

  15. GanzuboyGaming

    GanzuboyGaming5 ngày trước

    It's not dog got to eat in the Apocalypse it's got to eat the dog

  16. Charles Sloat

    Charles Sloat6 ngày trước

    how in the world is this episode of all episodes making me hungry?

  17. mst3kanita

    mst3kanita6 ngày trước

    I love that there is a burger with LETTUCE on the bucket. Girl, lettuce doesn't survive the apocalypse.

  18. -NoxiousGaming -

    -NoxiousGaming -7 ngày trước

    i love how he hates tamatoes but loves ketchap

  19. jearryne

    jearryne7 ngày trước

    uhhh i’m looking for a comment that talks about how they didn’t even mention what round 4 was?!

  20. Call me soup

    Call me soup8 ngày trước

    The food at my school...

  21. Christopher Lucas

    Christopher Lucas8 ngày trước

    So cheap that the company couldn’t even slap the label on straight. That would seriously bother my OCD in the event of an apocalypse.

  22. Stacy P

    Stacy P8 ngày trước

    My very religious Grandmother (god rest her beautiful soul) bought 10 of these buckets at $1,000 each.

  23. Hunter Tinsley

    Hunter Tinsley9 ngày trước

    3:49 But...but I like CiCi’s...

  24. that Guy

    that Guy10 ngày trước

    3:31 and that’s why your best friends

  25. Sam Wansitdabet

    Sam Wansitdabet11 ngày trước

    That stroganoff looks like something you would get out of gulag toilets

  26. Taylor C

    Taylor C12 ngày trước

    11:46 CARLLLL (twd) 😂😭

  27. TBquickscope Fortnite

    TBquickscope Fortnite12 ngày trước

    Ohh shit 7:50 link can sing pkay

  28. agust d sent me to hong Kong

    agust d sent me to hong Kong12 ngày trước

    End times

  29. William Cooper

    William Cooper12 ngày trước

    I only came here again for the song

  30. Jeter R

    Jeter R12 ngày trước

    ALOHA SHIRT! Pls share! Shirt can’t be Hawaiian.

  31. lawson carpenter

    lawson carpenter12 ngày trước

    Did they actually just make a rapture joke. Really tasteful guys.

  32. Joseph Stangle

    Joseph Stangle9 giờ trước

    lawson carpenter The marketing for this product is a rapture joke

  33. mat suni

    mat suni13 ngày trước

    This falls into the top 10 of my favorite GMM episodes.

  34. Victoria Emery

    Victoria Emery13 ngày trước

    Honey powder? I think ppl have gone to far. Honey NEVER goes bad. Archeologist found sealed honey pots in Egyptian pyramids that were still good a thousand years later.

  35. ishmael arc

    ishmael arc14 ngày trước

    It's just a big ass mre

  36. TheCringyMeerkat 2017

    TheCringyMeerkat 201715 ngày trước

    Why can’t people just stock up on MRE’s because that tastes way better than some of the real food I’ve had.

  37. P. V.C

    P. V.C14 ngày trước

    TheCringyMeerkat 2017 nevermind I realized that the brand I was thinking of were not real military mres but just looked similar.

  38. P. V.C

    P. V.C14 ngày trước

    TheCringyMeerkat 2017 Cause those only last a few months to about a year and a half I think.

  39. Bill Tran

    Bill Tran16 ngày trước

    Basically school lunches in a bucket.

  40. TheAmazingFriends Besties

    TheAmazingFriends Besties17 ngày trước

    I’m the daughter of augason farms I am Anna augason this is so crazy

  41. Desiree

    Desiree17 ngày trước

    At 8:52 , I legit choked on my water and it came out my nose and fell on my pizza😭😭. And I never even had time to process the burning feeling in my nose and my soaking shirt because I was laughing so hard.😂😂

  42. Basil Fabian

    Basil Fabian18 ngày trước

    0:39 sound so similar to the original one.

  43. Buddy McMahan

    Buddy McMahan18 ngày trước

    Bakkers last name needs another k to be accurate

  44. Donna Schneider

    Donna Schneider19 ngày trước

    I.. May Have Started The Apocalypse Uh... Yeah.....

  45. Johnny Dekker

    Johnny Dekker19 ngày trước

    Will you guys still be making videos during the apocalypse?? I hope so because I’ll still need my every weekday intermatainment!!

  46. mathis martens

    mathis martens19 ngày trước

    similarly inner double adjust treaty sport morning reporting learn institutional barn.

  47. Shanna Tate

    Shanna Tate19 ngày trước

    12:03 "I think it's still food products" -Rhett

  48. EmilyKate97367

    EmilyKate9736720 ngày trước

    Is link drunk? Lol he got really bold in this one and a little slurry 😂

  49. KillerKozik

    KillerKozik20 ngày trước

    Auguson Farms, we even messed pudding up!

  50. KillerKozik

    KillerKozik20 ngày trước

    Jim Bakker lol

  51. Ironjawswife

    Ironjawswife21 ngày trước

    Mountain House is the only way to go.

  52. dead man

    dead man21 ngày trước

    If a apocalypse ever happens, your gonna be loving that dog food😂

  53. Anthony Nguyen

    Anthony Nguyen21 ngày trước


  54. FatalBoy 888

    FatalBoy 88821 ngày trước

    When they showed him eating/drinking the soup I laughed so hard I farted😂

  55. Frank Soranno

    Frank Soranno22 ngày trước

    Thanks for the warning.

  56. sylenceexposed

    sylenceexposed22 ngày trước

    A bomb will be dropped if you eat that stuff alright.. right into the toilet. An apocalyptic shit indeed

  57. Brig Commander

    Brig Commander23 ngày trước

    bucket pizza

  58. Frankenstein's Dealer

    Frankenstein's Dealer23 ngày trước

    You are gonna finish ranking the remaining "food" items in a sequel, right? 😄

  59. Yusuf Gazi

    Yusuf Gazi24 ngày trước

    old soup beard

  60. tristu 05

    tristu 0524 ngày trước

    you should just get MREs Meals Ready-to-Eat there are actually not bad especially meal 17 Sausage Patty and pancakes with syrup sometimes you'll get a fruit drink that all you need to do is add water and they already come with heat packs

  61. Nokou

    Nokou24 ngày trước

    have to say i though us Irish where funny but you Americans takes it a step further.. lol (in a good way)

  62. Max Carroll

    Max Carroll25 ngày trước

    Whenever rhett eats it looks like his beard is enveloping it

  63. PunisherXOmega

    PunisherXOmega25 ngày trước

    that is all the preservatives talking Rhett and Link

  64. YaBoi Sprinkles

    YaBoi Sprinkles26 ngày trước

    It’s so thick

  65. the berry bopper xtreme

    the berry bopper xtreme26 ngày trước

    Gmm link you need to make a song Its the end of the world as we know it and i got buckets make it a full song please

  66. liv nicole

    liv nicole27 ngày trước

    Rhett : “After I murdered an entire family to get this ketchup” Link: “wow”

  67. Randal Graves

    Randal Graves27 ngày trước

    Membe when Rick Moranis played Jim Baker on SNL one time? Ahhhhh good times.

  68. Sure. Jake

    Sure. Jake27 ngày trước


  69. Zane

    Zane27 ngày trước

    I feel like when they choked on the soup you could see what they were like together when they were kids

  70. Jurnee

    Jurnee27 ngày trước

    8:20 it’s Brendon Urie omg

  71. CButtonshaw

    CButtonshaw27 ngày trước

    good point Rhett. the Apocalypse happened but the power still works? nope

  72. Jaucelin Fenelus

    Jaucelin Fenelus27 ngày trước

    MREs would probably be better for an apocalypse

  73. fox_in _xxs_clothes

    fox_in _xxs_clothes27 ngày trước

    So you have to have a working oven, microwave and boiling water... Very easy to find when Zombies come around XD

  74. M Ouija

    M Ouija27 ngày trước

    25 years? That's very positive thinking. Imagine how great an MRE from 1993 tastes with the best and brightest American food scientists behind the wheel, then replace those people with a televangelist fresh out of prison and whatever kooks he could wrangle to his cause to make giant buckets of apocalypse food. Call me crazy, but I'll be steering well clear of those. The US introduced shelf stable pizza in 2017 and it was overwhelmingly deemed wretched and turned into a dark brown color. I guess we know where those failures were surplussed off to. That being said, I'd rather eat the saddest pizza ever than go cannibal.

  75. Noureddin Homsi

    Noureddin Homsi27 ngày trước

    ""Good Mythical Morning!!""-Rhett I am watching at midnight

  76. The Caffeinated Owl

    The Caffeinated Owl27 ngày trước

    one of my favorites!

  77. GLdraw er

    GLdraw er27 ngày trước

    Will it donut episode :well put it on will it apocalypse ..................I feel betrayed

  78. Abraham Ibanez

    Abraham Ibanez27 ngày trước

    You guys need to do MREs!!!!

  79. Connor Wright

    Connor Wright27 ngày trước

    Why do I watch these videos where rhett and link eat..... Because I hate the would of people eating

  80. snagh

    snagh28 ngày trước

    Guys I think your eating favored preservatives, this is another scam by some religious cult to extract money form their fooled followers .

  81. MR JT

    MR JT28 ngày trước

    Everthing tastes better

  82. o o

    o o28 ngày trước

    4:55 hahahahahahahaha

  83. topbreak38

    topbreak3828 ngày trước

    "Tastes like dog food." Strangely enough, Link is perfectly qualified to tell us what does and does not taste like dog food.

  84. Sara Misasi

    Sara Misasi28 ngày trước

    28 diarrheas later is gonna happen after this episode

  85. Sara Misasi

    Sara Misasi28 ngày trước

    link you sing pretty good

  86. Holly Parsons

    Holly Parsons28 ngày trước

    Seriously LOVE Rhett’s shirt

  87. t swoyer

    t swoyer29 ngày trước

    You know it isn't good from the start when the label is crooked.

  88. Zoe Donoho

    Zoe Donoho29 ngày trước

    That’s crap because the pizza needs an onion

  89. Johannes Bammer

    Johannes Bammer29 ngày trước

    i cant help but be annoyed by the sign saying apaco-lips when apoca-lips woild have been waaaay better...first world problems

  90. Cowsoy LS

    Cowsoy LS29 ngày trước

    Round #4 is creamy stroganoff...they forgot to introduce it lol

  91. Meghan

    Meghan29 ngày trước

    Y’all should split up the rest of the food into other videos I’m curious about the rest lol

  92. Brittany Garrison

    Brittany Garrison29 ngày trước

    Wow........wow......that's so good..........wow.....wow. Said Lori Bakker.

  93. Charlotte Dixon

    Charlotte Dixon29 ngày trước

    💙💙💙Rhett's shirt!

  94. Jose Luis Castaneda

    Jose Luis CastanedaTháng trước

    My mouth don't want none unless you got buns 7:57... ok

  95. st0rts .97

    st0rts .97Tháng trước

    Pretty impressive, wonder if it actually lasts that long

  96. Oozy

    OozyTháng trước

    "I'd rather eat a relative than this pudding"

  97. Egg Garnish Austin Moore

    Egg Garnish Austin MooreTháng trước

    I watched this in 2x speed! 😂😂😂

  98. Rain &Rainbows

    Rain &RainbowsTháng trước

    Smooth save at 13:56😂

  99. Long Neck

    Long NeckTháng trước

    I'ma one man cheese burger apocalypse

  100. EliteGaming

    EliteGamingTháng trước

    Everything tastes better, great minds think alike

  101. Intactbjörn

    IntactbjörnTháng trước

    I feel bad for all the people who seriously buy this in preparation, never having tasted it, and then that disaster comes and they're all happy and thankful they have the food bucket only to realize not only is said disaster occurring, but they now they don't even have any real edible food to get them through it. "Look at all those unprepared fools, scrambling like mice trying to get food and supplies before the hurricane while we're comfortable at home and already have all our Jim Baker's Buckets to last us *takes bite* ...Okay. Well, maybe something else tastes bett- Oh, these ones need a functioning kitchen to make, but all the utilities are out. Huh..Maybe we should've been scrambling like mice to get real food. ...Damn those cunning mice-people."

  102. Scott Mercer

    Scott MercerTháng trước

    Slam it and cram it. (in the mouth)

  103. Aaron Hicks

    Aaron HicksTháng trước

    More gmm