Jim Jones - My Era (feat. Maino & Drama) (Official Video)


  1. kc o

    kc oNgày trước

    Maino said "Anti lame I'm not related to fake shit". Seriously!? Who are you kidding. You need to re-write that shit. Jay-Z said it best "We don't believe you. You need more people" FOH

  2. Mimshack Ebot

    Mimshack EbotNgày trước

    mino tell what do you see when u looking at me? good energy from the gods


    SCORPIONgày trước


  4. Jeffery Macaulay

    Jeffery MacaulayNgày trước

    The few views of this joint right here shows the decline of #true_rap_deciples. Boi we done 😎

  5. boog gang6

    boog gang62 ngày trước

    Jim doing what we need .

  6. Kevin Jones

    Kevin Jones2 ngày trước

    thats that smoke keep going ! you was born to do this

  7. B Floss

    B Floss2 ngày trước

    Maino killed it🔥🔥🔥

  8. simply kendy

    simply kendy2 ngày trước

    Had get this hot 🔥

  9. simply kendy

    simply kendy2 ngày trước

    Yeah right every

  10. simply kendy

    simply kendy2 ngày trước

    That's right pray for them all good music I'm here for 🙏 good music

  11. BabyFace Naty

    BabyFace Naty3 ngày trước

    Arguably this Jim's hottest song

  12. Osirus Anderson

    Osirus AndersonNgày trước

    Major Facts💯 dis dat Str8 Pure no Cut😨😲😎

  13. Football soccer 2018

    Football soccer 20183 ngày trước

    Jimmy they hate to see you shine. Best music coming out of New York

  14. MotherTouching-Ninjas

    MotherTouching-Ninjas3 ngày trước

    Jimmy you rat bastard 🐀

  15. Senad Selimovic

    Senad Selimovic3 ngày trước

    its great to see jim and maino on this video with nice clothes and gold, cars NO SKINNI JEANS FAKE ASS RAPPERS,, i want to see ace hood lil boosie meek mill buster tooooo wirh jim lets get itttt!!

  16. Bruh Corvin

    Bruh Corvin3 ngày trước

    Bruh has only one flow, never gives different

  17. Computer Scientist

    Computer Scientist4 ngày trước

    jim clown jones retired has-been now most likely under fed surveillance...never a fresh rapper ... only clown

  18. Star A

    Star A4 ngày trước

    Somebody help me understanding the bar about Khaled'?? Did he just dissed him or what?? 🤣🤣🤣

  19. Keith Carrieri

    Keith Carrieri4 ngày trước

    Wonder if 141 lennox still got the ill dust spot crazzie eddies

  20. Keith Carrieri

    Keith Carrieri4 ngày trước

    Never go uptown on a Tuesday or Thursday

  21. Wendell Davis

    Wendell Davis4 ngày trước

    You can’t call God when you fuck with the wrong Devil!!! Try me and see if a prayer will save you!!

  22. Hani Shoes

    Hani Shoes4 ngày trước

    been a long time didnt hear maino on da stream.. Naissss!!

  23. Armani TheVoice

    Armani TheVoice4 ngày trước

    That beat is a official. Hit Makka killed that joint

  24. FayTown82

    FayTown824 ngày trước

    Armani TheVoice HEATMAKER NOT HIT

  25. Darkboy TheDawg

    Darkboy TheDawg5 ngày trước

    I feel Juelz Santana in Maino

  26. Mark Baz

    Mark Baz5 ngày trước

    ALL JOKES ASIDE GOT TO BE SAID Where they from . . . . . . . . Jimmy- Feds catch him on the phone 🗣📵. Maino- Getting clowned by by a SuKKa on the internet. 🤡🖥. *Disclaimer- Song is DOPE & I F's with Maino.

  27. Marvin Wooten

    Marvin Wooten5 ngày trước

    Jim seem to be in rare form ✌

  28. Angel Acevedo

    Angel Acevedo6 ngày trước

    Maino lirik 🔥 jim jones 2 🔥

  29. Zorro Barreto

    Zorro Barreto7 ngày trước

    Woke up on "Jim capo / preacher without a church " // etc etc before 2020 cause time's flying think it got wings Blessings 🙏 up Love from d real ones Capeverdean out here in New England

  30. MerKaBa.Kundalini 33.3 Master

    MerKaBa.Kundalini 33.3 Master7 ngày trước

    What yall be thinking is just blood be Freemasonic..Jim Jones a Knight...all these rappers got yall looking to the bottom of the pyramid Bloods and Crips meanwhile they are being raised through degrees of Masonry. This is why they let them rule the bottom and this is why Nipsey said 'We are connected at the bottom like the letter V'..every single last one of these so called gang members are Freemasons and they create fake rap beef like the fake news in the media and they ascend through ranks through fake jail sentences and fake propoganda..like Kaperknick Knighted as a Master Mason on a field where sheep think he is protesting

  31. Terence Brownlow

    Terence Brownlow7 ngày trước


  32. Moon God

    Moon God7 ngày trước

    This shit hard . Pause

  33. Michael St.patrick

    Michael St.patrick7 ngày trước

    This my joint my era #80's Baby


    ROZE BLAZE7 ngày trước


  35. Proppa Music

    Proppa Music7 ngày trước

    *Good collaboration 👍 Brooklyn and Harlem*

  36. Proppa Music

    Proppa Music7 ngày trước

    *Holy shyt Maino ride the shyt out that beat.. Jim jones too I'm surprised at both 🔥🔥🔥*

  37. Kevin Alexander

    Kevin Alexander7 ngày trước


  38. it's Tay

    it's Tay8 ngày trước


  39. rome 20

    rome 208 ngày trước

    This song make a nigga want to get that money 💰 I love this mf joint JoE

  40. John Allen

    John Allen8 ngày trước

    That shit dope G!

  41. Mr.C H

    Mr.C H8 ngày trước

    Hey Jim ,where I'm from ,the word came from up top is that you are either cooperating with them boys or you about to go to jail.

  42. wise41

    wise419 ngày trước

    This shit hottt

  43. Chris Evans

    Chris Evans9 ngày trước

    The world loves Jimmy

  44. Diamond Fisher

    Diamond Fisher9 ngày trước

    FIRE 🌋🔫🔫🔫

  45. Larry Myles

    Larry Myles10 ngày trước

    If this ain't YO ANTHEM ! U can't be from where IM FROM! New Orleans fuks w/CAPO🥶

  46. Colino Deani

    Colino Deani10 ngày trước

    Good luck on that Case Home.. NYB Forever

  47. B H

    B H11 ngày trước

    Never understood why dudes wear shades at night ? Looks retarded tbh

  48. priorycourt joker music

    priorycourt joker music12 ngày trước

    Love jimmy boy

  49. InternationalE

    InternationalE13 ngày trước

    Supa dupa 🔥🔥

  50. Suck Me

    Suck Me14 ngày trước

    That AC Legend is 🔥 Love My Era..


    MACC MALONE14 ngày trước


  52. Paul Petty

    Paul Petty14 ngày trước

    Can't even front im not a jim jones fan but this offical 🔥

  53. TheKidJswizzY

    TheKidJswizzY11 ngày trước



    ROZE BLAZE15 ngày trước

    MsinO, smh

  55. Richard St Catherine

    Richard St Catherine15 ngày trước

    This is better than ALOT of whats out today. God dont let them ruin this era Jim Jones is one of the last of a dying breed and Maino was fire on this

  56. James Jones

    James Jones15 ngày trước

    Why Jim Jones look like Mike Epps older brother??

  57. Why

    Why16 ngày trước


  58. uzeir hajric

    uzeir hajric16 ngày trước

    Respect.Real Street Shit,EAZY AND SMOVE.BOSNIAN THUG'S 4 LIFE🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦

  59. Rosangela Batista De souza

    Rosangela Batista De souza17 ngày trước

    Anitta little square

  60. Willis Mayes

    Willis Mayes18 ngày trước

    This shit slide Capo

  61. Jack Watson

    Jack Watson19 ngày trước

    Maino look like he blacked out at a house party and niggaz started drawing dicks on his face w a sharpie

  62. buttafly

    buttafly19 ngày trước

    nigga you fire but wack at the same time snitch nigga holla come thur trap gods gang

  63. david gonzalez

    david gonzalez19 ngày trước

    wow this is real rap the whole album is fire