Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner Get Married, Taylor Swift's Fans Defend Her Performance | PeopleTV

  • 02 Th05, 2019
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  1. Roxie Turner

    Roxie Turner4 tháng trước

    F timing the bee is just pathetically afraid of being irrelevant !!! Move on 🤷‍♀️

  2. chris rl

    chris rl4 tháng trước

    Ok. So than they both stole the idea from Fleetwood Mac in tusk. Common, nothing is really new, just maybe new to you.

  3. •BananaLifesMatter •

    •BananaLifesMatter •4 tháng trước

    Taylor Swift did not copy she has had that theme from when she started her music and she had the video planned out before Coachella

  4. J Dean

    J Dean4 tháng trước

    Joe and Sophie sooo cute💕

  5. name nom95

    name nom954 tháng trước

    That woman is so vulgar & it's ain't cool at all

  6. Heather Newbold

    Heather Newbold4 tháng trước

    If Beyoncé fans are worried about Taylor Swift copying Beyoncé, they should check out the similarities between Beyoncé’s music video for Countdown and a Belgian choreographer’s video.

  7. Coretta Hattereaux

    Coretta Hattereaux4 tháng trước

    Cardi b is the nastiest piece of trash in a town full of nothing else. Including these thots spreading gossip.

  8. Cheesy Maccool

    Cheesy Maccool4 tháng trước

    This is news???

  9. jorgecuervo24

    jorgecuervo244 tháng trước

    Lady Sansa Married Tyrion in real life.

  10. dafttool

    dafttool4 tháng trước

    That dress Taylor Swift is wearing in the thumbnail is atrocious 🤔🤷‍♂️

  11. F0RY0U

    F0RY0U4 tháng trước

    Taylor Swift is atrocious.

  12. Nora M. Garcia

    Nora M. Garcia4 tháng trước

    LMAO, marching bands, really?

  13. BM.Ivesting FX

    BM.Ivesting FX4 tháng trước

    Ici: comment ça marche et combien ça rapporte.

  14. Leonard M

    Leonard M4 tháng trước

    We haven't forgotten what taylor swift did. We see you and don't care about your music or what you have to say. Yes, people make mistakes but intentionally doing things and then trying to lie about it isn't a mistake it is premeditated. You are only sorry because you got caught.

  15. Chloe Vehonsky

    Chloe Vehonsky4 tháng trước

    Taylor swift did the whole marching band back when you belong with me came out which was before Beyoncé did sorry but she doesn’t own the idea of using a marching band

  16. Diane Owen

    Diane Owen4 tháng trước

    Leonard M the funny things is the marching band or drums have been used before in music award shows before Beyoncé and they will be used in many more Madonna and Gwen S was before both of these ladies

  17. •BananaLifesMatter •

    •BananaLifesMatter •4 tháng trước

    Leonard M Taylor did not do it purposely she has had that theme from the beginning Ex. You belong with me??? Taylor Swift on tour??? And she has had The Me song planed out before Coachella so if you decide to diss Taylor you need some evidence