Joe Rogan Experience #1408 - Ed Calderon


  1. N D

    N D2 giờ trước

    Nano-thermite. Loose change final cut showed NASA satalite images showing pools of something with temperatures like molten steel

  2. Potato Pi

    Potato Pi6 giờ trước

    We can all thank the drug war

  3. Studio D's

    Studio D's6 giờ trước

    Hey JR don't forget to thank the GC for "Pussification" also may he RIP. Thanks for the video BTDubs, you seem pretty cool too.

  4. Chris RLTW

    Chris RLTW7 giờ trước

    Yeah California America is different from America, dumbass get out of your bubble

  5. Pookytroll

    Pookytroll9 giờ trước

    just end the war on drugs and ppl

  6. Sir Scratch-A-Lot

    Sir Scratch-A-Lot12 giờ trước

    Ed Calderon lying thru his teeth. You can't be a good cop in Mexico. He just can't say it because he trying to be Americanized. Trust me he did some dirt for sure.

  7. Rocky

    Rocky20 giờ trước

    The mexican governement should declare cartel cities to no longer be apart of Mexico. Form a coalition with the US. Formally declare war on cartel cities. Then begin the systematic destruction of said cities.

  8. Eric Sherman

    Eric ShermanNgày trước

    Here we go again talking about the elaborate drugs of the day you must take and encyclopedia for every Podcast and study it Stay on the topic Joe

  9. Shawn Bartman

    Shawn BartmanNgày trước


  10. Davey Jones

    Davey JonesNgày trước

    I PREDICT:(LOL!!): The Mexican Drug Cartels will decide to work together rather than fighting which will result in two powerful cartels by either absorbing the smaller groups, or wiping them out, militarily. THEN the the cartel leaders will decide to put on the illusion of legitimate POLITICAL parties. Imagine a Republican Cartel and a Democratic Cartel...then we'll see the emergence of a Cartel Congress made up of both cartel parties representing each Mexican State. What makes anyone think that The United States got it's start any differently? The Founding Fathers were least from the viewpoint of England. WE AMERICANS are the descendants of criminal cartels of different varieties. The ONLY DIFFERENCE IS that WE think the American Government is *legitimate!!* 20 years from now the Mexican people will believe their "cartel" government is a legit government.

  11. mj

    mjNgày trước

    He the guy who knows some guy

  12. Eduardo Cortes

    Eduardo CortesNgày trước

    They should let the 101st do drone strikes. Since the locals cannot be trusted. They deserve to die for how they torture.

  13. Luis Chavez

    Luis ChavezNgày trước

    Joe "look at all that coke" Rogan

  14. Pomisan

    PomisanNgày trước

    Pussyfication!!!.....LMFAO! New word to add in a future version of the dictionary!

  15. Wendy 414

    Wendy 414Ngày trước

    Really enjoyed this one. Very informative. One thing: Why does Ed Calderon pronounce the Mexican cities and some Spanish words with an American accent? When Ioan Grillo was on here his Spanish pronunciation was impeccable! And he’s not even Mexican.

  16. Leo Hoddle

    Leo Hoddle2 ngày trước

    I’m an Englishman living in Australia no mass shootings in either country? Guns are illegal too? Ummmm. Has the penny dropped yet?

  17. T.Lee

    T.Lee2 ngày trước

    Lost me with rattlesnake liver.

  18. Tommaso Leonardi

    Tommaso Leonardi2 ngày trước

    Lee harvey oswald used an Italian Carcano rifle, the mauser was of the same era but used by the germans

  19. Danny Burzun

    Danny Burzun2 ngày trước

    Man, I’m gonna be completely honest. But I’m kinda fucking afraid of Donald Trump not being president. Or at least someone who has that same- no bullshit policy. This man literally took a lil house fence boarder into a whole ass WALL. Beefed up Our boarder patrol. Basically banned our factories in other countries that isn’t here in USA (another aspect that counters the cartels and other terrorist groups that used to exploit that). Essentially squashed the smaller, less economically sustainable terrorist groups in the Middle East. But it has always been about Mexico and United States. They’re the closest and the most economically matured. In my opinion we’re facing a militant, mercenary, dictatorship that has already lil bro’d their land’s government. Shit will truly go left if anyone besides trump is chosen to rerun.

  20. XEEP 17

    XEEP 172 ngày trước

    Joe “military action” Rogan

  21. the blood is the same shade of red in all of us

    the blood is the same shade of red in all of us2 ngày trước

    Americans always playing the victims. 🤣 America Is the World's Largest Consumer of Cocaine.

  22. Eric Pelky

    Eric Pelky2 ngày trước

    Really enjoyed this one. Thanks.

  23. 999a0s

    999a0s2 ngày trước

    i might get jumped on for this, but something doesn't sit right with me about Calderon. i don't think he is who he represents himself to be.

  24. Lostinmy20s

    Lostinmy20s2 ngày trước

    Joe "boots on the ground" rogan

  25. The Kavalle Enterprise

    The Kavalle Enterprise2 ngày trước

    I think the ONLY (maybe more but) only thing I don’t like that joe says is how 16 years is old or that’s so recent. Whenever he correlates time to being ancient the number isn’t that old like 200 years isn’t ancient 2000 years 1000years is ancient maybe even 500 but just the way of how he describes things as old is so off for me anyone else????

  26. Scott P.

    Scott P.2 ngày trước

    What a great fucking guest! Ed should come onto the podcast every 5 or 6 months to update whats going on in Mexico. Its pretty important and so many Americans don't believe that it is.

  27. Vuyo Mareko

    Vuyo Mareko2 ngày trước

    1:16:46 He said most of the ''niggativity" lol

  28. Stefano Soro

    Stefano Soro2 ngày trước

    If you want to talk about our two countries working together how about spending money to improve the education system and structure, the healthcare system and structure, the overall availability of healthy food, and the overall diversity and opportunity of working industries within Mexico? Start working toward that first. #Soro2040

  29. 2 EZ

    2 EZ2 ngày trước

    Joe “what can be done “ rogan

  30. Marcos Gurule

    Marcos Gurule2 ngày trước

    "Who is more terrifying than the cartels? " The U.S. is, they'll lie to invade a country and bomb them for decades, killing innocent civilians.

  31. the blood is the same shade of red in all of us

    the blood is the same shade of red in all of us2 ngày trước

    and the funny thing they can't even win the wars they started

  32. davidlemon2692

    davidlemon26923 ngày trước

    Soooo how is that open border idea supposed to work? 🙄 Democrats...👉🏻🤯💨

  33. Marcos Gurule

    Marcos Gurule2 ngày trước

    Literally no one suggested an open border, fucking idiot.

  34. andre swanson

    andre swanson3 ngày trước

    honestly ive watched a few videos on people trying to get over the border. and honestly i have to tell you all i live in america and I often think about moving to sweden or france or germany because i think its already tough here in the states i think this place is wild. if i were in mexico i would scale that wall the very first day and i would scale it everyday that i could until i made it if i lived in a war torn place. not to say that all of mexico is not worth living in shit sometimes i think about moving down there i am just terrified by violence. im terrified by violence in america in impoverished neighborhoods but now it seems that no place is safe in the states either. so i truly understand these people that are trying to get over here. i understand the other side of the arguement also. i am obviously a person who is a traveler so that would make me an immigrant though born in the usa i still wish to flee its me being honest. the world is so large and there is so much violence going on for power and resources its almost best to live deep in the wilderness where at least you can have peace but you have to go far away from people but those are the most harsh environments freezing cold areas. northern canada and the far reaches of alaska. the truth is there is no place left to go but there are better places then places that we have been. i hope they make it to where they want to beand finally find that peace but this world is a cold place and at every corner someone is looking to consume your working body into doing their bidding.

  35. Luke Leal

    Luke Leal3 ngày trước

    Hope he comes back again... but not because of violence

  36. Ingrid Gonzalez

    Ingrid Gonzalez3 ngày trước

    Look up 1923 Bucareli treaty between US & MEX. The US think tanks know very well that the future will be all AI and resources (as always in History). And Mexico is full of them. Major battles will be held for Energy (lithium;) and 💦 water (hence why the South region of Mexico has been kept poor) it hold 1 of the mayor water deposits in the area. It’s now 2020 and we all know countries such as the US need an “excuse” to invade and to keep America’s interest top priority. This is the reason why they built the Cartels in the Northern part of Mexico. You can at any point label them as “Terrorist” and come in and secure the energy resources. Now I’m only pointing out the major points yet there are many angles and players in this story and none is the good guy / bad guy sadly that’s our human nature. And about this offshoot of Mormons down there you may be wise to look into what Mayor vast TTerritory they own and you’ll be surprise to know that they hold large deposits of water, water needed in the extraction of lithium and Fracking of Oil. So basically the US know of the great treasure Mexico has not only in resources but of its Culture. They will continue to suppress the region with treaties such as Bocareli were they for the past 70+ years have hinder the development of the nation (military, technology, sciences to name a few). Yet history always shows that times and players will come and go. Look at China now, as was the case with many other nations in history. Last points : 1 the reason the crimes are up is cause this new administration is actually reporting the true numbers something the previous presidents did not, and not to mentioned the mayor Media owners are against AMLO, again a lot of angles, and lastly there is something about this guys Mexican accent that just doesn’t fit well and as others have mentioned this guys sure is the “Mexican that puts other Mexican down”. (Los cangrejos 🦀 en la cubeta)

  37. andre swanson

    andre swanson3 ngày trước

    Honestly Trump was in the military academy. His pull to get them to do something that they already wanna do is in his favor. And the American army is very against who ever their enemy is. Unfortunately for the people who are in America complicity will show the world a lot of suffering.

  38. andre swanson

    andre swanson3 ngày trước

    If our government gives you a gun sooner than later they are going to come arrest you. You eat that apple sooner than later their gonna want their apple back. It's almost like the Mexicans built up Mexico on American dollars and corrupted many things because of power but soon the American oligarchy is going to come claim all that was built with their money. Unless the Mexican people succeed in taking America.

  39. andre swanson

    andre swanson3 ngày trước

    They are going in is just a matter of time. First the American government will get a hold on their States and the border then you will see the crossing. The crossing will be devastating. 1 year until deployment. The the resources if the USA are vast they are not one main. The US government name is Kevin they are many.

  40. BuddsHanzoSword

    BuddsHanzoSword3 ngày trước

    The cartel does not shoot down helicopters. They don't have anti aircraft guns sitting out on rooftops or any of that shit, if they did the Marines would just neutralize those fucking things. I like this guy Ed but I cringe every time he says "you won't hear this on the news but they shoot down helicopters because they have anti aircraft capabilities"

  41. 2 EZ

    2 EZ2 ngày trước

    BuddsHanzoSword new generation Jalisco cartel took down a marine helicopter look it up

  42. ExLuceAdTenebras

    ExLuceAdTenebras3 ngày trước

    Ed seems to downplay the level of power and impunity that the Medellín cartel had. The horrific acts practiced from the time of ‘La Violencia’ as well as the innumerable bombings that occurred with Medellín and the Antioquia region has never been seen elsewhere in the America’s. Colombia’s geography allowed for such capabilities and impunity. The structure of the cartel was not the only variable to account for but it’s unparalleled level of wealth. The current structures within Mexico are in sense decentralized and have a tendency to fragment. To even compare any of the Mexican Cartels to the collective atrocities caused by the Medellín cartel domestically and abroad is a logical fallacy within the argument of the northern crime syndicates level of power and hold onto the state. To put it plainly, The third largest military in the Western Hemisphere (Colombia); standing second to Brazil and third to the US. Was made a mockery of by this Colombian crime syndicate. Colombia suffered greatly.

  43. Julian Zaldua

    Julian Zaldua3 ngày trước

    Joe "Jesus Christ" Rogan

  44. Don Omar

    Don Omar3 ngày trước

    Abby martin is a propaganda puppet from RT (Russia Today) and Telesur (Venezuelan regime owned media) my country is starving to death motherfu cker I was an engineer back there and now I'm here driving uber so my family doesn't starve, get your sources fixed Joe

  45. Belse Bob

    Belse Bob3 ngày trước

    Joe got Jamie on ropes Rogan

  46. Abdul Raminwasabe

    Abdul Raminwasabe3 ngày trước

    Facebook and Instagram are lefty liberal cocksuckers that can't accept the truth cause truth gives FB and IG anal pains 24/7.

  47. Kal Singh

    Kal Singh3 ngày trước

    Ed is such an intelligent, humble individual. What a lovely human being I wish there were more of.

  48. Frank the NOOB

    Frank the NOOB3 ngày trước

    If you think TJ is bad wait until you see Nueva Laredo, that place is the fucking Wild West

  49. Golfulus Shampoo

    Golfulus Shampoo4 ngày trước

    I was just looking to watch some Duncan Trussell but I'm glad I stopped here. Love me some Duncan though.

  50. Ryan Veloz

    Ryan Veloz4 ngày trước

    i live in laredo texas and this is one of the biggest ports and the cartels are bad here on the border. Nevó laredo is where my city is next to and it is in Tamaulipas where he was talking about in the beginning and he isnt wrong its bad.

  51. Austin Huber

    Austin Huber4 ngày trước

    Wow, the cartel is really a problem. Hey, vote for the presidential candidate who wants no border security and is sympathetic to the cartel.

  52. Nick Sickmore

    Nick Sickmore4 ngày trước

    Mexico is a cancer that needs to be cut out, they're an enemy & the US must stop their filth!!! It's a disaster-zone & it's not going to get better, in fact it will keep escalating until we're @ war with Mexico (again)... That shit needs to be put down.

  53. joalfred76

    joalfred764 ngày trước

    He forgot to mention (wink) that if they classified cartels as terroris thay would have to after the financial groups, but also who provided the weapons to be that powerful 😉 no regular citizen have the access to granade launchers, bazookas and 50 cal brownings

  54. Willem Niehorster

    Willem Niehorster4 ngày trước

    Supply and demand, Mexican supply the drugs that North Americans demand, simple. If people in USA where not addicted, there would be no problem. USA is also the problem, not only Mexico.


    IAMPITBUL L4 ngày trước

    Wow, Ed is wearing the Santa muerte around his neck, wtf. People just don't listen to what that actually means to "Narcos", hmmm

  56. Braxton Wise

    Braxton Wise11 giờ trước

    IAMPITBUL L i hear a lot of people wear those in mexico, cartel or not. that not true?

  57. arnold correa

    arnold correa4 ngày trước

    By him having that Santa Muerte chain, I feel that he’s been infiltrated and is on a cartel Pat roll. With money even the dog will dance

  58. Damian Frederick

    Damian Frederick5 ngày trước

    Do you think joes ever sucked dick just a lil to find out if he’s gay idk just a thought

  59. Damian Frederick

    Damian Frederick5 ngày trước

    Joe is obviously being paid by the cartel it’s obvious

  60. Damian Frederick

    Damian Frederick5 ngày trước

    El chapjoe

  61. A Fez

    A Fez5 ngày trước

    This dude rocks !

  62. Stay Hungry

    Stay Hungry5 ngày trước

    ehh lee harvery oswald used a cheap carcano rifle not a mauser lol

  63. Stay Hungry

    Stay Hungry5 ngày trước

    and i thought sicario 1 and 2 were exaggerated movies when apparently the truth is even crazier!

  64. Alvin Walters

    Alvin Walters5 ngày trước

    drone strikes sounds like a quick way to let them know they don’t want that smoke

  65. John Navar

    John Navar5 ngày trước

    One more thing I trust this man cause of how his says things also cause of his last name