John Cena On His Split From Nikki Bella: ‘I Had My Heart Broken Out Of Nowhere’ | TODAY


  1. Vanessa Richardson

    Vanessa Richardson10 phút trước

    i don't freaking care you get punch right now you want bloody nose be coming

  2. Elite Nemesis

    Elite Nemesis2 giờ trước

    in reality, john would look needy and the girl wont want it, being chased

  3. Sᴀʙᴇʀ-X

    Sᴀʙᴇʀ-X3 giờ trước

    Poor John, he's such a love fool still saying that he'd still marry her etc etc, that's just gonna make things worse for him and his emotional recovery

  4. It's Alex

    It's Alex4 giờ trước

    Omg he is a horror. He might be a good wrestler but he's been dragging this girl around for years. He makes her sign contracts to live in his house and he never wanted to marry or have kinds w her before now!

  5. Mansour Mbye

    Mansour Mbye5 giờ trước

    He’s gonna come back as savage.......

  6. Deanna McGregor

    Deanna McGregor6 giờ trước

    I hope they get back together and have babies and live happily ever after ❤️

  7. Bobby MKD

    Bobby MKD11 giờ trước

    Hoda has a story and Hoda story is boring...

  8. miresly777777

    miresly77777711 giờ trước

    Love him so much. 😪

  9. AlexiaRay

    AlexiaRay11 giờ trước

    Stubborness has consequences John. You were brutally honest, which is rare, but appreciated. But don’t act surprised you got dumped for being selfish.

  10. F E

    F E10 giờ trước

    AlexiaRay IKR This. All the way. Nicole's decision is a totally reasonable reaction to everything thats happened between them.

  11. The Swedes Versus

    The Swedes Versus12 giờ trước

    I hope they get back together now when Cena himself has said he wants to marry her and have a family with her. That's what she wanted all along and it appears by his own words John has finally changed his mind about not having kids. Go for it John go get her back.

  12. Stephen  Balderson

    Stephen Balderson12 giờ trước

    Top man, Gob bless him x

  13. Collin Dennis

    Collin Dennis12 giờ trước

    " IT IT IT DOESN'T MATTER " (The Rock Voice)

  14. xgooglex

    xgooglex12 giờ trước

    They are going out of their way for this storyline.

  15. Balu Mudhi

    Balu Mudhi12 giờ trước

    It was never real love. Borderlines can't love.

  16. Grant Wilson

    Grant Wilson13 giờ trước

    Who cares

  17. John Doe

    John Doe14 giờ trước

    Bro, girls cant love guys. Its impossible for girls to love. They only can like guys. With 3 different levels of “like”. #1 like a little, #2 like, and #3 like a lot. Lesson i need to teach every guy in the world to save thousands of lives from being heartbroken. When girls say they “love” you, its a lie. When girls say there “in love” with you, its a lie. When you learn this fact, now you understand what to do to save yourself from ever being heartbroken. Never love a girl. It ALWAYS will lead to a broken heart, always. Every girl on earth knows I’m telling the truth. But they never will admit it. Because then they couldn’t use and play guys. Theres always exceptions to every rule. The one and only time a girl can love a guy is her children. Guys, please, dont ever fall “in love” with a girl or “love” a girl. If you do your wasting your love and life on someone who can never truly love you. The exception here is you can love your mother. Please mark my words and never forget this lesson i have taught all you guys. I teach so you never have to waste years of your life and wasting your love and so you never fell the worst pain on earth, thats the pain from a broken heart. 💔

  18. michael knight

    michael knight14 giờ trước

    Nothing lasts forever as they say "laugh now cry later"


    CHRISTINE GAUNA15 giờ trước

    AWWWWE well wdda you waiting foaaa,child the love of your liiiiiiife🏃‍♂️👪👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

  20. Kelly Wright

    Kelly Wright15 giờ trước

    Who are they talking to??


    RUTGERMORTENSEN15 giờ trước

    He couldn't seen it coming... Ba da boom cheee

  22. Ebrima Mballow

    Ebrima Mballow16 giờ trước

    John is my role model

  23. Sheryl Castro

    Sheryl Castro16 giờ trước


  24. Celeste

    Celeste17 giờ trước

    I cried

  25. NearRedundant

    NearRedundant18 giờ trước

    You do know this is a WWE Storyline in line for the new season of total bellas

  26. Gravypot Media

    Gravypot Media18 giờ trước

    Plenty more divas in the pond


    MIKE BARAN19 giờ trước

    She Is Ho...You Can Do Better Cena...

  28. Shebby.419

    Shebby.41919 giờ trước

    This guy is wet #FreeMartial

  29. Ivan The Terrible

    Ivan The Terrible19 giờ trước

    This is way too soft and comes across as fake. If you don't want kids and commitment then just be honest about it.

  30. dianaluvgod

    dianaluvgod21 giờ trước

    I literally cried. I love them together

  31. Iman Macapudi

    Iman Macapudi19 giờ trước


  32. StarryNight

    StarryNight21 giờ trước

    That what bts does to men you think you like women into you hear them sing and rap

  33. mike de julia

    mike de julia21 giờ trước

    This is really breaking news. Wow.

  34. tony rose

    tony rose22 giờ trước

    I can hear him talking but i can't see him

  35. Edison Beard

    Edison Beard22 giờ trước

    I’m so confused..........😬

  36. fell on my head

    fell on my head23 giờ trước


  37. DrEniViSiOn

    DrEniViSiOnNgày trước

    Celebs relationships never last more than a yr or so

  38. Nicy ali246

    Nicy ali246Ngày trước

    Omg wow . We need more men like this in the world. That’s so sweet 😪

  39. Dank Memes

    Dank MemesNgày trước

    Who are they talking to?

  40. Angel Ariel

    Angel ArielNgày trước

    I just wow. What a guy. She really... doesnt know what shes missing

  41. brett dyer

    brett dyerNgày trước

    He is human just like the rest of us. You can hear the heartbreak in his voice.

  42. I am Dead

    I am DeadNgày trước

    That's what you get John, No sympathy Here!!!😂👏👍✌

  43. Lelonnie Beathia

    Lelonnie BeathiaNgày trước

    I am Dead dead serious

  44. Gilberto Medina Castro

    Gilberto Medina CastroNgày trước

    Who are they talking to?

  45. Alejandro Jose Dominguez marquez

    Alejandro Jose Dominguez marquezNgày trước

    Time heals.

  46. ODrako

    ODrakoNgày trước

    This is one big wwe story line that got out of hand

  47. NxP

    NxPNgày trước

    I can feel his pain In every word he's saying.. =/

  48. imdanielamadrid

    imdanielamadridNgày trước

    Nikki : u can’t see me John cena : nooooo I love u

  49. Sabawoon Zeke

    Sabawoon ZekeNgày trước

    Ur all so dumb! John Cena was Nikki's imaginary friend that only she could see cuz I only see 2 grown women looking into the distance....

  50. matrixx1908

    matrixx1908Ngày trước

    Finally... "We Can See", John...

  51. AwesomeThunder16

    AwesomeThunder16Ngày trước

    Now you see john cena is a real man. He's not afraid to say the truth, he's not afraid to show that he's a human with emotions. I know all his haters out there would all act like macho men if they were put in this situation.

  52. Diagonal_Fleece

    Diagonal_FleeceNgày trước

    Wasnt this because John didnt want kids, and she wanted kids?

  53. Happy Hour

    Happy HourNgày trước

    dude u left ur wife from boston when u moved west and started making money!!!!!leave the sad thing to others man.

  54. MucousYeti831

    MucousYeti831Ngày trước

    why is the middle seat empty?

  55. Anti Witch

    Anti WitchNgày trước

    Social media is not a job. It's for pathetic whores who are obsessed with other peoples opinions. There is no pay-check from social media, so t's not considered a job at all. Also? the long earrings? Sounds like someone one fell for someones sales propaganda. There's a lot of female items that are needing extra sales and now that the companies have men buying wigs and, and earrings or being forced to shave their faces AKA having to buy razors. So many more sales now that men are becoming women. Oh, but it's too late for America to turn back now. Hello, Yellowstone.

  56. Sterling Lowery

    Sterling LoweryNgày trước

    That's unfortunate. Wasn't expecting him to still have oneitis. Beware. In the dating game out in the real world, as soon as you leave, memories slowly fade, and new flirtations arise. Most of the time I believe it's not the guy their rejecting, but them rejecting him first before they might get hurt in the relationship. If it's meant to be, it will be. And not make someone your priority when they treat like you like an option. For anyone who doesn't want to be friends with us, or rejects us when we didn't do anything wrong isn't a part of our Destiny.

  57. Lily Calahan

    Lily CalahanNgày trước

    Wait why did they even break up

  58. Nothing Free

    Nothing FreeNgày trước

    now who cares?

  59. Mister Wilson

    Mister WilsonNgày trước

    Who are the ladies looking at? I can’t see the guest

  60. Journeyman107

    Journeyman107Ngày trước

    Viva la kayfabe

  61. E115

    E115Ngày trước

    I only had a 5 month relationship that just ended and it sucks. I can’t even imagine what a married man would do in a situation like this

  62. BamBummy

    BamBummyNgày trước

    don’t worry, jhope gots you :D

  63. itsjemmabond

    itsjemmabondNgày trước

    That voice!😘😙😚

  64. Brig Commander

    Brig CommanderNgày trước

    how is John Cena getting upset over a lady like Nikki Bella?? if he could see himself in the mirror then maybe he'd realize that he could have a list of girls way better looking than Nikki lining up to marry him

  65. daisy perez

    daisy perezNgày trước


  66. SeniorOf2015

    SeniorOf2015Ngày trước



    BANGTAN BABEZNgày trước


  68. SteroidsMakeMeStrong

    SteroidsMakeMeStrongNgày trước

    Cena is an excellent communicator, that said, he comes accross as full of shi here lol

  69. POP King

    POP KingNgày trước

    Hahahaha you deserved it

  70. Brett Golightly

    Brett GolightlyNgày trước

    So horrid that it takes some traumatic life events (emotionally, spiritually, physically, and psychologically) to realize we have to take a stand sometimes often on this path we travel to learn what is needed and it isn’t as some deem it as being for getting strength from it all. Some out there in the world have as much strength as needed to succeed in this life AND instead most likely need more true, real, unconditional love and acceptance in our lives instead. Just to show us that there ARE still others out there to help us realize we aren’t in this whole battle alone and that we, in fact, sleep under the same blanket of stars each night, that each one knows who you are come morning light. Sometimes the sunlight cracking through the shades or that slit in the center of the drawn drapes is so cruel and grueling starting your day off like razor blades burning, your eyes and skin so sensitive to the glistening touch as it highlights and envelopes you day in, over and over again. Not having the answers that you want to give someone so badly in being rest assured the universe’s energy is never lacking. All in good time, in its right timing, I’ve learned for sure, for we’re all exactly right where we’re supposed to be, or we should be with rising, just us....witnessing. Not a single person has all the answers, no one is perfect, while I do believe there are those out there on rare occasions where our paths cross theirs and we find ourselves sharing time and space with an angel for however long or short the span may be, even if just to tell us that yes, what we knew all along being bigger than ourselves surely does exist right here on our very own plain. I’m so terribly sorry for your loss John Cena! Admittedly, I don’t keep tabs with the stars and such.....but I can say I totally can relate to you on this more ways than one. For some of us to be out here in such a massively huge existence of a world and to find similarities with some, don’t rush yourself for anyone or anything. Remember taking it breath by breath, moment by moment if that’s all you have the energy, strength, and resources for. There’s never a time limit on anyone’s path and I know how hard it can be when someone you care about so deeply and you’re so connected with that you can feel them states away even and no matter how much you try to help them, you feel powerless against it...against fate....against time, etc. Just remember also we can’t help those if they don’t want the help for us to meet them half way. Both arms extending, both hands reaching out for one another, to strengthen that bond, that connection and in hope (that floats) to help the Phoenix that never dies, returning to the ashes, and only to rise, stronger, mightier, more powerful than before to take over and rule this next flight! Will keep you in my thoughts, prayers, and sending of energy for healing, protection, laughter for healing a hurting soul, and as much inner peace as one heart can have and hold. Even if it is just when the shadows come out at night to dance of whenever that time you find.

  71. globglo gabgalab

    globglo gabgalabNgày trước

    Cena just cut a promo on love.

  72. ben kennedy

    ben kennedyNgày trước

    It's a work

  73. Penny Perris

    Penny PerrisNgày trước

    swallow a bandaid and move on big boy.