John Cena On His Split From Nikki Bella: ‘I Had My Heart Broken Out Of Nowhere’ | TODAY


  1. Philip Holmes

    Philip Holmes9 ngày trước

    First of all he was already married when he was screwing around with Nikki ,As in having an affair Bella's not a innocent kitten in all this the genre of messing with a married man gone , spotlight on Nikki gone Cena now gone . Look between the lines . Shes a temptress period

  2. Shawn Holbrook

    Shawn Holbrook11 ngày trước

    Nikki bella to me just used cena for clout. Nikki bella to me sucked as a wrestler and kinda was just given things because of John cena. Keep it pushing John cena.

  3. Francois Kataya

    Francois Kataya24 ngày trước

    I was crying all day for this reason

  4. ratso69ful

    ratso69ful27 ngày trước

    He's a controlling toolbag with his badly dyed hair & Joe Piscopo cheesy resemblence...

  5. Yung_• Charz

    Yung_• Charz27 ngày trước

    John cena was holding her back tho like she wanted kids

  6. owen devereux

    owen devereux28 ngày trước

    The exact same thing happened/happening to me now

  7. Mounir Abbas

    Mounir AbbasTháng trước

    It was a publicity stunt for the show

  8. John Paul neanderthal

    John Paul neanderthalTháng trước

    She was cheating on him with Arty why because ALL WOMEN CHEAT

  9. Bharathi Dandu

    Bharathi DanduTháng trước

    Please marry Nicole john

  10. Sid Bakshi

    Sid BakshiTháng trước

    Henry Cejudo is banging her now. Should have been s REAL fighter instead of an actor boi.

  11. Sid Bakshi

    Sid BakshiTháng trước

    He hasn't healed at all.

  12. Theresa G

    Theresa GTháng trước

    He has to many female hormones .

  13. Glitz Comet

    Glitz CometTháng trước

    Nikki bella rko’d his heart out of nowhere.....

  14. rosarybennett

    rosarybennettTháng trước

    This was me and my girlfriends when we were in our late 20's. John, honey, you would've fit right in with us. You're not alone and it gets better.

  15. Nikki Lusay

    Nikki LusayTháng trước

    Still watching your show.. Still love you John Cena

  16. Niranjan Shastry

    Niranjan Shastry2 tháng trước

    John 😢😢😭😭😭 u changed so many lives v pray for u

  17. anikka3 whyte

    anikka3 whyte2 tháng trước

    Shes hooked up with someone who wants kids.... missed ya boat cena

  18. Cory Mcguire

    Cory Mcguire2 tháng trước

    Kathy gifford is like. A parasite in this interview

  19. Aitotlg Acmo

    Aitotlg Acmo2 tháng trước

    did she see how much you love her? and what kind of mistake she did?

  20. Deandra Rodriguez

    Deandra Rodriguez2 tháng trước

    its sad for both of them. i dont think any of you understand what they both had to go through especially being on live tv. people who judge them when they really dont even know them. yes they broke up. maybe she felt like now hes deciding to make all these changes when they are at the end of there relationship. and then of course she knew he didnt want kids maybe she felt since he loved her so so much he would wanted a family with her along time ago. she waited so long for him followed his rules and even sighned that contract if she didnt love him she would have not of sighned that contract but she did. it sux to have your life out in public especially tv because you always get judged. let them both be. people really bave no life if there always stuck on watching other peoples lifes.


    FESTUS EMENALO2 tháng trước

    My one and only role model

  22. Anisha Prasad

    Anisha Prasad2 tháng trước

    Please get back togetherrr💔

  23. Anni Anni

    Anni Anni2 tháng trước

    Marry me cena,iam only 30yrs virgin beautiful lady

  24. francine milke

    francine milke2 tháng trước

    Man this is sad....

  25. pash vang

    pash vang2 tháng trước

    I think it’s the prenuptial agreement.

  26. Nayli Ramli

    Nayli Ramli3 tháng trước

    For me.. I really like john cena when he at WWE.. But now I think he just being selfish.. Well.. I just saying for my opinion.. Its cuz what he told that he doesn't want a kids and now he want it I just can't understand with it.. Goshh!!

  27. Edmund Singleton

    Edmund Singleton3 tháng trước

    Seventy-five-percent of the requirement to sustaining a career as a television personality, male or female, can be found in hair dye, oh, I forgot to mention members of Congress and television journalists too, so, a replacement for Kathie Lee Gifford, must be well schooled in the fine art of this continuing masquerade. Network executives will only be interviewing those that can look good in various shades of marketable dyestuffs and will be looking to the general public for guidance and approval, like what’s currently trending…

  28. bbtalk27

    bbtalk273 tháng trước

    Fingers crossed they get back together get married, have a family and their happily ever after!

  29. Mike_is_the_1

    Mike_is_the_13 tháng trước

    Poor guy

  30. Jesse Guerrero

    Jesse Guerrero3 tháng trước

    Wow Nicky you will never find anyone as good as john.

  31. Dboss Warner

    Dboss Warner3 tháng trước

    He is so used to being scripted that he no longer sounds genuine lol

  32. Dboss Warner

    Dboss Warner3 tháng trước

    He was so sour lol but he now became a sweet pie!1 I used to watch his show on E

  33. nick huntington

    nick huntington4 tháng trước

    I’ve had a rough four years too Cena Fan forever

  34. MUTANT

    MUTANT4 tháng trước

    Everyone talking trash in the coments lol is a real man it a real love lol this kids talking trash every where are so stupid

  35. Who am I?

    Who am I?4 tháng trước

    Nikki just wanted a good family. But John is keep on messing with that. Until they broke up then John makes the antonym of the past. But I think for Nikki, it's little too late. :(

  36. Erick knight

    Erick knight5 tháng trước


  37. Jill Sorbera

    Jill Sorbera5 tháng trước

    I'll marry u! lol!

  38. Blessing Queen

    Blessing Queen5 tháng trước

    Nicki is wicked

  39. Plant Seed

    Plant Seed5 tháng trước

    Who were they interviewing? I couldn't see anyone.

  40. Sheila Dey

    Sheila Dey5 tháng trước

    John Cena looks so cool with hair 💖

  41. rad iohead

    rad iohead5 tháng trước

    wish he was my daddy

  42. Kay Redd

    Kay Redd5 tháng trước

    She doesn't love you John!

  43. The Man

    The Man5 tháng trước

    He’s emasculated by Nikki!

  44. Spook TacuLiz

    Spook TacuLiz6 tháng trước

    I strongly don't believe what Cena is saying on show because he made it clear on 1st season he don't want to married or have kids with Nikki. And he gave her an option to leave him on first season but she choose to stay with Cena

  45. sabrina-xxx

    sabrina-xxx6 tháng trước

    Did he phone in?? Where is he?

  46. sabrina-xxx

    sabrina-xxx6 tháng trước

    Did he phone in?? Where is he?

  47. john raaze

    john raaze6 tháng trước

    Cena talks different now compared to 2003.

  48. Joni Salyers

    Joni Salyers6 tháng trước

    they live weird lives that us normal people can't understand

  49. Kataleya Alithea

    Kataleya Alithea6 tháng trước

    Those ladies are melting

  50. Abdullah Halili

    Abdullah Halili6 tháng trước

    0:06 moment when the woman in the left of john cena looks him lovely and then cena looks angry.Hahaha that woman seems to love cena way to much😂😂😂😂😂

  51. The world Derham88

    The world Derham886 tháng trước

    John cena is a real man

  52. Luana Waru

    Luana Waru7 tháng trước

    Who were you intervening I can't see no one Comment if you get it

  53. Grumpy CuteFluffiness

    Grumpy CuteFluffiness7 tháng trước

    WWE relationships never workout 😅

  54. Ava H.

    Ava H.7 tháng trước

    how does someone who doesn't want kids (for whatever reason) always hosting kids shows & attracting a fan base primarily of kids? for the fame/money?

  55. Major210

    Major2107 tháng trước

    The steroids hes taken makes his body and huge head looks disabled on the table..

  56. G Wolf

    G Wolf7 tháng trước

    Ugly MF lol

  57. Sandi Wynn

    Sandi Wynn7 tháng trước

    When he said I don't want anybody else... Kinda make me think he does I don't know why?

  58. Dark Spark

    Dark Spark7 tháng trước

    well life is cruel sometimes for even loved ones don't share the same picture of their future together sorry for my bad english

  59. leisala T

    leisala T8 tháng trước

    I hope it works out.❤❤

  60. Regular Ass YouTube

    Regular Ass YouTube8 tháng trước

    why do they have an extra glass of wine in the middle?

  61. Mr Hernandez

    Mr Hernandez8 tháng trước

    This WWE Man is one of the Fewest sincerest man in the world including myself. You can tell he really expresses his emotions without caring what people say. Good Luck Man.

  62. zz 45

    zz 458 tháng trước

    What are u doing in that shithole show

  63. Tatianna gray

    Tatianna gray8 tháng trước

    Nice view up Codas skirt.

  64. Julie Edinger

    Julie Edinger8 tháng trước

    Love this guy!!! but he contradicted himself....... period!!!!!

  65. Julie Edinger

    Julie Edinger8 tháng trước

    Wait!! just watched his 10 rules.......he didn’t want pets an kids period!!!!!

  66. Britany Stewart

    Britany Stewart8 tháng trước

    He is trying so hard not to cry!

  67. Jasmine Pina

    Jasmine Pina9 tháng trước

    give her kids !!! or let her move on 😢 maybe her leaving is what they both need for now.

  68. BlackFalconZ850E77

    BlackFalconZ850E779 tháng trước

    The pain and agony!!!! I feel it deeply!!!💯💯💯

  69. Hydroponic City

    Hydroponic City9 tháng trước

    I just wished it was John Cena father who didn't want kids.

  70. Mike M

    Mike M9 tháng trước

    He's gonna be a great dad!! Bookmark my comment!! He is like me ugh ugh ugh!! Kids ugh!! But... watch you'll see!! June 2018 marks my words

  71. john duran

    john duran9 tháng trước

    What happened to the DR. of Thuganomics

  72. Jhonki Gonzalez

    Jhonki Gonzalez9 tháng trước

    She is a Gold Digger!

  73. Mushka Bushka

    Mushka Bushka9 tháng trước

    she was willing to sacrifice her future for him, and I believe the love was real on both ends, and I really feel for him watching this- but I am proud of her for finding her self worth from within.

  74. Skank Tank 986

    Skank Tank 9869 tháng trước

    Who are those ladies talking to?

  75. Jesus saves

    Jesus saves9 tháng trước

    Awwww hope they get back and be happy

  76. Becky Devoted2Christ

    Becky Devoted2Christ9 tháng trước

    Where's my tissue?😭😭😭, such a beautiful speech😭😭

  77. Wallfuls Ça d'y

    Wallfuls Ça d'y9 tháng trước

    Aww.. To sweet!

  78. Miya Lit

    Miya Lit9 tháng trước

    I feel like he should be telling this to Nikki and really show he means it 😊actions are louder than words If he loves her and trust in their relationship than wether they have kids or not shouldn’t effect that children are a creation of your love 💕

  79. ClassicPhysique

    ClassicPhysique9 tháng trước

    It’s cause he doesn’t want kids and Nikki does , maybe she’s trying to find someone who is....

  80. Toxic Society 575

    Toxic Society 5759 tháng trước

    Personally I love cena he was always my favorite. I knew that lady was bad neas

  81. Palette Obsessed

    Palette Obsessed9 tháng trước

    I really hope they can work it out

  82. maspenpa

    maspenpa9 tháng trước

    I'm so sick of seeing Hoda's Spanx!!!

  83. Jaileen Avila

    Jaileen Avila9 tháng trước

    Is it weird that his haircut makes me feel 10x more bad for him on top of him being heartbroken

  84. Novira kartika Mayangsari

    Novira kartika Mayangsari9 tháng trước


  85. Novira kartika Mayangsari

    Novira kartika Mayangsari9 tháng trước


  86. Cutebigeyez

    Cutebigeyez9 tháng trước

    Whether this is staged or not, this had made me feel emotional!

  87. Vanessa Gonzales

    Vanessa Gonzales9 tháng trước

    If he really wanted to make her happy he would give her a baby!

  88. Vanessa Darasin

    Vanessa Darasin9 tháng trước

    i cannot forget abput this to my mind

  89. Joao Viana

    Joao Viana9 tháng trước

    John Cena in WWE?Exit?

  90. Music Bubble

    Music Bubble9 tháng trước

    John, respect for that truth. Break ups and heart break sucks. We see, hear and feel yours and Nikkis pain. Sending love and prayers. We'd love to see you work this out... But understand Gods will be done. 💖

  91. Dmw9903

    Dmw99039 tháng trước

    It's all alive of fake story. They weren't doing good before this and it's not about no devilish baby. He wasn't happy and she wasn't happy before this.

  92. Beannie

    Beannie9 tháng trước

    i love him. loved him since i was 10 and i still love him now. hes such a smart mature man JOHNNNNN CENNNAAAAA

  93. Natalie King

    Natalie King9 tháng trước

    I’m dead at the way Kathie and Hoda are gazing at him. He’s so dreamy I can’t blame them haha!

  94. Deanna Bello

    Deanna Bello9 tháng trước

    love john and nikki

  95. joanna Jade

    joanna Jade9 tháng trước

    He need stop have his own show I can listen to him all day long lol

  96. KittyLand Entertainment

    KittyLand Entertainment9 tháng trước

    Awww that was his plea to get her back. It's nothing like REAL love. He felt that.. Nikki you opened that man up like it suppose to be between two beings. Sometimes you don't know what you have until it's gone. I hope you guys get back together. If it's meant to be. It shall return. ♡

  97. Bina Khan

    Bina Khan9 tháng trước


  98. Jenn Ortiz

    Jenn Ortiz9 tháng trước

    It’s been 4 years with my ex... and even though it’s been almost a year since the relationship ended... I can relate to John because that Love was very real... if only he knew how to really treat me and just let alone knew how to communicate with me and still love me over everything... things would have been different

  99. Louise Rose

    Louise Rose9 tháng trước

    Your honesty is really refreshing. Hope things work out for the two of you. May your perseverance prevail @ John

  100. Julia Lakor

    Julia Lakor9 tháng trước

    I used to respect JC only he has become a reality t.v. actor and stunt puller. You’ve never wanted kids or marriage, been selfish to Nikki now, you’re sitting here saying you didn’t know she would have cold feet! 😂😂😂