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    Hope you guys liked this video, making it was pretty insane LOL. Also thanks again to Philo for sponsoring so I can bring you THE BIG VIDS!! Click here to try em out

  2. Kiss711

    Kiss71115 ngày trước

    Clam Juice, which actually exists... For real... 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Random Dude

    Random Dude16 ngày trước

    Ummm whales aren’t birds Jon

  4. Random Dude

    Random Dude16 ngày trước

    I wonder what hampshire was like

  5. Peter865

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    you need to do something like this again

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    Over 47 channels literally 48 channels

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    this was really entertaining!

  9. Second Day Music

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    Seeing this man walk around Portsmouth is just wielding me out because i walk those very same streets almost everyday

  10. Tyler Kowal

    Tyler Kowal16 giờ trước

    my god jon

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    JonTron I love your humor XD and the fishmonger was amazing :3

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    Actually tried creamy clam chowder because of this video. I’ve been missing out 8.9/10

  14. Nicholas Challenger

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    Rifleman’s House looks like a four year-old’ s Minecraft House

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    you coulda gon to massachutsers

  16. Shifty As Shady

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    Lol the comment about Atlantic City made me think of the time I got mortally injured there

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    The video is 1 2 3 4 minutes long omfg

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    9:21 - *sarcástic ohhhh* this is 16 o 5 *machinegun, then grenade* Boom, nuclear bomb button *explosión* Destroyed bitch! This definetly makes me laugh my sadness away

  19. Gabriel Flamerich

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    They also riding live of the land but plant their own food

  20. Gabriel Flamerich

    Gabriel Flamerich11 ngày trước

    You would get a rifle not a crossbow

  21. Gabriel Flamerich

    Gabriel Flamerich11 ngày trước

    Actually life was way better in the America’s than England, you lived 4 times longer than in England, there was more free land, and taxes where a fourth of what they where there

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    I'm sure the slaves would've agreed

  23. dawson parker

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    Im so upset as to what jon did to that poor enamel Dutch oven

  24. Kyle Bills

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  25. Dark locust

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    Shin megami tensei song from the beginning ♡

  26. Le Royal Reaper

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    The way he said, "Destroyed bitch!" had me reeling

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    Please sub to me.... just please... I need help to defeat Hunter Meyer. It is your chose, if you want you can. But just rember Hunter Meyer has already 61 subs and I only have 32. He is a bully at school and he bully me because I have less. Please help me.

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  29. Warrior Charger

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    The entire United States war history 9:17

  30. Oththisissobad

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    9:38 thats just perfect right there.

  31. The Water Wolf, Minecrafter

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    When he said "thank you gaia" and made the kissy noises my cat, whos name is Gaia, immediately purred and rubbed against my phone

  32. DRV3 FAN 2

    DRV3 FAN 215 ngày trước

    Holy crap It was awesome seeing an actual youtuber in my hometown.

  33. p whizz

    p whizz15 ngày trước

    WHAT is behind jon at 1:14 behind and to the left!!! It appears strangely and moves like stop motion ?.. old lady ghost or crackhead? U decide see it jon?

  34. XxxmegamanxxX

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    Tis bigfoot

  35. TheGamingLadd

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    Where’s my England pron

  36. CeleciaFirestorm

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    I love how everyone seems to have the same red outside white inside dutch oven. I have it too. Livin off the land at Walmart.

  37. Swapped

    Swapped15 ngày trước

    Our parents: we had to walk to school in the rain & snow. Our finding fathers: we had to walk to school & avoid being scalped, tuberculosis, the British, witchcraft, & polio.

  38. forresta4

    forresta415 ngày trước

    Rocks were used to help cook soup.

  39. ‘ CCK5018 ‘

    ‘ CCK5018 ‘16 ngày trước

    1:51 I swear I’ve been to that place

  40. Citrus

    Citrus16 ngày trước

    I used this for my history brochure to help me out and I got an A

  41. Juicedoesthings

    Juicedoesthings16 ngày trước

    SJDHBSVSVS that lady is so fuckin. Valid Jon: can I buy him? Her: NO

  42. Jose Miguel Puchero

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  43. Smo Cloud

    Smo Cloud17 ngày trước

    I love this video I’ve seen it like a dozen times now. It never stops being funny.

  44. justen barber

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    Liberals comment had me dying

  45. Lazy Wookee

    Lazy Wookee17 ngày trước

    Please make more of these!

  46. Squishy Peanuts Gaming

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    The rifleman's house looks like the first house you make in Minecraft

  47. crying UwU

    crying UwU18 ngày trước

    I really hope jon and his team actually ate that giant meal

  48. Michael Eats Glue

    Michael Eats Glue18 ngày trước

    This was so cool to see him in my state, im upset i couldn't find him when i went out around that area :,(

  49. VagHyena

    VagHyena19 ngày trước

    Okay this new Townsends episode is a little too weird for my taste

  50. Grawlix

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    Was not expecting to see the most beautiful woman alive in a Jontron video! Geez! Lol

  51. KrazyKate Draws

    KrazyKate Draws20 ngày trước

    Man, the History Channel has really changed since the last time I watched it.

  52. Karl Waterbury

    Karl Waterbury20 ngày trước

    Who else here is from NH?

  53. Andydoo

    Andydoo20 ngày trước

    I have been to like all of these places and it's kinda wacky. NH never gets to be recognized and now actual fucking JonTron has been like a half hour from my house

  54. Shmax.

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    i will never understand how 6.3k people can dislike a video like this. Like, is it an accident? Are you guys just missclicking? It's gotta be an accident wtf

  55. Gabriel Brum

    Gabriel Brum21 ngày trước

    Jon: "clam hunting" New Englanders: 🤨🤨🤨

  56. Gabriel Brum

    Gabriel Brum21 ngày trước

    Who else here is from New England

  57. Zachary Hada

    Zachary Hada21 ngày trước

    Jon if the Spanish American War didn't happen, the U.S. wouldn't have Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands, the Philippines(until after WW2), or Wake Island. Nor would we have influenced Cuba until Castro came to power.

  58. Turret No.43689 /defective/

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    This channel is very funny , even the ads are funny

  59. Brett Atkinson

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    I love how ridiculous Job made the American Revolutionary War seem.

  60. sayvar44

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    It was merely a conflict by modern standards, the civil war that would follow made it seem like a squabble!

  61. NuLL

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    How did I miss this video? The Sanders Fish lady was really great Also WOOD ECH

  62. VenomousCheezez

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    5:02 That’s how they do it in Japan

  63. Robert Johnson Fox

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    "Over 37" thats pretty meta.

  64. Skydiversiscoll

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    JonTron out of context:she's a beautiful one, she's gonna go great in the stew

  65. Deez NuGz

    Deez NuGz23 ngày trước

    Over 57 channels!! 58. You get. 58 channels

  66. Tom Servo

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    This makes me miss Pink Guy's cooking episodes

  67. Electric Energy

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    Pedophilo Heh

  68. 2thomas k

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    Thanks gia (kiss, kiss)

  69. Incognito Guy

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    The british are coming *Whips out Gattling gun and mini nuke