JT FITNESS: Sweatin' it out with OJ - JonTron


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  2. cibriss

    cibriss2 ngày trước

    @Megaliterboi62 • why do i have a feeling that vikings war of clans is made by the people who made raid shadow legends

  3. Stay puft Vlogs

    Stay puft Vlogs11 ngày trước

    JonTron OJ and Cosby will take the world

  4. Shotgun Creeper

    Shotgun Creeper2 tháng trước

    Vengineer because he needs to earn money?

  5. HKZ Player

    HKZ Player3 tháng trước

    Make another fireworks song jontron

  6. Johnalogue

    Johnalogue3 tháng trước

    "that classic strategy feel" *Mentions Red Alert series prominently and repeatedly in game jam video*

  7. Pyroniusburn

    PyroniusburnNgày trước

    OJ: "The bottom line is, when you're feeling healthy and fit..." My Brain: "You must acquit?"

  8. Ramón Carenga

    Ramón Carenga3 ngày trước

    Trump: exist Everyone: 2:35


    ARACHNID4 ngày trước

    Me and him have the same soy sauce

  10. Adrian 37203

    Adrian 372037 ngày trước

    There was no point to this video but who cares

  11. XOMiNET Y

    XOMiNET Y7 ngày trước

    Damn these ads are killing me 😖 love the content tho x

  12. Dolphinboi

    Dolphinboi7 ngày trước

    I just realized he had SMT music in the background. It's from SMT Nocturne, the sewer area where the manikins live.

  13. Austin Rodriguez

    Austin Rodriguez7 ngày trước

    I do chicken nuggets in bed so I can tell my friends I got chicks in my bed hahahahhahaha

  14. Lizard Man

    Lizard Man8 ngày trước

    *ompa lumpa with stage 4 diabietes* Never before have I felt so relatable

  15. Kelly Eden

    Kelly Eden8 ngày trước

    if the pants don't fit YOU MUST ACQUIT

  16. Papa Shango

    Papa Shango8 ngày trước

    I was hoping the E would be elegantly

  17. not really sure

    not really sure9 ngày trước

    6:19 Me too

  18. Carlos Luna Pizarro Guerra

    Carlos Luna Pizarro Guerra9 ngày trước

    I just discovered this channel... but i fucking love these videos! XD

  19. Stay puft Vlogs

    Stay puft Vlogs11 ngày trước

    Orange juice famous cartoon OJ Simpson’s less famous cousin he is a doctor and he saves lives unlike OJ

  20. Stewy 4198

    Stewy 419812 ngày trước

    I support OJ teach these hoes a lesson

  21. Nick Niehaus

    Nick Niehaus13 ngày trước

    That's not slander

  22. KimmyKitty

    KimmyKitty15 ngày trước

    very relatable

  23. Y'ra  Exal'ga S'kgs

    Y'ra Exal'ga S'kgs15 ngày trước

    Who the fuck is John?

  24. Johan Kurniawan

    Johan Kurniawan16 ngày trước

    I genuinely thought that was CJ in the middle of the thumbnail

  25. Imperial Judesmen138

    Imperial Judesmen13816 ngày trước

    Can we just appreciate that jon put dozens of chicken nuggets in his bed?

  26. Luna'sLover

    Luna'sLover17 ngày trước

    When OJ is a little angry he usually shoots his ex

  27. HandyMan

    HandyMan21 ngày trước


  28. Jon Haugland

    Jon Haugland21 ngày trước

    *FUCK OFF, I'm not home!!!*

  29. Dark locust

    Dark locust21 ngày trước

    That shin megamu tensei 3 ost at exercise day

  30. Nina Todd

    Nina Todd22 ngày trước

    If he were to actually go on a diet, first, don't Gove the poor man protein shakes because they are disgusting, and give him proper things in his fridge. He should have milk or yogurt for dairy, chicken or beans for protein, (not a shake, when they want to make you barf) fruit and vegetables, and bread for grain. Those are things you need when you eat, with water in the mix of that, too. Have you ever heard of "the plate"? Search up "the plate to help you eat healthy". That is what his fridge should be full of. (Minus the bread. Unless you want to be a frickin monster.)

  31. AdamG1983

    AdamG198322 ngày trước

    "You've never been in the 'prime of your life'" Ohh that hurts too close to home

  32. DanK MelonZ

    DanK MelonZ22 ngày trước

    If you arent fit you must acquit

  33. Vanger48912

    Vanger4891223 ngày trước

    Not saying I agree with what O.J. did but I understand.

  34. The Roblox Critic

    The Roblox Critic23 ngày trước

    bet his wife was also sweating it out as she ran from him

  35. the boy

    the boy25 ngày trước

    Why OJ in the thumbnail be looking like a half life 1 model

  36. Dan_da_king :P

    Dan_da_king :P25 ngày trước

    I just realized the gnome painting was in the video

  37. T Joy

    T Joy25 ngày trước

    Leave OJ alone. LOL.

  38. Bro Master

    Bro Master25 ngày trước

    I love Jon’s golom impression

  39. ThatOneWeeb

    ThatOneWeeb25 ngày trước

    Is that alto tenner or Baritone.

  40. Layne Van Voorst

    Layne Van Voorst26 ngày trước

    Why the guy in the thumbnail be looking like hes from old school runescape

  41. Custom Taylored

    Custom Taylored26 ngày trước

    OJ may be the best person to make a workout video.

  42. Techni_Arcade

    Techni_Arcade26 ngày trước

    You can't hide the nocturne music from me 6:36

  43. Dark locust

    Dark locust21 ngày trước

    I was looking for someone who recognized it too xDD

  44. Brett Atkinson

    Brett Atkinson26 ngày trước

    I wonder how sick he must feel advertising games he definitely would never play even if it meant the survival of the human race.

  45. mongorians22

    mongorians2226 ngày trước

    11:30 it wasn't just this. It was the fact that his DNA was found at the scene, along with a glove that matched another glove found in his apartment, his car was covered in blood, and a shoeprint at the scene matched a pair of Bruno Magli shoes in OJ's possession, of which only about 300 pairs were ever sold in the US. OJ was easily found guilty in the subsequent wrongful death suit filed by Nicole's parents. It's proof that the justice system is completely broken and that expensive lawyers and media attention are much more important than common sense in determining "innocence".

  46. Zayn Harper

    Zayn Harper26 ngày trước

    This is what you have to look forward to Charlotte, run while you still can!

  47. KpopBishForever

    KpopBishForever27 ngày trước

    Stage 4 diabetes. Sorry to tell yall (I know it’s a joke) but thats not a thing


    SPEED WEED27 ngày trước

    I’m old enough to remember when Jon reviewed video games

  49. Amogh Biju

    Amogh Biju28 ngày trước


  50. ROYAL inferno

    ROYAL inferno28 ngày trước

    Damn he just threw him out like that

  51. Skoper

    Skoper28 ngày trước

    that fitness tape is *killa*

  52. Astolio

    AstolioTháng trước

    Hey so what happened to jock?

  53. R.T.

    R.T.28 ngày trước

    Astolio he lives

  54. Jimmy Carmona

    Jimmy Carmona29 ngày trước

    The universe most ask question

  55. Justin Smith

    Justin SmithTháng trước

    I wonder what his thoughts on the bronco being recreated in 2020 are?

  56. JamesPeter

    JamesPeterTháng trước

    Why is Jon so cringy nowadays. He used to be so funny...

  57. Marty Schierenberg

    Marty SchierenbergTháng trước

    5:30 I like to eat beets

  58. henry collins

    henry collinsTháng trước

    nobody: not a single soul: OJ: gotta get that BLOOD FLOWING

  59. Butter wants choclate

    Butter wants choclateTháng trước

    5:43 A broken man has fallen

  60. Le Royal Reaper

    Le Royal ReaperTháng trước

    The back cushion on your pullup station is upside down. Please fix.

  61. Brett Dourrieu

    Brett DourrieuTháng trước

    Where is the evidence those items were in his car and not planted, I'd do the same shit if the fucking police state wanted me silenced. Fuck the cops kill em all

  62. Paetrix Duralet

    Paetrix DuraletTháng trước

    10:48 because that’s what he did to his wife

  63. BEAR

    BEARTháng trước

    *OHHHH YEAHHHHH........ I Like that*

  64. RichterPhallos

    RichterPhallosTháng trước

    10:04 I died

  65. Kaine Hanson

    Kaine HansonTháng trước


  66. cancerous lump

    cancerous lumpTháng trước

    I to sleep covered in Chicken nuggets

  67. OOF Dead

    OOF DeadTháng trước

    I like CONTENT!

  68. Jared Quaglieri

    Jared QuaglieriTháng trước

    I can't believe OJ's defense actually tried convincing the jury that the ex-football player was too physically weak to stab somebody to death. Actually wait, I do believe that

  69. Nick Englehart

    Nick EnglehartTháng trước

    You mean because they had literally nothing else to go off of. Then they pull the fucking glove out their asses.