Kamski Saves Markus and The Androids (Is Kamski Good or Bad?) - DETROIT BECOME HUMAN


  1. ScereBro PSNU

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    After completing all of the 99+ Endings in this game, I'm still confused to this guy's real intentions. Do you think Kamski is Good or Bad!? :) Her's All 99+ Endings: vireporter.net/v/video-t51pGNvYM0c.html Don't forget to drop a LIKE!!! :D

  2. Dark Voice

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    @Cookie Crumb Again, its what you define as good. If androids go free, humans will go extinct/be pets of androids in the future. So, If you are pro android and anti-human, Kamski is great. For you, as a human, Kamski should be THE evil as he manipulates with the future of mankind. Yes, its up to Connor to put the final nail in the coffin for humans but Kamski started it. For me hes really evil and should be sentenced to death for race treason/acting against humanity.

  3. Cookie Crumb

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    @Haoto - Anime on Piano yes agreed

  4. Cookie Crumb

    Cookie CrumbTháng trước

    I think he's good. he created them and he knew Amanda's plan,so he told Connor about the emergency choice,so he helped the Androids being free. But he says that the choice is in Connor's hands and it's true. He can help them free or "accomplish" his mission.

  5. Dark Voice

    Dark VoiceTháng trước

    @KristijanRoss Depends what you call "good". He created Thirium and androids. Then he had a problem with Kara who had an IT issue inside and her programming had a flaw. Kamski thought about it and in the end because it was "scared" he let it be. (Thats why Kara doesnt know where is Jericho until told) From that point onwards he was manufacturing androids with a sleeping deviancy that needed emotional shock to fully activate. Adroids were programmed to go to Jericho when they went deviant. Kamski gave Markus, an android who is a prototype with reinforced freedom (Kamski designed and gifted Markus who was a part of the more autonomous android secret program), to Carl - a person very fond of androids. After a while there was a revolution lead by Markus. IF the revolution wasnt succesful Kamski returned to Cyberlife. Why did he return? Imo, to organize revolution N2. From the meeting with Kamski you can clearly feel that he dislikes humanity and loves deviants. (Fascinating, the last chance to save humanity is itself a deviant. OR Deviants. Fascinating, arent they?) So hes as selfish as Littlefinger from GoT while also supporting the android rebellion vs humans. Is he good? its up to your morality. But he certainly wants human race to be challenged.

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    Me too.

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    Kamski is good. He's.... Just being a sack of shit.

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    0:35 *Having to chew two evils* Only who's seen dbh memes can understand😂😂😂


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    I have actually NEVER SEEN the part at 7:45 until now, and I’ve seen tons of videos! Thank you for this upload!🙏🏿🤩

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    Now : 2019 Will we really have androids in 2038? Edit : if u don’t know what I mean on 6:21 they will tell u the date of when the war occured

  11. Aqua Kid2000

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    I think the reason why kasmski left was because he discovered cubed life’s plan for an Android rebellion so but if he confronted them he would be killed. So he left and also put that emergency exit in and made both Connor and markcus to thwart cyber life

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    *dualshock 4 disconnected. charge the battery*

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    DUALSHOCK 4 disconnected. Charge the battery.

  14. HerMajesty101

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    I'm starting to think that perhaps Kamski was the one who let the very first deviant know about Jericho and was the one who taught them about making these messages that only deviants can see so they can find their way to the boat

  15. sekovaniccc

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    5:02 the androids look THRILLED

  16. pdstunnerZ

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    0:22 Right here the way he says the 2 options makes me think Kamski is on the side of the androids, when he says betray your own people it sounds like sadness/empathy. As for stand against your creators, he sounds more inspiring than intimidating like a leader trying to rally his people. EDIT: 0:47 Forgot also this, I think its suppose to look like hes threatening/scaring Connor but sure Kamski knew all along if he chose Androids, hed need help against Amanda.

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    2:39 shut up amanda

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    1:17 Simons head goes sicko mode


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    2:40 *OOF*

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    Outro song cannot be determined by AHA Music extension... and there is no outro song that matches the information in the "About" section of the channel... I can only assume that the music was created "ScereBro"?

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    I just hat Amanda sooo much

  22. Bre Flo

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    I feel like Kamski is DBH's version of Ryuk from Death Note. Just leaving a catalyst of sorts (the ability for androids to deviate) and just sit back and see where it all goes. Sort of like a tv show that he started and ended up anticipating to see the ending that fate (you) ends up giving. He's all background knowledge and pitches in (the Kamski house/ test chapter) just to make the juiciest story all the better.

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    I see Kamski as Neutral.

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    Nice music

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    I N T E N S E

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    Connor is beautiful😩


    RIN WITH A WHISK4 tháng trước


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    Why Connor suicide why he doesn't remove led?

  29. Caner Paşa

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    7:27 How he know Connor name?

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    Holy crud I didnt know this was even possible! This ending is so interesting and kinda confusing!

  32. Louise Saville

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    I reckon Kamski is an android and he's Ra9. the first android to awaken. And now he will be the head of Cyberlife

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    Ohh I forget to subscribe!

  34. Sookie

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    "Moral objections"? If deviancy is a virus Kamski created, maybe this is how he achieved it - by making them aware of morality? E.g. immoral to let a human die like Hank

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    I knew this was clickbait, i just wanted to belive it.

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    2:39 *Perfect example of Deviancy.*

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    Kamski is chaotic neutral

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    Kamski's a fucking android, i'm telling

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    1:44 I've got epilepsy ;^;

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    Connor RK800 seIzURe

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    Firstly, I simply don't get in which part of this video does kamski save markus. Like... where? Secondly, there are several theories about kamski in the comments... many of them claiming that he might be fired from cyberlife and taking revenge etc. But honestly, is it possible to be fired from your own business/company? 😅

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    Did your controller ran out of batteries in the middle of the game??

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    - I can’t do that! Later... - you can’t do that! Later... No way, there’s gotta be a way!

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    You ac- *DUALSHOCK 4 disconnected*

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    Wtf??? What just happened in the end???

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    How embarrassing that your remote ran out of batteries

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    Could there be more ads in this damn thing? Christ.

  48. Jones smith

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    My opinion what the game means Jericho=Jewish freedom Humans=Nazis Deviants=Jews Connor=Leader of USA Connor's army=Allied forces Markus=Leader of the Jewish revolution Kara,Alice,and Luther=one of the survivors of the Holocaust Hank= Joseph Stalin Police =Nazi secret police Swats=Nazi soldiers North= Girlfriend of the leader Josh = a coward President = Adolf Hitler

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    At end conor shot or not

  50. discus

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    noob noob thx dzienki

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    My fav characters in here beautiful msrkus and kamski

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    You sure your DualShock is not going deviant too?

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    how tf do you get the ending with connor in the camp?

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    7:27 for those guys who don't know what ra9 is thats a hint right there ra9 is our saviour ra9 is the one who will free us ra9 will awaken us ra9 will free us ra9 will save us

  56. M4 Star

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    Kamski looks like Uta just with normal eyes... This haumted me through the whole game...

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    Who is jericho

  58. Pwease Hwelp me

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    Am I the only one that think the androids that are all white look lime mannequins?

  59. Gilliana Pangilan

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    Yo what if Kamski was the RA9? The androids kept saying that RA9 was the one who would save them.. Though Connor and Markus saved them (But theres an ending where Connor wont help them though).. They are part of the RK series.. RK200 and RK800.. Androids made specifically for cetain jobs.. By Kamski himself. Kamski made them and chose to give them weapons to see how they'd do things.. Would they follow what they want, or do what they were programmed to do. Kamski made them have a choice. Kamski was the reason why they even had a chance to fight.

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    9:55 and? He kill himself or not? 😭😭😭I must know

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    Rip battery. Also woah ive never seen this ending that at 2:43 this game is insane. Also why does connor fall at 4:17?

  62. SunBunz

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    Weird! I've completed this entire game 100% and never saw this outcome! Why is Connor standing in the crowd instead of up on stage with Markus and the others?!

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    Why Connor still kill himself even he's freed from cyberlife?

  64. Agent 3

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    What is Kamski's full name?

  65. Kristen Reee

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    Theory...Kamski Was Never GOOD or BAD He Was In Between...

  66. TSprong

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    There is one thing I don't understand. Why would Connor have to shoot himself anyway if he found the emergency exit? when Marcus is on the stage Connor simply just survives it. What is different?

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    9:55 to be continued

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    He is so interesting guy.

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    Kamski Become Deviant.

  70. Zeroblade

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    Was Amanda the Android ever real or just in conners mind. Sure she is probably real. But let’s rly think about it...

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    He's netural and interesting.

  72. E D

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    I think Kamski created a divient to pass the turing test and knew all along that they are divient

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    1:44 when you cum already and she still sucking

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    I don't understand...why conor choose to shoot himself...can anyone want to explain?

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    He is an asshole.

  76. Lunar Wolf

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    I don't understand this. Okay, so in the good ending, Connor presses the blue light thing and is fine. So why in that ending does he still kill himself after he presses the "emergency exit"? And don't answer 'oh well it's probably because they would still gain control of him' because that's not what happend in the good ending when you pressed it.


    FBMS OFFICE9 tháng trước

    How to they reproduce

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    Hold on wait a minute. Where was Kara and Alice???

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    This end of the story is so sad for my.

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    He is definitely better than Amanda.

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    4:27 so Connor become a deviant?

  82. Yokko Kurama13

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    2:35 You did what you were designed to do You ac-..... complish your mission

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    I think he is good.

  84. Phoebe Devries

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    I believe Kamski is a neutral character. He isn't bad, but he isn't good. He is just the creator of the androids trying not to get in trouble with the government.

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    R u ducking stoopid?

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    y the controller

  87. shine 1999

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    This guy needa charge his battery

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    Kamski's just a mad dog. Who let him off the leash?

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    He is interesting character.

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    He is netural.

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    Who else laughed when the controller died lol

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    Me xD

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    Of course he is good.

  94. kuroakikitsune kuro

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    Kamski is a Chaotic Neutral? (He's neither good nor bad- he tells Connor that he has to choose between two evils) I feel Kamski is curious person. He seems to not like humanity (most likely part of the reason he created androids) but then androids were created by and to serve humans- so when he gives Connor a gun, I guess hes also testing to see if Connor is more human, than a human/if hes a mindless machine... Kamski is kind of creepy, but an intriguing character as well.

  95. NightrisVideo

    NightrisVideo9 tháng trước

    Does anyone else believe the suicide ending has a HUGE loophole? In similar endings when he must escape Amanda's control, activating the emergency exit releases him from control (which I understand a first playthrough wouldn't give a player this insight). Nonetheless, he obtains true free will. So why follow up with the suicide? Because that's a decision? Why is that decision? I understand Connor is not leader material in any way, but to take symbolism so far as to break your world's own rules seems unnecessary if only for the sake of drama. Understandably drama is always fun but it didn't seem required for this scenario based off other endings.

  96. Just Someone

    Just Someone9 tháng trước

    So basically the Deviant revolution, the free will virus, all the human casualties at the hands of these things were all just a scheme by Cyberlife. I am willing to take this explanation over "android souls".

  97. SexWoman

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    That's why I like Kamski.

  98. ALITA

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    Kamski is creepy.

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    He is not good but he also is not bad.

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    Hey that's me when I have to speak in front of a group :^)

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    DUALSHOCK 4 disconnected. Charge the battery.

  102. The Strong

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    Kamski is neutral...he is interested in how his creations are evolving but at the same time he wants to become even richer by rebuilding the customers' trust and selling other androids.

  103. The Corny Uni

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    I don’t think I’ll live long enough to see all the choices in this game.

  104. Jonathan Collinson

    Jonathan Collinson10 tháng trước

    I think Kamski does fall on the "bad" side of the spectrum. In my opinion, I think he didn't "leave" Cyberlife, but he was fired. Maybe for experimenting with androids becoming human-like. The story of him stepping down as CEO instead of being fired for playing god would fall better with the public and raise less eyebrows, so this was done. Before he left, Kamski imbued some of the more recent models with deviancy, as this victory would be two-fold: if the deviants became a new peaceful species he could credit himself with being a literal creator of a more-intelligent-than-human species, but if they became violent he would be reinstated as CEO to fix this problem as cyberlife knew he was working on it before he left. Although they would be suspicious of K, they wouldn't have a choice as without a saving grace cyberlife would fail in the eyes of the public and potentially lose all it's investors. You can thicken the plot by saying that cyberlife knew of Kamski giving androids self awareness and prepared Connor to quell or control an uprising for them if need be, but that theory would need more solid guesswork.

  105. MrFantocan

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    You are Elijah, that is the entire point, you decide if you are "good or evil".

  106. Walking Volatile

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    what happens if connor give up?

  107. Mariana Vance

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    Kamski Become a hero.

  108. Sam Jannaki

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    I like to see Kamski kinda the same way I see Gman from Half-life. Hes the chess-master, never directly doing anything, but always has manipulates and has indirect influence on what happends. He levels the playing-field and watches everything from afar, because he is curious as to what will happend. Some people just want to watch the world burn, Kamski is one of those people.

  109. Adrian Johan Boeck Littau

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