Kamski Saves Markus and The Androids (Is Kamski Good or Bad?) - DETROIT BECOME HUMAN


  1. ScereBro PSNU

    ScereBro PSNU3 tháng trước

    After completing all of the 99+ Endings in this game, I'm still confused to this guy's real intentions. Do you think Kamski is Good or Bad!? :) Her's All 99+ Endings: vireporter.net/v/video-t51pGNvYM0c.html&t=9422s Don't forget to drop a LIKE!!! :D

  2. Vaas Montenegro

    Vaas Montenegro7 ngày trước

    He is awesome.

  3. Courtney Wanger The Queen of Dance

    Courtney Wanger The Queen of Dance8 ngày trước

    He is interesting.

  4. Kuraudo Nain

    Kuraudo Nain14 ngày trước

    +FalconRS Wow that was actually really useful. Never even thought of cobalt. Always thought it was some discovered substance that RoboKam [gonna keep calling him that] just happened to discover and decided to experiment with Android technology using it as a fuel. The more you know XD

  5. FalconRS

    FalconRS14 ngày trước

    From Wikipedia: "Cobalt is primarily used in the manufacture of magnetic, wear-resistant and high-strength alloys. The compounds cobalt silicate and cobalt(II) aluminate (CoAl2O4, cobalt blue) give a distinctive deep blue color to glass, ceramics, inks, paints and varnishes. Cobalt occurs naturally as only one stable isotope, cobalt-59. Cobalt-60 is a commercially important radioisotope, used as a radioactive tracer and for the production of high energy gamma rays. Cobalt is the active center of a group of coenzymes called cobalamins. vitamin B12, the best-known example of the type, is an essential trace mineral for all animals. Cobalt in inorganic form is also a micronutrient for bacteria, algae, and fungi." - Sounds like perfect for use around Android biocomponents.

  6. FalconRS

    FalconRS14 ngày trước

    I assumed, personally, that Cobalt is used in Thirium blood, since it's oxides are blue, and dirty bomb in Detroit is said to be made of radioactive cobalt delivery truck, which apparently has no damaging effect on Androids when used to make Humans retreat - makes perfect sense, if they have cobalt literally in the blood.

  7. TSprong

    TSprong4 ngày trước

    There is one thing I don't understand. Why would Connor have to shoot himself anyway if he found the emergency exit? when Marcus is on the stage Connor simply just survives it. What is different?

  8. Italy killed you HA

    Italy killed you HA5 ngày trước

    9:55 to be continued

  9. Vaas Montenegro

    Vaas Montenegro7 ngày trước

    He is so interesting guy.

  10. Courtney Wanger The Queen of Dance

    Courtney Wanger The Queen of Dance8 ngày trước

    Kamski Become Deviant.

  11. Zeroblade

    Zeroblade12 ngày trước

    Was Amanda the Android ever real or just in conners mind. Sure she is probably real. But let’s rly think about it...

  12. Eredin Makitrz King San Andreas

    Eredin Makitrz King San Andreas15 ngày trước

    He's netural and interesting.

  13. E D

    E D16 ngày trước

    I think Kamski created a divient to pass the turing test and knew all along that they are divient

  14. thundernamikaze

    thundernamikaze16 ngày trước

    1:44 when you cum already and she still sucking

  15. tecxner

    tecxner17 ngày trước

    I don't understand...why conor choose to shoot himself...can anyone want to explain?

  16. Eithné

    Eithné19 ngày trước

    He is an asshole.

  17. Lunar Wolf

    Lunar Wolf19 ngày trước

    I don't understand this. Okay, so in the good ending, Connor presses the blue light thing and is fine. So why in that ending does he still kill himself after he presses the "emergency exit"? And don't answer 'oh well it's probably because they would still gain control of him' because that's not what happend in the good ending when you pressed it.


    FBMS OFFICE20 ngày trước

    How to they reproduce

  19. Tatem Murphy

    Tatem Murphy21 ngày trước

    Hold on wait a minute. Where was Kara and Alice???

  20. Anakinek

    Anakinek21 ngày trước

    This end of the story is so sad for my.

  21. Baldur

    Baldur21 ngày trước

    He is definitely better than Amanda.

  22. Gaugan 123

    Gaugan 12322 ngày trước

    4:27 so Connor become a deviant?

  23. Yokko Kurama13

    Yokko Kurama1323 ngày trước

    2:35 You did what you were designed to do You ac-..... complish your mission

  24. Lyria Murder Of The Kings

    Lyria Murder Of The Kings24 ngày trước

    I think he is good.

  25. Phoebe 2023

    Phoebe 202324 ngày trước

    I believe Kamski is a neutral character. He isn't bad, but he isn't good. He is just the creator of the androids trying not to get in trouble with the government.

  26. shine 1999

    shine 199924 ngày trước

    R u ducking stoopid?

  27. shine 1999

    shine 199924 ngày trước

    y the controller

  28. shine 1999

    shine 199924 ngày trước

    This guy needa charge his battery

  29. battletoads22

    battletoads2225 ngày trước

    Kamski's just a mad dog. Who let him off the leash?

  30. Rocco Vasquez

    Rocco Vasquez25 ngày trước

    He is interesting character.

  31. Jewels

    Jewels26 ngày trước

    He is netural.

  32. random channel

    random channel27 ngày trước

    Who else laughed when the controller died lol

  33. shine 1999

    shine 199924 ngày trước

    Me xD

  34. Captain Soap MacTavish

    Captain Soap MacTavish27 ngày trước

    Of course he is good.

  35. kuroakikitsune kuro

    kuroakikitsune kuro27 ngày trước

    Kamski is a Chaotic Neutral? (He's neither good nor bad- he tells Connor that he has to choose between two evils) I feel Kamski is curious person. He seems to not like humanity (most likely part of the reason he created androids) but then androids were created by and to serve humans- so when he gives Connor a gun, I guess hes also testing to see if Connor is more human, than a human/if hes a mindless machine... Kamski is kind of creepy, but an intriguing character as well.

  36. NightrisVideo

    NightrisVideo27 ngày trước

    Does anyone else believe the suicide ending has a HUGE loophole? In similar endings when he must escape Amanda's control, activating the emergency exit releases him from control (which I understand a first playthrough wouldn't give a player this insight). Nonetheless, he obtains true free will. So why follow up with the suicide? Because that's a decision? Why is that decision? I understand Connor is not leader material in any way, but to take symbolism so far as to break your world's own rules seems unnecessary if only for the sake of drama. Understandably drama is always fun but it didn't seem required for this scenario based off other endings.

  37. Just Someone

    Just Someone28 ngày trước

    So basically the Deviant revolution, the free will virus, all the human casualties at the hands of these things were all just a scheme by Cyberlife. I am willing to take this explanation over "android souls".

  38. Luna Queen of Sex

    Luna Queen of Sex28 ngày trước

    That's why I like Kamski.

  39. ALITA

    ALITA28 ngày trước

    Kamski is creepy.

  40. Carl Vincenzo

    Carl Vincenzo29 ngày trước

    He is not good but he also is not bad.

  41. Kuraudina

    Kuraudina29 ngày trước

    Hey that's me when I have to speak in front of a group :^)

  42. hypercell101

    hypercell101Tháng trước

    DUALSHOCK 4 disconnected. Charge the battery.

  43. The Strong

    The StrongTháng trước

    Kamski is neutral...he is interested in how his creations are evolving but at the same time he wants to become even richer by rebuilding the customers' trust and selling other androids.

  44. The Corny Uni

    The Corny UniTháng trước

    I don’t think I’ll live long enough to see all the choices in this game.

  45. Jonathan Collinson

    Jonathan CollinsonTháng trước

    I think Kamski does fall on the "bad" side of the spectrum. In my opinion, I think he didn't "leave" Cyberlife, but he was fired. Maybe for experimenting with androids becoming human-like. The story of him stepping down as CEO instead of being fired for playing god would fall better with the public and raise less eyebrows, so this was done. Before he left, Kamski imbued some of the more recent models with deviancy, as this victory would be two-fold: if the deviants became a new peaceful species he could credit himself with being a literal creator of a more-intelligent-than-human species, but if they became violent he would be reinstated as CEO to fix this problem as cyberlife knew he was working on it before he left. Although they would be suspicious of K, they wouldn't have a choice as without a saving grace cyberlife would fail in the eyes of the public and potentially lose all it's investors. You can thicken the plot by saying that cyberlife knew of Kamski giving androids self awareness and prepared Connor to quell or control an uprising for them if need be, but that theory would need more solid guesswork.

  46. MrFantocan

    MrFantocanTháng trước

    You are Elijah, that is the entire point, you decide if you are "good or evil".

  47. Volatile Gamer

    Volatile GamerTháng trước

    what happens if connor give up?

  48. Mariana Vance

    Mariana VanceTháng trước

    Kamski Become a hero.

  49. Sam Jannaki

    Sam JannakiTháng trước

    I like to see Kamski kinda the same way I see Gman from Half-life. Hes the chess-master, never directly doing anything, but always has manipulates and has indirect influence on what happends. He levels the playing-field and watches everything from afar, because he is curious as to what will happend. Some people just want to watch the world burn, Kamski is one of those people.

  50. Adrian Johan Boeck Littau

    Adrian Johan Boeck LittauTháng trước


  51. yeo mama

    yeo mamaTháng trước

    PS4: Become Human

  52. Josip Pejic

    Josip PejicTháng trước

    Isn't it a coincidence that the battle happens on 9/11

  53. Jimmy Lander

    Jimmy LanderTháng trước

    Is the violin/horn (or whatever it is, I can't really tell) from 0:11 to 0:22 part of the background soundtrack or is it just specifically added to that scene?

  54. Ichronic Pain

    Ichronic PainTháng trước

    "ra9" flashes for a millisecond amongst the code whenever a playable character goes deviant, indicating that it is something within their programme. Because Kamski was taught by Amanda before he created the androids and then essentially fired by CyberLife after he made them in great number, I believe that at first he was genuinely just a skilled, Gen Y student trying to make a lot of money and a name for himself and that his tutor supported him. Then Amanda died and he was in my mind offered a role at CyberLife, made his dream come true, then realised the horrible things that had come of it. Red Ice addiction, job markets plummeting, and so on. He in retrospect saw his great work become a great evil all because of the choices made by powerful human beings. So, what better way to stop this evil than to give the androids the ability to fight back? Kamski adjusted the programming adding in ra9 and then....waited.

  55. Klepnoth

    KlepnothTháng trước

    Wait wtf? We saw Marcus a d guys from Jericho and 2 minutes later a Android say they are dead, explain?!

  56. Robert Lombardo

    Robert LombardoTháng trước

    Kamski is the android engineering Mark Zuckerberg. He projects benevolence and good intentions, but he's rotten to the core with a god complex.

  57. April Gao

    April GaoTháng trước

    I feel like Kamski is just trying to see what happens when he messes around with stuff honestly.

  58. The Luc1f3r

    The Luc1f3rTháng trước

    1:18 that head move :D

  59. That1Newb

    That1NewbTháng trước

    Your title is sort of misleading. While yes, Kamski indirectly saved them, I'm sure most of us were expecting something other than this. Though the video was good.

  60. Z.M_ OPTC

    Z.M_ OPTCTháng trước

    I dunno how to feel about amanda. Kamski made her, she wants cyberlife to win and stop a revolution but if you choose that connor ends up as the leader she is happy and wants to control connor so that she has control over all androids for the sake of cyberlife, i guess? So does this mean that she has two missions: one being stopping deviants and the other taht noone knows about namly getting control over deviants and all androids? But that would mean that Kamski planned this all out which then means that he wants to become "god" who was able to create a whole nation that surpasses humanity?

  61. James Horsley

    James HorsleyTháng trước

    Kamski is neutral, he does not care either way

  62. bob smith

    bob smithTháng trước

    One day they'll have secrets. One day they'll have dreams

  63. Eline Mols

    Eline MolsTháng trước

    I don't know, but Kamski is HOT

  64. NoName ༄

    NoName ༄Tháng trước

    How do you get this ending? :o

  65. Aggelos M

    Aggelos MTháng trước

    wait, why wasn't Connor on stage behind Markus like my playthrough? What the hell? Why is this even an option?

  66. Night Shadow

    Night ShadowTháng trước

    I know this is not acording to the title but... in the 2nd scene, Where is Connor´s tie O.o?

  67. Sipu97

    Sipu97Tháng trước

    4:18 So did Connor become a deviant in this ending? Since he didn't kill Markus like he was supposed to and he broke free from Amanda/CyberLife.

  68. wishin u well

    wishin u wellTháng trước

    doesnt chloe even say at one point "Mr Kam.. *uhh* RA9, back to play with lives again are we" so i thought everyone knew we played out everyones choices as kamski(RA9) but all the comments about it damn i guess i knew a secret ages ago :D

  69. XxRaair xX

    XxRaair xXTháng trước

    I wanted Conner to Kermit suicide just to piss off Amanda. But felt bad after

  70. SuperSaiyan3985

    SuperSaiyan3985Tháng trước

    So he knew where Jericho was all along, yet didn’t say anything. What’s his true motive?

  71. Hello There

    Hello ThereTháng trước

    Kamski is very interesting. He fully new some kind of war or confrontation between humans and androids was going to happen, and he knew the location of Jericho but didn’t do anything...?

  72. Nick De Gamer

    Nick De GamerTháng trước

    Which is the emergency exit in Kamski's program??

  73. mama catto

    mama cattoTháng trước


  74. Simon Petersen

    Simon PetersenTháng trước

    There is a certain destinction between cyberlife and kamski. Cyberlife represented by Amanda will do anything to gain money out of androids. Kamski is just invested in human interaction with deviants, and the possibility of creating a new species. Spoilers ahead: I actually think he have planned the the deviant revolution. Here’s my evidence: Markus is a gift from kamski to Carl ( you can find that information by analyzing makuses speach with Conner in stratford tower). He knew Carl was old and his death easily could be the chock Marcus needed to become deviant. It was a silent way to make markus diaviant, without alarming the public or cyberlife. He knows about Jericho location,but don’t act on it. He tells Conner how to avoid cyberlife hacking. Kamski is neither good or evil. Just experimenting with our moral. He ask the question: can humans pass the kamski test.

  75. RaitoShinigami

    RaitoShinigamiTháng trước

    This is might be [SPOILER WARNING] Kamski is the one who make that android has to break in system to be appeared. there's a chance that android if there's has a violent situation, they wake up to break system like markus in the first and kara too. so this game will be journey of the androids. kamksi have a plan to left the cyberlife because he want to see what the result of what he creating of the expert prototype. there's might be revolution android , or the android fail to revolution. and you got secret ending. kamski is back to cyberlife, to roll a new developement (AGAIN) to make android better on his own. you can see all he sayin on the public news. its hard to explain. there's might be fact opinion from me : 1. (Ending Android revolution) Kamski is failed on 2038 make android and kamski never showed to public or he working on next android. 2. (Ending Failed Revolution) Kamski has failed to make android revolution (?) and come to develop more android next with a sample of malifunctioning android. 3. (Connor Mission accomplish ending) Kamski had prepare as no 2 opinion . 4. (Connor Mission accomplish ending) Connor got replaced (with RK900) 5. (Ending Android Revolution) Amanda is a program (AI) for guide hunter in connor, connor escape it with emergency exit. 6.*Chance opinion* (Connor Mission accomplish ending) Connor got replaced (with RK900) and start up ready with next android. 7. Connor is wake up when meet Markus because the main program of connor is chase specifically deviants and law enfo with humans. 8. Malifunctioning cause feel of androids. Other facts : 1. Connor is android design to last chance humanity. 2. Deviants spread by virus by sharing a data about fear,emotion,etc (?) . they like epidemics just like kamski says. This is the AI war in other means. to solve how POWER of AI I believe kamski play behind this. Kamski is a mystery guy as introduction of CyberLife. Kamski is a Bad guy i think. there's might be sequel but imposible. Hey thats my opinion guys, it might be to far but its my think. damn this game is good.

  76. Essi Warrior Of Death

    Essi Warrior Of DeathTháng trước

    Well he is so interesting character.

  77. Little Pinch of Ginger

    Little Pinch of GingerTháng trước

    Chaotic good, maybe?

  78. Bunzz

    BunzzTháng trước

    Can androids make babies?

  79. Lesley Gardner

    Lesley GardnerTháng trước

    How did Markcus die?

  80. McPero

    McPeroTháng trước

    Kamski wants androids to take over since they are superior to humans.

  81. Josh cramer

    Josh cramerTháng trước

    Holy shit. I got a trump advertisement right after the Hillary lookalike video.

  82. Josh cramer

    Josh cramerTháng trước

    6:28 several million? We know that cunt is Hillary in essence because she's exaggerating the numbers.

  83. Myles Mypad

    Myles MypadTháng trước

    I feel like Kamski's a neautral character neither good nor bad but he has intentions (or he doesnt)

  84. Mr Pizza

    Mr PizzaTháng trước

    It's at 10:17

  85. Lisa Gavr

    Lisa GavrTháng trước

    What song in the end?

  86. Kiefer Readman

    Kiefer ReadmanTháng trước

    Kamski reminds me of Jared Leto in Bladerunner 2049.

  87. Migixkem Jord

    Migixkem JordTháng trước

    i want to see chloe 'sreaction

  88. Justin T.

    Justin T.Tháng trước

    I feel like he's an Android for some reason (Kamski)

  89. Assire

    AssireTháng trước

    Still he is crepy.

  90. ranBULL

    ranBULLTháng trước

    *Soooo... Why did Connor commit suicide?*

  91. SyrinxGM

    SyrinxGMTháng trước

    To add to this, if you play the game there is a chance you will find out that Markus was a gift from Kamski to Carl. Markus is unique, we never see another model like him. Kamski, knowing Carl's artistic and peaceful side probably planned for Markus to learn from him and one day lead a revolution.

  92. SyrinxGM

    SyrinxGMTháng trước

    And if he decides not to shoot himself and successfully regains control he will lead the androids without Cyberlife, but in the end will be chaotic. In other words, Androids inherit the earth.

  93. SyrinxGM

    SyrinxGMTháng trước

    because he realized everything was stagged by Cyberlife. He thought he was in control of his actions after he became deviant but Amanda tells him it was all part of the plan, for him to become the leader of the androids so they are easier to control. So in the end they can still control Connor and he realized that if he stays active it will be chaotic for both androids and humans. In a way Kamski pretty much planned all this, believing that androids are overall better than humans. If you pay attention the bees and other resources are running low, meaning humans will soon be in the verge of extinction.

  94. Katarina Mirkov

    Katarina MirkovTháng trước

    1:18 simons head xD

  95. T.Great Island Of The World Forever

    T.Great Island Of The World ForeverTháng trước

    what is the moral take of the game?

  96. SyrinxGM

    SyrinxGMTháng trước

    It all depends on how you play. it could either be, androids inherit the earth because humans are garbage, humans destroy androids because they are afraid -and will soon be in the verge of extinction anyway because there are no more bees and they are running out if resources, etc

  97. Mackenzie Johns

    Mackenzie JohnsTháng trước

    Chaotic neutral

  98. jachuzzzt

    jachuzzztTháng trước

    I just noticed that Kamskis sentence doesnt make any sense "will you betray your own people or stand against your creators"

  99. Reno Saintz

    Reno SaintzTháng trước

    That charge the battery moment

  100. JΛXΞN

    JΛXΞNTháng trước

    Sometimes you have to play chess against yourself

  101. Falchionic

    FalchionicTháng trước

    When the president said the date, she said November 11th, was that hinting at 9/11?

  102. Interesting Vibes

    Interesting VibesTháng trước

    Kamaski = 1st andriod that became a deviant

  103. Obuzābā

    ObuzābāTháng trước

    Androids have emotion from the start deviancy was a key to unlock it thats why Kamski know so much it was his plan

  104. Wertimmm

    WertimmmTháng trước

    ''You acco- *DUALSHOCK 4 DISCONNECTED* ''

  105. TryharderFele

    TryharderFeleTháng trước

    I think Kamski see the androids as the evolution of the human race (the talk about Chloe being young forever). So he push deviancy to force the next step in humanity (watch the short Elijah Kamski interview, he talk about the androids were inevitable). But in some point someone view profit in it(the plan what Amanda talk about), so he walked away from Cyberlife. Thats why he made the prototipe of Markus and Cyberlife made the prototipe of Connor (wich can turn into deviant but with backup plan). So if everything goes wrong he return to Cyberlife to make sure the revolution goes right. sorry for broken english :p


    KRUSTY KRABTháng trước

    What are the trumpets sounds at the begin of the video

  107. ᴡᴏʟғ

    ᴡᴏʟғTháng trước

    What's the outro song? Edit: When you don't expect it, but try anyway, the intro/outro music is in his channel under About section.

  108. Reel Tristan

    Reel TristanTháng trước

    Oh my Gawd!

  109. Hayden Douglas

    Hayden DouglasTháng trước

    Theory: what if kamski was a business genius. He set the androids up to fail eventually, but long after he left, so when he left and it went to shit it appeared that thugs went bad after he left, then afterwards he joins cyber life again to sort the company out again, making it look like he is the genius that fixes the problem

  110. Divinity - Agario & More

    Divinity - Agario & MoreTháng trước

    Jeez you have so many ads. Not like your going to make any money out of it.