Ken Jeong Answers More Medical Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED


  1. Lord fartamor

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    i feel like ive seen this before...

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    Be awesome to have him as your Doctor

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    Give this guy a Grammy😂😂😂

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    *number one on trending*

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  7. Rayaan El

    Rayaan El37 phút trước

    I had an E.coli infection I was in the hospital for a week


    ULTIMATEWE37 phút trước

    Ken Jeong best brain surgeon

  9. Slim Shady

    Slim Shady38 phút trước

    His wife is acctually a doctor

  10. Bayu Dwi Mulyadi

    Bayu Dwi Mulyadi38 phút trước

    Try to search the word "coli" in'll be surprised

  11. Krittika Sengupta

    Krittika Sengupta38 phút trước

    This guy is my spirit animal

  12. essential67

    essential6738 phút trước

    7:12. Thats the face of disappointed of asian fathers! Please make that face a meme

  13. Gotejjeken

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    Ken can F off with the flu shot nonsense

  14. •Gena • •Kuechle•

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    4:24 sis is thick asf🤤😤

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    I need more of these!!!

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    There's more F-bombs in part 2 than there will be views.

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    Can he be a 2019 meme?

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    Should be longer video

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    Hi (sorry for my bad english)

  20. tyler No

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    Is he actually a doctor

  21. Olivér Varga

    Olivér Varga42 phút trước

    Still hard for me to believe he is a doctor. The questions weren't difficult at all, any person with a little common sense could answer them, and he didn't even give answers to all of them. I really wanna see KJ answering something challenging.

  22. Otaku Boy

    Otaku Boy42 phút trước

    Doctor ken and bill nye should team up for comedy

  23. Emma Crouch

    Emma Crouch42 phút trước

    Also mad respect for a doctor that isn’t afraid to say “I don’t know”

  24. natulla

    natulla43 phút trước

    these questions were like a year ago

  25. Brendan Williams

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    Your makeup is making you look alive

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    If only he gave prostate exams...

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    Number one on trending lmao

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    1:30 Ken Jeong looks high af

  31. Emma Crouch

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    Which is worse??? Miranda Cosgrove or E. Coli??

  32. Boys Morales

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    “Never trust a person with five i’s in there name, that’s what I always say” lol😂 I’m dead ☠️

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    Don’t worry, you’re trending #1 right now 👌🏻

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    We need to have more of him.

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    what kind of dumb questions are these..

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    this is freaking hilarious! XD got to love Ken Jeong.

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    This needs to be a weekly show

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    #1 Trending. Finally quality on VIreporter

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    You doctor yet!

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    It seems like Dr. Jeong has some spacial reasoning problems

  43. Ilyse Fuller

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    s/o to Aslissa Ashley being in this video hahaha

  44. Herta Schneider

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    He’s a doctor but can’t count up to four or five... :p

  45. gmbill 123

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    This is my fist time watching, and maybe thought the dummy was life size, not a smaller desk sized one

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    Quality Content 🦠💗

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    I love how serious he gets after he jokes around

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  50. sam mathews

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    Is he actually a doctor?!

  51. Kitty Cake

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    sam mathews Yes, he’s a doctor, a comedian and an actor

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    *like *leave

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    Crazy Rich Asians 💀😂

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    Literally who?

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    Jesus 😂

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    El consultorio del Dr. Goku

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    This has cured my icarly

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    Hahaha always great to see KJ on these

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    Okay but like why has no one asked what are the notes the doctors are always writing on their clipboards?

  61. MrBadBricks

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    U go b Doctor Now!!!!

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    Does he actually tweet or reply??

  63. Eva ngelion

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    Staff does

  64. Sempiternal Healing

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    Okay what the heck does this guy NOT do with his life?

  65. Jasiel Rosas Almeida

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    *Someone give my big brother a chance on Crip.*

  66. Jasiel Rosas Almeida

    Jasiel Rosas Almeida54 phút trước

    *Someone give my big brother a chance on Crip.*

  67. Jasiel Rosas Almeida

    Jasiel Rosas Almeida54 phút trước

    *Someone give my big brother a chance on Crip.*

  68. someone who loves cats

    someone who loves cats54 phút trước

    What do you eat/drink when you have stomach virus?

  69. Ynech

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    Good recommendations! Good health at our beach!

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    So much more savage than part 1

  72. tiger & lion

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    His license is still active, meaning he could start practicing medicine again tomorrow if he wants to.

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    All ken jeong videos get #1 trending wow

  74. geegeezlouis86

    geegeezlouis8655 phút trước

    When I was put on heavy duty antibiotics for what my doctors suspected might be necrotizing fasciitis (it wasn't, thankfully) they actually had me eat/drink a lot of probiotic-rich food and take capsules, because the antibiotics will kill the good bacteria that already lives in your stomach, so it's better to consistently add lots more good bacteria so your stomach has a fighting chance!

  75. Rad Clasher

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    I thought it said Kim jong un for a second👌🏿

  76. Rubes Layla’s

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    I could listen to him all day also is his hair blue ?

  77. William Fischer

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    Who else thought Lewis was life-sized until Ken grabbed him?

  78. The Ripper

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    When he said the official answer is I don’t know, It killed me 😂 anyone agree leave a like

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    Btw I’m Luis.... I know I’m thicc😂

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    if you read more I swear to god man.....dont get sucked like you always do now subscribe bish

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    Sheldon lmao funny af

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    Don’t get the flu shot gets

  83. Nixon

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    I wish somebody asked him about anti-vaccinations. Would of been funny to watch him bash their ideology.

  84. The Zant

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    I hope we wont get too many of these weird doctors in the future.

  85. P.H. Resh

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    I’ll still get a second opinion

  86. KaLion 83

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    🤣🤣🤣 the doc says, "htf do you put a brain back in" 🤣🤣🤣

  87. Reshared by Jess

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    03:56 i defenitely take him as a role model

  88. Noah

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    When the intro played I wasnt listening and thought it was the pornhub intro

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    Ha ken jeong un

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    I need more, come on doc, don't go! *E pressing intensifies* MEDIC!

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  93. Jan2002

    Jan2002Giờ trước

    “What’s E. Coli? Is it like iCarly?"

  94. Michael Choi

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    Lmao this guy funny af

  95. MEH

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    I didn't know he was a doctor.

  96. Maggie Lau

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    I like your personlity, funny, yr a smart people , korean people are smart. good,


    BEGONE THOT!Giờ trước

    Quite disturbing when u just watched hangover before this

  98. Abby Carachure

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  99. Bingbing Mango

    Bingbing MangoGiờ trước

    I'm a Student Nurse and I think I'll end up being like him.. Not a doctor but his personality

  100. Gus JaKa

    Gus JaKaGiờ trước

    "Are you fremch kissing someone's lung?" 😂

  101. Hannah Banana

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    2:20 but they do inject some of the flu into your body so it can learn to fight it so...

  102. Ursula Virgilio

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    Well I'm down with left vetricle... The force needed to supply the rest of the body oh yea... Come on be happy its medicine... I bet you enjoyed it... Them sleepless nights