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    Awesome video! PromozTube

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    What's ligma?

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    Whaaat he is a DR? Wow!!

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    Count Dokku clicks on video "I've been waiting for this".

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    He was kooler when he wasn’t so obnoxious

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    Leslie Chow is still in character I see.

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    2 days and 2 million views... not bad

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    Don't nuke me

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    Ok but here's a reAL question. Can you be my doctor?

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    I've just said "Hi Bixby, open VIreporter" and this video was been played..such an amazing doctor ^_^

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    Too much Miranda can also kill you

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    Yay! I’m so glad there’s a 2nd part to this! I’m gonna be waiting for a 3rd 😉🙃 Hilarious

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    Like you BETTER as a comic.

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    Is this real?

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    *A W S I K E E* Ken, aw sikee😂

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    i was watching fairy tail season 1 episode 105...then this video came out

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    Your not as funny as a doctor

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    10:00 Orange juice has more sugar than anything else, and a very common disease in US is diabetes????

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    sub = sub

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    You guys all know that he's a comedian, and he has the show Dr. Ken...? I LOVE IT

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    10:48 The best part of the video

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    He called his ho

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    I want Ken to be my doctor

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    I always find it crazy that he has a career as a doctor and chose to become an actor. Really talented guy.

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    I love dr.ken hes hysterical. whoelse laughs whenever hes on a video? or am i the only one?

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    Just close your eyes and imagine a brain surgery scene 4:14

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    Funny and brilliant! 👏🏽👏🏽🤣🤣

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    Is he rlly a doctor

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    I love this guy, I didn't know he's a doctor.

  36. 覚 神

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    それを繋ぐのは健康の ”保健” と言う概念 例)保健所 >  感染症 毒ガス 食中毒 体育 嫌がらせ 怨恨 付き纏い 暴力 | 個人情報:住所、住居、警護

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    Best doctor ever

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    *I'm SENIOR CHANG! & I'm so ill*

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    she be asking on a tweet because she already wants to use her *airpods* to start *flexing*

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    *I think he was one of my Doctors while he was a Kaiser*

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    he has to answer medical questions in every single interview...ok we get it by now...he's a doctor

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    I’ve waited so long!

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    omfg YES

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    保険とテロの関係は恐怖 <> 安心 <> 安全 (保障<> たずさわり 一生涯の | 障碍:気配り 渉外:交渉 障害:見廻り を取り除く)

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    "Are you French kissing somebody's lungs?" I nearly died. 😂😂😂

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    He’s the definition of when my asian parents say “you do you but become a doctor, so you do you”

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    This is legendary

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    I was told a flu shot is basically the virus itself?

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    Soooo can we talk about his hands for a sec? #handgoals x'D

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    is it me that just noticed but when the guy was asking about the tetnis shot he was asking for his friends that were doctors shouldn't doctors already know that

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    Hes the asian bill nye

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    I'm here just for his jokes.

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    is he the waste it on me guy???

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    He’s looks like an orange in this video than his previous video.

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    #1 trending?? NIICE

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    Paused at 814 to say) Not long ago I had 1 of those bloody blood pressure cuffs fill itself up, pause *_without_* deflating & fill itself up again for approx the same duration as the first time! It got so tight it actually bruised my arm!!! Ouch!!!

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    Dr. Jeong vs Dr. House I really desire

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    I think I like him better as a doctor.

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    Get a guy who can do both 😂😂

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    Coli itu dosaaa bujaaank

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    He was best in community

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    Dr. Tsundere

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    So much love and awesomeness

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    You are like gonorrhea, a very killer-comedian without the comedian part. Good job...

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    ALISSA ASHLEY??? 3:35

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    He's amazing I'm so proud.

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    bring this man to host meme review

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    But did you die

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    Can we have this once a month?

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    You can get the flu when you had a flu shot because the flu is different everytime

  74. Brian Gatlin

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    Seriously though, if all doctors had his sense of humour, more people would feel less anxiety about going to see the doctor...#justathought

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    Ken Jeong Un?

  76. The Super Ninja Show

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    I wish my doc would talk like this..

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    9:48 3 questions? Alcoholics man...

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    Congrats on #1 trending

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    Best doctor I've ever saw

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    kim jon un

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    1:55 possibly the best reading of a comment I've ever heard!!! *_THANK YOU FOR THAT!!!!!!!_* K, gotta go clean up and change my pants LOL (kidding but that was still hilarious!)

  82. Agent Orange

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    I wouldnt listen to any medical advice this guy has after he said we only use 10% of our brain on Hot Ones. So i can remove 90% of my brain and ill still function? Lmao its a myth. Google it if you dont believe me.

  83. Kartiah Vergara

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    the way he interprets the captials literally 😂 ”canyoutellme w-HY ... imgetting s-ICK”

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    How do u fix ligma.


    KIMO GAMING50 phút trước


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    Is he a doctor and a actor?

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    He is a doctor But he can do act too...

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    left atrium gal here too

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    Excuse me PancakeDango, how dare you disrespect E. coli like that. Pff, comparing E. coli to Miranda Cosgrove, how dare you. E. coli is much better than that!!

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    5:50 oh no i was using earphones

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    In my school they teach us E.Coli is a good bacteria

  93. Death

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    He should've tweeted: "E.coli is a bacteria that can kill you" "iCarly is much worse"

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    I just remember him off of hangover lmao

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    Thank you VIreporter for pestering me non-stop on my recommended videos feeds with this. I finally watched it, and it's quite entertaining!

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    "Are you French kissing somebody's lung?" 💀

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    Sry to be that guy, but I just wanna self-promote my channel in this random comment section here. No horse stuff, it's not a horse channel, I swear! 😫 Weird Japanese games, mostly. Don't have much to offer, but people like my Eastern European accent, so that's smthng. Thx n peace n love yo ✌

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    he's freaking timeless.

  99. #crazyrichtobasa

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    when he says "shup up" to luis, i am dying

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    Ken Jeong me likeee

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    I usually get super squeamish when there’s medical talk going on. It’s magically cured whenever it’s Dr. Ken doing the talking.