Kerbal Space Program 2 Cinematic Announce Trailer


  1. Kerbal Space Program

    Kerbal Space Program6 tháng trước

    We are thrilled to see the positive response from our community! We know you’ve got questions and we’re happy to share more info! Check out our Kerbal Space Program 2 Master Post live on our forum

  2. Master John

    Master John3 tháng trước

    @Endr Wigin probably not

  3. Master John

    Master John3 tháng trước

    Will we be able to build space elevators?

  4. Daimian 11X

    Daimian 11X4 tháng trước

    This is the last comment (sub to pewdiepie and Daimian11X )😎

  5. Jeremiah Sam

    Jeremiah Sam5 tháng trước

    if anything, you chose the right music to go along with the trailer.

  6. Rick Harper

    Rick Harper6 tháng trước

    Nick Nathanson yeah , they should add RSS/RO as an option when you start a new game, but if not, the modding community will probably move to ksp 2 anyway

  7. Zoli Makky

    Zoli Makky18 giờ trước

    I hope it has fewer bugs than the first part

  8. Caidan Horton

    Caidan Horton21 giờ trước

    I've been watching this daily because it's one of the only things that gives me that sweet sweet serotonin

  9. Huggabearskij

    HuggabearskijNgày trước

    It's almost 2 months in to 2020 now, and there's still not a single actual proof that this game is being worked on.

  10. Yas

    YasNgày trước

    Outro by M83 and the space exploration and space colonization theme makes me cry at how beautifully the two fit together.

  11. FiguraCinque

    FiguraCinqueNgày trước

    Pertty epic vibe for a Kerbal game.

  12. Jonathan Mich

    Jonathan MichNgày trước

    how many planets are there

  13. Fallout

    FalloutNgày trước

    This trailer is it’s own movie. Can’t wait to see it at the Oscars.

  14. combine overlord

    combine overlordNgày trước

    KD os BR dominando o chat 🚀

  15. Just Another Animator

    Just Another AnimatorNgày trước

    Tfw private division did outer worlds instead of outer wilds because there was a ksp sequel

  16. Just Another Animator

    Just Another AnimatorNgày trước

    Glad I’m getting a better graphics card... I’ll actually be able to play again. Also inspiring kerbal space lizard please?

  17. Afred

    Afred2 ngày trước


  18. Brendan Daly

    Brendan Daly2 ngày trước

    When is it gonna come out

  19. Vini Van Gogh

    Vini Van Gogh2 ngày trước

    Just imagine this trailer with a space oddity♥️♥️

  20. Sanglad

    Sanglad2 ngày trước

    now the legend was born again before he dying

  21. Leonard L Church

    Leonard L Church2 ngày trước

    i will buy ten copies if the rover wheels don't suck

  22. Uhuk Man

    Uhuk Man2 ngày trước

    Im very excited

  23. Krystian O

    Krystian O3 ngày trước

    Best game intro i have ever seen. Looking forward to play V2

  24. pizmak

    pizmak3 ngày trước

    1:34 is that martian scene?

  25. Emre Taşçılar

    Emre Taşçılar3 ngày trước

    Will it go mobile?

  26. xzabath1

    xzabath13 ngày trước

    My computer just died, from me watching this video on my phone.

  27. David Zachmeyer

    David Zachmeyer3 ngày trước

    I would pay to see a full-length feature film made exactly like this trailer!

  28. Kish Gaming

    Kish Gaming3 ngày trước

    Make multiplayer?

  29. Alan Henry

    Alan Henry3 ngày trước

    Can I get a free copy, since the game looks AWESOME!!!!!!

  30. Ciprian Cristian

    Ciprian Cristian3 ngày trước

    Just crying everytime I watch it.

  31. CV Gamerz

    CV Gamerz3 ngày trước

    when is going to launch?

  32. Lord & Savior, Cheesus Crust

    Lord & Savior, Cheesus Crust3 ngày trước

    This truly is the best trailer for a sequel to a game. It keeps originality and nostalgia while adding new stuff, which rarely works well together in games. 10 / 10 trailer, can't wait to get the game.

  33. rapstrumental s

    rapstrumental s4 ngày trước

    I hope the game actually looks like that because that's cool af

  34. Boomer

    Boomer4 ngày trước

    Really hurt when it said “not actual game play” *I M A G I N E*

  35. DrDoug Googie

    DrDoug Googie4 ngày trước

    Wish I could get this game so bad

  36. Akul Sharma

    Akul Sharma4 ngày trước

    niggas didnt cad properly

  37. Xecular

    Xecular4 ngày trước

    *Exits lander on Mun* *Ksp* - So you have chosen death

  38. Content deleted

    Content deleted4 ngày trước

    Me:looks at my pc and smiles My pc:nope nope nope absofrickinloutley not Me:sad face My PS4:😉 I got you My Xbox:no I got you My pc: I’m out

  39. MonoWheelMaster !

    MonoWheelMaster !4 ngày trước

    This looks so realistic, can’t wait for KSP2 to come out!

  40. Warrcoww

    Warrcoww4 ngày trước

    This has got to be one of my favorite ‘space trailers’ of all time, right up there with ELITE Dangerous: Horizons

  41. Luc Pearl

    Luc Pearl4 ngày trước


  42. G Man

    G Man4 ngày trước

    Ohh god no ........

  43. BoZo

    BoZo5 ngày trước

    Can I please Time Warp to when the game releases? Just gotta hope the kraken doesn’t get to me

  44. RJB Productions 2

    RJB Productions 25 ngày trước

    look at the characters lol i can tell there is gonna be a lot of AHHHHHHHHHH

  45. avokado man

    avokado man3 ngày trước


  46. hooky `

    hooky `5 ngày trước

    This Is not a game This Is best game (maybe)

  47. PewPewsAlote

    PewPewsAlote5 ngày trước

    this trailer perfectly captured the spirit of kerbal space program.

  48. splex0007

    splex00075 ngày trước

    Love the trailer every time i whatch them a bit more

  49. danjac354

    danjac3545 ngày trước

    I can already see what people are going to make.

  50. Snugg Hug

    Snugg Hug5 ngày trước

    what if they used a bowie song for their next trailer like life on mars or more appropriately space oddity

  51. Thebionicbasher

    Thebionicbasher5 ngày trước

    My rx580 is gonna die.....

  52. patrick2 vandenheis2

    patrick2 vandenheis25 ngày trước

    i can only repeat what was told in the previous comments cause hard to find correct words : never saw a trailer like this ... COMPLETELY AMAZING !!!!!!

  53. Kerman Xiri

    Kerman Xiri5 ngày trước


  54. Adam Mullarkey

    Adam Mullarkey5 ngày trước

    Doesn't matter how many times I watch it, that booster separation scene is still beautiful, and the end still sends shivers down my spine. Can't wait for the release.

  55. Adam Mullarkey

    Adam Mullarkey5 ngày trước

    I mean, seriously. You know that thing where people say "I remember where I was when I heard about nine eleven/Kennedy's assassination" or whatever? Yeah, well seeing this video pop up in my recommended was the only time I've ever had that happen to me.

  56. DOGE

    DOGE6 ngày trước

    wow such beautiful video doge is happy

  57. Mortimer Kerman

    Mortimer Kerman4 ngày trước


  58. Christian Gaskins

    Christian Gaskins6 ngày trước

    will there be mods like realism overhaul astronomers visual pack eve etc.

  59. ThatDieGuy

    ThatDieGuy4 ngày trước

    Christian Gaskins mod support is a feature so probably

  60. Martin Henze

    Martin Henze6 ngày trước

    This is so beautiful, I'm so gonna get this!

  61. Jules Marchand

    Jules Marchand6 ngày trước

    Music ?

  62. Cromorant Vlogs

    Cromorant Vlogs6 ngày trước

    Whoelse thought this trailer was gunna end 50 times?

  63. Noah Vine

    Noah Vine6 ngày trước

    Best soundtrack choice :')

  64. Daniel Silveira

    Daniel Silveira6 ngày trước

    Jebediah finalmente vai ir pra marte, JN tem q fazer vídeo desse Kerbal

  65. le_snap f*

    le_snap f*6 ngày trước

    j'ai trop hate qu'il sort

  66. Xmas Cpt. Alejandro

    Xmas Cpt. Alejandro6 ngày trước

    First i was like: no, this is a joke, there can't be a KSP 2 But now, i want it *NOW*

  67. AirborneFCA

    AirborneFCA6 ngày trước

    The kerbals who were in KSP 1 (the one for hire in astronaut complex) should Wear the blue Boeing suit and the newer kerbals stay with the white suit

  68. Tycho Ammatuna

    Tycho Ammatuna7 ngày trước

    I like this.

  69. Nico_Kermit69

    Nico_Kermit697 ngày trước

    Never never never have I ever seen such a good trailer, it’s unbelievable.