Kerbal Space Program 2 Cinematic Announce Trailer


  1. Kerbal Space Program

    Kerbal Space Program28 ngày trước

    We are thrilled to see the positive response from our community! We know you’ve got questions and we’re happy to share more info! Check out our Kerbal Space Program 2 Master Post live on our forum

  2. Jeremiah Sam

    Jeremiah Sam5 ngày trước

    if anything, you chose the right music to go along with the trailer.

  3. Rick Harper

    Rick Harper24 ngày trước

    Nick Nathanson yeah , they should add RSS/RO as an option when you start a new game, but if not, the modding community will probably move to ksp 2 anyway

  4. Miguel Morales

    Miguel Morales24 ngày trước


  5. Jake Watson

    Jake Watson24 ngày trước

    What would the system requirements be?

  6. Goldbaconsnipr45 0

    Goldbaconsnipr45 024 ngày trước

    I hope it can be compatible on PS4!

  7. jaifreejairiencompris

    jaifreejairiencompris5 giờ trước

    if the game are like that i buy it

  8. Pedr Pedr

    Pedr Pedr6 giờ trước

    :(, The quality of my computer can not stand it

  9. Pedr Pedr

    Pedr Pedr6 giờ trước

    Now that I've seen that the quality is low, so let's see if my computer won't explode.

  10. Evan Martzoff

    Evan Martzoff8 giờ trước

    Please a free kerbal space programme

  11. Maxic 1579

    Maxic 15798 giờ trước

    Hi intel core i9

  12. ollie 1012

    ollie 101210 giờ trước

    Please add cross platform multiplayer... I would die for that!

  13. John Galt

    John Galt12 giờ trước

    This is the first video game trailer I've been excited for in years and years.

  14. Vaishnav Swaminathan

    Vaishnav Swaminathan12 giờ trước

    You guys should add AI that compete with players in a Space Race! That could give you bonuses if you're the first to do something, and force you to get creative with mission planning. Just a thought!

  15. James Pace

    James Pace13 giờ trước

    This announcement made me way happier than any other, except ff7. This trailer actually made me feel something and I can't wait to explore the Kerbal cosmos once again.

  16. Kestrel Terrier

    Kestrel Terrier15 giờ trước

    Perhaps the stars are coming to us?

  17. Merhaba Dünya

    Merhaba Dünya18 giờ trước

    omg ı can't believe thisss !

  18. Sergey's space

    Sergey's space19 giờ trước

    Вау! Класс! Но, когда кербонавт падает, он разлетается по всему кербину как простыня, вы убрали это???

  19. Jewel of the Nil

    Jewel of the Nil20 giờ trước

    Elon Musk simulator

  20. Red Tsar

    Red Tsar20 giờ trước

    Hope to see Door Monster so more skits of this now

  21. Moscow

    MoscowNgày trước

    KSP 2: Did you do it? Me: Yes.. KSP 2: What did it cost? Me: My CPU...

  22. Lunky Straydog

    Lunky StraydogNgày trước


  23. creator Space

    creator SpaceNgày trước

    It's done well.

  24. Wulframm Rolf

    Wulframm RolfNgày trước

    i gotta say. ray tracing on KSP looks really good. this must have taken days to render, if not weeks. i wonder what the game will look like.

  25. Wulframm Rolf

    Wulframm RolfNgày trước

    "not actual gameplay" SEE?! EA!! TAKE NOTES! IT'S NOT THAT HARD!

  26. Amethyst

    AmethystNgày trước


  27. your mom

    your momNgày trước


  28. jdharm360

    jdharm360Ngày trước

    0:18 Saddest 3 words in announcement trailers

  29. Eduardo Cezar

    Eduardo CezarNgày trước

    This trailer got me started on Kerbal Space Program 1. Having a blast. Several, in all possible ways imaginable.

  30. Alexandre Arrivé

    Alexandre Arrivé23 giờ trước

    The pad blast, the take-off blast, the re-entry blast, the landing blast, ... Been on it since 2012 or so, never stopped loving the damn thing. Have fun!

  31. That One Guy On Youtube

    That One Guy On YoutubeNgày trước

    You know, I hope that that blue laser thing will be in the game. Idk what it is, but it looks fun to play with. Maybe a super laser or ftl booster. Either way, really exited for the game. Can’t wait!

  32. Alexandre Arrivé

    Alexandre Arrivé23 giờ trước

    It will be in, check the dev's interview by Shadow Zone : everything displayed in the trailer will be in the game.

  33. benjamin gallo pino

    benjamin gallo pinoNgày trước

    Oh my fucking god



    Cucumbers =)

  35. MoroN

    MoroNNgày trước

    Не, нихуя...

  36. Aroka

    ArokaNgày trước

    хуйня я не смог взлететь

  37. SUPPUG1234

    SUPPUG1234Ngày trước

    Omg the music is awesome I could listen to it all day lol

  38. 青いハンペン

    青いハンペンNgày trước

    I can't wait for the release!Give it early!Yeaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!

  39. Shumnee

    ShumneeNgày trước

    I'm happy

  40. Peter Mckenna

    Peter MckennaNgày trước

    Jeb: fell Me: this is it Jeb: yllaer Me: u mean really

  41. Big Bird

    Big BirdNgày trước


  42. startheAIwolf

    startheAIwolfNgày trước

    Can we just have faster than light travel in the end of the teck tree?

  43. Pati Role

    Pati RoleNgày trước

    They want it to be realistic and use near to mid-future technology. They also won't include warp holes or anything like that

  44. Max Wolt

    Max WoltNgày trước

    no Kerbal was injured when shooting this video

  45. Alexander Sergal

    Alexander SergalNgày trước

    i am so excited!!!!

  46. Gustavo Meireles

    Gustavo Meireles2 ngày trước

    Músic name????

  47. YesMeRaul

    YesMeRaulNgày trước

    Outro by M83

  48. clicky click

    clicky click2 ngày trước

    I started playing ksp in fifth grade. I cried watching this trailer, thanks for bringing these great games into my life guys.

  49. Narongkorn Leerat

    Narongkorn Leerat2 ngày trước

    I love this game

  50. dazax legacyYT

    dazax legacyYT2 ngày trước

    hipe 10000000000

  51. maximidze228

    maximidze2282 ngày trước

    every time i open this video i want to like it again

  52. Micah Anglen

    Micah Anglen2 ngày trước

    Shut up and take my money

  53. Lil Cloutie

    Lil Cloutie2 ngày trước

    This looks like a movie and I like it.

  54. gas mask

    gas mask2 ngày trước

    makes me feel happy ,my god

  55. Clawstrike

    Clawstrike2 ngày trước

    *OUTRO M83 BABY!!!!!!!!!!!*

  56. Michal Kolář

    Michal Kolář2 ngày trước

    1:41 Orion confirmed

  57. Good Bread

    Good Bread2 ngày trước


  58. Etienne Morin

    Etienne Morin2 ngày trước

    As unexpected as apprieciated ! Can't wait !

  59. David Clarkson

    David Clarkson2 ngày trước

    This trailer contains so much win i can't even begin to tell you!

  60. B.H.S

    B.H.S2 ngày trước

    Le professeur Muller a du boulot

  61. KM127PL

    KM127PL2 ngày trước

    Now that's cyberpunk 2077

  62. Калыван

    Калыван2 ngày trước

    Ляяяя. Я охуел

  63. Kot_Games

    Kot_Games2 ngày trước

    Already a tear fell. So beautiful...

  64. Hallvard Tengesdal

    Hallvard Tengesdal2 ngày trước

    Diss is ameisin

  65. 1un4cy

    1un4cy3 ngày trước

    This is a thing? This is real? I haven't even been to Duna yet!

  66. Doge Bros

    Doge Bros3 ngày trước

    So happy number 2 is coming out for this game!!!! When I watched commercial I almost cried! Private Division WIN THIS WAR BETWEEN SQUAD

  67. Doge Bros

    Doge Bros3 ngày trước

    leave a like for one extra troop on Private Division's alliance

  68. OverBoostMPH

    OverBoostMPH3 ngày trước

    Three letters! (OMG) Love at first glance

  69. Aikiodis Bermeroth

    Aikiodis Bermeroth3 ngày trước

    Really thank to Shaun Esau! It's the perfect theme to the ksp game trailer! And Thank you guy, this game is... I don't know... I love it!!!

  70. RAGE MAGE 96

    RAGE MAGE 963 ngày trước

    This could be a movie

  71. RAGE MAGE 96

    RAGE MAGE 963 ngày trước

    I can wait to get this game