Kevin Durant on J.R. Smith Blunder, LeBron James & Partying After Finals Win


  1. andrew choinski

    andrew choinskiNgày trước

    2:55 kd wants to stay 👀

  2. Jon Snow

    Jon SnowNgày trước

    I hate you because you're an athlete, i care about you because you're a human, get well soon

  3. Amaan Khan

    Amaan Khan4 ngày trước

    Jimmy was throwing shade at KD on the low 😂😂

  4. Tristan Davis

    Tristan Davis4 ngày trước

    I would love to see Kevin with Sacramento.

  5. V V

    V V5 ngày trước

    snake finally got a ring 😂😂😂🐍🐍 snake

  6. Rishabh Nair

    Rishabh Nair6 ngày trước

    Had to turn on subtitles. Don’t understand a word that the snake said

  7. Kai Badilla

    Kai Badilla6 ngày trước

    Miss this man last finalss

  8. Kitty Kat

    Kitty Kat7 ngày trước

    Jimmy has to invite LeBron so Guillermo can confront him 😂

  9. G Skreet

    G Skreet7 ngày trước

    KD high asf 😂


    AWSOMUS MUSIC.8 ngày trước

    Almost won 3

  11. Truevan ASAP

    Truevan ASAP8 ngày trước

    There was no audience it was a sound effect

  12. Micah Lee

    Micah Lee9 ngày trước

    He's staying your hear that?

  13. myles jones

    myles jones9 ngày trước

    I’m here after my warriors took that L just reminiscing 😭😭hoping we come back strong after this next season

  14. Ian McKeown

    Ian McKeown9 ngày trước

    myles jones hope KD gets better

  15. Nishant Mehrotra

    Nishant Mehrotra10 ngày trước

    He might be a great guy, but he’s not a fun guy.

  16. Maggie Liu

    Maggie Liu10 ngày trước

    kd doesn't seem to wanna be on the show. 😂

  17. Kenneth Petovic

    Kenneth Petovic11 ngày trước


  18. Kenneth Petovic

    Kenneth Petovic10 ngày trước


  19. Alfro Samurai

    Alfro Samurai10 ngày trước

    Shut up

  20. Flawess Grace

    Flawess Grace11 ngày trước

    I don’t like KD that much but these comments hating on him are too much

  21. Wavy Hxnry

    Wavy Hxnry11 ngày trước

    Stay easy kd this is coming from okc fan btw

  22. lopen nhioloipi

    lopen nhioloipi12 ngày trước

    Praying for Kevin’s speedy recovery and a hearty apology on behalf of Toronto for the ugly disgraceful incident during game 5

  23. Hammad Mahmood

    Hammad Mahmood13 ngày trước

    Who's here after kd ruptured his achilles. Get well soon

  24. Tito Athiphanumphai

    Tito Athiphanumphai2 ngày trước


  25. Mamèě Brook

    Mamèě Brook8 ngày trước


  26. Sheena Szadovszky

    Sheena Szadovszky10 ngày trước

    Me and also after Klay tore his acl :(

  27. Gabriel Alvarado

    Gabriel Alvarado12 ngày trước


  28. Rodolfo Roy Martinez

    Rodolfo Roy Martinez13 ngày trước

    Achilles 😢🙏

  29. Brandon Rios

    Brandon Rios13 ngày trước

    Why was jimmy hold the trophy the hole time 😂

  30. J.R. Smith

    J.R. Smith14 ngày trước

    Really Jimmy? It was a year ago get over it

  31. BOOM BRO

    BOOM BRO16 ngày trước

    Jimmy: You can’t put backlash on a shelf 😂😂💀💀

  32. JansynTodd

    JansynTodd17 ngày trước

    kimmell thought the mvp trophy was a gift for him 😂😂

  33. Subscribe to this channel for literally no reason

    Subscribe to this channel for literally no reason17 ngày trước

    I'm the only one who's gonna say this but those were some dope heavy ass riffs for the intro

  34. Drew Thurman

    Drew Thurman17 ngày trước

    what was the band playing @ 0:17

  35. Gelo Gonzales

    Gelo Gonzales18 ngày trước

    3:17 Kimmel knows it's bullshit. "It's a challenge to be great every night" my ass!

  36. eduar ed

    eduar ed21 ngày trước

    Man kd u dont even look good in interviews compare to lebron or jordan when they do theirs...go win somewhere else..those questions will follow u till u win somewhere else

  37. Zach P

    Zach P22 ngày trước

    I prolly shouldn’t have said that😂

  38. Zach P

    Zach P22 ngày trước

    He’s about to have 3 ring bro. He’s getting paidddd. I’m salty forsure

  39. jokesonu420

    jokesonu42022 ngày trước

    When ur rich an say "free drinks are cool"

  40. Kyilan Thomas

    Kyilan Thomas19 ngày trước

    jokesonu420 we all love free stuff no matter how much money we got lol

  41. Jacob Wittman

    Jacob Wittman22 ngày trước

    “You cant put backlash on a shelf”

  42. Nigel Novelo

    Nigel Novelo23 ngày trước

    Damn this interview is like the fakest thing on the internet, Oh I jst remembered Kimmel is interviewing a snake.

  43. gerald jacaban

    gerald jacaban24 ngày trước

    snake guy

  44. StarbladeZ Rock'z

    StarbladeZ Rock'z29 ngày trước

    The challenge is here the Raptors and Golden State Warriors

  45. Laurent From Belgium

    Laurent From BelgiumTháng trước

    Damn westbrook made 8600 accounts for dislikes

  46. SP FromNY914

    SP FromNY914Tháng trước

    Wierd ass 🐍ass nigga

  47. Matthew D'Oliveira

    Matthew D'OliveiraTháng trước

    Weakest superstar in NBA history

  48. itsExplicit

    itsExplicit29 ngày trước

    Matthew D'Oliveira fact

  49. Frankie Vegas

    Frankie VegasTháng trước

    The Stanley Cup is never touched by anyone who didn’t win one.

  50. mike white

    mike whiteTháng trước trash never would have won with a 73 win team with a chap already ..

  51. Tion Davis

    Tion DavisTháng trước

    Since the 08 Celtics, NBA players learned that the NBA is a job. Work smarter not hard and cut corners as mich as possible to reach your company's goal. This why hella super teams have been attempted since then. KD just successful with it. You aint got to respect it but you aint gon check it!💯

  52. M2B mluvAndgrace

    M2B mluvAndgraceTháng trước

    Look at all the losers hate comments, I love your hate! Keep it coming and the Warriors will keep dropping L’s on your team to another championship! KD ! KD!

  53. Atheist

    Atheist10 ngày trước

    M2B mluvAndgrace and Kawhi dropped a massive L on the Warriors.

  54. Alberto Awalito

    Alberto AwalitoTháng trước

    Did kd keep his private jet

  55. Julian A

    Julian ATháng trước

    KImmel then blew him backstage for the money shot

  56. kostas dalak

    kostas dalakTháng trước

    Kevin Durant, an anomaly of nature, the goat

  57. Aum Patel

    Aum PatelTháng trước


  58. Christopher Chicas

    Christopher ChicasTháng trước

    “Made the Cleveland cavs look like the clevland browns”~ jimmy kimmel 2018 Clevland browns 2019: Wassup jimmy kimmel! Look at us now!

  59. LegenDarius

    LegenDarius21 ngày trước

    They haven't won a game yet so don't speak too soon.

  60. Ferox

    FeroxTháng trước

    Kimmy thinks so superficially it's kind of ehhhhh

  61. Braylen Bryant

    Braylen BryantTháng trước

    I don’t understand him can’t understand snakes someone tell me what he said

  62. Melly Mel

    Melly MelTháng trước

    As a Dubbs fan, I can see KD not saying anything about staying this year means he may leave because in this video from last year he clearly had no issues saying he was coming back, smh! Say it ain't so KD!

  63. One Deep Savage

    One Deep SavageTháng trước

    Nice sweater buddy

  64. Gucci Raccoon

    Gucci RaccoonTháng trước

    Jamie Fox lookin ass 😂

  65. Zoodie ,

    Zoodie ,Tháng trước

    "Most valuable" not curry ok

  66. YouAintNoGangstah -

    YouAintNoGangstah -Tháng trước

    Lmao this interview proved that KD lost his competitive nature. Lmao at 3:04. The NBA won’t be back until this guy leaves the Warriors.

  67. YouAintNoGangstah -

    YouAintNoGangstah -Tháng trước


  68. Kids Hennagan

    Kids HennaganTháng trước

    Kd is cool

  69. dominic dominic

    dominic dominicTháng trước

    Gollum " my precious "

  70. Aamin M.

    Aamin M.Tháng trước

    am i the only one who was distracted by looking at the reflection the whole time?

  71. Real Guru

    Real GuruTháng trước

    Aamin M. I was more distracted at Kevin’s strange beard line

  72. J Real

    J RealTháng trước

    He wanted to rest and party

  73. J Real

    J RealTháng trước

    He wanted to rest and party


    BRUNO DABEAST21Tháng trước

    How come lebron can't join the warriors even though you beat them but u left OKC when you lost to the warriors

  75. Har Bear

    Har Bear27 ngày trước

    @BRUNO DABEAST21 lebron already had rings when he lost to gsw. KD didnt have any yet


    BRUNO DABEAST2127 ngày trước

    @Har Bear what I am trying to say is that is lost to the warriors the joined them but lebron lost to them and he didn't join them

  77. Har Bear

    Har Bear27 ngày trước

    @BRUNO DABEAST21 kd is more of a snake bc he lost to the warriors right before he joined but lebron aint loyal either

  78. Har Bear

    Har Bear27 ngày trước

    @BRUNO DABEAST21 both lebron and kd arent loyal


    BRUNO DABEAST2127 ngày trước

    @Har Bear lebron isn't a snake like I'd when he lost to the warriors

  80. James Harford

    James HarfordTháng trước

    Hate this man so much hope he doesn’t come back from his injury this season so he can jest head over to new york


    STEFANO HERRERATháng trước

    talking all cocky now....join them if you can´t beat them

  82. Akash Bansal

    Akash BansalTháng trước

    Jimmy, we though u were afraid of snakes

  83. chazz256

    chazz256Tháng trước


  84. Juan

    JuanTháng trước

    Akash Bansal thet video was fake

  85. Shea White-Toney

    Shea White-ToneyTháng trước


  86. BrightBlue FierceFlame

    BrightBlue FierceFlameTháng trước

    KD is a beast inside

  87. snowrida1

    snowrida1Tháng trước

    Jimmy is such a dumb ass

  88. sky 11

    sky 11Tháng trước

    Anyone got a snake translator?

  89. Jordan Attard

    Jordan AttardTháng trước

    So y do people call KD a snake?

  90. SheMoans_Markk

    SheMoans_MarkkTháng trước

    KD going on this show with looks like a regular pink hoodie, but on his back is a girls ass😂

  91. Arjun Veettil

    Arjun Veettil2 tháng trước

    Kevin Durant with his voice gone sounds like Russell Westbrook

  92. Calvin Browder

    Calvin Browder8 ngày trước

    I thought he sounded like Draymond lol

  93. Tommy

    Tommy25 ngày trước

    yoo wtf

  94. TaiiSav -

    TaiiSav -Tháng trước

    Yooo deadass😭😭

  95. Bag Bag

    Bag BagTháng trước

    Arjun Veettil omg i just noticed that lol

  96. Mr Spicy Cheeto

    Mr Spicy Cheeto2 tháng trước

    Sssssssstop with the ssssssssnake commentssssssss! 🐍

  97. David Benway

    David Benway2 tháng trước

    He don't wanna stay now Damn sure.

  98. Yarnball G

    Yarnball G2 tháng trước

    Man legit comes with the championship and the Final MVPs

  99. X-Man 05

    X-Man 052 tháng trước

    🐍🐍... 2019 playoffs anyone? Let’s go Bucks🦌

  100. A7 Nightmare

    A7 Nightmare2 tháng trước

    apparently idiots think teams arnt supposed to build the best team possible lmfao idiots

  101. Sujal Lamichhane

    Sujal LamichhaneTháng trước

    "Competitive basketball is fun to watch!" --Every basketball fan - GSW "fans"

  102. Adolf Drippler

    Adolf DripplerTháng trước

    “You see you don’t get it. He shouldn’t join the best team in the league cause it’s so unfair and it’s cheating”-NBA fans

  103. Sujal Lamichhane

    Sujal LamichhaneTháng trước

    @Arjun Akella Nigga put any superstar in KD's position and you still got yourself the best team in the NBA! The right environment??!!!😂 When you add 1 to 99 it equals 100 not more and certainly not less. Having the greatest shooter of all time and two or three all stars on your team to lean to doesn't hurt your game! Like ok KD is a great player but let's not make it seem like he carried a bunch of bums to the championship! GSW are and will remain a championship team with or without KD! If he could've carried an average team to the championship he'd have joined any other team besides them. So don't bring that right environment bullshit up! Literally any superstar could flourish and get some rings if they play for GSW right now! So no KD ain't got it bro!

  104. Arjun Akella

    Arjun AkellaTháng trước

    @Flexstra You proved his point. All KD needed was the right environment, and he got it

  105. Flexstra

    Flexstra2 tháng trước

    A7 Nightmare no one is saying that it’s the fact KD joined knowing he will win

  106. Gabriel Vendramini

    Gabriel Vendramini2 tháng trước


  107. Rohan Acharya

    Rohan Acharya2 tháng trước

    Kevin is a very good guy ! 😍

  108. Yucky Shirt

    Yucky Shirt2 tháng trước

    Plz translate into snake

  109. Moses Mouine

    Moses Mouine2 tháng trước

    Hey Jimmy !! Why you brought the joke of the NBA of all time ?? This guy ! I don't know what his name. Did he really think he won a championship ha ha ...the warriors did buddy . all what you did is: you just join them because they always bit you before . Poor baby it's ok . Now you can sleep good. this is a shame

  110. Max iboi

    Max iboi2 tháng trước

    Its a challenge having 4 all stars

  111. Zentify

    Zentify2 tháng trước


  112. ADD MINGA

    ADD MINGA2 tháng trước

    S N A K E

  113. Gabriel Leung

    Gabriel Leung2 tháng trước

    Fans are fickle. Media is fickle. At the end of the day we remember championships. Ray Allen joining the enemy? We just remember his three pointer against the Spurs in the finals.

  114. Carmical

    Carmical2 tháng trước

    few sec,,ago my 10 movie this time she m had my head in montyh,have not shower in 2-weeks and shes love it,,,who next,,what...

  115. Carmical

    Carmical2 tháng trước

    you egg,,,one day my hold self with true kingdom,like my other brother from we just a week ago,or best of both world....plesae tell my good friend kim,,yes the most beauityful lady..5foot one with a dad body....

  116. Nash Green

    Nash Green2 tháng trước

    he’s really a cool guy

  117. LeGoat Better than jordan

    LeGoat Better than jordan2 tháng trước


  118. Obadeh Mohiddin

    Obadeh Mohiddin2 tháng trước

    Most valuable.Good joke there jimmy

  119. Insidious Gear

    Insidious Gear2 tháng trước

    Is there caption for English? I don't speak snake language.

  120. Cowboys Jobu

    Cowboys Jobu2 tháng trước

    Rumor has it JR smith is still focus on game 5

  121. Anee Roy

    Anee Roy2 tháng trước

    JR should've been MVP for the Warriors smh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  122. FaiisHD

    FaiisHD2 tháng trước

    U got a snake like why

  123. gang gnag

    gang gnag2 tháng trước

    i thot jimmy kimmel was afraid of snakes wow nvr knew he isnt

  124. Anjaa Singam

    Anjaa Singam3 tháng trước

    Hard work. Disgrace to NBA.

  125. Chris Cabcabin

    Chris Cabcabin3 tháng trước

    The challenge is from with in 😂 next player joining a 70 plus win team.

  126. Sean Jackson

    Sean Jackson3 tháng trước

    Chris Cabcabin Right

  127. Chris Cabcabin

    Chris Cabcabin3 tháng trước


  128. Bobs Vegene

    Bobs Vegene3 tháng trước

    World Champion😂😂😂

  129. illegal alien

    illegal alien3 tháng trước

    3:04 awkward🤣😭😭😉

  130. lethalfatality

    lethalfatalityTháng trước

    It would be hard to win anywhere else Jimmy savage 🥶

  131. jt boi

    jt boi3 tháng trước