Kevin Durant on J.R. Smith Blunder, LeBron James & Partying After Finals Win


  1. dog

    dog9 giờ trước

    he needs to go back to OKC already.

  2. brandon hughes

    brandon hughesNgày trước


  3. Nëëkø Nëëks

    Nëëkø NëëksNgày trước

    damn you #kevindurant ya win this round.... i guess tha shoes is ok

  4. Kalu Abay

    Kalu Abay2 ngày trước

    LeBron is so much more charming and funny than kd. He seems on edge all the time like he's waiting for someone to diss him while LeBron seems to always be trying to make people laugh

  5. JC Urcia

    JC Urcia4 ngày trước


  6. Arber Numani

    Arber Numani4 ngày trước

    That smile when Jimmy asks him if he has plans for the summer 😂😂

  7. Lucy Walsh

    Lucy Walsh4 ngày trước

    Ourselves design promise wvabbd naked downtown official destroy increase prospect expect very.

  8. Marouen West

    Marouen West6 ngày trước

    Pink is illuminati color

  9. CaRL DJuSTIceD

    CaRL DJuSTIceD8 ngày trước

    JR SMITH saved George Hill from choking that last free throw lol...KD needs to lead his own team really...dude is just too great to be in GsW

  10. Jay Vvs

    Jay Vvs8 ngày trước

    Kd be high asf

  11. Ab reyes

    Ab reyes8 ngày trước

    The greatest snake ever😂🐍

  12. God’s Plan

    God’s Plan9 ngày trước

    he earned it but didn't work hard for it

  13. Beth R

    Beth R10 ngày trước

    jimmy predicted the paycut lol

  14. Hølmes2013

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  15. new money

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  16. O K

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  17. Joey Chuzie

    Joey Chuzie15 ngày trước

    I think KD realizes he made the wrong decision and in winning 2 straight titles without breaking a sweat I think it's not satisfying to him. I mean he did break the NBA

  18. John Appleseed

    John Appleseed16 ngày trước

    5:53 He predicted Cousins' move before it even happened ...

  19. Chad Williams

    Chad Williams16 ngày trước

    He didn’t earn that

  20. itsAri2k

    itsAri2k16 ngày trước

    JR: wait until we get kyrie back..

  21. Leopard Tiger

    Leopard Tiger17 ngày trước

    Joining in 73 wins super power team??? Where is the greatness there!!! No struggling, no effort,, easy squessy,, no striving, one click then became champion,

  22. Princess Tt

    Princess Tt18 ngày trước

    His smile is cute

  23. Kamikazee Master 101

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  24. jim brown

    jim brown18 ngày trước

    It makes no difference if a team wins 73 games or 50 wins if they didn't win the title. The regular season doesn't count when determining a team's greatness and a loss is a loss no matter what. The people bashing Durant for joining the "greatest team of all time" were the same people who said the Warriors title in 2015 didn't count anyway because the cavs were injured and came up with all the memes about the Warriors blowing the 3-1 lead, so they can't have it both ways.

  25. Exploring With Josh

    Exploring With Josh12 ngày trước

    jim brown the Cavs were injured but warriors had there 3 all stars in 2016

  26. Michael Knight

    Michael Knight18 ngày trước

    MVP "Most Valuable Pussy"

  27. Robot Electric

    Robot Electric19 ngày trước


  28. Nishad Francis

    Nishad Francis19 ngày trước

    Little did kimmel know, there was Demarcus cousins

  29. Velocity

    Velocity21 ngày trước

    I like how KD comes in with the Larry o'brien trophy and the finals mvp trophy but isn't wearing a his first ring

  30. Hampton Simmonds

    Hampton Simmonds21 ngày trước


  31. Turtle Man

    Turtle Man22 ngày trước

    the only GS superstar whose dad didnt play in the NBA. I like KD. the others are copy cats

  32. King T'Challa

    King T'Challa22 ngày trước

    Get out the comments KD

  33. Cameron Cowles

    Cameron Cowles22 ngày trước

    What a soft cupcake

  34. Bobby D.

    Bobby D.22 ngày trước

    I regret clicking on this video.

  35. Sean Foley

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  36. Progressive House Worldwide

    Progressive House Worldwide25 ngày trước

    *It's a challenge every night, to be that great* GOAT

  37. Christopher Whitley

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  38. Malachi Mendez

    Malachi Mendez25 ngày trước

    Mj 6-0 if he never retired 10-0

  39. Evelyn Amir

    Evelyn Amir25 ngày trước

    He speaks english??? I thought he spoke ssssssssnake🐍🐍🐍

  40. shadow mystic

    shadow mysticNgày trước

    +K he left okc to go to a team with 4 all stars and a very dominant season which they swept his team 4-3 when they up with 3-1. people always blame him for making a smart decsion

  41. K

    KNgày trước

    can someone explain to me why is he a snake? What did he do? I'm new to basketball and want to understand the beef bettween lebron

  42. Alex Young

    Alex Young22 ngày trước

    I mean he could be mixed.....

  43. Asim Anwar

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  44. skytrooper77

    skytrooper7725 ngày trước

    Bring a team as mediocre as the Cavs to the finals ( all on your own ) and then maybe will talk about you being a real MVP

  45. skytrooper77

    skytrooper7725 ngày trước

    It must be nice to be a champion KD , maybe I’ll see if I can join the pats as a towel boy , they don’t need me to win but I’ll be on the team .....

  46. dq303

    dq30325 ngày trước

    kd is a coward.

  47. Remising - Fortnite

    Remising - Fortnite25 ngày trước


  48. sourceofpower88

    sourceofpower8825 ngày trước

    Kevin Durant is a extremely intelligent dude. He interviewed the interviewer

  49. Eamon Doyle

    Eamon Doyle26 ngày trước

    Is anyone actually a fan of kd lol

  50. Nasir Mann

    Nasir Mann26 ngày trước

    ur Flirting with a Crybaby😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  51. thomas gordin

    thomas gordin26 ngày trước

    he is a cupcake color

  52. Noble Gaming

    Noble Gaming26 ngày trước

    Why are they cheering when he says he’s staying bitches probs don’t even watch nba

  53. Shotout Carto

    Shotout Carto27 ngày trước

    There best player is curry

  54. ThaAlfaMale

    ThaAlfaMale27 ngày trước

    "You can't put backlash on a shelf." Bumper Sticker.

  55. King Greg

    King Greg27 ngày trước

    This big softy don't want no challenge.

  56. Official Richard Kingz

    Official Richard Kingz27 ngày trước

    Could've been a 10 times better player than now if he did with Westbrook 🤷🏿‍♂️😔

  57. eustagoesout

    eustagoesout27 ngày trước

    Durant getting too much air in the head

  58. 泱walker

    泱walker28 ngày trước

    someone just told me that he look like offset from migos. lol

  59. Chase Nelson

    Chase Nelson28 ngày trước

    He has a very uptight insecure shows in this interview. I see why he had burner accounts to defend himself on social media

  60. John Richard

    John Richard29 ngày trước

    Why is this on abc and not animal planet

  61. John Richard

    John Richard29 ngày trước

    Hold up that trophy you slimy snake like you could of did that with okc

  62. Ghostgamingent

    Ghostgamingent29 ngày trước

    What is the point of competing if you know who is gonna win?

  63. Ro3

    Ro329 ngày trước

    LEBRON JAMES WILL NEVER MAKE IT TO THE NBA FINALS EVER AGAIN!!!👀🤔💯 I made a post about this when LeBron actually made his choice to go play for the Lakers. THIS VIDEO IS NOT A JOKE! I'm SO serious with this one! If you disagree, make sure to voice your comments IN THE VIreporter VIDEO! I really had fun with this one and I'm excited to see what reactions I get👀😂 Thank y'all for tuning in! Make sure to leave a comment, like and share the video! #GodIsGOOD

  64. X

    XTháng trước

    Love Kevin so much! His humour is ☝🏼💪🏼😍

  65. calloftroll13

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  66. Banyana Gaborone

    Banyana GaboroneTháng trước

    Do you and chill boo

  67. Li Wayne

    Li WayneTháng trước

    meanwhile jr is still practising for game10.

  68. - PettyAtItsBest

    - PettyAtItsBestTháng trước

    This man will be a top 5 player all time and there is nothing yall can do

  69. brett taylor

    brett taylorTháng trước

    Kimmel is annoying. Im here fo Durant.

  70. gianamartap

    gianamartapTháng trước

    All i can hear is ssssss, is jimmy interviewing a snake ?

  71. Jerboy Must Die!

    Jerboy Must Die!Tháng trước


  72. Justin Thompson

    Justin ThompsonTháng trước


  73. Jim Bertido

    Jim BertidoTháng trước

    I say this as a Celts fan, these Warriors wins mean nothing, I put an asterisk next to these 2 titles.

  74. WHY NOT

    WHY NOT26 ngày trước

    Jim...No yo momma the ho. I'm a KD fan, so where he goes, I'm a fan.

  75. Jim Bertido

    Jim Bertido26 ngày trước

    WHY NOT You aren't a GS fan unless you're from Oakland. Otherwise, you're just a little dickriding ho.

  76. WHY NOT

    WHY NOT26 ngày trước

    Jim...Well dummy. You can't erase history, so your asterisk means absolutely NOTHING. Stay tuned, more titles to come.

  77. Jim Bertido

    Jim BertidoTháng trước

    JR is having a parade through Cleveland right now, dude thinks he won.

  78. JazznUup

    JazznUupTháng trước

    What a god awful hideous colored jacket.

  79. All American Boy's

    All American Boy'sTháng trước

    KD should go to rockets

  80. Barry Perlmutter

    Barry PerlmutterTháng trước

    No excuse although he is human not a robot.

  81. Daniel Stone

    Daniel StoneTháng trước

    You can't put a shelf on you pride if you lost it to join a super team

  82. Shawn Kemp

    Shawn KempTháng trước

    westbrook isn't a winner and doesn't play defense.

  83. Daniel Stone

    Daniel StoneTháng trước

    Shawn Kemp ok to make a super team then. that's not any better when you are already have a chance to to win the whole thing .if he would have been on the 76rs or something we would be more understanding but he was on a team that could have won it .

  84. Shawn Kemp

    Shawn KempTháng trước

    they were not a superteam. They only had Curry and Thompson. both 15th picks in the draft that are soft and lost to the Thunder and sorry ass lebrat james and Irving. Not a superteam you dipshit.

  85. leandro_the4th YT

    leandro_the4th YTTháng trước

    KDs rings shall never be respected

  86. Shawn Kemp

    Shawn KempTháng trước

    why? KD could beat the Warriors. James lost everytime. You are a dipshit Leonard beat them and is 1-0 vs them. James is 0-8

  87. Connection Magazine

    Connection MagazineTháng trước

    One man joined the best team in the NBA and won the Championship; AND one man joined one of the absolute worst teams in the NBA and won the Championship. Just sayin'.

  88. Shawn Kemp

    Shawn KempTháng trước

    Warriors are not the best team. They had curry and Thompson and no one else. Spurs had Leonard, Gasol, Aldridge, Ginobili and Parker. Cavs had James, Irving, Love, Smith, Thompson, and Wade

  89. JaylaRose TV

    JaylaRose TVTháng trước

    “Cleveland browns” now that’s disrespectful

  90. Shawn Kemp

    Shawn KempTháng trước

    that's how bad james is.

  91. FRANCIS.

    FRANCIS.Tháng trước

    7.9K salty CLE fans disliked this video

  92. sayhey22

    sayhey22Tháng trước

    You can't put backlash on a shelf

  93. Dreadbundy

    DreadbundyTháng trước

    He needs to come home to the wiz and give us at least one championship

  94. Trey Harrelson

    Trey HarrelsonTháng trước

    U kno its not fair if Durant won FINALS MVP but the warriors wouldve won without him

  95. Trey Harrelson

    Trey HarrelsonTháng trước

    Shawn Kemp Shaq left for money and joined a team that wasnt a contender and was not a team threatning him in the finals. If shaq went to the rockets u know the team that beat him in the finals then bring him up. Lebron joined a team that couldnt make it outta the first round becuz shaq left. U keep bringin up irrelavent material. Theres nothing u can say that will change my opinion on Durant.

  96. Trey Harrelson

    Trey HarrelsonTháng trước

    Shawn Kemp Thats exactly y i said what i said. Thunder should of beat the warriors. They didnt so KD joined the warriors. He shouldve stayed and did it right the next year instead of givin up and joinin arguably one of the best teams in the history of the NBA. I would respect him so much more if he fought for the title instead of joining the force that beat him. And to say that klay and steph wer hittin lucky threes... cmon man i hate watchin them boys just drop 3 after 3 and i swear its luck to but they do it to much and to often to b luck. I have accepted that unfortunatly haha. But yes donky green i mean draymond def should of been suspended.

  97. Shawn Kemp

    Shawn KempTháng trước

    Lakers could get Kawhi, James, Rondo, Stephenson, McGee and Kuzma with Inghram and they will still lose in 4 to Durant. HAHA james will ruin each of them just like he ruined dewayne, bosh, love, and irving aswell as Smith, Korver and Dellvadova and Shumpret

  98. Shawn Kemp

    Shawn KempTháng trước

    Also James did join a stacked cavs team and a stacked Miami team that each would've won 60 games and been in the Finals without him if Brad Stevens was their coach. Shaq joined the Lakers who added Ceballos, Bryant, Jones, Van Exel, Horry that season. They were loaded and their records were usually around 14-6 without Shaq. Moses joined the Sixers in 82 and they were a 64 win team led by Erving, Cheeks, Dawkins, and Toney.

  99. Trey Harrelson

    Trey HarrelsonTháng trước

    To bad he would never have them trophies if he didnt pretty much "cheat" screw durant and everything he represents

  100. Trey Harrelson

    Trey HarrelsonTháng trước

    Shawn Kemp Shawn kemp... my favorite player besides Shaq. Haha. To bad im not talking to the real Shawn Kemp. But the leauge did not cheat durant and the thunder. They choked. So Durant left. Simple as that. Got tired of competing.

  101. Shawn Kemp

    Shawn KempTháng trước

    He was 3-0 vs the Warriors until the Warriors cheated on Durant. Then the league cheated for James. Time for Durant to win. Durant is the best to play in the last 10 years.

  102. jesse perez

    jesse perezTháng trước

    The snake

  103. Shawn Kemp

    Shawn KempTháng trước

    is you.

  104. Brett Taylor

    Brett TaylorTháng trước

    fun kd snake ass

  105. Kyle Wilson

    Kyle WilsonTháng trước

    That’s the only way he would win

  106. Charline Bernard

    Charline BernardTháng trước

    Ring considerable reason corruption enemy lift exceed investigation data unable prepare.

  107. Darun Wright

    Darun WrightTháng trước


  108. Silent Guy

    Silent GuyTháng trước


  109. Phoka Bakoro

    Phoka BakoroTháng trước

    Snake 🐍 !!!!!!!!!! Sssssssss

  110. Johnson Ajx

    Johnson AjxTháng trước

    You still the goat tho

  111. Johnson Ajx

    Johnson AjxTháng trước

    Durante hoe ass

  112. Sean Robertson

    Sean RobertsonTháng trước

    1:40 😂😂

  113. 000000 000000

    000000 000000Tháng trước

    Love Kevin Durant. But Kevin, NO more Pink clothing for you. Donate that Pink-Hoodie to Charity for FREE! .

  114. Der Wəhrwolf

    Der WəhrwolfTháng trước

    Only fags wear pink.

  115. Brandon Moreland

    Brandon MorelandTháng trước

    What was Kevin Durant their Most Valuable Player if they want two titles before he even got there

  116. TheMaximus Brave

    TheMaximus BraveTháng trước

    Great. More of this pussy

  117. life form

    life formTháng trước

    Kd grimey and a coward, but hey he deserves it.


    AERO BATICTháng trước

    Lol 5:55 to 6:05 is Demarcus cousins

  119. Alec Coleman

    Alec ColemanTháng trước

    Listen to all those fake gsw fans 💀

  120. Alec Coleman

    Alec ColemanTháng trước

    Kd such a baby tho💀💀💀