Kumiss and Roasted Whole Lamb make you feel like paradise.| Liziqi Channel


  1. Влад Л

    Влад Л9 giờ trước


  2. ek_do_teen

    ek_do_teen9 giờ trước

    She is not tired of working so hard, m tired by only looking at her work

  3. Harish Bisht

    Harish Bisht10 giờ trước

    Pls put english subtitles


    AN3SHAAA RODRIGUEZ11 giờ trước


  5. Jess Jess

    Jess Jess11 giờ trước

    It's not wonder the western world is plagued with mental illness when we are so far removed from this lifestyle.

  6. OoSsTt90

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    YEET YEET13 giờ trước

    Like her cutting board

  8. Niña Donita Cruz

    Niña Donita Cruz13 giờ trước

    Li Ziqi...how can I join you? 😘🥰

  9. Robiul Islam

    Robiul Islam13 giờ trước

    Why you are more industries and qute sister???????

  10. Гузель Хамзина

    Гузель Хамзина13 giờ trước


  11. Asad Hussain

    Asad Hussain14 giờ trước

    She looks like red riding hood girl going to meet her aunt.

  12. Fiona Nguyen

    Fiona Nguyen14 giờ trước

    Is this her everyday life?? Cause mine is just sleeping all day

  13. Rizzz Mae B

    Rizzz Mae B14 giờ trước

    How come videos like this still gets so many dislikes? It's about living a very simple and traditional life. People should support things that is almost forgotten.

  14. subaru maru

    subaru maru15 giờ trước

    The thumbnail I thought it was little Red Riding Hood.

  15. Kustati Kustati

    Kustati Kustati15 giờ trước

    Wanita serba bisa gagah

  16. ANWAR S

    ANWAR S15 giờ trước

    احبب العجوووز 😍😹🤦🏻‍♂️

  17. Synbulat Abdrashid

    Synbulat Abdrashid17 giờ trước

    The is Hors milk?

  18. Sung Jin Woo

    Sung Jin Woo18 giờ trước

    Love you from Nepal 🇳🇵 😉 🙏

  19. F CH

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  20. Brimi Libe

    Brimi Libe20 giờ trước

    “你的饺子包得好丑” “哪儿丑啊明明那么好看” 😂🤣

  21. 자작나무

    자작나무20 giờ trước

    음식요리하는 솜씨가 최고입니다

  22. Ms.sunflower

    Ms.sunflower20 giờ trước

    Real life fairy ❤️❤️❤️

  23. halee Xio

    halee Xio21 giờ trước

    3:26😆😆😆 4:26 is that dog??? 🤭🤭🤭It look so much like a dog?🤔

  24. deli buzmavisi

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  25. christian guerrero

    christian guerrero22 giờ trước

    I am fortunate enough to have found your movies, I can definitely know,i met a princess in this world who has liked my comments. Thank you for sharing a moment of your family time. From a knight from far away. Sure your friends could be grinning on this comment. Your an awsome photographer Liziqi.

  26. N CG

    N CG23 giờ trước

    I wish i had a costume like that! Looks warm too.

  27. සුවපත් චරණය DIVINE JOURNEY

    සුවපත් චරණය DIVINE JOURNEY23 giờ trước

    Riminds me of the movie “ HOBBITS “ Real life fairytale

  28. 舒凯

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  29. valshee

    valsheeNgày trước

    the prince of my dreams 🥺

  30. Sterling Lacaden

    Sterling LacadenNgày trước

    She’s a real life Disney Princess!!!!!

  31. Blinkmoo Moo

    Blinkmoo MooNgày trước

    I really like their vellage I want to live there😭😂😂😊😊

  32. Blinkmoo Moo

    Blinkmoo MooNgày trước

    I want the pomelo 😔😂😂

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    8 ball pool coins sellerNgày trước

    From Pakistan best vadio eyer scene on VIreporter

  34. Muhammed Noufal

    Muhammed NoufalNgày trước

    Probably she must an angel fallen from the sky and leading a beautiful life with human.

  35. Leyla Hussein

    Leyla HusseinNgày trước

    It would take me a year to do what she does a day 😂 😂 😂 such a talented girl!!!

  36. audrey steele

    audrey steeleNgày trước

    Fake fake fake! Butchers the animals she pretends to care about! She is extremely privileged pretending to be a paragon of virtuous living.

  37. نور القرآن نور القرآن

    نور القرآن نور القرآنNgày trước


  38. Жылдыз Керимова

    Жылдыз КеримоваNgày trước

    Мне кажется они самагона наварили 😄😄

  39. Kamilla Orazbai

    Kamilla OrazbaiNgày trước

    Неужели кымыз😆откуда она берет идеи, всегда все новое, необычное, как всегда только палец вверх к её видео💜

  40. Me Hột

    Me HộtNgày trước

    Is this dog meat ?

  41. Zul Arengh

    Zul ArenghNgày trước

    So good 😍

  42. Soumia Outaadid

    Soumia OutaadidNgày trước

    انا متابعة عربية ارجو منك الترجمة لانني اعشق فديوهاتك

  43. عباس حسين

    عباس حسينNgày trước

    هل تعيشون في الجنة!

  44. Hala Madrid

    Hala MadridNgày trước

    Its kymyz(kumis) horse milk a mongolian drink

  45. Kriti Rizal

    Kriti RizalNgày trước

    Love to see your videos

  46. Isme0530

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  47. Pink Rose

    Pink RoseNgày trước

    What is name the girl ? I dont know

  48. Kitiya Boonnak

    Kitiya BoonnakNgày trước

    What are you eating? Dog?

  49. MissKeya

    MissKeyaNgày trước

    Kitiya Boonnak She doesn’t eat her dogs. I think she was eating a goat or something.

  50. 金喜善

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  51. Jayanta Guha

    Jayanta GuhaNgày trước

    Music is good

  52. 中国的越来越好让反华轮子死不瞑目

    中国的越来越好让反华轮子死不瞑目Ngày trước

    what's high quality life ?just look at this video you will know the answer

  53. 金成光

    金成光Ngày trước

    哇。太喜欢你啦。 你让世界了解。真正的中国妇女。贤惠。美貌。完美


    NY SOKHOMNgày trước

    She is s princess in my mind.

  55. Miss Emyz

    Miss EmyzNgày trước

    What a wonderful life...

  56. Lorna Putian

    Lorna PutianNgày trước

    This lady here is an example of "I don't need a man"

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    Có ai người VN mà hâm mộ Thất tỉ không

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  60. ANG KOL

    ANG KOLNgày trước

    I like her

  61. Little Angel

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