Kylie Jenner Is Getting Slammed By Fans Over Kylie Skin Face Scrub Before Its Launch | PeopleTV

  • 15 Th05, 2019
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  1. Can We Hit 200 Subscribers Without Videos?

    Can We Hit 200 Subscribers Without Videos?17 ngày trước

    I literally can’t see Kylie’s face behind fillers. Skin products, my Ass!

  2. Laura Ljutic

    Laura Ljutic18 ngày trước

    She is ugly.

  3. Cutebellabear23

    Cutebellabear2327 ngày trước

    Lol don't buy it and don't use it then simple

  4. Amber

    AmberTháng trước

    my fav body scrub is the foaming walnut scrub from b&bw so I'm actually excited about the scrub. Obviously it's not giant chunks of walnut if it's in a tiny tube FOR YOUR FACE. Some ppl apparently hate walnut scrubs lol but ok then don't buy it?And everyone's skin reacts differently to different things. I personally exfoliate almost daily and have no issues. In fact I break out & flake when I don't exfoliate as often.also walnut IS an organic biodegradable natural product? Ppl comparing it to manufactured "beads" are dumb. Anyway I'll probably be purchasing the walnut scrub & eye cream. Toner sounds good too.

  5. Nebula Sky

    Nebula Sky29 ngày trước

    Amber you obviously know nothing about skincare. Walnuts cause micro tears in your skin no matter how tiny the walnut shells are ground. Also, foaming face washes usually contain sodium Lauryl Sulfate which strips your skin and leaves it dry and irritated. There are some foaming face washes that do not contain this harmful ingredient like Pacifica’s Sea Foam face wash. You need to educate yourself when it comes to skincare or else you are going to age quickly.

  6. Cosi Moto

    Cosi MotoTháng trước

    Its funny bc these celebrities have nice skin from using products that aren't theirs. Yet they sell their products by saying you'll get skin like them after using it, when in reality many of these people aren't even educated on makeup and skincare products. They hire people to do it, but dont put 110% effort into bc they're judt doing it for the money. And honestly Kylie has been ripping people off for too long, I dont even know how her brand is still this big. Even if you dont like someone like jeffree star, you cant deny the quality of his products and the hard work put into making them. And its bc he actually takes these things seriously bc he doesnt wanna sell us something he wouldn't put on his face.

  7. Sophia Gabrielle

    Sophia GabrielleTháng trước

    It’s just a scrub. Don’t shit talk a line yall hoes never used before ... keep going Kylie mwah!! 💕✨✨✨🤗

  8. gissneric

    gissnericTháng trước

    "Under $30 EACH?" Damn, it would have been acceptable if it was $30 the whole set LOL!

  9. Cindie Nguyen

    Cindie NguyenTháng trước

    She looks like this because she is rich... Botox, facials, etc... Not becus of this product

  10. Rocket T

    Rocket TTháng trước

    Her "secret" ain't NO SECRET.... 💉😷

  11. Southern truckin' gal

    Southern truckin' galTháng trước

    I've been using a hard brush on my face & body once a week, my skin is clear. Sometimes I use sugar. But I prefer the brush because it's easier & cheaper to use. Been doing this exfoliating thing for years no problems. I don't understand how people are damaging their skin using products that are way less abrasive. Smh.

  12. Kashton Cottam

    Kashton CottamTháng trước

    1k views over six hours ago and trending ?? i don’t think so...

  13. Chopperdoll

    ChopperdollTháng trước

    And for another $250,000.00 you can look just like Kylie.

  14. Zeyna Nd

    Zeyna NdTháng trước

    With all the knowledge out there most people know foaming cleansers are never recommended by dermatologists anfd to always stay away from beads in scrubs. I was expecting more from Kylie. She probably doesn't use her own skincare

  15. Cosi Moto

    Cosi MotoTháng trước

    Sugar scrubs bc the sugar dissolves❤

  16. Marylee Macpherson

    Marylee MacphersonTháng trước


  17. Pakistani King

    Pakistani KingTháng trước

    Hahaha! By this way she is going to be a billionairess.......😂

  18. Ana Hops

    Ana HopsTháng trước

    The 1 unlike is from her

  19. Zhi Bell

    Zhi BellTháng trước

    Thats why I wish they would have just stuck to their candle campaigns!!!

  20. lion King 19

    lion King 19Tháng trước


  21. Roman Lightman

    Roman LightmanTháng trước


  22. Notavegan Vegan

    Notavegan VeganTháng trước

    You know these chicks don't care nor do they do research on what they are pushing. Not the first time, nor the second i.e. Rush card, child labor etc. They just count dollars.

  23. Horror Drama

    Horror DramaTháng trước