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Lele Pons - Celoso (Official Music Video)


  1. Lele Pons

    Lele Pons18 giờ trước


  2. Adela progri

    Adela progri17 giờ trước

    Lele Pons I love you so much

  3. Laila moazeb

    Laila moazeb17 giờ trước

    Love ❤️ it

  4. cartoon steve lucky

    cartoon steve lucky17 giờ trước

    Lele pons <3

  5. Mai Ahmed

    Mai Ahmed17 giờ trước

    I love u soooooo muchhhhhhhh

  6. Raya Pfeiffer

    Raya Pfeiffer17 giờ trước

    LOVE YOU!!!!!

  7. Axel Cuyuch

    Axel Cuyuch2 giờ trước

    Wow siempre sacas buena musica lele

  8. lil bald dog

    lil bald dog2 giờ trước


  9. Zoé Tripsigálc

    Zoé Tripsigálc2 giờ trước

    The best!!❤❤

  10. Its Division

    Its Division2 giờ trước

    Sounds stupid.

  11. Roi Wassabi

    Roi Wassabi2 giờ trước

    God bless auto tune!!!..gbat

  12. basura

    basura2 giờ trước

    ‘sweetener’ by ariana grande is out now go buy it on itunes or spotify and/or at your local big chain store

  13. Zuri Partido

    Zuri Partido2 giờ trước

    Half of these comments are just #1 trending

  14. Sahebrao Mekal

    Sahebrao Mekal2 giờ trước

    damn girl now thats called talent

  15. Mary Torres

    Mary Torres2 giờ trước

    Mucho auto tune

  16. Denisse Huerta

    Denisse Huerta2 giờ trước

    Me encanta tu cancion 😍😍

  17. Nathalie saints

    Nathalie saints2 giờ trước

    Se la RIFOOOOOO 🔥

  18. Diana Watson

    Diana Watson2 giờ trước

    Omg....lele you're amazing singer 😘

  19. Rose Rose

    Rose Rose2 giờ trước

    Great music video.

  20. Alishba Mir

    Alishba Mir2 giờ trước

    Ohhh my god this song is so good

  21. Magical World

    Magical World2 giờ trước

    Is anybody humming to them self and only saying celoso or rompapom pom or something

  22. Maddeline Dominguez

    Maddeline Dominguez2 giờ trước

    “No soy de ellos ni tuya tampoco" 🔥🔥 What a song omf! 💃

  23. Lizeth Ponce

    Lizeth Ponce2 giờ trước

    La amo mi favorita omg so amazing

  24. xoxo fox 123

    xoxo fox 1232 giờ trước

    This sucks

  25. Amber Ogrodnik

    Amber Ogrodnik2 giờ trước

    DiD yOu KnOw ShE’s LaTiNo

  26. tjinzll 20040803

    tjinzll 200408032 giờ trước

    Look at foreigners

  27. Trashy Anime Artist

    Trashy Anime Artist2 giờ trước

    I Love the Music, gonna add this to my paylists :3

  28. Official Angel

    Official Angel2 giờ trước

    This so sounds so good but sadly I can’t understand what it says ;-;

  29. Connie Perez

    Connie Perez2 giờ trước

    Good song Lele pons😘😘😘😘🤣

  30. Ayari Ordoñez

    Ayari Ordoñez2 giờ trước


  31. Rose Rose

    Rose Rose2 giờ trước


  32. Inoscoped JFK

    Inoscoped JFK2 giờ trước

    I think it sounds way better at 1.25x speed.

  33. Craigs Craig

    Craigs Craig2 giờ trước

    Oh yeah yeah

  34. Daniel Blout God

    Daniel Blout God2 giờ trước

    Damn this is pretty good 😏👏

  35. TheBuzzFam & vlogs

    TheBuzzFam & vlogs2 giờ trước

    Favorite song right now!!!💖

  36. matiu om

    matiu om2 giờ trước

    1 en tendencias 😍

  37. Maraya Dominguez

    Maraya Dominguez2 giờ trước

    I was watching this and my dad heard it and thought it was Becky G😂 I was like damm she is good then

  38. Just Journee

    Just Journee2 giờ trước

    Despacito who🤪🤪

  39. Maddy.tug1 .T

    Maddy.tug1 .T2 giờ trước

    Cute like it

  40. Metro Boomin

    Metro Boomin2 giờ trước

    Swear every youtuber an artist / rapper. Ya'll need to stick to your corny skits and pranks

  41. Kaitlyn

    Kaitlyn2 giờ trước

    #1 on trending girly congrats!!

  42. Rudra 123

    Rudra 1232 giờ trước

    The only part of this song that i like is the ending and the 2:02

  43. Kartika_sengar Roblox

    Kartika_sengar Roblox2 giờ trước

    More videos please

  44. cool awsome

    cool awsome2 giờ trước

    What is she saying

  45. Blue Shirt Guy

    Blue Shirt Guy2 giờ trước

    Fuck Lele Pons.

  46. Killer_Cobra_33

    Killer_Cobra_332 giờ trước

    Tf is this

  47. Ketta Clement

    Ketta Clement2 giờ trước

    I don’t understand but I love it

  48. Karina Fluff

    Karina Fluff2 giờ trước


  49. PlanetSmash

    PlanetSmash2 giờ trước


  50. KevinAndaHalf

    KevinAndaHalf2 giờ trước

    Half the trending page is youtubers making music who have no business making music

  51. Blue Shirt Guy

    Blue Shirt Guy2 giờ trước

    This is so shit.

  52. EllaLizzyBeth Choe

    EllaLizzyBeth Choe2 giờ trước

    I luv it even tho idk wtf it means! Ilysm!!! And its so catchy i want to learn spanish overall! I luv ur voice!

  53. 8 subs y sin videos :v

    8 subs y sin videos :v2 giờ trước

    I love that my ears bleed so listen to this shit

  54. Kenya Shihiro Lucio Rodriguez

    Kenya Shihiro Lucio Rodriguez2 giờ trước

    Bien perfecto 😍😍 me encantoo!!!!

  55. Sophi Chaves

    Sophi Chaves2 giờ trước


  56. CoolCat ChimChim

    CoolCat ChimChim2 giờ trước

    OMG I LOVE THIS. Yesss LELE😍❤😍👍🏾

  57. M011Y -

    M011Y -2 giờ trước

    this actually isn’t that bad

  58. xxAlice Bxx

    xxAlice Bxx2 giờ trước


  59. Fairy Tug Wen Liang

    Fairy Tug Wen Liang2 giờ trước


  60. ItsRissaRoo

    ItsRissaRoo2 giờ trước


  61. Tiffy Ri

    Tiffy Ri2 giờ trước


  62. Maddie Burdette

    Maddie Burdette2 giờ trước

    So unoriginal

  63. Audrey Andreas

    Audrey Andreas2 giờ trước

    Oml Oml omg I never thought this day would come

  64. Angela L

    Angela L2 giờ trước


  65. j- spook

    j- spook2 giờ trước

    que canción tan mas hermosa

  66. shubiii

    shubiii2 giờ trước

    Omg amazing!🎉😍THIS IS THE NEXT THING I NEED IN LIFE!I LOVE YOUUUU and your videos and aaaa your beautiful!😳😳😳😆😆 man that guy is celoso ME ENCANTA LELE suigue no dejes que nadie te diga lo que tu no eres your in my playlist FAM!💜💜🎉🎉❤😳😍😄👐😙👏👏👏😳congrats on #1 Trending!!!!! WOOOOO!!😊😊😊😊😊😆😇😘😍💜💓💛💚💙❤💝💞💟💘💗💖💕👐👏👐👏 ily!

  67. مساعد الصارطي

    مساعد الصارطي2 giờ trước


  68. Admire Tt

    Admire Tt2 giờ trước

    I don’t understand because I can’t speak this language

  69. Android 17

    Android 172 giờ trước

    She can sing?? What's next ?😂😂😂

  70. Malar Ashoke

    Malar Ashoke2 giờ trước

    I watched this at 12 a.m when it was only 335K views but then now?? 4.5M! I cant understand Latin but I love it! Love u soooooo much Lele

  71. Jade Dashiell

    Jade Dashiell2 giờ trước

    Your so beautiful lele❤️😊

  72. Kranthi mb

    Kranthi mb2 giờ trước

    ultimate kekaaaaaaaa

  73. salvador corona

    salvador corona2 giờ trước

    *I'm LATinA*

  74. Nikolai S

    Nikolai S2 giờ trước


  75. THE ARMO

    THE ARMO2 giờ trước

    Well dang

  76. Макс Цзю

    Макс Цзю2 giờ trước

    I am your Russian fan, I love you Lele!!!

  77. Gail Mackenzie

    Gail Mackenzie2 giờ trước

    Nothing to see here just your typical wanna be singer

  78. athena

    athena2 giờ trước

    what a freaking bop 😍😍 i love it even though i dont understand a single word haha

  79. rob LMC

    rob LMC2 giờ trước

    Is she latina?

  80. Ofelia Tirado

    Ofelia Tirado2 giờ trước


  81. Elijah Monteith

    Elijah Monteith2 giờ trước

    Latin gang

  82. varvin Karun

    varvin Karun2 giờ trước

    Please keep subtitles next time Lele😁😍

  83. Ofelia Tirado

    Ofelia Tirado2 giờ trước

    SIIIII MOMMY SIIIIII!!! yes I'm also patina and I love this song I listen to it like 7 times now and still listening to iy

  84. Anna Brokaw

    Anna Brokaw2 giờ trước

    Lele you killed it!!❤️❤️you go girl! Keep being the amazing Latina you know you are!!❤️❤️😘😘

  85. Giselle mccabe

    Giselle mccabe2 giờ trước

    oh god...

  86. Vanessa’s Hernandezz

    Vanessa’s Hernandezz2 giờ trước


  87. Maja Škrlj

    Maja Škrlj2 giờ trước

    I love it.

  88. Janice TheCatLover

    Janice TheCatLover2 giờ trước

    Who just watch the video but don’t get any of the word

  89. Estrella Mat

    Estrella Mat2 giờ trước


  90. Kimmy C

    Kimmy C2 giờ trước

    Very nice although I don’t understand it lol . Very nice song

  91. lukmaan sajjad

    lukmaan sajjad2 giờ trước

    I didn’t understand anything but the music is so good and love it 👌🔥😍

  92. Gabriela ortega melendez

    Gabriela ortega melendez2 giờ trước

    Me siento tri identificada 😂😎😎😎 amo este videooo

  93. shahnoza hashimova

    shahnoza hashimova2 giờ trước

    i even downloaded this song its really good!

  94. Sasuke Nakamura

    Sasuke Nakamura2 giờ trước

    Wait. Lele Pons es latina. What? Hot DAMN! (+)

  95. kim ann chim

    kim ann chim2 giờ trước

    Lele so beautful in blue hair

  96. Ret - Na

    Ret - Na2 giờ trước

    Since when did Lele start making music? Anyway, really nice beat! Not a big fan of the volcals (because im just not into that) but she is really good at singing, a lot better than i ever expected from Lele

  97. panzoid

    panzoid2 giờ trước

    *sniffs* what is that I smell *sniffs* oh god he is coming *the blistering sun turns into pewdiepies face*

  98. ReplicateRed 1234567890

    ReplicateRed 12345678902 giờ trước

    Trending #1 Honduras 🇭🇳

  99. Potato Lover

    Potato Lover2 giờ trước

    *_B E G O N E T H O T_*

  100. Oli Joe31

    Oli Joe312 giờ trước

    I can’t stop listening too it I’ve been putting it on like every hour omg it’s so lele live on la chica

  101. Brianna

    Brianna2 giờ trước

    literally l e a v e

  102. leslie Castaneda

    leslie Castaneda2 giờ trước


  103. Suga KOOKIES 3

    Suga KOOKIES 32 giờ trước

    Whatttt #1 top trending oh my god!!!!

  104. Alisson Zambrana

    Alisson Zambrana2 giờ trước

    #1 en tendencias❤

  105. Jaci Jane06

    Jaci Jane062 giờ trước

    Me (clicks on a love live server video) (Weirdly watches ad) Me (WHAT IS LELE DOING NOW) (Checks trending) mmmhhmmmmm i knew it