Letting FORTUNE COOKIES Decide What i Eat for 24 HOURS! (Impossible Food Challenge)


  1. George Spellios

    George Spellios2 giờ trước

    Only eat coffe flavored foods only

  2. Kyle Nguyen

    Kyle Nguyen3 giờ trước

    Is Derek blind

  3. angela perrello

    angela perrello5 giờ trước

    Next video: Get a dragon drink from Starbucks💚🥤

  4. Abby Sunshine

    Abby Sunshine7 giờ trước

    Only eating lays chips and black coffee for 24 hours

  5. king of Random

    king of Random8 giờ trước


  6. Ella Collins

    Ella Collins10 giờ trước

    Man that was unfortunate


    SOUL_ COLLECTOR12 giờ trước

    He should have some coffee


    SACRED HKAAY18 giờ trước

    Dip 2 minute noodles in tea. Yah i know tea not coffe.

  9. Rhys Groeneveld

    Rhys Groeneveld19 giờ trước

    Eat a chipotle burrito and an iced coffee from starbucks (Derek’s coffee)

  10. Rhys Groeneveld

    Rhys Groeneveld19 giờ trước

    No offence but you look Indian

  11. Jessica Thai

    Jessica Thai20 giờ trước



    PGN GAMER22 giờ trước


  13. Staceyann Henry

    Staceyann Henry22 giờ trước

    No why fries

  14. Chloe’s Adventures

    Chloe’s Adventures23 giờ trước

    Have 2 large coffees and a salad

  15. E Beaty

    E BeatyNgày trước

    Its called lupper ... Lunch and supper

  16. Adam Crowl

    Adam CrowlNgày trước

    I’d be able to finish the fries pretty fast

  17. AJ labatt

    AJ labattNgày trước

    Next vid get a large mocha from Starbucks

  18. Bot God

    Bot GodNgày trước

    Man that's fortunate :)

  19. I am a Man

    I am a ManNgày trước

    Eat big smokes order

  20. Gaming Core

    Gaming CoreNgày trước


  21. Jacob Ogle

    Jacob OgleNgày trước


  22. Aurelia Wild

    Aurelia WildNgày trước

    Next video Fly to Australia

  23. Habiba Aden

    Habiba Aden2 ngày trước

    Next video: Drinking only coffee for 24 hours

  24. Willow Ring

    Willow Ring2 ngày trước

    man.. that was very unFORTUNAte I luv u broooooo

  25. Rajive Blair

    Rajive Blair2 ngày trước

    pick your favorite coffee

  26. Muslimthicc

    Muslimthicc2 ngày trước

    Donuts and an grande iced coffee.

  27. Everett Otto

    Everett Otto3 ngày trước

    Coffee Coffee

  28. Kaylani Singleton

    Kaylani Singleton3 ngày trước

    Take 200 Wendy's spicy chicken nuggets and 9 coffees

  29. Kaylani Singleton

    Kaylani Singleton3 ngày trước

    For next vid

  30. clay queen

    clay queen3 ngày trước

    Next video Eating Macdonalds or Starbucks for 24 hours. Like so he can see.;)

  31. YellowSloth

    YellowSloth3 ngày trước

    Here derek I want your to eat a coffee cake with coffee alongside it

  32. Lillian Truong

    Lillian Truong4 ngày trước

    Next Video: Eating food including meat

  33. Eric peterson

    Eric peterson4 ngày trước

    Go to Burger king and get 1 impossible whopper, and a small order of chicken fries with a large tea.

  34. Andriy Labovka

    Andriy Labovka4 ngày trước

    19:15 bless you Derek

  35. Ford Cellest

    Ford Cellest4 ngày trước

    just give the man his coffee

  36. Canny sticks

    Canny sticks4 ngày trước

    At 17:30 there is a number 7

  37. Jack Campbell

    Jack Campbell4 ngày trước

    COFFE x10

  38. It’s Ayyjayy

    It’s Ayyjayy4 ngày trước

    23:56 *Hi ma'am how are you..?"

  39. Chris lo

    Chris lo4 ngày trước

    Mix milk and syrup

  40. Russian Spy Pigeon

    Russian Spy Pigeon4 ngày trước

    You should have 20 chicken nuggets large fries and a large 5 ice coffee

  41. super fluffy cat girl

    super fluffy cat girl4 ngày trước

    I dont hate you i can give you good food

  42. super fluffy cat girl

    super fluffy cat girl4 ngày trước

    You shoud drink coffe and eat salad

  43. Gamer girl

    Gamer girl4 ngày trước

    10 scrumble eggs 5 bagel with cream chesse and 5 large iced coffe

  44. Jordan Dunn

    Jordan Dunn4 ngày trước

    You should try chick fil a ice it’s so soft and there small so you don’t have to chew big I e

  45. Young DaggerCas3y

    Young DaggerCas3y4 ngày trước

    The hole in the spoon is for the machine to attach to it and mix it ;\

  46. Space Sandwich

    Space Sandwich5 ngày trước

    80k where is it at

  47. Wolf gamer Plays rb

    Wolf gamer Plays rb5 ngày trước

    next video u should the same thing if u do this what you should get cappachino at starbucks and a bigmack and fries at mcdonalds :D

  48. Susan Batty-Gunn

    Susan Batty-Gunn5 ngày trước

    Next video Instagram polls decide where I eat and then you choose a receipt out of that places trash also for 24 hours

  49. Sara Garcia

    Sara Garcia5 ngày trước

    5:47 LOL

  50. Snow

    Snow5 ngày trước

    My mom love chicken and duck necks lol 😂 it’s okay for me but I LOVE chicken foot 🤤

  51. sharon isaac

    sharon isaac5 ngày trước

    Mums de best

  52. Billy 96

    Billy 965 ngày trước


  53. martina thomason

    martina thomason6 ngày trước

    Only eat food that come in liquid form for 24 hours ( yes that means use a blender)

  54. Yoan Boii

    Yoan Boii6 ngày trước

    Derek if you see this I dare you to eat ,Derek coffee mix with Taco Bell worst menu

  55. Laura Laner

    Laura Laner6 ngày trước

    Man that was very unFORTUNate I read desc 😋

  56. Evan Schmidt

    Evan Schmidt7 ngày trước

    wheres herc

  57. some body

    some body7 ngày trước

    I had a fortune cookie saying "sorry I need sleep" and I was like "ermm okay...?"

  58. Mason Bryan

    Mason Bryan7 ngày trước

    Your videos are amazing

  59. Epic Potatoe Girl 2390

    Epic Potatoe Girl 23907 ngày trước


  60. DARE_DEVIL 19

    DARE_DEVIL 197 ngày trước

    Coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee

  61. manuel cabrera

    manuel cabrera7 ngày trước

    Go to McDonald’s and grab some fries and chicken nuggets and put them it’s sweet sauce and a coffee