Lisa Vanderpump And Ken Todd Give Friendship-Ending Ultimatum To Dorit And PK Kemsley | PeopleTV

  • 02 Th05, 2019
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  1. Alma D

    Alma D19 ngày trước

    Lisa is a f....lier.

  2. Sarah Smith

    Sarah SmithTháng trước

    TEAM LVP!!!!!!

  3. Stargazer Sally

    Stargazer SallyTháng trước

    These commentators are ridiculous and have no morals.

  4. Linda B

    Linda BTháng trước

    If I had a friend who didn't believe me when I said I hadn't done something, swore on my kids lives that I hadn't it then sorry but I wouldn't want to continue my friendship with that person either. I wouldn't want to continually have to wonder whether that person is going to believe anything I said in the future and quite frankly I don't understand why that person would want to just move forward with the friendship when it is clear that didn't trust me or my word.

  5. veronica carlson

    veronica carlsonTháng trước

    I find this video very odd at this point to be on E. Isn't one of their correspondents in charge of the very magazine LVP was supposed to leak this story to and she said it wasn't Lisa. Why should LVP forgive any one of them. LVP even had written proof and Dorite had to try to twist it into something that wasn't true.

  6. DeLila

    DeLilaTháng trước

    Hang in there Lisa V...............the other ladies are full of bunk. She cares...they called her a liar...hello.

  7. Marielee McGill

    Marielee McGillTháng trước

    If her friend doesn’t believe me and talks behind my back like all of her friends do they talk behind Lisa Vanderpump’s mouth out back all the time they put her down that’s not a friend not one of those women on that show is a friend and every other year they pick on her and getting on her so I don’t think they’ve been a friend to her at all especially this year with what she’s going through and if somebody doesn’t believe you and thinks you’re a liar oh honey I’d move on real fast

  8. Marielee McGill

    Marielee McGillTháng trước

    I really don’t think some of these are her friends I think they are friends for the show not her lifelong friends and sometimes you do have friends for a season now I’ve had friends most of my friends I’ve had for many many years but once in a great while you have somebody that that season is over and you must MoveOn

  9. Hattie Pearl

    Hattie PearlTháng trước

    Lisa!! I choose LISA!!

  10. Duck Bay

    Duck BayTháng trước

    We're at 891!!! Keep it going pass it on let's get 1000 at least. When you read what this woman who started the petition she is very insightful. We would allow our children to be treated this was or allow them to treat others this way. Cyber bullying public bullying in front of the restaurant and national billing on tv. It's awful. Bravo needs to step up.

  11. Duck Bay

    Duck BayTháng trước

    Absolutely not!!!! Friendship is built on mutual trust and honesty. If you do not trust someone to tell you the truth they cannot be a friend. You can compromise about where you are going to vacation or a difference in opinions of likes or dislikes but not on your very being. That's the cornerstone the foundation of any relationship don't have that nothing else matters. Done deal. That is black and white I don't want a friend who doesn't trust me. Or thinks I would lie. And why would I want to be friends with someone I thought was a liar and couldn't trust? Crazy.

  12. Metro Flatbush

    Metro FlatbushTháng trước

    Love kent and Lisa, 100 bye haters👍👍😜

  13. Mauritania Thompson

    Mauritania ThompsonTháng trước

    Who really cares LVP & Ken has walked away from there friendships with everyone so get over it move on they have, so should they.

  14. Jennifer Jen jen Johnson

    Jennifer Jen jen JohnsonTháng trước

    I am so sorry but I just don’t understand how a lot of people don’t see it! Yes Lisa Vanderpump does great things with animals the LGBTQ community and other ones BUT so do all the other ladies. If you watch all the seasons LVP has buddied up to one person every season and then by the end of it or till she’s done with them THEN she says horrible things about her puppet, to all the others ladies & and the PRESS🤭!!! If you watched all the seasons (the ones s she would start the little fires because she knew it would grow and would stand back and watch it happen and love every minute of it and when the ladies and even us figured out what our LVP did and someone was brave enough to tell her she’s wrong what does she do ...totally deny, deny oh and deny and she of course didn’t say sorry! Do you realize in all of the episodes she never once apologizes or admits that she’s done anything wrong and a lot of the ladies at first they let LVP get away with it because their either afraid to go against her and they just want to stay on her good side. The question is WHY!!!!! I don’t get it is it because she has money and all these restaurants she’s not even close to being God!!! And you had to have notice if you would say something snarky or contradict her to her face she gets up and leaves puts in the “poor me” act and we all know she is furious, my gosh we have all seen it so many times!.The other ladies are very interesting too,I love this group of ladies but Dorit not especially but on this one fight, sorry to say but Dorit is 100% in the right & Puppet Master LVP 100000% WRONG And she knows it that’s why she won’t show up for anything and she doesn’t want anyone else to be there when she’s being interviewed by Andy or anyone so there’s her exit out of the show! I’m sorry but no one can say Kyle is a bad friend she has a been there for every single person all the time because she wears her heart on her sleeve but she will stick up for herself and I love that! She’s also such a wonderful wife mother friend she is so loyal that when one of her friends are hurting she hurts too and she cries so that should tell you something that she is a great human being!!!💖🌸💖

  15. Stevie Stevie

    Stevie StevieTháng trước

    Your a fan of Kyle's we all have our favorites. I agree with some of what you said. But Kyle is a trained actress so is Lisa R. Acting class 101 learn how to turn the tears on and off . Kyle may be a good mother and wife. But a good friend and sister ? Not so much!

  16. Jennifer Jen jen Johnson

    Jennifer Jen jen JohnsonTháng trước

    Duck Bay YEP🤷🏼‍♀️ It drives me nuts that no one can see it well Sam do on Twitter I’ve seen a lot that I think the same way that all I can say is wow!!

  17. Duck Bay

    Duck BayTháng trước

    Jennifer Johnson wow that was a mouthful lol

  18. A D

    A DTháng trước live in a glass house, if LV never lies!!!

  19. Little Miss Stamper

    Little Miss StamperTháng trước

    Like are you KIDDING me???? It would be a cold day in HELL before I'm being friends with someone who has ganged up on me, called me a back stabbing liar, and accuses me of doing low down vile things..... Ya...let's be buddies. So GLAD I'm not friends with any of YOU lol. Clearly if that was the don't trust me, You don't value me, and you CERTAINLY don't respect me. Thank you....NEXT 😨😒

  20. linda davis

    linda davisTháng trước

    When a good business minded person sees something as a liability, which Dorit has proving o be in the last 2 seasons it is time to let go and walk away. Dorit is a liability and the friendship would cost to much to keep it. The Vanderpumps had no choice but to walk away. The cast walked away but lets talk about their legal problems, oh, why isn't the show showcasing the law suits that going on with Erika, Dorit and Kyle, why? The Vanderpumps can stand on their own with the cast or without the cast but will the cast even have a show without Vanderpump. The cast is pretty shallow and their story lines are boring. Vanderpump was the glue that held it together. I doubt very much if there is much of a show if the cast continues to treat Lisa Vanderpump in such an irresponsible , disrespectful manner.

  21. linda davis

    linda davisTháng trước

    When a good business minded person sees something as a liability which Dorit has proving to be in the last 2 seasons it is time to let go and walk away. Dorit is a liability and the friendship would cost to much to keep it. The Vanderpump had not choice but walk away. The cast walked away but lets talk about their legal problems they are finding themselves in. The Vanderpump with with stand them walking away but will they withstand Lisa walking away? I doubt it.

  22. Robyn Clews

    Robyn ClewsTháng trước

    Why should Lisa V say she did something she didn’t do?! Dorit was around in the past - just not on the programme surely!! 👸🏻🇬🇧💕💕💕

  23. Julie Keenan

    Julie KeenanTháng trước

    I’d be glad to get rid of Dorit and PK.

  24. Pauline Mcdonald

    Pauline McdonaldTháng trước

    Lisa & Ken open you're eyes they only want to be friends. So yous will bail then out of there huge Money problems. What a laugh you and Ken don't need those hang on's.

  25. Sara Romoff

    Sara RomoffTháng trước

    What is up with all the crazy LVP Fans they are relentless.

  26. felicia echeverria

    felicia echeverriaTháng trước

    The middle aged mean girls have magnified doggygate in order to keep the spotlight off their legal and financial issues.

  27. Robyn Clews

    Robyn ClewsTháng trước

    felicia echeverria yes!!! 👏🏼 👏🏼

  28. Cindy Taylor

    Cindy TaylorTháng trước

    So did I hear them was OK for Dorit to stick to her guns and not apologize but when LVP doesn’t then that is wrong? Rediculos!

  29. veronica carlson

    veronica carlsonTháng trước

    @Stevie Stevie I think cindy meant it was stupid for the video to say that.

  30. Stevie Stevie

    Stevie StevieTháng trước

    APOLOGIZE for what ? Lisa said she didn't do it . Now why would she apologize ?

  31. Greeneyed Gemini

    Greeneyed GeminiTháng trước


  32. Tilly Sanders

    Tilly SandersTháng trước

    It's called personal integrity -- why would you want to be friends with someone who calls you a liar and on the flip side someone you can't trust ?? Lisa and Ken are 100% right !

  33. Joanne Dieckmann

    Joanne DieckmannTháng trước

    What people must realize lvp is from a different generation. Integrity is everything. Just saying sorry does not whitewash everything. Why on earth would you be friends with someone who would do that to you. It’s fake not real you actually cannot be friends there will never be any trust . People today use this magic word sorry but the behavior does not change . It’s a get out of jail free card. Does not work with older generation. It’s as FAKE as their eyelashes .

  34. Linda B

    Linda BTháng trước

    I agree with you. Sorry to many people these days is just an empty word that gets thrown around, there is no sincerity behind it.

  35. Joanne Dieckmann

    Joanne DieckmannTháng trước

    Kyle is a b

  36. Google User

    Google UserTháng trước

    Who cares? This is news? LOL

  37. Shandana Khan

    Shandana KhanTháng trước

    Lisa leaked it - why can't people see that

  38. cathleen eades

    cathleen eadesTháng trước

    where's the proof. Those other wives are locked in a mob mentality plotting & scheming, coming up with extreme theories as though they are facts. VERY MEAN GIRLS I hope they feel shame when they see the footage

  39. Robyn Clews

    Robyn ClewsTháng trước

    Shandana Khan but you don’t know that - no one knows?

  40. Night Star

    Night StarTháng trước

    Sorry I agree with LVP

  41. simon beazley

    simon beazleyTháng trước

    Who do Ken and Lisa think they are they think they are beyond doing something wrong don't get me wrong I'm no fan of PK or Dorit but it's pathetic watching Lisa trying to make Dorit say what Lisa wants to hear. It's evil Lisa's horns are showing she needs to acknowledge her bad behavior!!

  42. Stevie Stevie

    Stevie StevieTháng trước

    @simon beazley WOW bad behavior ? We can only imagine how many times Ken and Lisa has bailed PK out. So Lisa expecting loyalty from Dorit and PK is bad behavior ? Then what the hell do you call 5 grown ass women ATTACKING a person they call a friend ?

  43. Stevie Stevie

    Stevie StevieTháng trước

    @Duck Bay It's beyond sad. I truly had to stop watching. Nothing entertaining about watching 5 grown ass women bullying and attacking another woman. Especially one they call a friend. I've watched every episode I enjoyed watching these women, they WERE entertaining. I generally like all of them except Lisa R. ( I think she is the liar and manipulater ) but I did like all of them . I wasn't a die hard LVP fan I never drank the kool aid. But this season I'm on LVP's side all the way.

  44. simon beazley

    simon beazleyTháng trước

    But I do believe no one is above moving on don't hold on to grudges agree to disagree and move on love can conquer all

  45. simon beazley

    simon beazleyTháng trước

    I do agree I think teddi started this whole thing off she's such a stirer her and Camille

  46. Duck Bay

    Duck BayTháng trước

    simon beazley I don't know I just don't see it that way. I'm finding it to be very sad. The whole cyber bullying goodbye kyle and then out side her restaurant yelling things out and then on national tv things that are said and interviews it's just getting to much teddi especially. I just wouldn't want my children to be bullies like this nor would I allow them to bully anyone like that

  47. pretend amnesia

    pretend amnesiaTháng trước

    Shut up Dave Quinn. Kyle apologist. 🤡🤮

  48. Cynthia David

    Cynthia DavidTháng trước

    Anyone who when your good friend said I didn’t do it and they will not believe what kind of friend are you. This whole season was an attack on LVP and Radar said it wasn’t LVP so stop trying to make this about LVP and not the girls using LVP to not have to discuss their Radar story’s. Not one word about any of the lawsuits that was odd but Bethany said she talked to Lisa R about taking down LVP. Sick of the mean girls club they need to go.

  49. Chris Cook

    Chris CookTháng trước

    what an idiot...if a friend calls you a liar...your no longer a friend...period!

  50. Gee Yu

    Gee YuTháng trước

    This season makes my head hurt. It’s like listening stupid cows going after Lisa Vanderpump who is always not there when they plot to take her down.

  51. Harriet Sand

    Harriet SandTháng trước

    Of course I am on team LVP regarding puppy gate, but Ken saying his wife never lies when 5 min. later on camera she says to Dorit "love u" and then she says "well I really don't. Ken is blinded by his love for his wife and outraged at the treatment she received from the mean squad and rightly so, we all are except for the handful who believe gang bangs are fine. But LVP is a master manipulator, but that's a far cry from bullying and predator behavior. She is a powerful woman who intimidates those with less confidence, that's always how it goes.

  52. Harriet Sand

    Harriet SandTháng trước

    Linda B Manipulation is not always a negative thing. When your successful you learn how to manipulate time, how to manipulate energy to get the best result, how to manipulate tasks to get them all done. LVP is a bit of a rascal like all of us, but she has a good heart, and that's what counts.

  53. Linda B

    Linda BTháng trước

    I don't think Lisa manipulated Ken into anything where the kitchen is concerned. As for her being a 'master manipulator', nah I don't think so. Yes she has been accused of manipulating the other women over the years but when you consider that several of those accusations have since been proved to be false, there is room for doubt about the legitimacy of the other accusations. I am not saying Lisa is perfect because she isn't but I really don't think she is as bad as people make out. All of those women have done things that are shady, manipulative and/or under handed at one time or another so they really shouldn't talk.

  54. Harriet Sand

    Harriet SandTháng trước

    Stevie Stevie Every undertaking that LVP takes on she masters, she's just good at everything positive or negative, that's what I meant by "master manipulator". I've been watching the show without LVP just to see how the girls begin arguing amongst themselves now that there favorite target is not with them. I'm enjoying it, because they're all nervous from the viewer negative kick back and trying to make each other look bad. It already started between Vile and PK, then Teddy and Camille Such fun, universal justice!

  55. Stevie Stevie

    Stevie StevieTháng trước

    @Harriet Sand You said she was a MASTER MANIPULATER. I disagree she doesn't have to manipulate Ken . I agree that at some point in time she has manipulated someone. . Doesn't make her a master manipulater. Come on look at who has accused her . Brandi Lisa R Camille ? I just saw a clip where Lisa R. manipulated Kyle in to going to Lisa and confronting her, by saying your the only one that can confront LVP. I to try to be fair with judging. Ive also said it many of times LVP is not perfect. But this is one time I think she is innocent. Blizzard and Teddy started puppy gate. Lisa R. wanted the feud among the girls against LVP to continue so she leaked the story . She worked it so it sounded like LVP leaked it. So the other women would think LVP did it. Why else would Harry be doing interviews and making comments that LVP is the guilty one. The other women was way to willing to go along with story line ,because it kept them from talking about being sued. I use to enjoy watching these women.Not no more , I stopped watching weeks ago. I do watch clips of the show. LVP did not deserve how she was treated, at a time she needed her friends. It was discussing to watch so I stopped.

  56. Bonnie Plastino

    Bonnie PlastinoTháng trước


  57. Dianne Hill

    Dianne HillTháng trước


  58. Dianne Hill

    Dianne HillTháng trước


  59. linda davis

    linda davisTháng trước

    PK suffers, he really worked on mending the friendship, but, yet, he challenged Ken when Ken forcible stood up for his wife. That was a big hurtful mistake on PK's part.

  60. Annastiina Pekkarinen

    Annastiina PekkarinenTháng trước

    They did it for TV. Because of Lisa's actions, that was the only way To say To the viewers, that "we are innocent and sooo damn angry". Well, They are not, but They are very afraid, that fan club is going against them.

  61. Aloha Lowah

    Aloha LowahTháng trước

    I think when Kyle said "maybe we're not that good of friends" to Dorit she was actually trying to be joking but it came out more forcefully then she really intended.

  62. linda davis

    linda davisTháng trước

    You can say that about Kyle, she did not even know Lisa's grandmother's day, which hurt Lisa last season. That statement was really revealing on Kyle's part, wasn't it?

  63. Gerry Hendrickson

    Gerry HendricksonTháng trước

    Dorit is the Lair it's all her fault. Ericka can take her plastic face and puss somewhere else Lisa R the big mouth can go with her.she all wash up that why she on the housewives. Dorit needs to go back where she came from this women is as fake as Ericka face. Kyle stuck up for the wrong person she got what she deserved. Teddie is a ass kisser she just didnt want them to pounce on her. We get it she dont lie Bs.

  64. Debra Loucks

    Debra LoucksTháng trước

    who are these people? there are times for compromising in a friendship, but not over something like this... if my friend thought i did something devious to hurt her--without having evidence, and i tell her i didn't do it, but she chooses to not believe me, that is a deal breaker... why would i want to be friends with someone who thinks that about me? and yes--why would she want to be friends with me if she really believed i did something so awful? p.s.--Dorit is crazy to lose her friendship with Lisa... Lisa really loved Dorit... the other housewives will not end up being true-blue friends...

  65. Stevie Stevie

    Stevie StevieTháng trước

    Those women do not care about Dorit. In the Bahamas when Lisa R. and Kyle hugged her to console her was so fake. I kinda feel sorry for Dorit ,when she finds out they really wasn't on her side because they care. They just wanted a storyline to avoid having to talk about their personal problems on TV.

  66. Robyn Clews

    Robyn ClewsTháng trước

    Debra Loucks agree completely!!!

  67. Veronica4u2day

    Veronica4u2dayTháng trước

    I love the way Ken stands up for Lisa !!!!! Now that is a man !!!!!

  68. felicia echeverria

    felicia echeverriaTháng trước

    I got so mad because he got so much flack for defending his wife in their home. Come into my house and accuse me and I will definitely let my dogs defend me.

  69. Brian Ted

    Brian TedTháng trước

    Erika is definitely enjoying this😂😂😂

  70. veronica carlson

    veronica carlsonTháng trước

    She is the first one to start saying maybe LVP wasn't guilty now. Too little, too late

  71. Comfort olatunji

    Comfort olatunjiTháng trước

    Why would you wanna be friends but you’re calling someone a liar don’t reason she wants to be friends with Lisa she still wants the benefits from that friendship I just don’t get it

  72. floyd dean

    floyd deanTháng trước

    she never lies,ever,,,,,,,lmao,,,did a unicorn deliver her instead of a stork?

  73. Stevie Stevie

    Stevie StevieTháng trước

    @Axel Stewart Teddy lied the very first episode she was on. And I'm guessing she never stopped.

  74. Axel Stewart

    Axel StewartTháng trước

    Some people don't lie! My youngest daughter never lies she tells it how it is even if someone is upset... However TEDDI said she never lies!!!! Teddi hmmmm...

  75. D G

    D GTháng trước

    Lisa does tell it like it is, she doesn't need to lie when she puts it all out there in the first place, that candid honesty has resulted in push back but it has been upfront.

  76. Axel Stewart

    Axel StewartTháng trước

    C'mon you lot in the video... Ken and Lisa are right. If you think your friend is a liar why would you want to be friends with them?!..

  77. D G

    D GTháng trước

    I wouldn't keep a friend who thinks I lied to them either. Lisa V was right to say then we don't have a friendship, she has the right to set boundaries for what she will accept in her life.

  78. ChaelMi1

    ChaelMi1Tháng trước

    ken and lisa all the way

  79. Charmaine Lira

    Charmaine LiraTháng trước

    Team LVP.....

  80. Judy Ivie

    Judy IvieTháng trước

    Lisa I'm certainly on your side. Please get a backbone

  81. linda davis

    linda davisTháng trước

    Lisa has a backbone. Lisa does not have a problem deciding what to do.

  82. P N

    P NTháng trước

    Why would you want to be friends with someone who is a liar

  83. Lesa Blessed

    Lesa BlessedTháng trước

    Love Ken and Lisa, wonderful together.

  84. josh lewis

    josh lewisTháng trước

    0.57 biggest voice crack