Loaded Baked Potato - You Suck at Cooking (episode 77)


  1. Guy8t4

    Guy8t42 giờ trước

    I was like the satire is endless...but @2:42 I eventually bust out laughing 😂

  2. Cowbelly Tv

    Cowbelly Tv21 giờ trước

    I thought this was just a massive fever-dream...

  3. Grilled Cheese

    Grilled CheeseNgày trước

    if you dont stab your tater before microwaving, is gonna splode

  4. Shaded Wolf

    Shaded WolfNgày trước

    Funny how potatoes aren’t able to talk, I mean, I’m able too, so why can’t all potatoes?

  5. Jeffry De Leon

    Jeffry De Leon3 ngày trước

    Heals 22 hp

  6. Purple Dragon

    Purple Dragon5 ngày trước

    I made one of the potato recipes and it's awesome!!!! Really good. I also understand the pain of wanting to throw away the potato of it doesn't come out perfect from scooping out the insides. I literally broke mine in half and then in thirds and then.... Yeah it was unrecognizable.

  7. CG Sidboi

    CG Sidboi5 ngày trước


  8. Waffle Iron Steakhouse

    Waffle Iron Steakhouse6 ngày trước

    No u

  9. Detachconex

    Detachconex7 ngày trước

    My take of the video Psycho takes organs stuffs them with food and shove them back in the body

  10. nickey

    nickey7 ngày trước

    If u think potatoes are tasteless then you haven't tried normal potatoes. Your potats are filled to the brim with chemicals!

  11. lazy letti

    lazy letti7 ngày trước

    why is this in my recommendded

  12. Gunny Instead Of Funny

    Gunny Instead Of Funny8 ngày trước

    I saw his face on the reflection . o shit

  13. daLi demo

    daLi demo8 ngày trước

    i like the little amount of humor you have

  14. one two many

    one two many8 ngày trước

    This video is f****** s*** I meant fantastically supreme

  15. Flying Squirrel

    Flying Squirrel9 ngày trước

    Wow, those baked potatoes are thicc as my thighs after eating those bad boys

  16. Fat Albert Fan Club

    Fat Albert Fan Club9 ngày trước

    Potatoes come in a carton?

  17. BlackSashimi

    BlackSashimi9 ngày trước

    What if you find a worm inside the baked potato?

  18. MaxGamer

    MaxGamer10 ngày trước

    I would just put gravy that is good to me

  19. TheVaultdweller

    TheVaultdweller11 ngày trước

    LOL What de F..! Potometer also that Tato is atomic!

  20. ryan imtwentyfour

    ryan imtwentyfour11 ngày trước

    I can never tell if you're serious about each method

  21. guardian entertainment 2

    guardian entertainment 211 ngày trước

    The people who created 0 was india

  22. Xionism

    Xionism10 ngày trước

    You ruined the joke

  23. Juliet P.G.

    Juliet P.G.12 ngày trước

    potatoes in a carton?

  24. joshg6108

    joshg610812 ngày trước

    So much effort for a cheap joke. It speaks to my soul.

  25. David Lee

    David Lee12 ngày trước

    Instructions not clear, dick stuck in potato.

  26. shoofle

    shoofle12 ngày trước

    fun fact! potatoes came from the americas! any "historically accurate" faux-medieval fiction set in a european setting is showing their butt if they have potatoes :)

  27. Angelina Dash

    Angelina Dash12 ngày trước

    I fucking hate censoring. We're not kids, VIreporter. We literally know what they're saying.

  28. piclel rick

    piclel rick12 ngày trước

    Actely the Aztecs made 0 Just saying 6 great history And yes I'm a nerd

  29. D kataria

    D kataria12 ngày trước

    Bullshit Aryabhatt .. indian mathematician gave 0 to the world. "Nerd"

  30. Semaj Ellis

    Semaj Ellis13 ngày trước


  31. Aaron Birchall

    Aaron Birchall13 ngày trước

    5 years to go for my slow cooked baked potato. I’m getting hungry!

  32. Weird Birb Hybrid

    Weird Birb Hybrid13 ngày trước

    The potato skins taste so good tho I can’t help myself

  33. sadboipapins

    sadboipapins14 ngày trước

    It looks gamn dood , it already gave me the shits tho

  34. Amat Pelaihari

    Amat Pelaihari16 ngày trước


  35. Smile D

    Smile D17 ngày trước

    Greeks didn’t invent the zero.. Indians did smh

  36. Mein Feish

    Mein Feish18 ngày trước

    Oh i am really suck at cooking

  37. Layla Valenzuela

    Layla Valenzuela19 ngày trước

    Did i see The Book of Mythicality?

  38. Leo

    Leo19 ngày trước

    This channel takes place in an alternate reality

  39. Red race 2010 gameplay Walters

    Red race 2010 gameplay Walters21 ngày trước

    U actually don’t suck at cooking!

  40. Jim Montgomery

    Jim Montgomery21 ngày trước

    Duuuuuude! Hilarious 😂

  41. NRG

    NRG22 ngày trước

    Now we’re gonna get these Magnificent Foods 😂😂😂😂☠️ that killled me

  42. NRG

    NRG22 ngày trước

    Best cooking show next to chef John!

  43. Nicholas B

    Nicholas B22 ngày trước

    😂love Your vids man!!

  44. SuperSaiyan Kb

    SuperSaiyan Kb23 ngày trước

    I can't tell if I'm getting better at cooking or slowly losing my intelligence.

  45. nunar gamer ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿

    nunar gamer ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿23 ngày trước

    YAY I SUCK AT *NOTHING... (the sound of the Foid)* !!!!

  46. The Spider-Man

    The Spider-Man23 ngày trước

    0:58 you though he's smashing a potato but it was me Garlic!

  47. Darshan Patil

    Darshan Patil24 ngày trước

    Greek did not invent the number zero my friend..just saying

  48. DaRealJorgen Rankin

    DaRealJorgen Rankin21 ngày trước


  49. idk123

    idk12325 ngày trước

    You suck at editing yeah you totally suck

  50. HuntomahawK

    HuntomahawK25 ngày trước

    Should have named it Tater Tracker

  51. Matt Ghostly

    Matt Ghostly25 ngày trước

    Since when did sterling archer have a cooking show??

  52. Justin R.

    Justin R.25 ngày trước

    0:00 I just realized... That's a stopwatch

  53. George Moreno

    George Moreno25 ngày trước

    shoutout young nudy

  54. William Do

    William Do26 ngày trước

    Okay kids... after baking your potato, you whack the fork on the side...😑

  55. tim mobile

    tim mobile26 ngày trước

    Who wants to start a potato Revolution? Its gona be like COMMUNISM for potato But beta

  56. Drezz

    Drezz26 ngày trước

    3:10 is that true tho 😂😂

  57. AIM Shiryuu

    AIM Shiryuu26 ngày trước

    Sasha would love this

  58. _. Zer0 ._

    _. Zer0 ._26 ngày trước

    Burger King Foot Lettuce...

  59. TurnitJAZZ! !

    TurnitJAZZ! !26 ngày trước


  60. Memefully YT

    Memefully YT26 ngày trước

    It’s laser box baking

  61. Chesseski

    Chesseski26 ngày trước

    I hope these spuds are free range

  62. chaexic

    chaexic26 ngày trước

    *i showed this to my mom. she is now a chef*

  63. I Am Really Stupid

    I Am Really Stupid26 ngày trước

    True I do suck at cooking XD

  64. Simse

    Simse27 ngày trước

    Add veggie boullion to the bacon

  65. Trolli Eggs

    Trolli Eggs27 ngày trước

    Hi, Potato here, how can I get free tickets to the Gravitron?

  66. heart parts

    heart parts27 ngày trước

    The message at the end made me feel better

  67. adithyac1001

    adithyac100127 ngày trước

    The Greeks didn't create the concept of zero

  68. Ironic Joke

    Ironic Joke27 ngày trước

    Okay, but how do you eat it?

  69. Accelgortus S

    Accelgortus S27 ngày trước

    man you suck at cooking

  70. Wan N. Aisyah

    Wan N. Aisyah27 ngày trước

    I never knew i need this channel. How did watching a buttload of kpop stuff led youtube to recommend this to me but i'm grateful for their questionable algorithms

  71. Laghavi

    Laghavi28 ngày trước

    Zero was invented in India, by Aryabhatt

  72. M Ashraf

    M Ashraf28 ngày trước

    This guy loves broccoli

  73. Brittany Webb

    Brittany Webb28 ngày trước

    No joke I need you in my life right now *crying cat face meme* No but seriously call me😉

  74. Twich -

    Twich -25 ngày trước


  75. Mr.Mxyzptlk

    Mr.Mxyzptlk26 ngày trước

    Chill child

  76. Senoir Montique

    Senoir Montique29 ngày trước

    2:40 anyone know the kind of plastic soldier that is?

  77. Morgan Kasper

    Morgan Kasper27 ngày trước

    the small kind

  78. Ottar Groenlien

    Ottar Groenlien29 ngày trước

    Nice potato docmentary

  79. Seamus Wootton

    Seamus Wootton29 ngày trước

    2:32 - 2:35 watch the shadow, its so perfectly edited

  80. SurfSand&SUN

    SurfSand&SUNTháng trước

    This was so Bleeping funny!!!!

  81. i dont get the joke

    i dont get the jokeTháng trước

    This is how to basic but more calm and relaxed

  82. idk my name

    idk my name14 ngày trước

    No, because YSAC is funny and is a great example of comedy which makes every episode interesting to watch which cannot be said about how to basic

  83. jack pierce

    jack pierceTháng trước

    Where do you buy a carton of potatoes

  84. Cinnabonn

    CinnabonnTháng trước

    not gonna lie, he has nice hands

  85. mustafa teran

    mustafa teranTháng trước

    Laser box

  86. Danny Jensen

    Danny JensenTháng trước

    I have been doing potatos wrong my whole life. My moma has been doing potatos wrong my grandma my great grandma. MY WHOLE LIFE IS A LIE

  87. Connor McMullen

    Connor McMullenTháng trước

    This is offensive to my culture

  88. a _loser

    a _loserTháng trước

    4:06 no parchment No family No time to say bye

  89. Ayeetsha

    AyeetshaTháng trước

    those are just flavorless deviled eggs 😒

  90. Ernests Auziņš

    Ernests AuziņšTháng trước

    dude... potato is from America. It was never found in ancient greec.

  91. ineffable lessons

    ineffable lessonsTháng trước

    0 is in invented in India

  92. Luis Rojas Castillo

    Luis Rojas CastilloTháng trước

    What do i do after i ate the meal and patatoe is still in slowcooker

  93. Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas JeffersonTháng trước

    It was about to be John and Douglas all over again with those potatoes, I could feel it

  94. Extrascript662

    Extrascript662Tháng trước

    That normal fork to tuning fork transition was so smooth, it wasn’t even in the reflection!

  95. ahi tuna

    ahi tunaTháng trước

    I can't believe he got them free tickets to gravitron

  96. carlos sanchez

    carlos sanchezTháng trước

    This is ****ing great. How have I not seen any of these before?😆


    PIKATHUNDER7Tháng trước

    2:27 best joke of entire show

  98. Goku_Dunker _420

    Goku_Dunker _420Tháng trước

    I made these and my family really liked them. Thanks for making me feel useful.

  99. crash groovy

    crash groovyTháng trước

    Sounds Canadian.

  100. DiamondMiner64

    DiamondMiner64Tháng trước

    He didn’t say you suck at cooking at the end *wait that’s illegal*

  101. Mike McConeghy

    Mike McConeghyTháng trước

    I feel so bad for you. We Irish have evolved the capacity to taste potatoes, and they are delicious.

  102. SeriousName

    SeriousNameTháng trước

    I'm offended that he has the same sense of humor as me. Who are you and why are you me?

  103. B Neck

    B NeckTháng trước

    I fucking suck at cooking , so I can’t tell what to actually listen to. Lol Lord .

  104. aestriol

    aestriolTháng trước

    all jokes aside, i've made this so many times. my favorite baked potato recipe. : )

  105. Brave Fire

    Brave FireTháng trước


  106. AoD Wexler

    AoD WexlerTháng trước

    I've ignored this channel so long and the beginning just mindfucked my stoned face. I thought y'all were two college kids making weird shit.

  107. Leo Zendo

    Leo ZendoTháng trước

    ur voice p ut me 2 sleep