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    *Empty hearts and neon lights, playing with my mind..* Welcome to the origins of *Lost Sky* 👾 We’ve all been waiting for new Lost Sky and finally he’s back with Jex! 🙏

  2. Alexandra Ramos

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    🌹thats sad i love this song neon even though

  3. Nova elite 789 Nor

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    This music so cool

  4. Anik Hossain

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    lost sky video virsion link vireporter.net/v/video-saiDE-mmZtE.html


    CHAN TSZ FUNG陳梓豐5 ngày trước


  6. A0X- G4M1NG-CT

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    @Ricardo Pedrosa he is top 10 in youtuber

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    #304 army

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  9. MR Ugly

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    Legends say that the walking man has now leg problems

  10. Hony Starz

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    A random dude walking through an empty street with nobody on a purple day and there are lost • sky signs everywhere

  11. Bryan Arjuna

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    Noobqueen and nzy song hehe

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    very good

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    Is very good

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    So eu vim pelo BlackN444?

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    Quem veio pelo tio "BREKI DO FF"

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    Quem esta vindo pelo black deixa o like

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    Россияне вы где

  18. Muhammad Aprilia Eko Wibowo

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    Lagu kopirex

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    0:00 This is Where we started the video

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    Siapa kesini gara² noob quen sering pakai lagu ini

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    jadi inget NOOBQUEEN

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    Có ai là người Việt Nam k?

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    Form vietnam with love

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    I LOVE THIS SONG ❤️❤️❤️

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    Ini to lagunya master edit video bus cinematic 😁

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    Yg kesini dengerin di chanel noobquen like👍👍👍

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    Brasil porra 💪

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    lagu ngentottttttt

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    Love this ❤️😍

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    can i use this song?

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    Adakah bocil kematian disini

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    It was really nice

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    I'm from Vietnam

  35. Songs of Mars

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    Wonderful 💙

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    Ncs= like Trap nation= comment

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    Gabriel clips???

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    Who fan nabsi?

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    Quem veio pelo black444?

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  42. John Teñoso

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    When I heared this song I always feel my imagination become hype, like I want to create the story manga using this lyrics.

  43. Beli BukuGt

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    Take Me To The World In The Million Amazing Voice I Like Ncs Btw Indo Like and I Watch In The 2020 Nice Songs

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  45. my channel

    my channel3 ngày trước


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    It is awsuom😍😍😍

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    Go to bed listen NCS very good

  48. Nguyễn Ngà

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    Because he has only two days to be in bed 🛌 I know how much she is so happy that you’re going back there

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    Quem veio pelo Blackn444 ???

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  51. Samea Mercia

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    ✌this guy is literally me walking in circles trying to find out what am i supposed to do with my existence

  52. Samea Mercia

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    ♥take me to a world of silver no more heartbreaks tears painkillers take me somewhere unfamiliar bring me back to where we started🔥🌌🌌

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    All I can say is WOW 😄😃🤗

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    Cadê a tropa que veio pelo BLACK444??

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    Fala tu

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    da ideia so nois BR kkkkkkkkk

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    Wow :)))

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    Cool song👌

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    Finally I found this song

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    Her voice hits different


    AJAX ME NOTA4 ngày trước


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    Iife was like to stair


    GRYFINY FF4 ngày trước


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    Anyone after #Blackn444?

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    Im form indonesia🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨

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    Req believer imagine dragons

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    Can i copy this song?

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    Yes because its ncs

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    Vim pelo Black444🖤