making and eating my first ever deep dish pizza


  1. Crowned Lily

    Crowned Lily45 phút trước

    I haven't had deep dish pizza scine I've been gluten free.

  2. Marc B

    Marc B5 giờ trước

    Curl your fingers in. Learn how to chop.

  3. Emma Birkey

    Emma Birkey10 giờ trước

    I want to eat this right now, can you ship it?

  4. Maddie Green

    Maddie Green11 giờ trước

    Making Chicagoans proud :')

  5. nicola gabco

    nicola gabco19 giờ trước

    your cheese isn’t oozing out the siiides tho 😩😩

  6. Kumi Lee

    Kumi LeeNgày trước

    11:30 someone put that on iTunes pls😩😩

  7. thanoslover

    thanosloverNgày trước

    looks at thumbnail: ᕈᓰᙓ looks at title: ᕈᓰᙓᔓᔓᗩ

  8. Jessica Cox

    Jessica CoxNgày trước

    I used to work at dominos and when I made deep dish I would oil the dough instead of use flour. It makes it so much easier to shape in the pan.

  9. Michael Watts

    Michael Watts2 ngày trước

    Hol up hol up hol up... "No calories"??? What TF did you make this out of? Water???

  10. Goodco limgpu

    Goodco limgpu2 ngày trước

    glad i found your content, im gonna make this for my mum she hasnt had pizza in 20 years

  11. Molly McBride

    Molly McBride4 ngày trước

    Anyone else hey slightly dissapointment that we all don't get to taste the food😂😭

  12. Chloe White

    Chloe White6 ngày trước

    i'm not vegan or gluten free, but i'm seriously considering attempting to make this at some point,, it looks SO good 10/10 julen

  13. Marc-André Demers

    Marc-André Demers6 ngày trước

    your dough hydration is waaay off. That's why you always *weigh* your ingredients.

  14. toasty

    toasty6 ngày trước

    this is actually pretty helpful because i also have celiac so yee

  15. MilknHoney Honey

    MilknHoney Honey6 ngày trước

    I love Julien, and I love Babish, and I love how much Julien loves Babish, and everyone loves food. So much love. And food. Keep doin' it to 'em, boys

  16. Madeline Gills

    Madeline Gills7 ngày trước

    who are the 600 people who disliked??

  17. Parker DW

    Parker DW10 ngày trước

    3:52 I hate you.

  18. Cierra Hunter

    Cierra Hunter12 ngày trước

    People who dislike ??? I just wanna talk

  19. Mystic Avie

    Mystic Avie12 ngày trước

    Julien has great taste in music

  20. Kyra Warbrick

    Kyra Warbrick13 ngày trước

    Julien letting the mixer sit running while he put the water in the flour was the most aries thing ive ever seen

  21. Almost Humans

    Almost Humans14 ngày trước

    This has chaotic good *energy*

  22. Ana Julia Pinho

    Ana Julia Pinho14 ngày trước

    you should try Brazilian pizza :)

  23. Isaac Galvan

    Isaac Galvan19 ngày trước

    Absolutely no one: Chicago citizens: SKSKSKSKS and I OoP

  24. Kewl Beans

    Kewl Beans19 ngày trước

    vegan cheese is an oxymoron. you can throw ground beef in a pasta die but that doesn't make it pasta lol.

  25. Shannon Victoria

    Shannon Victoria21 ngày trước

    Use plastic wrap to shape the gluten free dough so it doesn’t stick to your hands!

  26. Carly Elisabeth

    Carly Elisabeth21 ngày trước

    Ummm Chris Lilley reference ?!?!?! Love it.

  27. Mark Mara

    Mark Mara23 ngày trước

    Bake more wife

  28. Root

    Root23 ngày trước

    Is violife different in america or something? Violife is the most plastic cheese in the UK I swear to god

  29. 메리암

    메리암24 ngày trước

    11:30 11:41


    BEES AND TOAST25 ngày trước

    >calls himself a chef despite never having earned the chops. >calls vegan food by its real name despite the fact that it will always be inferior. Aleight dude. I see your flex. I don't respect it, but I see it. Like a kid saying "I can do it as good as the adults!" No you cant. But "A" for effort.

  31. posaule

    posaule25 ngày trước

    Am just wondering I love your recipes where are these possible to find in Europe?

  32. MyMySanders

    MyMySanders27 ngày trước

    loving the lunatics reference hahaha "dope as fuck"

  33. Aaron Garcia

    Aaron Garcia27 ngày trước

    You need to have your own VIreporter Red cooking show🔥

  34. Elizabeth Jones

    Elizabeth JonesTháng trước

    “Just be more careful then I was” *leaves a electric mixer on the counter while it’s running *

  35. Jenny White

    Jenny WhiteTháng trước

    I want to try making this! What kind of flour did you use?

  36. Cam Shaw

    Cam ShawTháng trước

    Me: Literally likes this video before it really even started. I'm just loving all your cooking vids. Hope theres many more to come cuz I've binge watched them all. Lol

  37. Zen Mother

    Zen MotherTháng trước

    Beep bep beep bepppp it’s gunna fall apart! 😂

  38. Cory Waldron

    Cory WaldronTháng trước

    Gotta do one with some of that Beyond Sausage

  39. Jon Lydell

    Jon LydellTháng trước

    This is gonna be an awesome recipe to try. I look forward to making on my channel. Thanks :P

  40. Irene Dinnick

    Irene DinnickTháng trước

    This is probably going to sound super stupid but can vegans eat yeast? Like ethically of course. My thinking is like I guess fruitarins or whatever they’re called don’t. I might be confusing myself. It’s late.

  41. mydorksquad

    mydorksquadTháng trước

    Wish I could whisk my problems away lol

  42. Samantha Healey

    Samantha HealeyTháng trước

    I’m hungry for some of your deep dish pizza cause it looks/sounds really good! I’m about to make some deep dish pizza one day in the way future cause I’m lazy but it’s a good though.

  43. Harrison

    HarrisonTháng trước

    Bruh you ain’t gluten intolerant you prolly just had some bad bread my mans

  44. CuteToad

    CuteToadTháng trước

    You're joking right? 😅 He has celiac disease and has been getting sick since he was a child

  45. Cole Parsley

    Cole ParsleyTháng trước

    You should call this series, “The Aries First ....”

  46. Joy Paoletti

    Joy PaolettiTháng trước

    "I once knew a hobo, called two batches." -- old-timey homestar

  47. Bo Jaxon

    Bo JaxonTháng trước

    How did the other crust turn out?

  48. Momoko Honey

    Momoko HoneyTháng trước

    The reason you add the salt after you whisk is because if the salt sits on top of the yeast, it kills the yeast.

  49. althea colleen

    althea colleenTháng trước

    as someone from chicago, julien did an amazing job on this pizza

  50. Alessia Fontanella

    Alessia FontanellaTháng trước

    I'm speaking in the name of every Italian who got to see this video, I'm sure... guys, we all love you. We truly do. But please, don't call that pie a pizza. It looks beautiful and delicious, but you guys broke my heart every time you called that a pizza

  51. Nikki Dogmom

    Nikki DogmomTháng trước

    I’m totally trying this!!

  52. Emily Joyce

    Emily JoyceTháng trước

    Dope as fuck 😂 love lunatics

  53. Annarox Schweitzer

    Annarox SchweitzerTháng trước

    My family and I have used cast iron skillets to bake our deep dish pizzas in for years. I've honestly noticed a complete different texture in the crust. A golden crunch on the outside, while the inside is still soft. It takes a long time to perfect deep dish honestly. I could only imagine making it GF and Vegan comes with it's own challenges as well!

  54. Panned a

    Panned aTháng trước

    ok I’m sorry but how is this zero calories? The only way that can happen is if youre eating plastic or getting absolutely 0 nutrients from this entire dish, which is impossible since the sauce itself is literally made up of multiple vegetables, which already contain multiple calories. Additionally, he says this in many of his cooking videos where its just not possible. I just wanted to put this out there so theres no misconceptions to how calories work.

  55. Jennifer Lyn

    Jennifer Lyn28 ngày trước


  56. Dazee Mae

    Dazee MaeTháng trước

    please put your recipes or a reference in the description bar ❣️ love you so much

  57. A3x30 __

    A3x30 __Tháng trước

    Why do I keep on re watching this video

  58. Bunny Bunny

    Bunny BunnyTháng trước

    Am I gunna do any of that .. no but um i gunna go heat up a hot pocket cause I’m high ... yeah :)

  59. Kazefiend

    KazefiendTháng trước

    Watching him make that dough was a trial sent by god to determine if I am able to handle absolute madness. I love julien but like, read the yeast packet please.

  60. Lozza Bear

    Lozza BearTháng trước

    Anyone else replay that dance scene over and over and over in tears of laughter?~ BEP BEP BEP BEP BEP BEP BEP

  61. Manpreet Sahota

    Manpreet SahotaTháng trước

    You couldn’t put the salt in the beginning because it would’ve killed the yeast 😬

  62. Charlotte Cook-Henesy

    Charlotte Cook-HenesyTháng trước

    I’m sure someone else has said this, but, the salt will deactivate the yeast if they are together for too longer before the liquids are added.