Making My Own Starbucks Pinkity Drinkity


  1. Makenzie Marino

    Makenzie Marino58 phút trước

    I cannot wait to drop $500 on Friday BECAUSE YOURE COMING TO MY HOME TOWN HOLY COW

  2. Autumn Brymer

    Autumn Brymer58 phút trước

    My fav drink is probably a chocolate mocha, but I don’t go too often

  3. Sunstar 28

    Sunstar 2858 phút trước

    Rosanna pansino who? 😂

  4. Vagina Doctor

    Vagina Doctor58 phút trước

    Boy is confused....

  5. Erica Zotea

    Erica Zotea58 phút trước

    7:10 Que dijo?!😂😂😂

  6. HonkHoll

    HonkHoll58 phút trước

    Oh jeeethuth

  7. tommi h

    tommi h58 phút trước

    James not knowing that hot pans are supposed to sit on the counter is me

  8. XxAngelxX Took the L

    XxAngelxX Took the L58 phút trước

    Is she a boy or is he a girl?

  9. Ariana Castro

    Ariana Castro58 phút trước

    I made the drink once, I just put a teaspoon of strawberry flavor/syrup totally changes the game

  10. Mike Pinto

    Mike Pinto59 phút trước


  11. The One

    The One59 phút trước

    “.That slaps”

  12. Patrycja 16

    Patrycja 1659 phút trước

    Sister James what about Canada...

  13. Ally Anders

    Ally Anders59 phút trước

    PLEASE PLEASE COME TO SEATTLE WASHINGTON, OR TACOMA DOME! i am a very loyal supporter of yours, but can't afford to fly or travel out of state. Your supporters in Washington are DYING to get a chance to see your tour! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  14. K1ish

    K1ish59 phút trước

    Why the hell would anyone watch this person. Is this the degeneracy our world has come to?

  15. Allie Wallin

    Allie Wallin59 phút trước

    I love watching you, you make me smile 😊.

  16. David dobrik XLiza Koshy

    David dobrik XLiza Koshy59 phút trước

    The tickets are expensive I can't go:'(

  17. Gacha Playz

    Gacha Playz59 phút trước


  18. Joanna Tamayo

    Joanna Tamayo59 phút trước

    Where’s the collab with Rosanna...I’m gonna wait here

  19. madelyn sullivan

    madelyn sullivan59 phút trước


  20. Life with Rats

    Life with Rats59 phút trước

    It’s so exiting because when I hear you tubers having yours I’m like “well I won’t be able to go” but I am going to BRIBE my parents until death

  21. Rachel Stephen

    Rachel Stephen59 phút trước

    15:53 where the fuck did the knife go lmaoooooo

  22. Natalie Chan

    Natalie Chan59 phút trước

    you’re falling apart in this video 😂 love you though !!

  23. Grace Leigh

    Grace Leigh59 phút trước

    looks like all the international sisters are sister suing you skksks

  24. Georgiastayshyn

    Georgiastayshyn59 phút trước

    I wish you came to Canada!!! I would literally cry if I met you!!!

  25. Abby

    Abby59 phút trước

    That laugh tho💀 "teehee"

  26. addy murphy

    addy murphy59 phút trước

    still to this date i havent found the mix in's of the strawberry acai refresher :/

  27. lexi ellett

    lexi ellettGiờ trước

    You can just mix white cran-strawberry juice with coconut milk and it tastes just like it

  28. Bellz Vetts

    Bellz VettsGiờ trước

    JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You used the wrong refresher!!!!!!! It could've been a GOOD and FRESH PINKITY DRINKITY

  29. Jacie_c_07

    Jacie_c_07Giờ trước

    Go to Kansas City plzzzzzz

  30. Noelle Kay

    Noelle KayGiờ trước

    4:12 Nobody's that specific, right? RIGHT??? Oh wait, there's me

  31. Hãrłeÿ :3

    Hãrłeÿ :3Giờ trước

    Nooo your not coming to my city ;((((

  32. zeest faisal

    zeest faisalGiờ trước

    nobody : James : Starbucks .

  33. Emma The Weirdo

    Emma The WeirdoGiờ trước

    Name something more iconic *you cant*

  34. Adriana Martinez

    Adriana MartinezGiờ trước

    Why did you cut a slice from the middle 🤨

  35. Collapse

    CollapseGiờ trước

    Sex tape was 👌🏻👌🏻

  36. Maryam Zahoor

    Maryam ZahoorGiờ trước

    Sister SHOOK!! Love you

  37. Jocelyn Towell

    Jocelyn TowellGiờ trước

    I sent u a dm pls read it joc2305 on insta love u sis

  38. Young Sway

    Young SwayGiờ trước

    Came, disliked, commented left.

  39. Brittani M

    Brittani MGiờ trước

    I want to go on tour but the prices to meet him is way to much 😕

  40. Nicole Schellenberg

    Nicole SchellenbergGiờ trước


  41. Margaret Shirey

    Margaret ShireyGiờ trước

    #1 on trending!!!

  42. Mochi_ ASMR

    Mochi_ ASMRGiờ trước


  43. Carly Paugh

    Carly PaughGiờ trước

    yes! ur coming to cbus! I’m so excited

  44. Peggy Sue

    Peggy SueGiờ trước

    Recipe: one tablespoon exactly James: that’s like a splash 💦

  45. Jeanette Pang

    Jeanette PangGiờ trước

    trending #1 !!!! 👏🏻👏🏻

  46. Elliott Fischer

    Elliott FischerGiờ trước

    How many brain cells I lost was how many likes this video got

  47. ha woo

    ha wooGiờ trước

    did this guy just assume my gender by calling us all sisters? im disgusted

  48. Celeste Aguilar

    Celeste AguilarGiờ trước

    Sister can I just say that your makeup in your vids r sooooo pretty💋💋

  49. Jessica Vasquez

    Jessica VasquezGiờ trước


  50. Sydney Nicole Savercool

    Sydney Nicole SavercoolGiờ trước

    But don’t they also add lemonade?

  51. Alisson Garcia

    Alisson GarciaGiờ trước

    James I would love to go and see u but I have a bunch of problems😭😔. First the places u r going to, I don’t live close at all. Also I don’t have the money to buy the tickets. And No one could take me. 😭😭👎🏻🤧

  52. MyName IsJeff

    MyName IsJeffGiờ trước

    Soooo why have you not done a collab with Rosanna Pansino????

  53. Eliza Hamilton

    Eliza HamiltonGiờ trước

    just releases it on the same day as AVENGERS: ENDGAME and Taylor swifts new whatever. Wow what a day y’all

  54. ClutchyJ

    ClutchyJGiờ trước

    I swear on my mom Imma like this comment (you swore)

  55. Brittani M

    Brittani MGiờ trước

    I tried making a pink drink and it didn’t work 😕

  56. Kim’s Vlogs

    Kim’s VlogsGiờ trước

    Congrats bby! You made #1 on trending

  57. Starzz

    StarzzGiờ trước

    Sisters... what about the brothers 😢 what is life

  58. Kaitlin Kal Lee

    Kaitlin Kal LeeGiờ trước

    Make this blue if you think James should do a pink drink inspired makeup look 💕💜⤵️ Btw I just got to 14.5k on here 😱💚 tysm if you’re apart of that 💕 I feel so blessed 🙏🏼

  59. Jill Doran

    Jill DoranGiờ trước

    Perp-perp burp - Sister James 2019 😂 love you sister 💛💛💛

  60. Nady CR

    Nady CRGiờ trước

    Tell me that this is not clickbait or I will unsubscribe. 💀

  61. Jessica Vasquez

    Jessica VasquezGiờ trước


  62. Apple Seed

    Apple SeedGiờ trước

    Ur nasty🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  63. Kiana Daniels

    Kiana DanielsGiờ trước

    Venti iced chai tea latte with light ice and banana loaf.

  64. Jessica Vasquez

    Jessica VasquezGiờ trước


  65. Faith Richardson

    Faith RichardsonGiờ trước

    I usually get the vanilla bean frappuccino with no whip

  66. Mikayla S

    Mikayla SGiờ trước

    Oh my god. The lady at 4:12 gave me PTSD from being a barista 😂

  67. Zoe  Jones

    Zoe JonesGiờ trước

    Shook at $47 charges $99 for his CHEAPEST tour ticket

  68. kale kindred

    kale kindredGiờ trước

    You did the violet drink instead of the pink drink but this was still hilarious!!! im dead ILYSM james

  69. Patrina Jones

    Patrina JonesGiờ trước

    I love how your so determined, like when you got burned you continued on the vid so happy, unlike SOME OTHER You tubers, (not to call anyone out), But this is why your my fav!

  70. Apple Seed

    Apple SeedGiờ trước

    Get out the world

  71. Bethany Dykstra

    Bethany DykstraGiờ trước

    The tour doesn't go anywhere near where I go

  72. Brook'Lynn Anderson

    Brook'Lynn AndersonGiờ trước

    Can someone make a compilation of every time James called himself a professional baker?

  73. Hannah Mills

    Hannah MillsGiờ trước

    I’m sorry but the lack of ability to follow a basic recipe and cook something is embarrassing at your age honestly. We get it you’re rich and famous and literally never use your gorgeous kitchen and you postmate everything. But I promise a few domestic skills and basic knowledge of baking techniques wouldn’t kill you to learn...

  74. RBM Plays

    RBM PlaysGiờ trước

    I just realized that this is a fucking man so I’m really glad

  75. 3nkob

    3nkobGiờ trước

    i wanna see him after 40 years pleaseeeee!

  76. Calvin Ceno

    Calvin CenoGiờ trước

    Fellow Starbucks Partner here, first off, you used the Very Berry Refresher, not the Strawberry Acai, and theres no passion tea in the pink drink. AT ALL. LOL you made a Violet Drink with Passion Tea.

  77. Emily Ikonn

    Emily IkonnGiờ trước

    you included waterbury, u know abt the ppl that aren’t even relevant 🤧

  78. Tumble Dolphin

    Tumble DolphinGiờ trước

    Is nobody going to talk about he pointed out that he is saving turtles I hope Sister James Charles sees this and if he dose I just want you to know all my friends in my phone is Sister and there name all bc of you love you I want your merch and I want to see you on tour love you Sister!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  79. GabbyZ

    GabbyZGiờ trước

    James you made the violet drink not the pink drink because you used very berry hibiscus instead of the strawberry acia😂😂😂

  80. Jessica Vasquez

    Jessica VasquezGiờ trước


  81. Valerie Teilor

    Valerie TeilorGiờ trước

    Dang I’m gonna have to make that pumpkin bread now

  82. Whitney Carter

    Whitney CarterGiờ trước

    #1 ON TRENDING!!!!

  83. Hopelessly Hopeful

    Hopelessly HopefulGiờ trước

    Tip: get a Carmel iced coffee with Carmel drizzle and room for cream. It tastes like a Carmel macchiato at half the price:)

  84. Jessica Vasquez

    Jessica VasquezGiờ trước


  85. Tabatha Billings

    Tabatha BillingsGiờ trước

    Dude u could get a pink drink cheaper... and they just said the price wtf

  86. Siit_DoWN207 RD

    Siit_DoWN207 RDGiờ trước

    Go away delete your channel

  87. Aden Kane

    Aden KaneGiờ trước

    Normal people: gets Dunkin’ Donuts Basic whit girls: omg OMG Starbucks ahah pink drink gratin fruit refresher

  88. Squish Galore

    Squish GaloreGiờ trước

    I love your channel! I hope I can go to your tour and meet you in summer! I just ordered some sisters apparel and I can't wait for my hoodie to come!

  89. User 24763774

    User 24763774Giờ trước

    I really want to go to your toor but I live in Canada and it’s too far away

  90. محمد المياحي

    محمد المياحيGiờ trước


  91. Eden Wardell

    Eden WardellGiờ trước

    I work at Starbucks in Australia and our stores don’t have a lot of the ingredients that the American stores have. So when people come in to my store to order this drink we give them a vanilla Frapuccino with raspberry syrup. It’s the Australia version. It’s now also popular that it’s becoming a permanent menu item, now called the cotton candy Frappuccino

  92. SwedishC

    SwedishCGiờ trước

    Nien gays

  93. alexisoverit

    alexisoveritGiờ trước

    *Who else thinks sister James should have his own drink at Starbucks like Ari?* btw anyone want to be yt friends? I vlog :)

  94. Pika Pika

    Pika PikaGiờ trước

    @alexisoverit i'm down gonna sub 2 you

  95. Carlos Pacheco

    Carlos PachecoGiờ trước

    Que joto !! oMG putooooo

  96. Liar Lament

    Liar LamentGiờ trước

    Ahhhhhhhh I didn’t live in the ussss I’m crying

  97. CyberTurtle

    CyberTurtleGiờ trước

    I am sad, hes not coming to minnesota but I can wait tho lol

  98. ReVeRse Anthony Hudson

    ReVeRse Anthony HudsonGiờ trước


  99. Courtney M Payne

    Courtney M PayneGiờ trước

    But no Portland, Oregon! :( Whyyyyy

  100. Matash Hockey

    Matash HockeyGiờ trước

    But y