March Milkness Taste Test: Sugary Cereals


  1. Good Mythical Morning

    Good Mythical Morning3 tháng trước

    SPOILER ALERT: This episode is now spoiler-free. Thanks for hanging in there while we fixed it! Enjoy.

  2. Sprite Bonn

    Sprite BonnNgày trước

    Cotton candy candy looks like somebody from Al-Qaeda🤣

  3. Succ Master 56

    Succ Master 5612 ngày trước

    That’s great but... WHY DID YOU PUT MINI WHEATS AHEAD OF FROSTED FLAKES!? Frosted Flakes will always be better than mini wheats!

  4. NRG Authentik

    NRG AuthentikTháng trước

    the only spoiler i cared about was the snack king! i hadnt seen that episode yet! 😭😭😭


    LOVE IS LOVE.2 tháng trước


  6. Slice Dice

    Slice Dice3 tháng trước

    Rice crispys? Original

  7. victoria grant

    victoria grant7 giờ trước

    I could see the minis beating the flakes solely because after a point, your milk becomes more sweet than the cereal and the cereal gets soggy. I still think the flakes are better regardless, but I could understand that argument. There is no way the minis beat lucky charms. Absolutely. No. Way.

  8. Gideon Selph

    Gideon Selph11 giờ trước

    Honey bunches of oats is the best

  9. Sprite Bonn

    Sprite BonnNgày trước

    Cotton candy Randy looks like something from Al-Qaeda😂

  10. abermen

    abermenNgày trước

    No Cracklin' Oat Bran, illegitimate.

  11. Tekdome

    TekdomeNgày trước

    Pls let me know how honey nut cheerios beat captain crunch

  12. Brad Simpson

    Brad Simpson2 ngày trước

    multi grain cheerios blows honey nut away

  13. Bro Zieg

    Bro Zieg3 ngày trước

    Did they put milk in before the cereal

  14. dioksyferol

    dioksyferol3 ngày trước

    who tf puts milk first then cereal

  15. Thomas Enright

    Thomas Enright3 ngày trước

    How did mini wheats beat frosted flakes AND lucky charms

  16. Randomspawn 11

    Randomspawn 114 ngày trước

    The only challenge for toast crunch was Frosted Flakes and maybe those rice krispys....frosted mini wheats are a joke

  17. cat queen

    cat queen4 ngày trước

    How can you put Cheerios in front of Cap'n Crunch

  18. Junior

    Junior4 ngày trước

    Link is such a dad 😂

  19. gaggle gang

    gaggle gang5 ngày trước

    I know I'm strange but some cereal is better when somewhat soggy

  20. BaconCat245

    BaconCat2455 ngày trước

    Alright. Where are honey combs. Those things are like god to me

  21. Princess Peasant

    Princess Peasant5 ngày trước

    I'm sorry frosted mini wheats over frosted flakes? Lucky charms?? The DISRESPECT.

  22. its_n

    its_n2 ngày trước

    Princess Peasant Frosted Flakes and lucky charms are gross and wayyyy to sugary for me 🤮

  23. Timis Molloyis

    Timis Molloyis5 ngày trước

    Guys it would of not made a difference either way if Frosted Flakes moves on Cinnamon Toast Crunch would have won either way

  24. Aurelia Easton

    Aurelia Easton6 ngày trước

    I think they should have put pop tarts cereal up there

  25. Aurelia Easton

    Aurelia Easton6 ngày trước

    It has also got 16 sugars

  26. Fadal Arhab Farouk

    Fadal Arhab Farouk7 ngày trước

    Milk first and cereal second???? 😶

  27. Matt The Cat

    Matt The Cat7 ngày trước

    My favorite Cereal is frosted mini wheat’s. My least favorite cereal is Grape-Nuts

  28. Matt The Cat

    Matt The Cat7 ngày trước

    Captain crunch use to be my favorite

  29. John Haas

    John Haas10 ngày trước

    Frosted mini wheats are disgusting

  30. Mae Mae

    Mae Mae11 ngày trước

    7:36 I thought that crown went to my queen Raisin Bran? 9:50 plain Cheerios are better than honey Cheerios. Fight me

  31. Wolf Games003

    Wolf Games00312 ngày trước

    They recently changed rice crispy treats cereal to be normal rice crispy but with marshmallows

  32. Khushy Bhaura

    Khushy Bhaura12 ngày trước

    Im watching this while eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch, best decision ever.

  33. Emma Annie

    Emma Annie12 ngày trước

    Lucky charms is SO much better

  34. chris18228

    chris1822812 ngày trước

    Well you said the other Cereal will come up later and didn’t you lied

  35. chris18228

    chris1822812 ngày trước

    You didn’t get it honey-comb cereal

  36. Kyle Bush

    Kyle Bush14 ngày trước

    Why is Link wearing man-pris?

  37. Fahmina Zaman

    Fahmina Zaman17 ngày trước

    I haven't eaten cereal probably since middle school...and I am super craving cinnamon toast crunch now wow mmm 😊

  38. CrazyDawg 0

    CrazyDawg 017 ngày trước

    They finally choose something I agree with!

  39. Charles Moseley

    Charles Moseley19 ngày trước

    Heathens. First you put frosted mini wheats over frosted flakes. Then you proceed to put LUCKY FRICKIN CHARMS OVER HONEY BUNCHES OF OATES!?!?

  40. Paul O'Neal

    Paul O'Neal24 ngày trước

    What about Frosted Krispies?

  41. Paul O'Neal

    Paul O'Neal24 ngày trước

    Frosted Flakes with Lucky Charms marshmallows...

  42. Pacific Ocean

    Pacific Ocean26 ngày trước


  43. Jazzy Fresh

    Jazzy Fresh27 ngày trước

    I’m eating honey bunch oats while watching this

  44. *Can we get 1000 subs with Some videos*

    *Can we get 1000 subs with Some videos*27 ngày trước


  45. Nonon Nono

    Nonon Nono28 ngày trước

    Cap’n Crunch mouth!

  46. Grady Moxley

    Grady Moxley28 ngày trước

    We just gonna ignore the fact that cap'n crunch lost in the first round, that's disrespectful

  47. really isabel

    really isabelNgày trước


  48. Princess Peasant

    Princess Peasant5 ngày trước


  49. Ya Boy Kolas

    Ya Boy Kolas28 ngày trước

    when frosted mini wheats won against frosted flakes i gave up

  50. Yaya GayLord

    Yaya GayLord29 ngày trước

    This is just what link likes more.

  51. Green Bastard

    Green BastardTháng trước

    Best cereal ever made is a package of pop-tarts crumbled into a bowl of milk. You're welcome world!

  52. ben fickel

    ben fickelTháng trước

    Mini wheats are the best

  53. ben fickel

    ben fickelTháng trước

    It would be cool to be on one of your vidiose

  54. Titanium Kuro

    Titanium KuroTháng trước

    Am i the only one here who agrees with frosted wheats beating most-

  55. Ava

    AvaTháng trước

    MINI WHEATS??? they're so gross wtf???

  56. Chewboy

    ChewboyTháng trước

    Wow no lucky charms

  57. Ethan Meyer

    Ethan MeyerTháng trước

    Am I the only one who eats all the non-marshmallow pieces in Lucky charms and then eat the marshmallows?

  58. Alex Bauer

    Alex BauerTháng trước

    64 teams*

  59. I am bored

    I am boredTháng trước

    Frosted mini wheats are gross link is gay

  60. Star Skyy

    Star SkyyTháng trước

    *Ummm Berry Colossal*