Markiplier Animated | GETTING OVER IT


  1. flora magicice_AJ

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    Flashback to mark throwing his chair acrossed the room while playing this

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    2:05 Long live the king !

  3. LOL pop

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  4. Silly Bean

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    Mark: *falls to death* Chica: Get rekt father Star Wars real ending

  5. Lego Cat

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    Ah, the majestic marcrab

  6. DeathEyeDerp

    DeathEyeDerp20 giờ trước

    You should have gave Chica more dog treats or that would not have happened

  7. DeathEyeDerp

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    and this is what they should teach us in school, how to complete this game

  8. Chucky Martinez

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    1:57 Top 10 Anime Betrayals

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    1:13 When I accidentally break a school computer...

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    Save Pewdiepie

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    My son enjoys these cartoons so much omg 😂😂😂

  14. CAM Bro

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    So good Back me plz

  15. Jeydon

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    Omg this was me after my boyfriend broke up with me. Every stage, in this order haha

  16. Ajhanae Thompson

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    i’m not even joking i’ve never laughed as much as i did in this video😂🤣🤣🤣

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    I am from Indonesia ?? let's take a vacation to Indonesia

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  19. Nerdbula

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    2:00 Long live the doggo

  20. 24KShawn

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    It's funny when markiplier mad

  21. Jonel Newhouse

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    SIX O TIM BO SSR3 ngày trước

    0:46 is how I feel about life

  23. Ryan Hargrove

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    Stage four is my favorite

  24. Mr Bigodão

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    I LOVE YOU ;-;

  25. Midnight Dance

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    Note the water was yellow at the end.

  26. Psychobot

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    1:54 top 10 anime betrayals

  27. Chizal 25

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    chica "long live the king..."

  28. Zamyr Clark

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    "I've learned things, but they don't help me. Nothing can help me. Just- let this be a bad dream. I'M GONNA CRY ! I'm gonna cry because you're sUCH A PIECE OF SH- AHHHHHHHHHHH" *Dead*

  29. E OC

    E OC4 ngày trước

    That last frame tho 👌

  30. Evan Landis

    Evan Landis5 ngày trước

    You did the 5 stages as DDBAA, when it should be DABDA, but saying it now. 1. Denial, 2. Anger, 3. Bargaining, 4. Depression, 5. Acceptance. And know you know

  31. - GS_ash_009

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    I came here to say everyone sub to pewdiepie

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    1:55 Top ten anime betrayals.

  33. QueenRabbit MSP

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    2:04 uhhhh is that his pee in the pot..?

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    Hanny(bal) my channel

  36. T series is noob its noob

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    puerto cinco de mayo

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    2:04 his cauldron looks relatively questionable.......

  38. Wyatt Saum

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    So now I know who killed president Lincoln

  39. Tara Martin

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  40. Glowing WolfPaw

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    Hey Mark just wanna say that in tomigatchi life I made you and Sean/jack a character

  41. hanny(bal)

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    Hanny(bal) my channel

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    Mark ur the best

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    Hello Mr orange (pews voice)

  45. Broboimation

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    When chica betrays mark you can see that the cauldron is now filled with piss

  46. 387boi 766

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    Me with math homework and my teacher is not there to help 0:00-2:20

  47. TheWorldNoob

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    I'm watching this right before bed, and I dont know if im asleep or not from the randomness.

  48. FBJ Animation Studios

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    the music on there was called Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by W.A.Mozart

  49. Trish Genoway

    Trish Genoway9 ngày trước

    I love Chicas part, anger, and bargaining.

  50. Mr Tacos

    Mr Tacos9 ngày trước

    It look like he pissed in the bowl a lot

  51. FNC

    FNC9 ngày trước

    The Rage, the sweet rage, my favorite animated short.

  52. Matthew Duong

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    Omg I forgot to turn off my caption but NAH I think I’m good Seriously try it 😂

  53. Ahmed Khaled

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    Very funny video mark

  54. Aperture Lucky

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    Chica is the new Pyro of Doges.

  55. Aperture Lucky

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    1:14 Hey look! It's Crab-y-plier!

  56. ThreeEye DoomHog

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    top anime betrayal

  57. J.A.W. of Fire

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    the stages of grief are in the wrong order

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    Hit the orange in the back of the cave

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    Turn on the caption

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  62. Legendary Godzilla 2004

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    Does anyone know what the title the background music is from

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    pls piar

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    Mark is Annette. Is. FUNNY

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    Mark you know... Somebody crushes you with Bonnie from fnaf not my fault............. Sorry for saying that

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  67. Zero the Rabbit [ Fast, Likes Hide And Seek ]

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    1:15 Angery Hermit Crabiplier.

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    Hi. Cutiiiie i 💘

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    lol watching this at11:50 lol I laughed so much my head was hurting

  70. RedWonder

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    The anger is COMDY GOLD!🥇💰

  71. Mexoryyy ___

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    Im from czech. the country where this game was born. And that kids is why i hate my life.

  72. The Red Panda

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    This is fantastic

  73. Galactical Flame

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    1:14 the way he just hermit crabs away 😂😂

  74. Alex Hoehle

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    Abraham Lincoln is my favorite president.

  75. Yuesran R7 R7

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    best project

  76. Dokkan Gamer

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    I just want to hear "Long live the king" when Chica pushed mark off.

  77. ImpressiveDebt

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    There's just something about 1:10 that just makes me laugh every single fucking time I watch it...

  78. creepypasta family

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    man you looked like a ice cube mark that was weird but awesome at the same time

  79. creepypasta family

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    bad chica he was trying to get over it lol still funny

  80. Donovan Belaustegui

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    1:15 spider boi has evolved

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  82. Night Coder

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    Why are the five stages of grief so goddamn accurate with literally anything?

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    Someone enrolled in Pewdiepie?

  84. Anthony Ikinepe ft by kurama

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    That made me laugh

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    It fun

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    1:16 WTF XD

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    Gum. It’s gum. It’s new juicy drop gum. Sour, and sweet, and you boost the flavor.

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    1:56 Top 10 anime betrayals

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    1:47 LONG LIVE THE KING!!!!

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    Everything is fine................

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    1:32 thank you mark

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    Captions On NOW. Lol

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    "long live markimoo" -chica

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    Markiplier help me stop the oh yeah yeah gang this meme is a cancer that can only be cured with operation avenge true memes

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    Turn on captions for best experience!

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    R.i.p markiplier's sanity

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    Chica: " long live the king"